(Oxal, November 12, 1987)

We greet you in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. We wish to say at this time, for this call has come to us, that the love and light of the Infinite Creator take great measures of energy to probe into at any depth at all. The delicate balance between the positive and the negative move and turn, sway and twist within the distortions of each mind/body/spirit complex’s universe, within each heart and each mind. For every excellent ideal and symbol, there lies upon just the other side of the coin, terror, need, ugliness and violence.

The drama of your third density is the drama of discovering duality and beginning, the long trek toward balance. In this the student, the journeyer, the worshipper must choose one path to move, one face of the Creator to worship: one, and not the other. This is a most difficult choice. It is so difficult to make within your illusion that most do not begin to make that choice, but rather remain dancing about the bonfire of neutrality, tossing their garlands to and fro within the ethical and metaphysical universe, laughing, crying, hating and loving and moving neither towards the one great stage or the other, the glorious heavenly universe, or the equally glorious negative, each strong in its own way, each full of the Creator which is all things. Yet only by strong feeling, only by that feeling which this instrument would call worship, is either path traveled to the end.

We are those of the service-to-others path. We find that each within this circle has also advanced the cause of the great drama in the negative sense. Each has danced close and into the flaming fire of the glory and of the beauty of negative emotion and feeling. Each has in the mind and heart judged him or herself, each has been convicted and has lived within what your soul wishes to call hell, and each has for that very reason chosen. For when one path or the other begins to be intense, begins to move forward, then it is that the choice must be made, never in the happy middle of things, never around the bonfire.

Thus as each travels along the path of service to others, let us say again what has been said often upon your planet: let us respect and appreciate those circumstances of suffering, of judging the self and of despair which have produced hearts and minds set with determination and persistence, but better yet with passion, the passion of experience and lessons learned and choices made. We ask each to respect that, within the self which makes such a choice, each will inevitably fail from time to time but that, the choice having been made, the life shall be, if such desire continues, a walk hand-in-hand with the Creator. For there is passion in the Creator for each of you, such a passion as you cannot imagine. We exult in the joy of the love the Creator has for us, and we answer, with love and thanksgiving, and turn ever again to service to each other, and thereby to the Creator. And then, in the end, we turn to the Creator alone and see the Creator and know the One.


(Hatonn, July 8, 1984)

I am Hatonn and greet you once again through this instrument in love and in light. It is a great privilege to use each instrument and we do thank each of you greatly for calling us and allowing us to share our thoughts with you. Those of you who call us are confused, troubled, and disturbed. Confusion is a tool much like a saw or a hammer. You use a saw to saw wood; you use a hammer to nail things together. You use your confusion to work upon yourself, for you, in the midst of that confusion, are waiting to learn from that confusion. You are waiting for that trouble to bubble up until you escape, look back and learn from your experience. The rapidity with which you learn from this experience, from this confusion, will depend upon your willingness to work with your self. But at least, my friends, you have the sense to be confused. You are not asleep; you are not dreaming; you are not distracted in the half-world in which nothing is very important and no question is truly worth answering. To these people we cannot offer any help whatsoever. These people shall again and again experience this illusion until they become aware of the process that is shaping their destinies.

We do not suggest to you that a, shall we say, trouble bubble is an easy thing completely and utterly to solve, to rise above, to understand. W say only to you that the love and the light of the Infinite Creator is with you in your attempts to balance your confusions, to gain objectivity and to learn. What a fine tool confusion is, my friends! What a fine illusion you have. We are aware that you would prefer the security of simple rules. And, there is one simple rule: that is to love wholly and freely and without reserve.

It takes a lifetime for each entity to choose the manner by which it shall show love and to choose to whom it shall be given. Needs are all about you. If you wish to start with the most simple needs, there are those hungry and thirsty and cold upon your planet. Your sphere is full of such confusion, such a hubbub, such a babble. What shall you do? Where shall you go? What is your discipline to be? We ask you to return to the One Original Thought on a daily basis. It does not matter if this returning or meditation be for five minutes or for fifty. What matters is that you have the discipline to turn again and again, day by day, to the Creator. That which will precipitate from your daily meditations shall be unique, for each particle of consciousness is unique. No two people can face the same problem ethically, morally, economically, socially or in whatever way and find within themselves precisely the same answer. The universe is indeed confused and the lessons are subjective. When you have found enough truth to tell from the rooftops, you shall not be able to do so by any proof, for proof is the farthest thing from your needs as individuals. Each of you needs to find his own way. Each of you needs to find his own truth. There are some constants, such as confusion, love, charity, compassion, sorrow and weariness. These things each person can understand, and yet how that will be weighed in a person’s life, how one will use such to shape a consciousness, is a question that must be answered by each.

We would not dream of informing you of one overriding absolute truth which, if believed, will carry you to some heavenly kingdom. No, my friends. We are in a heavenly kingdom as we are in the fourth density, that density of love. And from this density we can see the Creator in each of you and in each of us. But we cannot give this vision to you, nor would we wish to. We wish only to enspirit you so that you may go forth and seek your own answers. We may promise you that at any time that you wish to meditate we are with you in silent support.

As we close, let us bring you in meditation closer to ourselves until we truly feel oneness. Through this instrument’s ears we hear the lonely sound of the train going from somewhere to somewhere else, much like you, my friends, on a lonely journey. And yet you are together, held on a straight and narrow track, for your vision is of love and your desire is for mercy. We are one with you. Where is the Creator? Ah, there is the great question. Shall we say the Creator is you? You shall not be satisfied, for you are not satisfied with yourself. Shall we say that the Creator is in the seeking? You will not be satisfied. Shall we tell you that your journey has no end and that that endless journey is the Creator? Perhaps we come closer to that which you desire to hear this evening.

