Group question: The question this week has to do with the concept of guides. We are wondering what is the best way for anyone who wants to get in touch with his or her guide to do that? And we are also wondering, if we are trying to get in touch with our guides and looking at our guides as something outside of ourselves, does that influence or affect our ability to get in touch with our guides?

(Q’uo, February 21, 1999, Sunday Meditation)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. It is a blessing and a privilege to be called to you this afternoon. To put your question in context, we would like to talk about the worldly versus the metaphysical universe. The dilemma of those who wish to live their lives from a metaphysical point of view is that this metaphysical universe is not the universe in which consensus reality or the physical reality you experience day by day takes place. The concerns of the outer world can absorb all of one’s time and attention. And, indeed, many there are upon your sphere who manage to move from birth to the end of an entire incarnation without even once suspecting that there is another universe which interpenetrates the physical universe, whose laws are of a higher order than those of the physical universe. However, for most people there are at least one or two times during an incarnation when it is brought clearly to one’s attention that there is a higher order of reality and that it sometimes affects physical reality.

For many there is a complete awareness of and a desire and yearning for that second universe of higher truth. Further, the body which carries you about contains what this instrument has called a biocomputer, the earthly brain, the choice-maker brain, that is built specifically to deal with the either/or questions of survival, protection of home and family, and the other concerns of the earthly life. The guidance system for the earthly brain is difficult to describe in earthly terms, but the word “intuition” surely covers it. However, for those who wish to become serious students, who have begun their path of wandering, and their seeking for a true home, this either/or mentality does not satisfy for the simple reason that it cannot satisfy the needs of the metaphysical universe.

However, each of you is also, and predominantly, a consciousness, an unique entity made wholly of love and light which goes through many physical vehicles in many densities and through many experiences within each density. This consciousness which is you can dip into the earthly universe, the physical world, by virtue of being wedded through the incarnational birthing process to a second-density physical vehicle; that is, your body. This consciousness, being a citizen of eternity and infinite in nature, is completely adapted to doing work in the metaphysical universe. And each of you has, lying in potential within your consciousness, all of the guidance and information that you need. The challenge, of course, is how to gain access to that guidance, for however framed in conceptual structure, that guidance is a denizen of the deep mind, the roots of consciousness. The door from the deep unconscious self to the conscious self must needs be opened or set ajar in some way in order for guidance to move into the conscious realm so that you may have access to it.

It is well to remember that guidance is definitely and always there, even when you are at the most seemingly far reach from it, even when you feel most blind, deaf and dumb. The guidance is there. The guidance is awaiting your awareness. It is a matter of unblocking the channels of communication rather than searching for something that may or may not be there. We say this because in order to access guidance it is extremely helpful to be practicing a life in faith. We do not wish to imply a certain structure to a life in faith but rather wish to look at this quality of love that is faith. Faith is a paradox, for one cannot gain faith. One must simply leap into behaving as if one had faith in order to begin a life in faith. Thusly, the first act of faith is the leap into nothingness. Faith, after all, would not be faith if there were a way to rationalize it or prove that it existed by any reasonable inquiry. This makes faith a real challenge, for if you have not faith, then how do you achieve it?

That leap looks very foolish and feels very dangerous. Yet we say to you that if you can hold the essence of faith, which is that all is well and that all will be well, if you can hold to this attitude, that faith will grow and flourish and bloom in amazing ways. If you become overwhelmed with a lack of faith you have but to start over to take that leap again, and the journey accelerates once more. There is never a failure from which faith will not recover. There is never a desert that is too wide for faith to cross. In faith, then, when you wish to seek guidance, you may approach this search in various ways.

This instrument, for instance, allows guidance to come to her by praying to the Holy Spirit. This guide, which she thinks of as an aspect of her Higher Self and which she objectifies as a portion of the Creator, is a projection of that essence within the deep mind that can be called guidance. Therefore, to this entity does not come a conversation but, rather, a feeling, an intuition, a sense of rightness. For this instrument this degree of clarity is completely sufficient and satisfactory. For many others there is a need to objectify guidance in persons and thusly many entities seek their guidance in the form of guides. Again, all that there is, is one, and in many ways, and on the deeper levels all of that which is outside of the physical being, is a projected portion of that physical being. If all things are one, then all that an entity sees is part of that entity and, in one sense, a projection of that entity. Each of you, you see, lives in a complete and unique universe, a creation of your own. It is slightly, but definitely different from that universe of each and every other spark of the Infinite Creator that has been sent forth. As this instrument was saying earlier, there are non-religious ways to set about discovering more about the guides that bless the entity with love and the desire to be of help in a spiritual or metaphysical sense.

These projections of the self that are guides are also entities with their own identities, their own histories, and, to some degree, their own agendas. Some entities feel that they have one major guide and it is to this one entity that the self goes. Indeed, some have objectified this guide to a great extent. Each of you has seen examples of channeling from inner guides that various sources offer and each is familiar with the concept of getting in touch with the guide. The project, shall we say, of reaching to discover information is best approached within a framework of a daily rule of life that includes a period of meditation during each day. The mind in the earthly sense has that tendency to continue working whether or not there is prominent stimulation from the outer world and thusly the inner world can be the world of one listening to a chatter box. Many are the conversations entities such as this instrument have with themselves, all in the imagination. And this energy generally moves according to the laws of inertia. It simply keeps going because that is what the mental biocomputer does. It runs. It operates. It is noisy. The idea then is to empty out the mental pockets and allow the Earthly biocomputer to have a rest so that the consciousness may float free of the either/or demands of the earthly mind. Without the regular use of meditation it is very difficult to learn to stop the mind from running. And when the mind is running the deeper guidance is very difficult to contact.

