(Hatonn, March 22, 1981)

Greetings, my friends, in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator. It gives me great pleasure to greet each of you. It is a great privilege to speak to you, and we could not be more grateful for the opportunity to share our thoughts.

My friends, we have spoken to you often of love. We know that those to whom we speak are seeking that ineffable power and substance that is the creative force of all that there is, the simple, single substance of creation and yet how hard it is, my friends, to constantly remember that we are seekers, and that what we are seeking is love, for do we not seek other things, my friends, during the day? How many other things have each of you sought during this day? Many, many times it may seem to you that you are on a run-away freight train, as this instrument would put it; that you have begun a sequence of events, gotten on a track from which there is no removing yourself.

My friends, this is not so and is a condition of the illusion which is reinforced only by your belief in it. There is no track which cannot be replaced by one which you truly seek. The secret lies not in catching the right train but in knowing yourself; knowing enough about yourself to seek your deepest desires.

It has often been said that there are many things that simply cannot be expected to work out well, that this understanding is a part of becoming more mature. You have often heard from many sources a great variety of things that should be, ought to be, must be, and need to be the models on which to build your expectations of yourself and of others. And we come to you and suggest a substitute for all of these things; the substitute being love.

There is a passage in one of your holy works which states clearly, “Love is not puffed up.” This is to be remembered, my friends, for part of the track of that freight train that you may sometimes feel yourself to be upon, part of what makes it complete in your existence, is your belief in a puffed up, proud sense of the rightness of certain ways of being. If there is something within your existence that is not pleasing to you, re-examine those concepts of which you were proud and evaluate them in a simple, single, all-encompassing light of love. Wash yourself in that love and, so purified, re-examine your concepts. You will find that the path that you are on is not what is making you less than comfortable, but rather it is your expectations, your preconceptions, and your feelings about how things should be.

This, my friends, is why meditation is so centrally important to the seeker, for while you are bathed in this illusion you are susceptible to many, many influences, and if the balance wheel of your central self has not been nourished in the silence of love, and praise, and thanksgiving you will continually be generating freight trains to places you didn’t want to go.

We speak in groups such as this one in the hope that the simple words which we share might kindle within this nucleus of entities who seek love a seeking of the radiance of the One Infinite Creator. We hope that they might take this kindled flame with them to their homes, to their work, to their family, to their friends, to strangers whom they meet on the street each day in the daily round of existence that they might radiate yet one more small spark of love to those upon your planet who seek this love and do not know that they seek. Yet they shall recognize it when they come in contact with those such as yourselves. They shall recognize that they have been touched by love and they will be nourished by this contact.

It is with this hope in our hearts that we send love to your group, to each of your beings, that they might carry, as do vessels, the love of the Infinite Creator to all those with whom they come in contact so that the desire that is so strong among your peoples to know the Creator, to experience the love of the Father, might be realized in even a small way, for when any realizes the love of the Creator, are not all enriched thereby?

It is with this simple hope in our hearts that we rejoice at each instance and each meeting of your group during which we are able to establish contact. Each gathering such as this provides us with yet one more opportunity to share that which is the simplest, yet too often the rarest of delicacies upon your planet.

My friends, this time is a very important time in the history of your planet. The lessons that have been learned are about to culminate. My friends, graduation is at hand. The lessons shall shortly change, and you shall move to new lessons, lessons where love will be understood, not as an intellectual concept or expression of feeling, or emotion towards others. Love will be understood as a living being, will be understood in all of its essence as the foundation for everything that is. As you become aware of this form of love you will then be aware of the true creation. My friends, the true creation is love. There is nothing else.

Shortly, as I was saying, you will be fully into this vibration, fully into this new experience or density if you will, the density of love. Many, many of the peoples that now inhabit the surface of your planet will not have the opportunity to enter this density at this time but will necessarily re-experience the lessons through which they have just passed.