We leave you upon the wind of chance and change. And yet, how solid is your caring for each other and for love and for seeking. We are known to you as those of Hatonn. We leave you in the love and the light, along the endless track of an endless journey of the Infinite Creator. We leave you in that which is perfect in all ways. We leave you.

Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.


(Hatonn, November 18, 1984)

We would like to tell you a story, my friends, of a princess. The heroine could just as easily have been a prince upon some levels of storytelling, but for our parable it is quite necessary that this entity be female. As in the custom in fairy tales about princesses, she was awaiting one man who could stir her heart, a heart that was hard-bitten by many, many years of power and loneliness beyond words because of that power. Courtier after courtier, peasant after peasant filed by with their best gifts, hoping to win her favor. She had offers of everything from livestock to pearls to kingdoms, new realms to govern. In none of these things was she at all interested and, sadly, at the end of each past day she would close audience, still powerful and still lonely.

One day an ill-garbed man came to her court. He was not a courtier or a peasant. He was a stranger. His home was the road. He did not understand why his journey had brought him to this place but when he saw what lay before him, there grew within his heart a great desire to speak his mind and his heart, as all were allowed to do on this great feast day. Having no cap for his head, he tugged at his hair in order to make respect, and bowed his knees, and in rough words made his plea. “Milady,” he said, “I can give you nothing but my days, my nights, my love and my road. My feeling for you is such that I am blinded. I cannot see any other and so you shall have to help me if we are to be together, for the blind need guides and I offer you my need as well as my love, for I shall be confused. To share my road is a strange thing indeed. Milady,” he continued, “I do not know where I shall be tomorrow, next week or next year. I have nothing but my flesh and my heart, my mind and my honor, and I give these into your hands. Whether you accept them or not, you are and will always have been my love.” The princess who, for years, had turned down treasure upon treasure came slowly from her high throne and reached her hand to the stranger who stood below her. “You must help me, too.” she said, “For I do not know that I have a road; I only know that I wish to find one. I do not know that I love; I only wish to find love.” He took her and placed her upon the earth and looked down upon her, as he was taller than she. “Milady,” he said, “that is the way of all love. Each gives, each takes. I have not loved, but I know this to be so.” “I have not loved either,” she said, “But I know that I am no longer lonely.”

The ill-paired couple did not stop for retainers or for chairs to carry them or for any of the panoply or pomp of her circumstance, for that was not his road. They began to walk. And within the hour they were out of sight even to the keenest eye of those in the kingdom at the great fair. Strangely enough, this princess and this stranger were never seen again. Though many told of her years of coldness and haughtiness, there were none to sing the praises of her love. For as she became open to love, just so she became invisible to a great deal of that which mortals may see and mortal ears may hear.

My friends, it is a great folly, or so it seems, to be encased in such flesh as you experience in your density. You feel clumsy and awkward and so you are, compared to higher density bodies. You feel numb and unable to see the larger picture, and this is so, compared to the awareness available at other levels of vibration. Yet yours is the splendor of giving the true generosity that only comes when you truly cannot see and cannot hear the divine but only have faith that there is such a thing as divine love.

In your illusion, may we say, you tend to undervalue your contributions to others. The least of those among you contributes in a vital way. It is not a conscious contribution in many cases, but the contribution of flesh within which a consciousness has been placed, so precious that to think it could be broken, as the human body is broken, is almost not to be thought, not to be accepted, not to be tolerated. This precious consciousness, you say to yourself, cannot possibly be part or parcel of this flesh. Yes, my friends, you are inextricably bound about the cells of your third-density chemical body. All your acts will be those of men incarnate, men who pour out the blood of heart or mind or will or body without knowing the truth. The chances for courage, for polarizing, for serving, for allowing your flesh to become bread for others are enormous.

How little you value yourselves or your circumstances compared to the reality as we see it! If someone gave you a perfect emerald and then told you to swallow it and wear it within your body, you would think that man to be mad. And yet that is your consciousness: a perfect jewel, a jewel of perfect shape, not tossed thoughtlessly into a body, but placed with care, with love, with wisdom, into flesh that you may pour out your life beautifully if you wish, having nothing more to go on than deep-felt feeling that this is your road.

You see, we must many times use females for those who receive and males for those who offer, for that is the archetypical nature of your sexuality. In actuality each of you is both receptor and giver, taker and nurturer. Never doubt your worth to those about you.

We offer this teaching to you in humility and are so grateful for the opportunity to speak with you. That is all. We can only repeat again and again: 0 what treasure lies within your bones, what beauty of spirit shines from loin far up into the heavens. There is no distinction; there is no being cut off. The illusion seems to cut you off, but you are a treasure indeed, each of you, just as you are. And in the flesh you shall learn twenty, nay, one hundred times better to serve, to love, to give and to accept, to take, to receive. Love is completing circuits; it is not necessarily only giving.

We close this circuit and relinquish this instrument at this time. Please be aware that our use of the word, love, especially, is inaccurate and our sayings, as always, are only as important to you as they are helpful. We are those of mortal opinion who know nothing for sure. We have only walked the road a bit ahead of you. What road is that, my friends? Keep walking. You shall see and it shall be a joyful thing. I am Hatonn. I leave you in the love and in the light of our Infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.


For those of you who would like to give a Christmas present that battles the “bah-humbug” syndrome we are offering JENNY, a tape of songs and narration written by Carla Rueckert and her brother, Tommy. It was done in one take as a Christmas present to their parents in 1979, so it is not up to the professional standards of THE JOURNEY, yet the joy of the season shines through.

We would like to thank each channeling workshop participant that we had the honor of working with this summer. We hope each of you learned as much from us as we learned from you.