Registration is now closed.

We reached maximum capacity. Please contact us if you would like to add your name to a wait list - there are always cancellations. If you didn’t make it this year we hope to see you next year!

We continue this year with the symposium format of holding a space for attendees to offer something to the circle, but this year we are experimenting with a new process for selecting presentations. In the past, presentation slots were available on a first come, first serve basis. This could sometimes result in a lack of variety in the presentation curriculum.

This year we are designing a new system thanks to the ideas and technical genius of our dear friend, Vojtech Schlesinger. We will use the new system to build a more group-created curriculum. We hope to have it up and running within a month. In the meantime, please consider bringing something to the circle! Homecoming is driven by and relies on attendees sharing with the group.

There is no strict format or set of guidelines for presentations. Examples of presentations may include:

  • Sharing an important event or aspect of your personal journey, whether positive or challenging.
  • Facilitating a group activity, like an exercise or guided meditation, etc.
  • A David Blaine-style exhibition, but with real magic.
  • Guiding a group discussion on a question or topic, whether to gain insight or just to have a lively discussion.
  • Playing or performing music, reciting poetry, or other creative expression.
  • Hosting a pie-eating contest (note: you must provide the pie).

We ask only that your presentation be in some way related to spirituality/philosophy/personal growth, and of course not be terribly offensive to other attendees. Within those parameters the possibilities are infinite.

  • Begins: Friday, Aug 30, at 5:00 PM EST
  • Ends: Sunday, Sep 1, with an evening dinner


Our space/time realities prohibit us from too large an event, so we must set a limit of attendance at 40 people. To register, just reply to this email.


$222. That includes $182 tuition and $40 meal charge for foodstuffs.

If you would love to attend but would be prohibited by financial limitation, we have limited scholarships available. Please contact us to ask.

If you would like to contribute toward scholarships, we have a $272 rate.


  1. A meal charge of $40 covers five meals: a phenomenal home-cooked meal dinner on Friday + breakfast and lunch buffet on both Saturday & Sunday.

  2. You will be responsible for dinners Saturday and Sunday night at nearby restaurants where we will have reservations.


Upon registration, we will point you to the hotel we recommend to all Homecoming attendees, though there are many within a five mile radius from which to choose.


The local airport is the Louisville International Airport (SDF)

If help is needed, we can provide transportation to and from the airport for a $20.00 roundtrip fee. We will offer a shuttle service on Friday and Monday only.

  • Arrivals: Last shuttle from the airport will be Friday at be 3:30pm sharp.
  • Departures: We can offer return shuttle to the airport only on Monday morning.

There are also rental car options available at the airport.


The curriculum is created shortly before the event. Its basic structure will be the same as past years, like the 2018 Homecoming curriculum available as a PDF here.


If you would like to discuss the upcoming event with other seekers and perhaps look into the possibility of carpooling and/or room sharing and/or couch surfing, please visit Homecoming’s thread on the Bring4th Forums in the “Meet-Up Area” forum here.

To register, please send an email to the “contact” address at:

Hope to see you in Louisville!