We would strongly recommend, therefore, that any who wish to connect with their guides do this in the context of daily meditational periods. Remember that although each of you came into incarnation fully aware of all of this that we are saying, during the birthing process the veil of forgetting dropped neatly and usually completely over the consciousness so that within the incarnation the path back to the metaphysical universe must be retraced step by step, and in addition to the general confusion of the earth plane, much must be unlearned, from the standpoint of the metaphysical universe, that is included in the cultural training of young entities. Many are those who have said that adulthood is that period wherein one attempts to undo the damage sustained during childhood. Much needs to be unlearned as the view shifts from the earthly and physical to the non-earthly and metaphysical. In one universe there are things, tables, people, planets, stars. In the other universe there are energies, thoughts, ideals, and as a metaphysical entity you are one who is as opposed to the physical entity which does.

Guidance is that connection between the metaphysical and physical universes which translates complex information concerning destiny and desire into earthly terms; which steps down the energy of the cosmos so that the self within incarnation can accept energy and intuition and essence and open the mind to the translation that guidance will make of these things in offering them to the conscious mind.

The one known as Romi wondered if it would matter as to how one framed the request for this guidance, and we may say that, indeed, this is so. If one frames the search for advice and wisdom as a search for guides, then it is very likely that entities as opposed to energies will be contacted. We may say that it is very difficult to express the nature of these essences and energies that are guides and guidance. Take, for instance, the concept of angels. Angels are another way of describing inner plane guides. When entities over a long period of time think along the same patterns and constructions of thought, there is created by such thought the reality that such thought embodies. Thoughts become things and guidance becomes angelic. And it becomes true that for each entity there are several angels.

If we were to go through each culture and its religious beliefs we would find the channels and pathways by which that body of entities that believe in that wise perceive their guidance to be housed or contained within. Thus you have fairies and genies and inner planes masters and so forth. There are as many different ways to contact guides and guidance as there have been groups of people or entities by themselves who were seeking in a certain way with certain needs. What you may depend upon is that you fashioned for yourself, before incarnation, triggers that would deepen your appreciation and your awareness of the guidance that you need.

As you seek for your guidance you need to follow that intuition that you have within you and those feelings that come from the heart. For it is the wisdom of the heart, which often expresses through emotion only, that is the kind of beast, as this instrument would say, that guidance truly is. It is not an intellectual source. Guidance is not heavy on logic. Guidance can be paradoxical and, in many ways, can offer varying views on the same subject. What guidance is, as we said, is connections made within the self that enable the content of the deep mind to be moved close enough to the conscious mind that a translation of concepts into words and thoughts may take place. So what you are doing is asking the self to release the physical universe from consciousness and to move down into the roots of mind. Meditation is the specific way that we would suggest that this movement down into the roots of mind be approached.

Each entity will have a different experience when attempting to create the habit of daily meditation. For some entities it is a procedure that is very easy. Some entities offer to themselves within incarnation the gift of a quiet mind and economical thoughts, and for such entities meditation seems almost a natural way of life. For others it seems most unnatural and is correspondingly difficult to create as a habit, and yet we say to you that regardless of the subjective experience while gaining that habit of silence within each day, the progress is being made. It may feel as though one is coming up against a solid brick wall and going nowhere. We assure each that this is not so, that if the time is put in and the desire is true, the meditation periods will do their work and situations will begin to appear in a more lucid clarity. As the one known as Tom said earlier, it is not that the situation changes. It is that the response to the situation begins to change which alters the situation, not for any other necessarily, but only for the self. Yet since all metaphysical work is work on the self, this is a completely satisfactory situation.

We would suggest that it is well to develop one’s personal way of approaching guidance, to put some time and concern in on clarifying to the self what is truly desired, what is truly sought, where the passion and the intensity of one’s life is.

This process of seeking guidance and of listening to that guidance is an important part of accelerating the pace of your spiritual evolution. You will evolve spiritually regardless of what you do. The Creator’s universe is somewhat efficient. Catalyst happens. Experience is gained. You do change. However, each of you is hungry for a faster pace of transformation, a more secure feeling that one is on one’s way, that one is on the path. And certainly the whole process of meditation and of listening within that silence is central. We wish each of you the joy of finding your desires, of honing and sharpening those desires and of seeking guidance in the pursuit of that thirst for truth, for love, for the Creator.

Remember that you may be part of others’ guidance systems, and you may not know it. Remember that when services small or large are done with love they will provide guidance regardless of who else is aware of your actions. When energy is put out, it is not ignored, so that even if you do not know that you are guiding and the entity does not know that he is being guided by you, yet still this energy transfer will take place. So at all times be aware of the ethical considerations involving relationships with others, for you do not know what service you might provide by simply being yourself.

We are with you in the silence. We sit with you in the darkness of the mind. There is love in that darkness. Know that it is there. Have the faith that your search is a good one, and allow. That is the word that opens the door once the silence is achieved: that word, allow. Allow the intuition to arise. Allow the still, small voice to speak. You will not hear, for it is silent. You can only act on faith with that feeling of rightness.

We are those of Quo and would at this time take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.


By the time you get this newsletter Carla will probably be writing Chapter Ten of the WANDERER’S HANDBOOK. There will probably be 24 chapters altogether, and we hope to have the book on our website by the end of the year. Publication will depend upon finding a publisher.

We wish you all a great spring.

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