This is neither unfortunate for them, nor fortunate for you. It is just simply the condition of existence. For each it is the total freedom to choose the path that he walks. For this reason we contact those who seek our teachings, who seek our understanding, who seek our love. For this reason we cannot contact those who do not seek. They seek what they desire. This, my friends, is their right and their privilege. They are in no way less than yourselves or us. They simply choose a different path.

All of the creation experiences the same path. Each walks it a slightly different way. We hold out our hands to those who would follow our footsteps. We hold out our hands to you at this time to try to express our understanding of the creation, our understanding of its essence, our understanding of its love. Think on this very carefully, my friends, for if you have chosen this path, walk it carefully. It is a narrow path and mis-footings are many. Be aware of your footsteps. Choose each step with accuracy.

We have but one purpose: to reach to those who would reach to us for our understanding; our understanding, my friends, is as you know simply stated. It is that the creation is made of, and is, love. If you can, at each moment of awareness, see each being you meet as the total expression of love that is the Creator, if you can see yourself as that total expression of love that is the Creator, if you do these simple things, my friends, you have then found the Creator within yourself and within others. There is nothing else.

Find that understanding in its complete totality and you have found everything that exists. You have found your path and walking it becomes obvious. Practice this understanding. We are all one.


(Latwii, January 25, 1981)

Each of you has programmed certain lessons in order to learn the ways of love. There are many times that each of you has decided not to learn a particular lesson. This lesson immediately returns in another form. You again may choose. You are never hopelessly lost.

This instrument has the expression in her mind, “All roads lead to Rome.” This is true of your journey in this lifetime. If you miss a turn there is always another turning that will bring you back to the correct path. Perhaps a few detours have been experienced by each of you. This is not a cause for discouragement. When you see a person who has had a great deal of stimulus for learning, you see a person who has chosen to go from New York to Tanganyika by ark. This is difficult, but the lessons are rewarding. In the life of the soul that is what is important, not the ease of the journey.


(Latwii, January 4, 1981)

When we attempt to speak of who we are it is a confusing thing, for we are, in fact, a vibration communicating through the mind of this instrument. We are, in your density, quite insubstantial. To attempt to give you our origin is very impractical and would be an occasion for general hilarity among this group due to this instrument’s total lack of geographic sense.

We do not lay any emphasis upon who we are but ask you only to consider us as messengers bringing certain information for your consideration and discrimination, urging you always to use your powers of discrimination to take that which may be of use and to toss away the rest without a second thought.

We are not infallible. We are your brothers and sisters. We see a bit further than you do. We are a bit more displaced from, as this instrument would say, some of the more difficult games that your people are involved in. We are not bound by so many restrictions, but we are brothers and sisters because we share consciousness, and that, my friends, is the gift of the One who is All.


(Latwii, January 11, 1981)

My friends, the value of humor is a pale shadow of reality. Reality, as we understand it, is likened to what this instrument would call an orgasm, that is the basic ecstasy or joy of the universe that is the energy that is love. It is existent in all levels of being. Laughter is one outward expression of the emotional state of what you may call orgasm. However, it would not be advisable to call it this during your working hours while speaking to your workmates, or they might think you a little strange.

You must understand that this particular word is known clearly to you as a common human experience, whereas it has never been understood that laughter, when entered into totally and wholly, rather than nervously or embarrassedly, is another form of the same energy. Laughter is available to all. Laughter is a healing, comforting, lovely energy and indeed is one of the most highly prized of all states of being. We find the universe to be full of the laughter or the song of joy.

My brothers and sisters, we hope that we have been of service to you and we hope that you may find joy in your hearts, and in your lives, and in each other, for all of those things are the Creator. There is nothing outside of the Creator. There is nowhere to trip, to fall, to stumble, or to fear. You are in the universe of love. Rejoice. We shall rejoice with you. I am Latwii. I leave you in that love and that light of the Infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai. Vasu. Varagus.


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