Group question: What determines what entity is channeled through an instrument, and should everybody channel?

(Q’uo, December 20 and 27, 1987)

[The two transcripts have been edited together.]

I am Q’uo. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. I greet you upon a night which is most luminous. The candles of hope, thanksgiving and compassion are lit by so many who know not the good they do at this season which you are experiencing at this time.

You ask what people should and should not channel, and we say to you, first of all, that all of you are channels. There is no one who is not a channel; there is no life which is not primarily a channeled existence. By this we mean that each of you carries within the self deep and unconscious forces, neither to the good nor to the evil as much as to the deepening of experience. The more times in which the student may recognize the depth of the present moment, just so shall that soul channel more and more in a biased fashion, in an engaged fashion, in an enabling fashion for service to all and for love of the Infinite Creator. A life is a solid, sometimes bulky present to offer to the Infinite One, yet each laugh, each smile, each encouragement to one who needed it, each hard truth to one who needed it, each and every effort that has been made is as the wrapping and the decorating and the wonderful ribbons about that solid, caring present to the Creator that is a channeled life.

We turn now to the channeling which was intended to be queried about, and that query is, “Should everyone be a channel? How do channels and instruments contact each other? And is that in all cases a good idea?”

Let us look at the life of a poet or a musician. Many poets have written what this instrument would offer as “Roses are red; violets are blue.” These channeled thoughts are modest and pleasant, yet they shall not make the poet a man of renown. So it is with the music. What this instrument would call “Chopsticks” can be taught, and thus any entity can play the instrument of the piano. Yet is this, after all, a decisively important kind of channeling to be shared with others? It may well help the entity, but we submit to you that the equivalent of chopsticks on the piano, when placed in the context of spiritually oriented channeling, may suggest that not everyone, perhaps not even most, need seriously to consider a life lived as a vocal channel.

There is no entity so lost to desires of helpfulness that this entity cannot eventually learn to channel the love and the light of the Infinite Creator. However, there is a certain temperament which finds its reward in being used as a vocal channel. A person with such a temperament is willing to undergo difficulties, misunderstandings, inconvenience and all the minor difficulties that a time-consuming activity causes. And this is where we begin to make the distinction between those who channel the equivalent of a simple tune upon the piano and those who wish to study the instrument of the self. The study required for being an instrument is a careful, persistent, dogged and light-hearted gaze at the life as it is lived from day to day, from week to week, from year to year.

As in any spiritually oriented service, the honor of being a channel grows in direct proportion to the responsibility of living that which is channeled. Those who do not wish to take upon themselves the responsibility of attempting to live as they have learned are far better off attempting to be of service to the Infinite Creator, which is within all beings, by any one of a number of ways of channeling cheerfulness and helpfulness to those who are needy. Many there are who need food, blankets, clothing and shelter, for upon your weary world there is the winter of the body, and the body becomes cold. The most beautiful words shall not warm the bones of such a body, but rather the simpler channeling of hospitality and faith, warm places for saddened, wearied bodies.

It is our desire not just to make more vocal channels, but to make each aware of the channeling he or she is already doing. It is not well when all in a society decide to be priests, my children. Thus if you find other ways of channeling than vocal channeling which are better for you, then we urge you by all means, to realize what kind of channel that you are, and be that wonderful, loving, compassionate self that your particular type of channeling may bring. A weaver channels the beauty of the cloth. One who works with people channels a love and acceptance, a true listening ear for the entities around it. There are so many examples of the channeling which all may do: the cooking, the washing, the smiling at the sun, the enjoyment of water, all the excitement of daily life, all the little things which are like flowers in a bowl in unexpected corners of your daily life. You channel your daily life. We ask you to do it lovingly and honorably, honoring yourself and honoring that which this instrument would call the Christ-consciousness in each and every face that you see.

Finally, with mixed emotion, which may indeed make this part of our message difficult, we urge that those who hear these words not assume by any means that vocal channeling is that which they are prepared to do. The entities which have begun as excellent vocal channels and have later disintegrated their contact are many, far too many. And although these entities shall be healed and disappointment shall cease, yet still by following not the heart within, but the ambition without, they have condemned themselves to much disappointment. If you are to be a vocal channel, may we say that you shall not be able to resist that search, that practice and the ponderings that intensive channeling meditation bring to one.

We intend for each to see that each is an imponderably important portion of the channeled cumulative value of humankind at this time, and insofar as struggles have been rewarded with virtuous hope, as difficult dealings have been faced with honest courage, so moves the labyrinth of humankind, slowly yielding to the carefully penciled traces of the path we must retrace to that source of all channeling, of all being, the One Infinite Creator. It is important to us that we express that it is not merely those whose sensibilities have been tuned and honed to be exquisitely fine upon whom the fate of humankind rests. Nay, far more is it the hard-won capacity of the busy, overworked, underappreciated man and woman of lesser circumstances whose response to these difficult environments generates the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator for all of mankind.

