(Laitos, August 12, 1987)

For any entity who is desirous in the extreme to be of service to others by means of serving as a vocal instrument and who wishes to serve as such in as pure a manner as possible, it is important and necessary to proceed with a certain degree of caution, for this avenue of service is one which offers the potential of gaining metaphysical power and using this power for service to others. Therefore, it is necessary for each instrument to master the ability to tune its inner desire in such a fashion that it places this desire at the highest point within its being that it can stably maintain. Thus is opened a pathway which will serve as the connecting channel to entities of an unseen nature which the instrument hopes will, in conjunction with the instrument, transmit concepts which may be formulated into those principles which aid in the evolutionary process, thereby enabling the power to affect changes in consciousness for those who utilize these principles in persistent and conscious fashion.

The challenging of unseen spirits is quite necessary, for as populated as your illusion is, we may assure you that those illusions beyond your own are at least as equally populated, and there are many spirits who stand ready to speak through instruments. Instruments need a means by which to be assured that the entity speaking through them is one of positive polarity in order to gain information that is as sound and useable as possible, or else the value of the information may be small.

Thus it is our recommendation that each instrument determine for itself its own desire to serve as an instrument. If its determination is that it wishes to do so in as pure a fashion as it might, then it shall gather about itself those qualities which it feels are its essence and utilize these qualities in a fashion that may be formed into that which is called the challenge of the spirit. This is so that the spirit which is contacted may know who you are and what your desire is in a clear fashion, for this is your first communication with it. It, as all spirits, has this clear knowledge of itself and speaks as an entity full of that essence of itself. Thus the instrument must needs obtain the highest and best contact that it might sustain in a stable fashion by means of this technique of the challenge of the spirit.


(Q’uo, August 16, 1987)

I am Q’uo. I greet each of you in the love and the light of our Infinite Creator. We would speak with you about being and doing, two verbs that seem simple and yet are not. We, as you, are students of that great mystery which hides the face of the Creator from all of us. We, as you, seek more and more to know and to be with the Source of all that there is, the Love which created all that there is, the Light which sustains all that there is. We find great love and harmony in being and great love and harmony in doing, and yet the tension between those two poles of behavior and consciousness is felt by many seekers, and indeed can be a stumbling block. For one desires in doing spiritual work, as in any other work, to be occupied, to have accomplished something, to have gotten somewhere. Yet is consciousness ever and always at the base a being, not an activity.

As each of you came to the circle this evening that portion of yourself which is underlay but probably did not totally influence that which was being done by each, for the cares and concerns of each day are many. It seems that the less important a detail is the more time it takes to accomplish it, so that as you sat down perhaps your thoughts were scattered, pleasantly or not, but scattered, and consciousness lay as your foundation, largely unnoticed in the flurry of activity. Then each began to merge more and more into a harmony of seeking, into a consciousness that was felt by the self and shared about the circle. This group consciousness is powerful and acts just as a searchlight shining in metaphysical energy which, with many other groups such as you own, form a pattern of light sources upon your planet at this time.

Now this energy is the energy of beingness. It is your own and no one else’s. Each consciousness source in the creation is unique. Thus it is valid always for the seeker to be attempting through all that which it does to more and more carefully choose the path of seeking, choose the way of service and choose the source of experience so that at the end of all experience there shall be a consciousness which is more and more full of love, more and more able to channel that great Original Thought which created all, that Logos which is Love.

My children, you live within an illusion. Your physicists will tell you this. All that looks solid is not; all that looks still is moving. Your senses participate in an illusion. Thus all your doing is an exercise within an illusion. This system of illusion was created in order that you may play and work and do all manner of activity until you have decided upon a certain choice, that choice very simply being service to others or service to self. The nature of the illusion is imperfection. Thus each thing that is done within the illusion participates in imperfection. Good deeds don’t turn out right; relationships go awry; a word quickly said is long regretted. There are an infinite number of ways to make mistakes in behavior according to your own opinion of yourself.

We ask you to avoid the emotion of discouragement. Perhaps the best way to avoid that is to give encouragement to others. Thus we suggest that you love each other and serve each other. It is an antidote for the blues, for it balances that which within you felt unbalanced. It is only our opinion, but we believe that good intentions, desire to do well, is far more important than how things actually come out in the illusion. So be of good cheer. We do not ask you to be silly and funny in the face of tragedy, but try to keep the light touch. For when one embarks upon the path of spiritual seeking and attempts to accelerate the pace of one’s seeking, experiences can become intense and discouragement is easy to come by.

Now a word about being. There is a place within the mind and within the heart of each of you which the holy work called the Bible describes as the inner room, that place where you are at last alone with the self and with the Creator. Here, in this meeting between yourself and the Creator, lies the ground and essence of your being. Here, indeed, lies the entire universe, for each of you is a seed of the divine spark which some call Christ-consciousness. And that portion within you, in the innermost space of your heart and mind, is a hologram of all that there is, so that you contain universes and all that you see dwells within you also. At that level you never learn but only remember what you already knew and recognize it once again.

