(Hatonn, October 12, 1986)

I am Hatonn and I greet you in the love and in the light of our Infinite Creator. What a privilege it is to be able to speak through this instrument to you this evening and to share your life patterns for this moment. It is rewarding to see that the concept of meditation in this group has not broken down to include only the concept of the channeled information. For indeed it is the silence that teaches, perhaps more than even the most inspiring words, just as it is the space between objects which allows objects to have dimension.

We hope that you may bring that silence with you as a tool to use, not in the dark with your eyes closed only, but in the harshest of daylights and under the most trying of conditions. For if there is a portion of you that remains in the silence of that which is most precious to you, then all else is but a shadow which moves across the sun at the center of your being, and no cloud is large enough to blot out the joy you may take in living. And if the silence be gone from the noonday, then you are lost to the hustle and bustle of your conscious daily thoughts. It is difficult to love when one is busy. It is difficult to perceive or experience the consciousness of the Creator or to take part in the One Original Thought which created you, if you no longer have any silence in your heart.

It is as though you were a king who could direct and control your kingdom in any way that you wished and so you began to wish and one thing was added upon another, all things that at one time or another you had wished, all eventually manifesting in one way or another. And yet, as wealthy and powerful as a king may be, still there is a limit to what a king can perceive and enjoy. And so you end up being not the ruler of your life, but its servant, ministering unto your desires and moving through your days as your kingdom wills you to move. Your past desires have all come home to roost and you have been trapped by your own snare.

None of you who feels that these words have truth is alone in this perception, for it is the nature of your culture to distract yourself from the consciousness of the love and light of the One Creator. It is difficult to turn from the riches of an earthly kingdom and choose the bright and shining ideals of an unseen kingdom. They do not glitter in the hand nor are they grateful to the touch. Pursued, they retreat. Those unseen values which you desire have no market value. It is difficult to explain the spiritual path to any who do not love the silence already or at least hunger for that which cannot be held in the hand or assessed for material wealth.

Yet if you are dwelling in the silence to the extent that you can carry a small portion of it with you, it will not disturb you that many do not understand what motivates you. It will be enough that you have the opportunity to express yourself in love to other portions of the Creator. What entities may think of you is irrelevant to the excellence of your effort. Indeed, what you, yourself, estimate to be your excellence is irrelevant. For in the world of invisible things, where truth and beauty lie waiting to be found, all that is needed, all that is relevant is your seeking. That is your power and your peace. It is your very identification, for you are what you desire.

May your desires flow from you in a clean and pure stream, glittering and bubbling and moving in life into the great ocean of all that there is, that when all things are prepared as is necessary for you, each and every desire may be yours in full, your birthright claimed.


Group question: The question asked this evening was whether the story in the Bible of Adam and Eve was an actual story of people that existed, or a symbolic story that is supposed to show us certain principles.

(Q’uo, March 1, 1987)

I am Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator.

It is a rare privilege and blessing to be called to this seeking group of pilgrims, and we are honored that we are guests at such a banquet of love.

The one who wishes to study the creation may fruitfully study what is popularly called the archetypical mind. Indeed, we know of no better name for this informational treasure house than the mind of the archetypes. It is archetypes, rather than individuals, which the stories of creation seek to illuminate, for creation of self-consciousness begins, subjectively, after creation. The consciousness which is conscious of creation is only that of the Creator, and within the illusions which all of us enjoy there is no direct road to clear perception.

It is necessary that expression be general, for the witness to creation is mute and lies within the infinite mystery of the potential intelligence of the uncreated and created Creator, whose mystery is whole and entire and has not and shall not be disturbed by the puny and petty ponderings of our kind. We are seekers-not finders, my friends.

And so within us lie the deepest hunches of what you may call your races. Upon some planets, all have the same archetypical mind. Some of the confusions about creation lie in the various stories of creation, generated by the archetypical minds of those from different planetary influences. There are many such upon your particular planet. It is well, in considering the archetypical mind, to work with a system which is found instinctively by you to be evocative of the rich fruit of suggestion and inference, for each image is designed to center one within a portion of deep knowledge about one’s origin and definition, one’s way of progression and hope for the future.

Let us look at the myth most well-known within this group of entities. In this story, the first man is made greater than all the animals and able to talk to the Creator. Now, my friends, there is rich food for thought in this image. Indeed, one of your teachers makes fruitful use of the theme in what you call the parable of the prodigal son. Each of you has an Eden, a time of untrammeled and untroubled beauty, a golden time when the body, soul, mind and heart felt good, at home and well. The sun was happy and even the rain hardly noticeable. And yet somehow, somewhere, through the process of all the years of incarnation, as you call them, you have left the garden. And how alone you feel!

