We received a wave of kind-hearted responses to this request and formed a new team. Thank you all who replied and considered!

Dear reader,

A portion of the correspondence that L/L Research receives from individuals around the world comes from the incarcerated - those spiritual seekers who seek within the confines of prison walls. As you may imagine, their letters contain a more intensive, sustained need for correspondence, as many are often cut-off not only from other spiritual seekers, but are separated from the outside world, some without any family or friends outside of prison with whom to communicate.

This demographic of spiritual seeker writes handwritten notes and requires a certain consistent level of response and attention, making it problematic for those of us at the L/L Research center in Louisville to meet this genuine need.

Prison Ministry

Therefore, we have in place a Prison Ministry program to coordinate volunteers who wish to assist in this endeavor and correspond with incarcerated seekers on behalf of L/L Research. We are currently seeking a new volunteer to head up this program.

The volunteer would of course need to be fairly familiar with the Confederation philosophy in general and the Law of One specifically, as many prisoners write with questions or discussion of these topics. A volunteer must be able to respond to such letters with open compassion. While some portions of prisoner letters focus on the more spiritual dimension of life, often these individuals simply need another warm-hearted soul with whom to connect and exchange an experience of life. Incarcerated life is not only lonely and lacking stimulation, but is often conducive to a harsh and negative social environment.

About the Job

This job consists of two basic components: reading and responding to letters sent to L/L Research from prisoners and forwarding book requests to the L/L office for us to fulfill.

You may undertake the correspondence under a pen name if interested, and your address is never revealed. The return address for this service is always the L/L Research PO Box address.

You can’t of course predict exactly how well suited to the service you are and whether you will want to commit to it for the long term. We ask only that you approach this with an intention to attempt to serve for a substantial period of time, though naturally you are free to release the service when it is no longer a joy for you.

Also, if the needs of the ministry become more than you’re capable of meeting, the possibility exists to expand and seek assistance from other volunteers.

Is This for You?

Does this sound at all appealing to you? It’s strictly volunteer work, a labor of love as Carla would say, and is a somewhat serious function. These individuals are attempting to seek within what is, by all accounts, extreme conditions. Having an open-hearted individual to sustain a small measure of correspondence with in the outside world can be a source of light and hope in their lives that they are otherwise unable to find. The work involves a commitment to serve these seekers with full respect for the dignity inherent within their divinity, whether or not they earned or deserve their sentences.

If interested, please contact L/L Research using the contact_page and share a little about yourself and how you feel you may be a good fit for this position. We look forward to hearing from any interested seeker!