(Channeling from the Holy Spirit, October 16, 1986)

Greetings in the Love of Christ. I am the Spirit of the consciousness of Love in the vibration which comforts this child.

You who understand so many things about your daily life and make so many connections between events so as to bring them into order would find comfort in turning for a deeper understanding of events to the contemplation of that thought which created you. For even as you appreciate the gift of father and mother in offering the possibility of breathing and living incarnation, so even more may you appreciate the ultimate Creator of you and of all things. Nor is it possible to contemplate the infinite order of the creation without assuming, finally, that unacceptable and difficult circumstances are, nevertheless, intentionally organized for your benefit. Looking, then, at the same situation which you have analyzed so well within your mind, open the gates of your heart, letting confidence and peace in the rightness of all that you see wash over you, and in that atmosphere the birth of the deeper understanding will aid the child of God in making the deeper sense of any circumstance.

My peace be with you now and forever. Amen.


(Hatonn, January 15, 1989)

I am Hatonn. I greet you in the love and in the light of our Infinite Creator. It is a great privilege and blessing for us to be with you, to be called to your group in its search for information that may be useful upon the path towards truth. With this said, we shall turn to the question of this evening, that being passion: what it is, how to get it, where to find it, how to use it. It is a subject we are most pleased that this instrument take up, for it is a subject about which this instrument knows very little, for passion is one of this instrument’s natural gifts. That which has not been learned is not understood. Therefore we are pleased that this instrument shall one day read that which we say, that it too may learn.

You each are consciousnesses, portions of the One Infinite Creator and about you is gathered the material which makes it possible for you to be incarnate at this exciting time upon your planet. That material is free will. Each of you is a mixture of the Infinite Creator and free will. You begin the path of seeking with free will greatly to the fore, and the self, which is the Creator, almost entirely unknown, except for feelings that one thing is perhaps correct to do and another thing perhaps not. This is the beginning of the journey, and so the sensitive soul decides to seek a little harder than that for the truth of the mystery of the Creator, for in that mystery lies who each truly is, who each is in relationship to the Creator and what we may do in response to that Creator. And so we come to passion.

Let us make one thing very clear. The first passion is not one for which you are responsible. The great and original passion is the passion of the Creator to know Itself. In that great passion, in that Love, It created each of those portions of consciousness that sit as one being in this circle of seeking this evening. It created each of you before time and space began, for time and space are but a stage upon which consciousness may play out its many, many roles and learn those lessons which it has chosen to study, that the Creator may know Itself in the windows of each entity’s eyes, in the mirroring of each relationship, in the transactions of all people.

Thus the first passion is that you are loved. You are loved enough to have been created. You are loved enough to have been given free will. And you are loved and trusted enough to be set completely and utterly free, your mind carefully shielded and veiled from the deeper portions of its archetypal self so that you cannot remember who you are, what your make-up is, what your relationship is to the Creator or how you wish to respond. The call to a life in faith is a call to remembrance of the passion that created you. Therefore, the first element of passion is a remembrance that infinite passion is the basis for all that you see, for all that you see was created because it was loved, and loved because it was created.

We draw you a picture of a seemingly needy Creator, a Creator needy for you, for your love, for your reactions, for your information, and in a biased way, this is indeed so. There is that portion of the Creator that lies beyond desire. Most of the creation, indeed, rests in Love unexpressed and uncreated. You are portions of the active principle of the Creator, the Logos, or, for want of a better word, Love itself.

Now each activity within an entity’s life may take upon itself the tone of ordinary dailiness or the tone of communion. We suggest to you that when one has contemplated long upon the love the Creator has for one’s self, then perhaps the second step to finding passion is a slow, gentle allowing of the self to awaken to that love, to listen to the bird that sings for your ear, and, yes, my children, it does sing for your ear, if you can but listen, for the breeze that blows so beautifully, for pearl-gray days that soften and gentle the harsh edges of winter moods, for sunshine and joy. In all these experiences, you may remember that this has been a gift of love, and that you are completely satisfying your Creator, no matter how quickly or how slowly you advance, simply by being and reacting in a natural and spontaneous way, or in any way whatsoever, to those things which occur.

There are those things which block this simple process from gaining in momentum. When one is distracted from the natural creation of the Father and when one has great difficulty seeing the Creator in each pair of eyes upon which one looks, one begins to move off of one’s center, away from one’s remembrance of love, and passion dies. Numbness sets in, or anger or another negative emotion, but indeed we find that among your people, the quality of numbness is marked. We ask you, by a slow process of daily meditation, to allow these layers of protection from that against which you do not need to be protected, to drop, simply to be let go. Then, with that done, call to remembrance that natural reaction which one may have to being loved so deeply that one becomes absolutely necessary for another’s existence.

