Group question: The question today concerns the concept of the chosen, or the elect, mentioned in the Bible by Jesus, when he said that the elect would see the Kingdom of Heaven, mentioned by the Jehovah’s witnesses when they talk about the 144 thousand, and in the new age, when the chosen people are mentioned as those that are going to be lifted off the planet by the UFOs in the ascension. So, we’re looking for comments upon the elect, the chosen. Is this a valid concept, or is this a distortion of something else?

(Ira, November 13, 1988, Sunday Meditation)

I am Ira, son of Mishdad. I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. We must identify ourselves to you who are servants of love and light, for we have been some time so identifying ourselves to this instrument. We have had no trouble passing this instrument’s challenge, but this instrument was displeased that we were not members of the Confederation, but rather what you might call an ascended master. The significant incarnation for this humble one of Jerusalem was that of Ira, son of Mishdad, for it was in that lifetime that I followed Jehoshua, as he was called in his own dialect. You call this teacher Jesus. I was not worthy to touch his clothing, yet it was my joy to follow Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Because there has been much, much distortion concerning the import and intent of the sayings attributed to your Jesus, we find that in certain sensitive instruments we are able to create a subtle channel. The method of impression is quite different from that which this instrument is used to, and we feel the instrument coping, and suggest the instrument not cope, but rather simply realize that the pace of speaking may be as brisk as possible, for we have no need to regulate speech, as we are using a somewhat different form of concept communication.

In the spirit of love and in the spirit of Christ, let us pause to praise and thank the Father of All, and to worship at the feet of the one Father. Much is misunderstood that my teacher said, and I am most happy to share what in my own opinion was that given about what this instrument calls the elect. This is a grievous distortion of the true intent of Jesus’ saying.

Where to begin?

Along many dusty roads I walked, trying to catch a word or two of his private conversations, and when he spoke he spoke quietly, yet clearly and with much pride and authority, although he was always begrimed and dusty from the road. Somehow we all looked up to him without knowing why, even before we had heard what he had to say. I believe that the true importance of the idea of the elect is already clear to each who has become aware of the concept of service to others and service to self. The numbers of the elect are not exact, but symbolical in intention. It was the way of the rabbis to use numbers symbolically. The number twelve meant completion. Twelve times twelve meant a completion of completions. All eventually which have self consciousness shall be of the elect, shall be of service to others or service to self, shall choose, shall be the seed planted in good soil. However, at the end of a given period of experience, some shall be ready for the next step, and some not.

I believe that Jesus’ intent was to prepare humankind to meet the challenges of infinity and the larger life that lies beyond these earthly vessels we call bodies. The concept of elitism or choosing one person above another would have been inherently distasteful to my teacher. Yet my teacher knew that one can offer information, but yet cannot expect that information to flower in every heart that receives it. It is certainly so in my own mind that my Savior felt himself to be the least and lowest of any man, indeed, the servant of all. This compassion would never be stinted by such an idea as a true elite in which some children of the Father were invited into the mansion and others not. This is not so, and this is not true. This was not the intention of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The road of my Savior was a road that asked all people to seek for something called the Kingdom of Heaven.

Each who hears my voice may choose himself to be the elect by choosing to live a certain kind of life, by choosing to attempt to be of service in the spiritual sense, by intention, in as much of the experience as possible. These are those things, this manifestation of love, this thinking about love, by which each of you creates the condition of the chosen. It is you who choose yourself. You have not my experience in walking in Galilee with the Master. You have not my personal experiences, and I realize that because you did not experience these things, they will never be real to you, as they are to me. Yet I say to you as honestly as I know how through this instrument that there was no intention to exclude any soul in the one known to you as Jesus, but to me as Rabbi, or Jehoshua. This entity precluded no one, but took all potentially within the heart. Yet never, never, would the Master presume. Always was he patient, except with those who did not tell the truth.

I ask you now, you who have not walked with Jesus, to listen and pay attention to his true message, and to shut out of your ears and refuse to listen to the self-important bragging of those who depend upon anything but faith and call themselves chosen or elect. Yes, there shall indeed be the elect, and you shall indeed elect yourselves. That which is within your Holy Bible is a pitifully poor account in terms of volume of what the Rabbi had to say, of the impact that he had on people personally, of the transformation we all felt when we were in his presence, of the astounding miracles that he did. The Master was a free person. He relied completely on the moment, and he listened within. This voice through which we are speaking we call a human channel, for that which he spoke was not his, but that which he received from the Father, although he often made the joke and the pun upon his own accord, being a somewhat humorous person by nature.

