(Oxal, March 16, 1986)

We would speak with you this evening of joy, that quality which is beyond its name, that energy which creates in fire and yet in peace, that explosion which is yet a steady state, that translation of that which proceeds into that which is.

We would speak to you of history. Those among your peoples are fascinated with history, and we would point out to you that if you wish a specific remedy against joy it would be history that would take the first place among the active distractions of those who seek.

Success and failure belong to that outward portion of yourselves which belong to history. The discipline of joy is the discipline of remaining outside of time, or to speak more precisely, within that womb from which time issues and towards which it shall once again be drawn in the great rhythm of the cosmos. To remove oneself from processes is to remove oneself from all of those things which seem real, beginning with the processes of one’s own physical vehicle, continuing on with the processes of the daily living-the telephone that rings, the doorbell that rings, the visitor that knocks at your gate, the information that comes through the post and all of those things which remind one again and again of the processes of dailiness.

Shall you, then, reject all of these things in order to remain joyful? We suggest to you that there is a portion of you which should do just that in order to achieve something which you may wish to nurture and that is the sense of humor, the light touch, the feeling of being seated within love and its expression-joy and laughter-regardless of outward circumstances. Processes, as all things which partake of time, begin and end, are successful or fail, and yet consciousness is variably affected by these processes. May we suggest to you that by reserving a portion of yourself to be centered within that great womb of time where joy holds sway, one can experience differently the processes of living within the illusion which you now enjoy and from which you shall learn as you choose to learn, slowly or more rapidly, ineffectually or more effectively.

The more one throws the whole self into that which may be called petty, the more one allows oneself to worry and be concerned over seeming failures, the more one robs oneself of the opportunities for transformation. And yet transformation is what you have come to choose to do. It seems that that which is new becomes old. But we say to you to consider whether it is not one’s interest that becomes old. When one perceives things from the standpoint of joy, nothing can escape the illumination which love brings.


(Q’uo, May 10, 1987)

I am Q’uo, I greet you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. It is a great blessing to us to be asked to share this meditation with you and we would pause with you for a few moments of silent meditation so that we may truly become one with you and flow in harmony and in rhythm with your thoughts and your needs at this time. We shall pause. We are Q’uo.

We are again with this instrument. We are Q’uo, and again we greet you in the love and the light of the One who is all. Your query is concerned with what your peoples call ambition, an ambition to succeed, an ambition to fulfill the potential. It is based upon an interesting supposition among your people, namely that something smaller than the life experience of the life itself is that which is called the work.

The difficulty in recognizing one’s true work seems to stem from that distorted value which your peoples place upon that tool of power which your peoples call the money. It is assumed that that which is done in exchange for money is that which is the work, and it is assumed that, therefore, even when one is not receiving money for something, one may still be in a training period for some time, but after a certain time it is assumed that the work itself shall begin. Such is the distortion which money has created by its use among your peoples.

It is our opinion-and we stress that it is opinion only and is not an irreducible truth-that the only work which may be called The Work of any entity is that work done in consciousness during an incarnational period which has a net result, as judged by the self after the incarnation, of polarizing the entity more and more strongly towards service to the Creator and to others. Thus life is the work, and work is the life.

This emphasis upon the outcome is that which has been distorted by your money system. If it is seen that one’s own life is a gift which is going to be created by the self by life’s end within this density, then it may be seen that whether one had an expected or an unexpected outcome for training, that the actual work lay not in results, but in attitudes and biases which have been gained during the training and that this process would go on regardless of the outer circumstances changing by apparent success or apparent failure.

Let us back up a bit and speak in a deeper way. You know that each of you is a perfection unique and amazing to the Creator, just as the Creator is unique and amazing, mysterious and wonderful to each of you. You know that as you gaze upon each other you gaze upon the face of great mystery. And yet, somehow each entity manages to stop the ears and blind the eyes of the miracle of each moment in order that it may function in what is seemingly here and now of a hustle-bustle life experience.

How blessed it feels to kick off the shoes of the workaday world, to tuck a metaphorical piece of grass between the teeth and gaze into the metaphorical open sky for daydreaming. How very, very good it feels to unwind and relax, to let one’s mind drift. My children, it is not only pleasant-it is life itself to that entity which dwells within, which is learning the true lessons and doing the true work of the incarnation.

