(Latwii, June 30, 1985)

Karmic law, as it has been called, is a very simply stated law. It may be seen as inertia. When an action, a thought or an energy has been set into motion in order to gather experience, this energy will continue in motion until an equal energy in the opposite direction has been generated. At this point there is the balancing of energies. Each entity within any incarnation is subject to this so-called law. This is how experience is gained and variety is achieved in the experience.

Grace is the environment in which this law operates. Grace is that support within all of creation which each entity stands upon and breathes within its being as it sets into motion the various distortions or experiential patterns that are set-before the incarnation-for such and such a purpose. The grace that supports each entity, then, is available as the very fabric of the creation through which an entity moves. It assures each entity that no matter what experience it may entertain, it shall not truly move from love, shall not truly move from light, from joy or from unity. No entity can travel a distance so far that there is the lack of love. Grace, therefore, assures this infinite and eternal support.


(Q’uo, December 20, 1987)

I greet you once again in love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator that moves within each heart and within each creation. We thank you for the gift of your calling to us, for it is in serving entities such as you that we are able to work towards our own progression, our own further understanding of the one great original thought of Love. Our consciousness is full with the joy of your company.

You ask us about the companionship of money and spirituality. It is written in one of your holy works that the love of money is the root of all evil. We would like to point out that it is the love of money, as it is any idolatry, which is at the root of separation, whether it be the separation of true worship from the great divine mystery because of pieces of wood and stone or the separation of one’s focus from that same mystery because of the love of counting. It is not the money itself which is contrary to a life led with a spiritual center, but the idolatrous love of that which is builded by man in imitation of the Creator’s abundance.

The love of power is understandable within your illusion, for quite purposefully did you design your physical vehicles to be nearly powerless in any natural sense, shall we say, against the greatly powerful forces of your illusion’s environment. Indeed, you were given both the instinct for survival and the challenge of survival as the foundation for your learning in third density. The love of money is a sub-type of the idolatry of power, for among other things, the having of this artificial substance which mimics true prosperity causes one to be able to manipulate the environment about one in a simple arithmetical formula: more money equals more power.

You will note that those who have experienced the having of large amounts of your money often have virtually no consciousness of idolatry towards that substance but, instead, having become fully aware of the ramifications of the having of artificial abundance, seek instead for truer reality, a clearer picture of the nature of the self. It is not that the fear of the loss of power is not there in potential for all alike, but that through sheer habit even artificial abundance can create a consciousness of prosperity which automatically generates abundance. However, because this removes a large portion of catalyst from the illusion, most souls which choose to incarnate upon the Earth plane elect to manifest in situations in which a consciousness of true abundance is absent, and concern for survival creates a consciousness of lack. How easy, how understandable, how logical to love money when the lack of it has caused numberless discomforts in one’s personal and vivid experience. Thus we say to you that you must not waste time being concerned that so many have the love of money fighting with the realization that true prosperity does not equal the idol called money.

Perhaps the most helpful thing we can suggest is that through meditation the consciousness of abundance may be encouraged and as truth always drives out falsity, as love always drives out fear, so true abundance drives out the false idol. The consciousness of abundance does not mean that all that one wishes will come immediately-or at all-within any particular length of time or any incarnation. It means, rather, that there is an awareness that that which is to be shall come to one through natural plentifulness.

Observe those who have found abundance. Some may be wealthy and some quite poor, but what they have is an awareness of the excellence not only of life, but of the very life which is being lived by them. This is most often earned rather than given to them, especially among your people who perturbate with great earnestness the consciousness of lack. There are those whose happiness lies in children, those whose peace lies in love, others who find satisfaction in learning, still others, those who have the gift of being who they are. It takes a certain level of comfort to achieve the consciousness of abundance for most. It is difficult while starving to death to rejoice in the plenty all about one, yet there be spirits who have done so and gone to their graves singing in praise and thanksgiving for all the blessings which abounded in the creation of the Father.

Perhaps the second thing that we can offer to those who wish to be free of idolatry is a consciousness of others’ needs. For if stewardship of any gift and talent is expressed, then the gates of abundance open and one is flooded with plenty. We do not ask that you see money as a means to an end. We do not ask that you stop thinking about money. We do not ask any system of intellectual training whatsoever. We ask only that it be recognized that worship of that which is known is idolatry and is not a satisfactory way in which to polarize one’s path or to accelerate the pace of one’s journey upon it.

Seek first the consciousness of love through meditation and analysis of action and thought and that which is needed shall be given unto you according to the circumstances needed by you, in your own opinion before this incarnational experience. All shall be given to you. For you see, no matter what the illusion of manipulation and manifestation may be, all this can be given unto you. All is indeed free. And that which is not, will not be. Each has designed for himself a special incarnation offering powerful experiences of lack and plenty, pain and peace. If you have little money, think not that you do not deserve more. If you have much money, think not that you deserve less. But whatever your environment, fill it with your love of the Creator and allow that love to reach to the infinity of the Creator’s laughing face, that His light may shine infinitely through you; that you may become plenty to others.