Yet, both in and out of the garden, there comes the second archetype: the helper. Each entity has within it the lonely warrior and the helper, the fount of all wisdom and solace. Your Logos has created a strongly biased sexual differentiation so that although each male and each female experience both needs, yet still to the male is given the striving for the freedom by nature, to the female, the centered feeling of untold riches of happiness, solace and peace.

By the sexual choice of a chemical body at the beginning of incarnation each of you has chosen to experience the male archetype or the female archetype as regards that which is demanded by the culture. It is to be noted that only in highly cerebral cultures where education has been carried far does the idea of interchangeable roles surface. For it is not an idea which fits naturally with the genetic disposition of the third-density body which has been issued to each of you.

This is one small example of the archetypes which may be studied in the creation myth. Also of interest is the introduction, very early in the myth and with repeated emphases, of the eventual and inevitable fall, for repeatedly the archetypical male and female choose freely to disobey the Creator to whom they can talk. Each of you may feel a desire to speak directly to your Creator, but perhaps if the Creator’s face were familiar the Creator might be taken for granted. Perhaps the Creator which is a mystery is the more understandable Creator and the more to be appreciated.

When the female archetype known as Eve met with the instrument which removed the couple from the garden, it was at the behest of a very important figure. It is to be noted that in the Tarot, the serpent is the image of wisdom, and so it is intended in this creation myth which draws heavily upon the same cultural material. It is wisdom which can be the most effectively negative creation, for an over-abundance of love is more difficult to twist entirely. The habit of over-stimulation of the intellect is far more likely to end in a negative movement. Yet, does not all of your experience as a race and as individuals depend almost completely upon the presence, the enthusiasm and the action of the serpent in your lives? Those seemingly negative forces often cause one to be experiencing life outside the garden, where each day has challenges and it is difficult to express or even feel faith and passion, hope and joy. Yet is it not, when you look back, that you see so often the greatest of progress made during those difficult times?

What to praise and what to blame about the creation of the Father? It is difficult, nay, let us say impossible, to call any portion of the creation bad, for the debt of the pilgrim to the negative population upon your planet is great. You are experiencing life both in and out of the garden. Each portion of that story is a portion of a complex series of archetypes. The study of the archetypical mind is most helpful, yet we would not encourage you to study to the extent of mental and spiritual indigestion in order to feel that you are progressing along the spiritual path. We would at this time make note that those things which are most important to learn, to grasp and to make a part of the life are those things which are simple and devoid of the complexity of language and ratiocination. For you seek that which is found in silence and in eternity. You seek, therefore, in a foreign language and in an alien land, yet it is your native tongue and your native home. The language of the heart shall speak for you in the kingdom you now seek. We await you there and are with you there this moment. As your consciousness points and wills and meditates itself to be, so you shall be.

Be careful what you desire. Be assiduous in your meditations, and may you have our greatest thanks for asking us such an interesting question. It has been our pleasure to talk upon the subject and we hope that we have said a few things which may spark other questions or give you food for thought. Of course, we are fallible and prone to error as is any seeker of mystery. If there is aught said that grates, please ignore our humble words and continue seeking, serene and confident in your own judgment.

We leave this instrument now and each of you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.


(Yada, July 21, 1985)

We only wish to bring you a single thought and to do that we ask you to come with us in your mind, to leave this room and move into the night sky far, far away, farther than you can see, farther than your telescopes can see, until you are no more in space and time, until you are truly within the Creator. We ask you to feel the light that is so bright, that shines not from a single source, but everywhere, from everywhere to everywhere at once. There is no night; there is no sky; there is no separation. We ask you now to look back at yourself and ask what lies before you.

What is your problem? We ask you! Detach yourself. Do you have a problem with your reputation? Forget it. Reputations are not important! Do you think ill of yourself ? Do you think that you are not as good as others think you are? Forget it! What do you know? Do others think ill of you? Forget it! What do they know? Try to live in the light, my friends. Do not reach for it. Allow it to fill you. For with every breath, you are infused with that light, that love and that energy and you are a powerful being.

So get on with it. With no fear, but with a will to serve, to love and to be in the light. And that light is that which we leave you in, having no other possibility, for that is all that there is. The rest is confusion and dreaming. We wish you happy dreams and we wish you moments of lucidity in which you see beyond your dream and beyond your darkness, beyond those few moments when you wear your funny costume of physical flesh and see the essential you which not only dwells in light, but is light.

We are known to you as Yada. That is not important either. We, however, love you. Adonai. Adonai. We leave you in the love and in the light of the One who is all.


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