Coming Home to a New Earth: An L/L Research Event

October 12–15, 2023

Event Full

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L/L Research is happy to announce the 2023 Coming Home to a New Earth Gathering! Celebrating its fifth iteration and L/L’s very first gathering on the West Coast, this event has become a container for transformation, awakening, and community of the open heart.

Our focus for this year’s gathering continues to be on actively cooperating with and supporting the increasing 4D-positive energies in a more dedicated fashion, both individually and collectively. How can we embody unconditional love? How can we serve the healing of our planet and its peoples? How can we discover and share our particular gifts? What would it mean to deepen our commitment to fulfilling our individually unique paths? etc.

Please note: We hold this gathering in a cultural environment where even the Law of One readership is divided, sometimes passionately so, on hot-button political and social issues. The event’s container is designed to focus on the eternal principles of spiritual evolution to which Confederation sources have been directing our attention for many years, rather than to promote or serve as a platform for any particular one side of an issue. We ask that all offerings be geared not toward us-vs-them thinking or conflict-based agenda-making—whatever the merits of any position may be—but toward understanding, compassion, and healing.

Within this safe, stable, and sturdy container, the possibilities for opening our hearts together in the search for illumination and communion are limitless.

Begins: Thursday, October 12, at 5:00 PM PT Ends: Sunday, October 15, with an evening dinner


Seabeck, Washington (a little more than an hour west of Seattle) at non-profit retreat space, Seabeck Conference Center.


This retreat will employ Open Space Technology (OST), which is an approach to event organization where participants co-create the content, the value, the culture, and the leadership that maximizes potential for positive experience. In an Open Space gathering, the agenda is not predetermined (though we will have several pre-planned experiences on the schedule). On the first evening of the event, we will introduce OST and how it works, facilitating the group in co-creating the agenda that will make up the bulk of the sessions or content for the weekend.

And, if you should feel so moved (we hope you are!), please come prepared with something you would like to share with the group, whether a presentation, an activity, a discussion topic, or anything that may engage others in questions, explorations, and sharings in the spirit of the open heart.

If interested in learning more about the flow of the event, check out Gary’s Blogworthy Report entry covering his experience at the 2022 Coming Home to a New Earth Gathering.


Several whole-group events will be built into the schedule:

  • Thursday: Opening ceremonies, round robin, and authentic-relating games
  • Friday and Saturday: TBD
  • Sunday: Closing Ceremony around 6:00pm’ish

The schedule for Friday–Sunday will otherwise be determined by the group itself each day’s morning. The basic structure will look much like the 2022 Coming Home curriculum, with changes to meal times.


The total cost includes your tuition, your lodging for the 4-day/4-night workshop, and eleven nutrition-packed super delicious meals: dinner Thursday; breakfast, lunch, and dinner Friday–Sunday; and breakfast Monday morning.

If you would love to attend but would be prohibited by financial limitation, we have scholarships available. Please contact us to ask.

And if you are interested in contributing toward scholarships (very helpful that), we have a scholarship fund for helping others.

If you should need to cancel, no worries, we can issue a full refund up to Tuesday, September 12th. After that it will be a 50% refund, and the remainder will be allocated to the scholarship fund.


The venue will cater all meals. They can fully accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dietary needs. You will need to indicate your dietary needs when using the store to register.


Seabeck will be able to accommodate everyone onsite through a variety of rooms, both single and multiple occupancy. For important information about lodging, please click on the registration link below to be taken to the online store listing.


Seabeck Conference Center is located at: 13395 Lagoon Dr NW Seabeck, Washington 98380

The nearest airport is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac). In good traffic conditions, it is around an hour and a half drive.

There is a commercial shuttle service that operates hourly from SeaTac with service to the nearby town of Silverdale. We will be offering a local transportation service between Silverdale and the gathering for an additional fee. If you decide to utilize the shuttle from SeaTac to Silverdale and vice versa, you will need to make a reservation through their website – Bremerton-Kitsap Airporter.

See the online store listing via the registration link below for more important information.


Please self-register through [registration is closed, event is now full].

We hope to see you in the Pacific Northwest this October!

Note for anyone interested in seeing Jim: He will not be able to attend this year but sends his love and says he will be there in spirit.