This is your situation. You are absolutely necessary to the Creator. You are timeless metaphysical entities, and you are beloved, with a passion and a love so far beyond any of your words that we must humbly beg your forgiveness for the paucity of our language. But ah, my children, when you can remember, then you may dance the joyful dance of the heart and laugh the merry laugh of the child, and in that childlike way know for the first time the love that is the answer to love, the passion that is the answer to passion, the life of the spirit that is the answer to a clouded consciousness, to a wonderful light-filled mystery that calls to remembrance. You are beings of love, created in love and you dance through life your own dance. You are aware that many are the steps that are awkward, clumsy and hurtful. Your jail cells, your prisons, your orphanages, your madhouses are all full of people whom your society could not find ways to love, but by secluding them.

Thus you cannot look toward your society for anything familiar to find your own passion for existence, for joy, for vitality, for the Creator and for love itself, yet it is there within you, coiled like a tiger’s spring. Your heart is the heart of the Creator. It simply needs uncovering, remembering, finding and experiencing. Now one way to accomplish this in an accelerated fashion, other than daily meditation, is the pushing of oneself beyond the physical limits, moving by exhaustion into a state where the utter joy and passion of life may be felt in a steady state, much as one would feel the sensation of orgasm at the climax of a sexual experience. This is the steady state of the universe at rest. This is the passion which you have for yourself, for your neighbor and for the Creator. This is how strong and how powerful your feelings truly are, and the fact that they have been so greatly shut down in your society is simply a matter of that which must be in order for you to have a free choice of whether to serve the Creator and others and thus move towards growth of spirit, or serve the self, controlling others and bending them to your will, following the path of self-aggrandizement or service to self.

You have this choice to make. This is your basic choice in this density. Each time you choose to serve another instead of serving yourself, you become a more powerful being, a being more expressing of love. Yet, before you express love, let it be that you have first experienced the love of the Infinite One. Let this experience be to you that subjective reality which does not have to be proven from the outside, which cannot lend itself to intellectual speculation, which is simply, utterly experiential. This is the basis of your own perception of passion, of truth, of love.

What are those things that stop one most quickly from feeling? Primarily, my friends, it is fear that keeps one from feeling. There are many kinds of fear. There is fear connected with earning one’s livelihood, fear connected with gain and loss in relationships, fear connected with learning more about a subject which one distrusts or suspects may be more of a subject than an entity wishes to take on. There are many, many fears. And it is well to identify them and allow them, once they are found, to fall away in a gradual way so that change is not too uncomfortable. For when we ask you to experience the Creator, to tabernacle with the Father, we are asking you to change. In the process of meditating and focusing in inward silence upon what the Creator may have to offer to you this day, one learns many things. One becomes aware of a grasp of knowledge or a point of view that is broader and different than before, and you have begun to change.

Thus the way to passion, the way to love, is not easy, for you must, along the way, empty out of yourself many armorings and defenses against those things which you fear, which you do not have to fear, thus freeing the attention so that it may rest upon the fundamental mystery of consciousness. Focus upon that fundamental mystery until you begin to feel the desire to experience, to know more. Let that desire build ever more. If you are not satisfied with the level of your desire to seek, as we said, you may simply dance or sing or move or run or swim or do anything which moves one past one’s limits. Then, sit and meditate again. Some of the veil will have been lifted because when one is quite exhausted, the seat of consciousness rests far more in the subconscious portion of the mind. There it is that feelings are stored. There it is that passion lies waiting for its remembrance. The key is remembrance.

When you first feel the love of someone who loves you, the natural response is fondness in return, if one does not have fear. Your relationship with the Creator is Self to self, but, my friends, you are very young creators, and your free will has remained willful. We urge you through the process of daily meditation to lay that will before the mystery and ask, and simply wait. For that which you are to do shall come to you, early or late, and if you yearn for it more and more, it shall come to you more and more. As you desire, so shall you find. May you desire to experience the love of the Infinite One. May you glory in the remembrance of that love. May you respond with equal passion to the Creator which wishes you in turn to create for others the manifestation of that love, not through your own limited resources, for you cannot love, even a day. The illusion is very heavy about you, and there is not the energy within you for such. By yourself you have enormous difficulties.

However, you are not alone. You are one with an infinite source, an Infinite Creator which is at the same time intensely personal, intensely in love with you and waiting for your response. In your holy work, the relationship of the one known as Jesus the Christ to the people of Jesus, which was perhaps unfortunately called the Church, was the relationship of bridegroom and bride. There is no more intense passion upon the physical level than that which draws a mated couple together. This same level of passion is felt for you by the Infinite Creator. It is a matter of removing from yourself the armorings and those things which fill the mind with triviality, and turning the attention to the light within, and without to the beauty that speaks in the creation. May you feel the stars laugh. May you feel the joy of the seeds beneath the ground, resting, hoping, seeking that first warmth. May your hearts lie fallow and your souls seek the light as does the seed beneath the ground. You are beings of great passion, power, strength and majesty, yet also you are entities completely free to express in whatever manner you wish. It is a subject for thought, is it not?


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