“All is one.” That has been the heart of the Confederation’s message through L/L Research channeling from the beginning. According to these sources, our journey towards the realization of this truth moves through various stages. At this stage, third density, the most complicated and confusing of the entire journey, love is the theme and the key to realizing the eternal truth of unity; it is the “salvation of third density,” according to Ra.

We are all one, yet our third-density social systems are built to reinforce separation and inequality based on a plethora of outward identifiers, creating immeasurable sorrow for generations of peoples. It is precisely this sorrow that the wanderer and the spiritual seeker desire to address through the work of the open heart. And currently a global light shines on one of the most prominent distortions and sources of sorrow caused by our system of inequality: racial injustice.

We ask you to join us in calling upon ourselves and our fellow humans to rectify these injustices and bring healing restitution to the wounds inflicted by the legacy of racism innate within our societies and cultures. Without rectification and restitution, the cycle continues. It is up to us to break this cycle and create a world in which the oneness of the Creator is reflected in all aspects of society for every one in this world.

Whatever our race, gender, economic status, political affiliation, birthplace, or other distinction that makes us unique, we are all equally sacred representations of the One Infinite Creator—no one more or less the Creator than another. So long as this understanding is so gravely distorted and abused, including through racial inequality, the work of the wanderer and the positive seeker continues on this planet.

In love and sorrow, L/L Research