(Latwii, February 16, 1986)

We would remind you, my friends, that each of you is an instrument. Each of you serves the One Creator in a manner which is very like unto the phenomenon of vocal channeling, as you call it. For each of you, with your own unique abilities, interests and desires, takes that gift of love which is yours each day and makes of it an offering that seems upon its surface to be merely another daily round of activities. Yet from the depths of your own being and from reaches and resources far beyond that which you call your own identity do you draw the inspiration and motivation to take that enabling force that you call love and form it into each thought that you think, each action that you complete and each word that you speak. Thus do you, each of you, all of you, articulate that great unspoken Thought that dwells, ever-present and ready to serve as the base upon which you stand, the palette from which you draw your colors, the canvas upon which you place them and the appreciation within each heart and eye that looks upon your creation. And thus do you provide glorification of the One which dwells in all.


(Q’uo, February 9, 1986)

We would speak with you this evening upon love. It will not seem at first as if we are talking about love for what we wish to do is gaze with a clear eye at what many among your peoples call phenomena. The more obvious of these phenomena are those so-called arts of astrology, tarot, and those who work within the trance state in inner-level work as opposed to the work with those influences which are external to your planetary sphere.

We would not wish to discredit either the arts themselves or their reality, if we may use that term within an illusion. The energies or vibrations, much like waves upon a pond, which emanate from your whirling spheres-especially those relatively close to you as you whirl about upon your island home-enter the planetary energy web at certain points which may be calculated by those with the bent and the time for such calculation. Further, these instreaming energies affect each entity upon the planet in an unique fashion. Therefore, there is validity in prophecy by astrology, nor would we wish to deny any other form of prophecy of a personal nature which an entity may find helpful.

However, we would like to examine the situation where one waives information and another receives it. The one giving information is doing so in one of several ways. By this we mean that it is not necessarily a sign of spiritual advancement, as this instrument would say, that one is able to use some means such as astrology or cards to tune in to the planetary energy web’s emanations as they impinge upon an entity. It is, rather, an indication that such an entity as you may call psychic has in its past incarnations worked in these areas. One would not consider, for instance, a world-class pianist to be spiritually advanced, although the depth of emotions which such an artist may offer his audience may be a spiritual experience far too deep for words. Such transcendent talents are the result of more than one incarnation spent in the development of that particular characteristic.

“Phenomena” is another way of saying “things.” It would be a poor argument indeed to debate the possibility that spiritual advancement is aided by things. We speak to you thusly because we are concerned to notice that there is, within the community of those who seek, the emphasis on knowledge of the near future, knowledge of one’s past before birth-in other words, knowledge of things. The spiritual stance cannot depend upon any thing. It is, we feel, natural and comfortable for one with the talent for some sort of phenomenon to share it with those who request it. In this way such an entity is being of service to the best of its ability. But to live one’s life as a seeker with dependence upon any thing outside the self is to have denied the self the greatest opportunity for learning that there is, and that is the untutored and unbiased circumstance. In other words, we suggest that it is one’s instantaneous reaction to or action in the face of circumstances, wherein the great opportunity for spiritual evolution lies.

Let us look, then, not from the standpoint of the one who receives prophecy but the one who generates it. Each has generated spiritual material for the use of other seekers. Each, therefore, has accomplished a phenomenon known as channeling. We do not need to tell each of you that this in no way distinguishes any channel as one spiritually advanced because of its skill at being a channel. Let us go further, now that we have considered both the one who receives prophecy and the one who generates it, and consider the things, the phenomena, of the illusion in which you dwell. This instrument has spent a significant portion of its intellectual concern during the past twenty-four hours, your day, considering how much it desires to do a thing that will brand it as one who cares. That which this instrument wishes to do is walk for the cause of peace for many of your months, and we say to this instrument and to all who feel that the great quest is best taken as a literal journey that neither this nor any other thing will necessarily make an entity progress spiritually or be in any way more polarized towards service to others or service to self.

To be more extreme, one may consider those who give all that they have to the poor, thus becoming poor. One may consider an entity who makes a great sacrifice in order that it may advance spiritually. The phenomena of your experience revolve about such insubstantial words as power, glory, money and so forth, and because seekers dwell within a physical illusion of this certain type in which outer things are seen, a fruit is seen but the originator or planter is not. It is not surprising that entities wish to do things both to express and encourage spirituality.

We say to you that you must turn from the outside manifestations that meet your senses turn from your own opinion of yourself, your own judgment of the fruits of your spiritual labors and from any and all prophecy having to do with your probable future and, instead, join the great darkness of the sea of mystery which surrounds and expresses the gateway to the spiritual progress. You cannot see or hear or feel or taste or smell anything in this darkness. You are, shall we say, without feedback as you progress upon a path that is narrow because it is only the span of footsteps. There are no things to carry. Why do you think the spiritual path is so narrow? If it needed to be wider, it would be. It is your metaphysical feet touching the very stuff of spiritual reality that walk the path of the seeker. There is no luggage. There is no rest. And there is no turning back. And so you walk on in darkness, each of you berating yourselves many times for your lack of spirituality.