We are speaking here of meditation and of those states of mind associated with meditation which may seem to be a waste of time to the civilized mind. We find this word in the instrument’s vocabulary has many connotations, and we wish them all to be recognized, for civilization is also an artificiality, and all of those notions and belief systems which arise from the cultural medium which you enjoy can be a deadening and numbing influence upon those who are not aware that at some point it is necessary to remove oneself from the grip of civilization in order that the creature which dwells within in illimitable light might move about, breathe the fresh air of unconstructed thought, and go deeper and deeper into that portion of mind which is nourished by light and love and contemplation and which gives as fruit of this kindness from the conscious mind a harvest to the conscious mind of health and right knowledge. The aid which meditation may yield to an entity is equal to that entity’ s desire for that aid.

There is no desire which is not fulfilled, and when one feels that one has worked for a long period of time and yet the goal has not been accomplished, it is often interesting to go back and reexamine the deep desires of the heart and mind. It may be that there is a far, far deeper desire for the deeper learning which is brought about when one has a long-standing and seeming failure. This consciousness of clay feet and imperfection causes a kind of unhappy tension which is called suffering, and this suffering creates a frame of mind in which the deeper senses become more and more sensitive and begin to make choices.

We question each who has an unfilled dream whether in the suffering which has gone into disappointment, there has not been a great deal learned which could never have been learned in the face of continued contentment and happiness?

The strength of desire is the measure of the result of desire. For the universe is completely rhythmical and responds to that which is asked. There is a spontaneous simultaneity about existence, and in that still point, as one of your poets has called it, it is truly there the dance is. When one finally rests in meditation after great suffering and hoping and seeking, one may finally get a glimpse of what has been learned by the deep self.

To those to whom that glimpse has been given, no suffering ever seems so hard again, for those are the ones fortunate enough to grasp the deep reality, which is that in terms of the deeper desire of the heart they have not been unsuccessful at all, but instead successful beyond their dreams.

You see, my children, the movement in development of personality is from the surface of things, deeper and deeper into them, until finally the seeking and the sought become one: one thing, so that you are not meditating, but finally you are the meditation, and this meditation is your perfect poem, your arrangement of your consciousness, and you know in an instant that this consciousness is the gift which you shall give to the Creator, and so no longer can you feel unsuccessful.

We are aware that the moments when one accepts the self as the Creator must be few and far between for those of you who dwell in third density, for it is the function of your physical illusion to fool you quite efficiently. If you do not suffer in some way, if you are not made uncomfortable by circumstance, shall you seek at all? We found in our studies that our third-density experience was not as vivid as the experience which you have upon your planet. This is due to the fact that our Logos, as we find this instrument to use the word, did not choose quite so vivid an archetypical expression of the One Infinite Creator.

You, in the planetary sphere you enjoy, have an especially excellent illusion. How, then, are you to embrace yourself and the consciousness within you in the midst of an illusion which delivers to your consciousness a distorted and incomplete report of the self? Again, we suggest meditation, that in the still moments of meditation, you might come upon yourself and, not looking directly, still recognize that self as both self and a greater Self. And in the greater Self’s persona, perhaps you shall catch a glimpse of the glory that lies within you.

The development of faith and will is, in large part, a development of the will to seek and the faith to keep on seeking. A persistent sustained seeking throughout an incarnation, regardless of any results that appear within the incarnation, is, in our opinion, the very best gift which can be created by you. You are creating a life. And you shall not be done in that great career until your last breath has left the physical vehicle and you, yourself, move from space/time into the time/space of metaphysical life, that greater life which you hunger for while caught within the clumsy prison of the physical vehicle. You shall be light and free. You shall be full of light and full of freedom.

Yet here and now, within the prison of the earthly body, is your great chance to be faithful to your consciousness. So, seek, my children, seek always and know that while it is well to move according to the tides of circumstance, it is far more deeply helpful to have an inner life which is completely independent of outer circumstance, a life in which meditation and contemplation are both that which is desired and among the fruits of that desire. If you are not enjoying your meditations, may we suggest that you vary the conditions under which these meditations occur. And do not refrain from meditating because of a difficult patch of experience, for in any difficulty, yet to remain faithful to the seeking is a very helpful thing for one who wishes to polarize more and more towards service to the Creator and others. The development of that will which, under the velvet offers strength, is much recommended.


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