Dear seekers,

We are excited to announce the launch of a new multimedia project: an audio/video presentation merging the original audio recordings of the Ra contact with the transcribed words, creating a new and engaging way for seekers to experience Ra’s words. While the original recordings are available to download for free via our online store, this project brings the audio to a new platform that creates a more immersive, even meditative experience. Out of a cosmic sea of black emerges a small, faint voice. Transmitting across vast distances of space and time, it carries a message of the oneness of all things, and the love and the light which made our universe. We hope that you will find this way of sharing the Law of One as moving as we do.

The goal of this long-term project is to release one session per week on our Youtube channel for the next 106 weeks. Session 1 is now available to watch here:

In love and light, L/L Research

PS: Infinite gratitude to Nick W. for his tremendous continued work on creating these videos and making this project a reality.