(Q’uo, November 1, 1987)

You wish to know more about the higher Self, and indeed it is good that you should. For the concept of a self that is larger and greater than that which is before the face in the mirror is a centrally powerful one. It is a concept without which humankind’s understanding of the Creator would be severely crippled. For if one gazes in the mirror of mundane experience one quickly observes that the self is not overly saintly, as this instrument would say. It is the nature of the illusion which you now enjoy that the microscope of criticism is relentlessly placed before one’s own and others’ actions, thoughts and intentions. And in an illusion designed to confound the most noble sentiments, this is not surprising. Yet there is implicit and inherent and abiding in every third-density heart and mind an instinct as clear and true as the instinct for breath or food. That is the instinct to seek a higher purpose, a higher beingness, an enlarged point of view and, ultimately, a movement decisively from the often uncomfortable illusion and its limitations which are meat and drink in third density.

Let us examine considerations concerning time. The higher Self is a concept which is impossible to view in a sensible manner if the concept of linear time is clung to. The concept of one having the beginning and the end, either within one lifetime or within a creation of countless lifetimes, is a concept which creates unsolvable paradoxes with respect to considerations of the higher Self. Your linear experience of time is a portion of your illusion just as is space itself and all that you perceive with your senses. Within that illusion which we see as being the most sheer and least distorted of which we are aware, we see time as simultaneous; that is, the linear river of time perceived by the human self is deep within the self, rounded into infinity, so that what you see as past, present and future are experienced at one time, that time being the present moment. At this precise moment as we speak, you contain all that you have experienced and will experience from the beginning of your consciousness until the sublime re-entry of singular consciousness into the universal consciousness which is the Creator.

You contain memory of past and future, yet these memories are most deeply placed within what is known as the unconscious mind. They dwell within a zone to which the conscious mind is denied access. Without the concept of the higher Self it is yet possible for an entity going on faith alone to open gradually the gates of perception and to become aware, little by little, of a larger beingness within the self, larger and larger that beingness, until it eventually encompasses all that there is, and for the first time you are aware of your true identity. Such determination and persistence is very rare. For most, not only ultimate discoveries of wisdom, love and power, but simpler understandings pertaining to specific mundane affairs, come hard. The way often seems unclear, the emotions frayed and worn, the spirit numbed with the repeated shocks of a callous and seemingly indifferent world. It is into this arena that what is known as the higher Self appears. The character of the higher Self may be perceived as glorious and majestic, or it may be perceived intimately as a boon companion and dear friend. The personality of the higher Self is much amenable to that which is needed by the everyday waking self. It’s identity, insofar as we are aware (and we wish to express that we are not infallible) is that of a future self, as you would call it, a self that is entirely yourself, yet a self which has experienced, through that which you have experienced, to the present moment and onward events, far into lessons of love, wisdom and unity.

When your consciousness has reached that point where the lessons of unity are being well studied this Self turns and reaches back to the third-density self, to the self that is confused, puzzled and insecure. It is the most loving of presences, for by the middle of sixth density you shall have learned to love yourself, to embrace yourself, to protect yourself in light and love rather than with weapons of defense, words of anger and gestures of fear. This Self is to you a great resource, dwelling within your consciousness, within those deep areas of consciousness where time is simultaneous and the great issues of love and service are always in incredible and lambent focus.

Thus the avenue to the higher Self is a road within the mind, a road which opens, seemingly impossibly, after one has left space and time behind in meditation. Perhaps what we are trying to express may best be approached by saying that the image of what we wish to express is that of one who, sitting in meditation, moves within the mind higher and higher until one has reached the very top of the watchtower of consciousness, and at that point when one is in a very small protected environment there is a harmless, ordinary-looking door. Yet through that door is the beginning of a highway that grows larger, wider, more capacious, more beautiful, more stately, until at last the inner vision opens and the Self that is more you than you are now waits to greet you.

The consciousness which invites the higher Self to help is one which in humility gazes at the world and says, “In and of myself I see only illusion. I must seek further.” Seeking is the key to contact with this greater Self, this larger edition of you. This higher Self cannot choose for you that which you must or must not do. It is not an authoritarian presence. Each decision is your own to make within this illusion, and no responsibility can be given to any higher Self, guide or teacher. Each is responsible for the self.

We would also encourage the seeker to open the self in meditation to those presences which are about each seeker, waiting to aid in deepening the meditative state in comfort and in succor. These guides, these presences, are also yours if you seek them. They are powerful helpers, yet it is always the turning from despair and sadness to hope and joy, the thought in confidence of sure help and the reaching out for it that make these energies available to each who seeks.

The higher Self ultimately is the Creator, just as you are the Creator already. There is what seems to be an impossibly long eon wherein the creation bursts forth into existence, flowers and moves back into the uncreated, that highest Self. Each relationship which you enter into, if shared heart to heart and hand to hand, creates the higher Self of the mated couple or the strongly bonded friendship. Each family has the group higher Self, and insofar as that family may seek in unison, just so far shall its higher Self be there in seeming intuition and interesting dream to convey messages concerning the most progressive and helpful service for the family to the family or for the family mated pair or friendship to the world which you experience about you. Similarly, each group to which you may belong, if there is a common purpose which is idealistic and service-oriented and sought in unity, develops a group higher Self, one which can be enormously helpful, and so each nation, race and any group which bears a common identity can develop, and will ultimately develop, the higher Self. Indeed, we, as social memory complexes, are an existing group mind. The higher Self, then, is ever more clearly and intimately available. It is our dear wish and happy desire to join the ocean of the uncreated, that Logos of undifferentiated Love from which all is created and to which all shall return.


