(Hatonn, April 18, 1982)

I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our Infinite Creator. I and my brother Laitos thank you for the opportunity of blending our vibrations with yours. It is a great blessing to share consciousness with you. We would speak upon the subject of those times that are in what you call your immediate future. We are aware that this topic is upon the minds of many and we wish to thank each of you that you have not single-mindedly attempted to discover details of prophecy concerning specific events which are part of your planetary entry into the full dimension of love.

My friends, it is not that we cannot speak to you of these things. We would take this opportunity to attempt to express to you our perceptions of the difficulties involved in the transference of specific information through conscious channeling.

The contact such as we have through this instrument is a free will contact. This instrument receives impressions of concepts of a crystalline nature; that is, they are below or other than words. This instrument then cloaks these concepts in the vocabulary with which this instrument is most comfortable. In any free will contact of this nature we expect and encourage a certain amount of communication by the instrument through the instrument as well as communication by the Confederation through the instrument. This portion by the instrument consists of those biases, concepts, and ways of approaching subjects that are unique to that instrument and, therefore, make our very simple message more varied, more inspiring, and more interesting to those who seek and who listen to these communications.

This same free will, my friends, causes specific information to be quite difficult to transmit, for as we transmit, we, ourselves, are functioning in free will. We cannot know that which is the future to you but can only know probabilities, for it is your free will which determines which future your peoples shall achieve. Therefore, when an instrument is repeatedly asked for specific information, for dates, for places, and for plans of catastrophe there are others willing to be less than truthful, willing to give specific dates and places and plans, and so we lose our instrument. It is a gradual process and one which we are very glad has not yet begun with this group at this time for, my friends, there are important concerns in your immediate future, as you call it, that have to do only peripherally with the undoubted fact that the topography of your Earth will change somewhat as a result of the stresses within it at this time as it must adjust to the new vibrations of the New Age, as you call it.

That which is important to you, my friends, is your own inner balance, your own inner awareness of your identity, your essence and your beingness, for as long as you breathe the air of this planet you will be able to offer, under any circumstances whatever, that beingness, that essence, that identity. One of your great poets, many, many of your years ago wrote: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of death I shall fear no evil.” This was, of course, a translation from another language, but the concept, my friends, is infinitely important compared to the details of Earth changes.

We ask you to be aware that at each moment presences guard you in life and in death. Your consciousness is not subject to this death. You have, before incarnation, chosen some things which you may wish to do. You did not make these plans with the intention of knowing them ahead of time. You made these plans knowing that at each point if something was required of you, you would have the free will to choose the manner of your beingness.

We realize that in your daily illusion the events, the cataclysms, and the mounting strangeness of the times in which you live may well seem to be far more important than your own disciplined understanding of who you are but, my friends, your seeking of that understanding is the only burden to carry in those days to come, for the more of your identity that you are able to fathom, the greater your light will shine in a very dark world, and like the great lighthouse which guides the ships to harbor and warns of a craggy rock and a dangerous gale, those within the view of your simple beingness will gain a kind of safe harbor until they themselves can begin to seek for themselves.

The days to come, my friends, are indeed a life and death situation, but these are the ingredients of which your illusion has always been made. That which is different is that the harvest is upon you. Prepare that part of yourself, therefore, which shall endure. Prepare, not for catastrophe, but for joy, not for darkness, but for light, not for fear, but for hope. And never doubt that you are one with many, many brothers and sisters who share with you the hope of love and light for all of the peoples of the Earth.


(Hatonn, October 18, 1981)

We would speak to you this evening of an aspect of love that is seldom understood among your peoples. It is an aspect of love that is one of the most creative and offering the most freedom of all the aspects of love. And that my friends, is endurance.

In the vicissitudes of each of your lives as you experience them at this time, there are many peaks and many valleys and when you reach the peaks you feel that the experience that you have gained, the high points that are the equivalent of the soaring of the eagle or the rejoicing of the angels will surely carry you through all that may lie ahead of you but, my friends, this is not to be. There is no mountain high enough to bridge the valleys and when you are in those valleys, the difficult and dreary times, times when it seems that it is impossible to find a positive reason for your existence and being, it does not seem possible to find a positive reason for your existence and being, it does not seem possible that there will ever come to you again the euphoria of the experience of the empyrean heights, bliss, thankfulness, joy and shared laughter; and yet again this is not so, for there is no valley deep enough to keep you from scaling the next height.

The changes of your life experience are intended to give you cause for thought and reason for action. It is not intended that you should have an uneventful life. It is, rather, intended that your life offer you whatever peaks and vales that you may need in order to experience the joy and the sorrow of your humanity to such an extent that you learn how to endure. How easy it is, my friends, to love and to be loved upon the peaks of your life, how easy to express the graceful phrase, the caring thought, the heartfelt deed. And when you have once again walked into the vale and are locked in the cage of sorrow, how then can you reach through the bars and offer up love and offer yourself to be loved, for you are a prisoner of your sorrow and know not how to do these things.

