As is the case for many around the world, our hearts are heavy with the latest emergence of violent conflict. Within the larger context of the Creator knowing Itself, there is faith that all is well, nothing is lost, there are no mistakes. In that faith there is peace and understanding, hope and philosophical security which sees the exercise of free will at play, however uninformed and unconscious. But on the human level of empathy, emotion, and sensitivity to human suffering, the heart cries out for the needless destruction and suffering of so many.

While seeing that all life experience offers catalyst for spiritual evolution, the positively oriented soul yearns nonetheless for a world of brother- and sister-hood among people; where national, ethnic, and religious differences are celebrated but do not become cause for violence, especially state-organized violence; where economic inequality does not thrust a few into the stratosphere of luxury, ease, and power while leaving many wracked with anxiety over how they are going to feed or care for their children, or what happens when the next bill arrives, or what they will do when medical support is needed.

We can’t create a utopia, of course, but we can do a hell of a lot better than is our current path. That happens not through judgment and bellicosity, but through love and acceptance; especially of the unlovable and unacceptable, of the dark and violent shadow that holds humanity in its grip. The open heart seeks to love and accept things as they are, but it also holds the hope that the darkness can be transformed; that where there is war there may be peace; that where there is hatred there may bloom tolerance, forgiveness, and even kinship.

Toward that end, we at L/L Research, hurting, bewildered, but determined seekers just like you, are organizing a call. You who read these words are few in number, but you are powerful people; powerful because you have awoken the inner light within you to seek and become One. And through your studies you know that with each person who joins in a collective effort, the power of that effort is doubled, particularly if it is unified in its aim.

We thus invite you, encourage you, ask you to join us in on a ten-day program of a daily PRAYER FOR PEACE.

From Friday, 11/3 – Sunday, 11/12, you will need 10 minutes per day where you can set everything aside.

This prayer may take any form that is conducive to you, but if you wish to link hearts in our improvised modality*, we invite you to participate in the following format:

1. Clear your exterior space, with love.

2. Clear your interior space, with love.

3. Enter the present moment and abide in the sacred silence for 5 minutes.

4. At the end of the silence, invoke the help of the Higher Self and Guidance/Support System. Ask momentarily for its powers for the purpose of service to others.

5. Perceive then the suffering in Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank—whether soldier or civilian, perpetrator or victim. Ask that LOVE may ease suffering and heal hearts.

6. Perceive then the widespread enmity and the desire for war & violence. Ask that LIGHT may illuminate the path out of separation and into unity.

7. Focused, rest in this vision.

8. Linked with many others performing this same exercise, expand that loving, light-filled energy so that it wraps around the globe, healing and lightening the heavy vibration. Ask that all who have hearts to hear be awakened from the fever dream of war into a vision of peace among people.

9. Focused, rest in this vision.

10. Gently release the power temporarily gifted you back to the Higher Self.

11. Release the exercise in praise and thanksgiving to the One Infinite Creator.See the perfection that ever was and always will be. Rest in love for all beings.

Beginning Friday, November 3rd, we will aim to perform this exercise at noon each day in our EDT local time zone for ten days. If you can make that time, that is wonderful, but at whatever time and for however many days you are able, on a daily basis (phone reminders are helpful) simply intend to link together with us and everyone else in a communal circle of positively oriented beings in service to the One Creator. Our hearts shall then be forged together as one in this powerful exercise.

With love/light,
Yours at L/L Research

Just before Jim got the same impulse, a dear friend of ours, Luis Rietti, reached out following a potent dream he had of the warlike energies upon the inner planes and the positively oriented forces seeking to counteract this energy with love. The above desire for a call to action was contributed to and also inspired by Luis. He shares his invitation here: Luis: Hello brothers and sisters, a few nights ago I was woken up to an eerie dream in which I witnessed the inner plane conflict between those beings of positive and negative polarity that the Confederation has described to us before. It’s something to read about it and conjure up your imagination, but another to see it in a vivid dream. I was very moved. I saw and felt the intense dedication and desire of our positive inner plane friends to spare no effort to counter the thought-form War Machine that has been built up by our negative friends. It was impressive to witness the continual magical effort in which rituals and songs containing words of power are continually built and shared. In the dream, I could clearly perceive how everything I saw had a direct effect on our earthly physical plane and was connected to everything we are seeing around the world today. When I woke up I felt a strong desire to reach out to you, my spiritual brothers and sisters and the Law of One community, to request that we come together in intention and in prayer to be of service to this planet at this auspicious time of inner and outer conflict. With that end, I propose that, if you desire to be a part of this group service, that we would join in intention and perform the following meditation and prayer.