(Q’uo, April 10, 1988)

You have called us with a question about your living conditions upon your planet at this time, wishing to know what energies were in motion concerning nuclear war and whether humankind is capable at this present moment you experience of avoiding the destructive action of nuclear war.

First, let us say that our basic message springs from one thought, and that is that love is all that there is, that creative and divine Love is the One Original Thought, that this thought is the closest representation in words which we know to the unseen and ever-mysterious Infinite Creator, and that each of you is a portion of that Creator and the infinity of that Creator a portion of yourself.

Thusly, when we speak of the energies involved in experiencing an illusion we are speaking of that which is apparent, but not real, that which is experienced in an illusory pattern in order that work in consciousness may be done by those infinite selves that you are. With this basic nature of humankind understood as being all in the Creator and the Creator in all, we can then speak in a more relative manner concerning certain appearances and behaviors which you are experiencing at this time upon your planet’s surface.

The energies concerning nuclear war that are in motion, indeed all energies concerning the use of nuclear power, have their origin in the origins of many of those which walk upon your planet at this time and have for thousands of your years. Many of those spirits, which are now within the Earth’s many dimensions of experience, have experience in a third density during which the pattern of nuclear warfare and similar global catastrophe were carried out by humankind, upon humankind. The mass of group thought concerning this error within the racial past has never been completely healed, up to the point at which we are speaking, and these energies shall continue to be in need of healing until each entity involved in a planetary catastrophe in the past, as you would call it, has had an opportunity to balance this misaction by self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others.

The pattern is at a more hopeful state as we speak with you than has been the case since we began our observation of your nuclear activity, indeed since it first became a tool used by your scientists and armed entities. There is much of hope in the growing improvement within many entities’ balancing process. As more and more of those who have been involved karmically in this matter are able to attain a balanced state of self-forgiveness, the crisis may well pass. We encourage all efforts which may be made by any within the area of self-forgiveness and balancing, the conscious balancing within the mind of passion and wisdom.

We would bring this thought before you before we close this discussion, and that is this. The arena in which you move is, indeed, an illusion, yet it is excellent that you should be active within that illusion, not overcoming it or ignoring it, but engaging the self with each and every aspect in which you as a self feel that you have strength, something to offer, some way to be of service. This illusion, including any catastrophe, is designed not to destroy nor to build according to the infinite whims of humankind, but to offer opportunities for learning and growth. It is the unsettled times, the traumatic times, the confrontative times that are so often productive of the most rapid inner growth towards that maturity of spirit which all who are on a path of seeking hope endlessly for. “This is not,” said the teacher known as Jesus, “the kingdom of God,” this little planet and its wars and rumors of wars. The kingdom, the absolute, the truth lie within, within each, whole and perfect and very dimly perceived. Through crisis and contemplation each seeker processes, through an infinite series of realizations which give a richer point of view, a deeper point of view and, hopefully, a more and more balanced point of view. Each increases in inner peace, and as that inner peace blossoms in the heart the entity becomes one who is doing his very utmost to avert nuclear catastrophe.

Peace on planet Earth is possible. It is possible because humankind wishes to progress. We do not know whether or not the possibility shall become reality, and we would not prophesy. We only wish to encourage each entity to know that his or her own inner peace is the road which must be traveled by each and every person. And when that inner peace meets other inner peace, boundaries drop, hostilities end, and a realization of oneness occurs. When you are truly self-forgiven and at peace within you are doing planetary healing work; you are averting war. You are being a reflection of that beloved and ever unknown Creator. May each of you hold peace within the mind. Take it into meditation and open the self to allowing self-forgiveness.


(Calenda, December 5, 1987)

I am Calenda. I greet you in the love and the light of the One Infinite, perfect, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent Creator. We greet you as those who glow with the crystalline purity and who see those emanations from yourselves. Woe, woe. You line the treasure boxes of your inward storage with the archives of mediocrity, with fashion and news.

I am Calenda, a voice who calls the true jewel to awaken within. I wish to be your walking stick upon the path. I wish to join my ceaseless prayer with the murmuring of all those within your race who pray incessantly, night and day, casting themselves upon that dark mystery of deity. Perhaps my voice has no use other than as an interesting friend who is new, is interesting, yet we burn within with the glory of compassion and with the joy of the yearning and adoration we feel for the marvelous track, this heavenly pilgrimage, this journey within. We, too, are on that path.

We are sorry we have importuned this instrument, but the instrument is able to pick up our contact, something not often occurring, and we wished to share our love and our celebration of all that is.

We of Calenda leave you in the love and the light of the One.


If anyone knows of a relatively inexpensive but high quality recording system that can pick up people’s voices across a room we would appreciate your letting us know about it. We are exploring the possibility of offering some of our Sunday night meditation tapes to readers at some point in the future, but our current recording system does not pick up voices across the room well.