We encourage and recommend the daily practice of meditation, the tabernacling in the inner room of the silent consciousness. For that consciousness, touched into often enough, may more and more begin to shine through that which you do, that you may become radiant, a more and more pure channel for the love of the infinite Creator. If you find it difficult to find time to do this each day, we still suggest it would be worth the effort to create a time daily for touching into this consciousness. Indeed, it may be done momentarily when the clock strikes or the siren sounds at noon. Remember who you are and what you seek, and open the door to that inner room, and just for a moment close it behind you and say to that great mystery which lies in darkness all round the heart, “Here am I.”

The teachings of the spirit dwell in mystery and their riches are hidden in the darkness of the metaphysical universe. Yet, paradoxically, the illumination which is found in these searchings is very bright indeed. We greet you each upon the path. We are all companions. We thank you for your company and for all that you teach us, and hope that our humble thoughts may prove useful in some way to you. Please know that if any thought is not acceptable we urge you to discard it at once, for we are only those a bit further down the path than you. We have more experience, yet that has only taught us how much more there is to learn of the infinite Creator. We are companions in a great mystery, my children. May your seeking give you joy and may your path be full of light.


(Q’uo, January 11, 1987)

I am Q’uo, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. You have asked us to discuss the paradox of opposite emotions. “Why,” you ask, “is there both joy and sorrow?”

As we gaze at each beautiful glittering aura, at the amazing complexity of shading, shape and brightness, each entity perfect and unique, we can only praise the Creator for such spiritually helpful paradoxes. For it is through the stress of unacceptable things that the finest and most extreme emotions, thoughts and actions may be brought out of an entity. And as the Creator can only become self-conscious by gazing at the infinite numbers of reflections that are its consciousnesses given free choice, the Creator sees brighter, deeper and ever more glorious facets. And once again, each time an entity chooses to use the experience of joy in a productive way or to use a difficult experience productively, the greater Self of that entity cheers, knowing that the Creator has again chosen to express Itself in a more coherent and unified manner. For all of evolution in the spiritual as well as in other senses seems to us to move in a purposefully positive way, each choice for crystallization moving and polarizing the entity more and more.

This is our attempt at explaining why there is joy and why there is sorrow but not why there are paradoxes. In order to grasp the necessity of paradox in any limited expression of the inexpressible one must first realize the profound mystery of the creation itself. In terms of grasping an ultimate mystery, those who use words and, to a great extent, those who use concepts to communicate are completely unable to grasp truth. There is no polarity, nor is there sense. Sense consists of the organization of random effects so that coherence may be established. This is, indeed, the discipline of the personality.

The mind of your conscious self is able only to deal with sense. Therefore, it is common among your peoples to see the Deity Itself in a polarized fashion. Your illusion depends upon polarity, and not yours alone, but a large portion, indeed a considerable one, of the octave experience of which we are at this present moment aware. Thus physical and metaphysical laws, shall we say, or descriptions of the way things are arranged, must include polarity of all kinds and the concept of oppositeness. The either/or nature of your experience is designed to enable the decision-making process so as each entity moves through your density of choice, each choice has the chance of being a firm and serious choice, one highly polarized, making one a more conscious person.

Thus all of the emotions may be found to have their opposite and in some way include and evoke the opposite shadow. For has there been pure joy without sorrow? Or unadulterated sorrow without some bittersweet or joyful shade?

As the seeker becomes able to grasp the intended use of both joy and sorrow the seeker may then balance joy with sorrow and sorrow with joy, sickness with health and health with sickness, in all experience of polarized nature whatever finding, in any catalyst one may experience, a free choice for the emotion expressed in experience. It is rare for seekers to find it easy to master this discipline, but the challenge of polarity being a central lesson for love and wisdom and balance between them, shall be with you for a long portion of experience. And it is well to begin the process of either/or so that in each choice you may become a bit more balanced, a bit more compassionate and a bit more aware of the full consciousness of Love which created both joy and sadness and polarity itself. For in the end, if we can find joy an occasion to worship and sadness an occasion to praise, we shall once and for all have learned a central lesson of consciousness.

We leave you, delighting in the joysome and riotous symphony of planets, stars, galaxies and infinite constellations. We are grateful for the intensity of your seeking and shall be with any which shall request our presence during meditation that we may in silence kneel within the heart and bow before the perfect, whole and unified creation which is All and in all.

We are those of Q’uo. We ask, as always, that you take no thought for any idea which may have been offered by us which you find unhelpful. We are far from infallible and are imperfect and most humble in our offering to you of our opinions. We thank you again and again and must reluctantly leave this channel. We leave you in the love and in the light of the One Creator. I am Q’uo. Adonai.


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