Money is relevant in your illusion. Enjoy it if you have it; seek it if you must; disregard it if you can, but manifest plenty in the consciousness of love.

My friends, we are most pleased to speak with you and thank you for this great privilege, asking only that you take our voice lightly as brothers and sisters and not as authorities. We would leave you for now in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. May all shine upon you, through you and from you in plenty. Adonai. Adonai. We are those of Q’uo.


(Q’uo, November 2, 1986)

The presumption of the seeker is that all parameters are to be understood and searched out and that there is a trail of wisdom to the stars, a series of questions that will lead one to infinite wisdom. This is not so. Wisdom is born of suffering, dilemma, contradiction and pain. The so-called happy times that you experience within the illusion are useful as randomly as are the difficult times, and the intrinsic value of happiness is quite low.

Indeed, no experience has a great deal of value except as a part of a very large base of information from which the deeper mind may begin to draw intuitive conclusions about the way things are not. Each of you considers the self a fairly long-term, consistent and stable personality. Seekers tend to view the self as a kind of business to be managed-so much of this, so much of that, the proper conditions for growth, and behold: a well-managed and prosperous-looking metaphysical path. We realize that we are not speaking to those who are seeking reasons to commit themselves to the spiritual path, but rather that we are speaking to those who will live life within third density to its end, incarnationally speaking, moving as closely in accordance with metaphysical principles as intuition and reason permit.

Thusly, we wish neither to commiserate nor inspire. We wish to explain to you that you inspire us, for you cannot see any good that you do, nor can you know what you have learned within this incarnation. And yet you struggle onward, ceaselessly valiant, forever spraining your metaphysical ankles and breaking your bones, picking yourselves up, putting yourselves in traction and moving back into your search, your fruitless, hopeless search for a well-ordered, productive, maximally service-oriented expression and manifestation of love.

You seek to create a life. Do you know that you cannot help creating a life, or that the enormous bulk of that which you create was created before you got your rational hands on it? Did you know that you move in a maze, working not on understanding, but on prejudice? What are you seeking to be prejudiced for or against? You are seeking to be prejudiced against happiness and for suffering, against comfort and for discomfort, against social ease and for solitude, against peace of mind and for humble and disquieted thought, against law and for law. You are seeking to tie a knot so complex that it becomes unity, moving through complexity and dissolving. You are seeking the mystery you name but cannot describe and the doors to the mystery open most fruitfully when the attention is heightened, focused and intensified by loneliness, discomfort and suffering.

Would that we could teach those within an illusion to pay sufficient attention while peaceful and happy. For then discomfort and pain would have no spiritual use whatsoever, these being the two-by-fours which are applied to your foreheads by your higher selves in a loving effort to get your attention.

Why is it, my friends, that when it is noon, you think about what you shall do from noon ’til one, and at one, you think of what you shall do in the afternoon? And even if you hear a noise or are disturbed, you do not think to yourself, “I wish to take this time out of time. I wish to take this moment with utter seriousness.” Why do you skate on the pond of your life, never plunging into the icy waters that protect sleepers from awake ones?

There are techniques which may insulate you against the chill of pain, the discomfort of solitude. Some there are who gradually don these protections and move into a kingdom where all is wakeful, listening, full of light and conscious. In attempting to understand the surface geography about you, metaphysically speaking, you cut yourself off from the acceptance of those tools which you can use to move through the icy waters of wakefulness. Things are simple, as our message always is. You may put on light; you may put on love; you may put on commitment; you may put on honest doubt. In all of these ways, you are declaring that your element is wakefulness and that your goals are not surface, not sleep-ridden, but further into the light, further into life, further into that which is conscious. For there is that within each life which is conscious, but hides beneath the waters, and the waters hide beneath the ice.


Carla Rueckert’s book on channeling, A CHANNELING HANDBOOK, is now at the printer’s and should be available by the first part of this summer. Some of the areas covered: What is channeling?, Why channel?, Preparing yourself to be a channel, Getting peaceful, Temptations, Psychic greetings/attack, The ethics of channeling, Channeling and Christianity, and Publishing your channeling. A donation of any amount comfortable to you will reserve a copy which will be mailed to you when the book is available.

We have the honor of announcing the marriage of Carla L. Rueckert and Jim McCarty on May 30, 1987. Jim and Carla wish that every friend of L/L Research may rejoice and share the moment with them as they dedicate themselves anew to the Creator’s plan, continuing the work Don Elkins began and praying to be more metaphysically unified in love, that the work of Love may be done through them and through us all. Blessings to you on this happy day.