Today we celebrate 43 years since Carla received a cosmic knock on her inner door that began by saying:

I am Ra. I have not spoken through this instrument before. We had to wait until she was precisely tuned, as we send a narrow-band vibration. We greet you in the love and in the light of our Infinite Creator.

Much we could reflect about the the journey of L/L Research and the widening impact of this particular recorded conversation in the intervening 43 years, but today we would like to, one, share with you a personal reflection from Jim of his experience that day, and two, celebrate the (near) completion of the multisites!

Jim’s reflection follows. And you can find the celebratory announcement of the 24th language(!) and the 21st multisite(!) on our Blogworthy post where you can read the reflections of many of the translators themselves.

The 43rd Anniversary of the Ra Contact

I moved in with Don and Carla on December 23, 1980, and we were getting ready to do a re-write of Secrets of The UFO, which they had published in 1977. So for the first couple of weeks I was doing research on UFO contacts and getting into the regular routine of joining them for their Sunday night channeling meditations and cooking meals for us. Then, about three weeks later, on January 15, 1981—43 years ago today—the Ra contact began.

I have always felt that the fact that the Ra contact began on the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. was the perfect day for it to begin as it symbolized the basic tenet of the Ra contact which said that the One Infinite Creator was in all beings equally. And what that means is that all beings of any race, creed, or color could help the Creator to know Itself as they were traveling their spiritual paths as conscious seekers of truth.

I was out shopping for groceries when Carla was first contacted by those of Ra as she and Don were teaching one of our Sunday night meditation members the art of channeling. When I came in the door to our living room, where we held all of our channeling sessions, I had no idea who Carla was channeling. I walked down the hall and put the groceries away in the kitchen. When the channeling session was over Don was really excited—which was very unusual for him because he was always so cool, calm and collected—and he told me that this was the contact he had been waiting 19 years for, since he had begun his first channeling experiment in 1962. He asked me if I could transcribe the session as soon as possible. I asked him if he really meant right now as I had some other things to do and would have preferred to get to them if possible. But he was eager and insistent for me to get started.

While I was doing the transcription in the office, he was just outside the door pacing back and forth waiting for each page to come out of the electric typewriter. The further I got into the transcription the more I could see what he was talking about as I had never heard such inspiring concepts expressed in such a precise fashion.

The second session with Ra was also held in the living room, but from that point on we dedicated the room next to Don’s bedroom to the Ra contact. Each succeeding session seemed to be more powerful and inspiring than the one before it, and for the rest of the year we completed 75 sessions and could hardly believe our great good fortune to be speaking with those of Ra about the various facets of the jewel of the One Great Original Thought of Love.