Our thesis, that some discipline in the living of a practical, modest and loving lifestyle is very helpful to a channel, may or may not suit the mood of those who wish to become channels. We shall say clearly at this point that it is not the desire of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator to create channels through which we may comment upon physical disasters and other remarkable and unusual natural effects which have to do with the movement of your peoples and your planet itself from the end of third density to the merging with the beginning of fourth density as it shall occur more and more among you.

That which we look for, that in which we rejoice in a channel, is the clear statement of the channel’s personality in a disciplined and unified way, for it is upon this level that channel meets channel, for make no mistake about it, channeling is a two-way conversation and the channeling in light trance or heavy trance, during this exploration of a possible message for the day, is based very largely upon the level of commitment and serious intention which the channel offers at the time of the challenge to the contact.

Let us look for a moment, then, at the work in consciousness which a channel may wish to consider accomplishing. For the channel is not the entertainer or the one with the job to do. The channel is rather a kind of person. Your closest word would perhaps be minister or priest. This human minister/priest gazes upon the face of the illusion and chooses to live in a loving, caring and openly spiritual way, bragging not one word, celebrating not one virtue, but instead learning the true humility of one who knows that what one wishes to be, one is only by will and faith. For it is the nature of humankind in third density that all seeming perfections shall be pierced with error. All glasses to a brilliant future are made murky by the inevitable, constant, dramatic game-playing of the illusion itself.

If the new instrument who decides to live a life of spirituality thinks at first that there is some ongoing trickster designed to test that channel, this instrument is not only accurate, but has foreseen the mere beginning of a long series, indeed, an endless series of challenges to see through, of seeming heartlessnesses to bring love to, of seeming dreadful inadequacies to enfold in consciousness until finally the one who seeks to serve as channel aches and cries with the agony of compassion in such a dark world, and yet at the same time trembles with the ecstasy of the limitless light and the glory of souls who gradually shed the used skins of ash and dust.

To those who wish to be priests, ministers and light-givers, to those of you on the watchtower, mending fences, gazing into the heavens as sentinels of the light of the cosmos, we urge you above all to find within the self that fundamental character which can offer the highest praise, the deepest-felt purified emotion. If that means that you must function upon your own, then it is that you shall be lonely. It is unfortunate, in the short run, that experiences such as loneliness are considered to have great possibilities for learning among those who have chosen to live the life of the minister or the one upon the watchtower. Thusly it is your greatest hope to find those who are able to share the darkness, the misunderstandings, the despair and the doubt which accompanies a life lived in hope but executed with human error. May you find those who comfort you.

Lastly, to you whom we may call shepherds, there is sent a glorious company of those who surround you, love you and love the One Original Thought that is slowly taking place and growing within each. Call upon those helpers which you know by names such as Holy Spirit, guardian, angel and inner guides. More than that, rest back into the recollection of the enormous web of caring, trusting, hoping and loving which your most mixed up planet does indeed send out greatly. Please know that those who wish to be channels are a mighty company, and beneath the claptrap and noise of normal human converse there lie the sinews and tendons of a growing social memory, placing upon the skeleton of this planet’s position in space each sublime thought, each remembered turning of channel to source. You, my friends, make the first steps towards a new heaven and a new earth, as we would quote this instrument’s holy work, so that you are workers in the very beginning of the fourth density.

We rejoice in each effort of will, each movement in love, each word that has been prayed about and considered, each spontaneous expression that brings the Creator directly and engagingly into the surface, the center, the heart of a group. May each of you find your rejoicing in each other. May you love each other. May you see the Creator in each other. May your channeling become a channeled life.


(Amira, December 20, 1987)

I am Amira. I greet you in the love, the light and the life of the Father. How plunged you are into the mystery of day and night, good and evil. How clear are the eyes of those who search out my face in every situation. Yet we would not ask you to search out a physical face, for the physical face of the Son of Man is beside you, is looking at you from the mirror, is your stranger, your friend, your child. I and others have come to comfort you, to leave the comfort of love behind. May you release the discomfort of worldly doubt and turn and return to those glories of the Father which enter by eye, or mouth, or thought, or death. You who come with me, you who share my steps, you shall share them all. May your journey be transfigured by the joy of your countenance, as with perfect faith you reach at last that place from which there are no more steps, no more false divisions, that place where you begin to feel yourself falling, falling and falling, deeper and deeper into an unmeasured and eternal sea of creative divine love. I reach out my wounded hands to bless and sanctify the wounds you bear, that they too may be marks of past courage, never scars of pain. I leave you in the full sun, the glorious light and infinite love of the Father. Farewell and peace. Amira.


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