And yet, my friends, if you experience the alternation of joy and sorrow to a great enough extent and with a great enough clarity of perception, you may discover in this very cycle one enduring thing. That, my friends, is yourself. Your mind finds peaks and rejoices in freedom. Your mind creates valleys and is always your mind, your consciousness, your beingness, the totality of which never changes, never alters and does indeed endure.

And who are you, the being experiencing these changes, seasons and cycles of life, of love and sorrow? We suggest to you, my friends, that you are part of an original thought, part of that which we might call love, and as long as your consciousness endures, so shall love. Love is not a property of the heights of joy, nor are you bereft of it in the utmost depths of despair, for you are love. It is always with you, for it is here, no matter how distorted your perception of yourself and of your experience, how separated you feel from the warmth and the safety of love, yet you cannot deny or ignore your being. You cannot escape your thoughts or your nature.

Therefore, my friends, it is well, from time to time, to imagine yourself as one who watches a picture that moves upon the screen. This picture is yourself as you act from day to day, moving as the winds of experience move you. Yet you yourself, my friends, are the watcher and as the watcher you may see, not only the folly of this illusion, not only the missteps, the grand moments and the failures that you fear, but something far deeper, for the watcher sees the reality behind all of these actions. The watcher sees love.


(Latwii, January 31, 1982)

Each of your peoples inhabits an illusion. The illusion has many lessons to teach. Each entity chooses before the incarnation those lessons which it most needs in order to learn those things necessary for the graduation to the density of understanding, the density of love and compassion. An entity, through many incarnations, may have encountered the difficulties upon difficulties without end, shall we say, and may have learned the lessons which the outer expression of difficulty and the meeting of difficulty have to teach. Such an entity then may determine that there are other types of lessons which are of value in the upcoming, shall we say, incarnation. It may be determined, for example, that the lessons of abundance might need to be explored, for what is abundance? Where can it be found? Is abundance found in the life of leisure? Is abundance found only with a family that meets the standards of success described by your culture? Is abundance found in friends who stimulate the mind with conversation? Is abundance found in any part of this illusion other than in the heart of the seeking of the One Creator within the center of the being? Many are the lessons which your illusion has to teach. It would seem to many entities upon your planet that the materially abundant life is the life which holds the promise for each entity within your illusion, and we do not say that such cannot be so, but we do suggest that there might be a much greater difficulty, shall we say, in obtaining the lessons of love for an entity experiencing those material abundances which are so often sought among the peoples of your planet and especially the nation in which you reside.

The love of the One Creator is available in each moment. The ability to perceive and share this love depends only upon the strength of the desire of the entity seeking this love. One may have, indeed, found the love of the One Creator and may indeed be experiencing it moment by moment. It may also be true that one shall use the illusion in which one lives to deepen that experience by removing the illusion of love in material things to uncover the pearl of great price which resides within the heart of one’s being and which no Earthly treasure can match.


(Hatonn, April 18, 1976)

You are in the condition that you are in at this time, as are all those who dwell upon the surface of your planet, primarily to experience a condition of voluntary choice. Each thought that you think is yours to choose. It is necessary to choose wisely if you are to progress, but the choice must always be up to the individual, and not impressed from some external source. This is the method by which the individual grows in understanding. This is the only method by which he grows. My friends, each of you is aware enough to make wise choices in your thinking. All that is lacking, shall I say, is possibly diligence in choosing thoughts. This is the way of the masters.

My friends, your thinking is all that exists. The entire universe is thought. All that is necessary for any condition or any experience is thought. We extend to you simple instructions to be used in an extremely beneficial environment to create a very rapidly accelerated evolution of thought. Make use of your present condition, for it has been chosen, it has been desired, in fact, as you say, totally programmed by yourself. It is for your benefit. Make use of your present condition, for this is what you planned to do. Do it to reach that goal that each of us so earnestly desires: the goal of union in thinking with our Creator. For in this union, my friends, is all that you could ever possibly express in love.

It is, shall I say, a strange and devious path to this understanding. But if it were not necessary, it would not exist. Become aware of each second of your existence. Know in fullest detail the motivations of each of your actions and each of your thoughts. Meditate and become aware. Use this awareness, then, to act. It is not necessary to make complex plans for future activities. It is only necessary to meditate. In your meditation the understanding that you seek will be easily revealed.

It is necessary that the individual gain knowledge in this manner, for only in this manner can he become able to direct his own thinking. In any other manner, my friends, he is not truly evolving, but simply reacting. and the name of this game in which you now find yourselves is evolution. That is the secret behind all the activities upon your planet: an evolution of mind.


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