How you people love phenomena! But within the darkness that is complete lies your heart, beating without sound, gleaning that light as you intensify and intensify your seeking to the point at which your inner-beating heart is manifested as the star of hope, the beacon of faith. Can you then see? You can see the star. At that point that is all that you can see. It does not shed light upon your path but by your own seeking you have planted that which is no thing but which is a symbol of light, the light that shall shine until there is no darkness the light that is without time and without space. Footstep after footstep you walk on, lighted by a dim but very real star, a star kindled within your heart and within no other. Walk on in majesty. Walk on in humility. Walk on in trust, for you are not alone in this darkness. You are not alone upon this path, and you are not beguiled or mistaken in seeking light. When you reach past the phenomena to touch your own heart, it is then that you have placed your feet upon the path.

Without this heart, all actions are without spiritual reality; all fruits are withered in the merciless glare of the spiritual sun. You see, the fruit does not become the plant which becomes the seed which is then sown. That is not the way of growth. And yet your peoples so often consider their spiritual path in just such a reverse manner, first looking at the fruits, wondering how to arrange them by asking for phenomena, and working backwards to the heart that sows the seed.

What a treasure your hearts are when they love. I beg you to love. It does not matter that you do not love perfectly according to your own judgment. It does not matter that you do not love all the time. It matters that you see your inner state of love as the cornerstone of your existence, your seeking, and your destiny. For this universe is one thing and one thing only: it is love, the creative love, the One Original Thought of love. It is within your heart that this love is reproduced so that you become creative also.

And when you are Creator, what shall you create? Do not be concerned, for you have planned, each of you, what your service shall be. And you have been given grace sufficient to enable you to do what you have planned. What thing is it that you shall do? Many are those who feel that they are of no spiritual worth because all that they do is work, love their children, and die. And yet we say to you that you may well have prepared this as your mission, as your lesson, as your offering of love. There are those who have come with larger missions, larger in the sense that more entities will hear of the fruits of their particular labors. This in no way distinguishes one love from another, one fruit from another. Insofar as each fruit or manifestation takes part in love, just so each fruit is equal. For unbounded love and limitless light are all that there is. And whether you extend love and light upon your little ones or upon some more dramatic object, you have loved, and love is all that there is.

We appeal to you to meditate without judgment of yourself or others, to accept phenomena as they enter your life, to use them, to be alert for them. For it is well to receive the many hints that you will give yourself concerning that which you are to be doing, that which you have planned for yourself to do. We earnestly implore you to grasp that this channeling is also a phenomenon, that our words are things. We cannot prove our love to you, nor can we say it. And you must realize that our words are nothing but shadows flitting across the inside of your mind. They may be without worth for you and if so we ask you to discard them, to shrug them away, and to move on. Our love for you is part of our spiritual path. Your love shall be yours.

May all that is true and beautiful in your mind and in your heart be of blessing to you. May you dream; may you seek; may you love; and may you know that you are not alone.


(Yada, April 20, 1986)

[Channeled in a very thick Chinese accent.]

I Yada. I greet you in the love and in the light of Infinite Creator. We say “Okay” to this instrument about challenging in the name of Christ. We so lonely for someone to say, “Do you come in name of Zoroaster?” He was a good guy, you know. Why always the “Christ, Christ, Christ?” My goodness! “Christ!” You know there are many teachers, but One Source. Why you not challenge in name of Source? But that okay. We go on to what we have to say.

One, two, three, four, five, A, B, C, D, E, you, me, you, me, you, ye, yah, yah. Okay? You get the point. This instrument making nonsense, no sense whatsoever, but she doesn’t care.

Why you so serious? Why? We ask you. This instrument has been trained, seriously trained: yes, she’s very serious, you know, but she is a careful instrument so we can use her for example, and we did. This instrument willing to make a fool of herself because that’s what we gave her to say. It not important to her to make sense.

Why you so serious? You are the people who have too many clothes on. You wear four coats, three sweaters, sixteen pair of pants. What you protecting yourself against in this seeking of yours? It is good to be naked against love. That all we have to say to you. Be a fool for love. Do what comes in your heart to do. And don’t look back.

We Yada. We leave you in joy and we hope that you may enjoy your seeking. We leave you in the love and light of Infinite One. Adonai. Adonai.


We are happy once again to have THE JOURNEY available for those who may be inspired by music for the Christian mystic. The words are by Carla Rueckert and the music is by her brother, Tony.

Carla will be in the San Francisco area from August 5th through 26th. If there are any groups in that area who would like to hear her speak on the Law of One material and her experiences over the years, she would be happy to do so. Contact us and we will make the arrangements.

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