And as we leave this instrument, we suggest that each may find it valuable to study the path that my Lord and Savior took, to think about the words of the Rabbi, to evaluate them, and to grasp the truth within this life story, for through lifetimes of unbroken desire to seek the Father in the way my Lord and Savior taught, I have been able to achieve that state which is between the third and fourth of your densities, as you would call them, that state in which I am in whatever position I wish, doing whatever service I wish.

It is rare that we are able to speak consciously to an instrument such as this. Normally we speak in visions and dreams. We are honored at this rare opportunity, for we are not wise; we are still awaiting the beginning of what you shall call social memory complex. We are still, those of us who have harvested ourselves, by the grace of God, doing the work with those who would wish to be the chosen and the elect by their own choice, by their own election.

We wish to offer one more concept before we leave, if we are able to get it through this instrument quickly enough, and that is that there was a question about the name, the importance of the name. We find in this instrument’s song, the hymn, “At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow,” and “Blessed be the name of the Lord!” We find many such phrases in this instrument’s worship. The naming is that which is the nature. When a person chooses a different nature and becomes passionately bonded to that nature in such a way that it will change the life, and seals the change by a name, that is a name of power, because that is a person of power. When a person chooses a symbol for perfect compassion and divine love for what this instrument calls the highest and best of all things, the seeker must name the symbol.

If the seeker’s faith is in itself, it will name itself. If the seeker’s psychological makeup is such that it is aware of its many errors, and wishes to lean upon an idealized portion of itself, it may call upon the name of Jesus, for it is in that consciousness and in that consciousness only that you may be called elect, that you may choose to be chosen. You must become your journey, and your journey must become you, and the name of the consciousness that is your journey is Christ. You may choose your Christ, but it is in the name that the power lies, for the name is the nature, and the nature the name, and the I AM of consciousness is symbolized in its idealized form by my teacher, Jesus. I leave you in that blessed name. We are thankful we were able to conclude this communication, for it would be very bad manners for us to leave you without blessing you, urging you to good works, to loving God in Christ, and loving each other as yourselves. So our teacher has taught us, those of us who have stayed behind to aid each of you to make the great choice. Your little life is not long, and you shall be called to account. If you have not chosen-and we speak to those who may only read those words which we speak-choose now. Choose that symbol for which you would die. Choose that faith that is the I AM for you. Choose your consciousness. Choose to be a certain way. Choose to be chosen. If my teacher is not yours, I leave you in peace, and bid you quickly, get hence, and right quickly, seek and find your true symbol, but let that symbol be the Christ to you, and may you seek to be the servant of all, for it truly is in serving that you shall grow, that you shall become strong and that you shall be healed of all bitterness, sadness and grief. We offer you the blessing of Jesus Christ. Go forth in peace, rejoicing in the power of the Spirit. Know that that Spirit is with you always. Amen. Amen. Amen. I am Ira, son of Mishdad. Amen.


(Q’uo, Sunday Meditation, November 12, 1995)

We are known to you as the principle of Quo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to have offered to us the opportunity to share our views with you. The vibrations that this group has, in its melding together, are heavy with the weariness that is of the spirit rather than of the body, although each here also has some degree of physical weariness as well. And this being the case in a group which is often very high in energy we would take some time to work with the concept of having the lower spiritual and emotional energies, for as in all conditions or estates of living such a situation has much to offer in the way of learning and in increasing the capacity for personal compassion.

Energy is the most fundamental of ideated structures within your physical illusion. The shapes and forms of manifestation are illusory, they being instead fields of energy. Even your physical body can usefully be viewed as a field of energy which contains multiple other energy fields which work in cooperation with each other within the structure of the shell energy of the physical body. When the seeker experiences low energy it is experiencing a symptom which points deeply into the structure of the manifested being. If the energy of the field becomes untenably weak the physical vehicle simply ceases to function. A breath is expelled and another is not taken. Even if there is nothing physically wrong with the physical vehicle it is possible to cease viability strictly because of the disintegration of the energy field.

This is quite rare among your peoples as a cause of death, but it can be seen to occur in the case of the entity who has lost a mate after having a long and mutually beneficial experience together. When one leaves the physical plane the remaining mate not infrequently chooses to turn the whole being towards the day when he or she may be reunited with the loved partner and this affects the energy levels within the physical vehicle to the point where any illness which is encountered is embraced and used to affect the ending of the experience which is desired. When the kind of weariness comes that a seeker feels is spiritual in nature it often signifies a time in which the experience of incarnative life will seem very difficult. Small matters seem to take on a larger aspect, and therefore any small change or unexpected occurrence triggers catalyst far in excess of what the seeker would usually expect of itself. It is a condition of vulnerability because weariness sensitizes the perceptive web which alters the level of information given to the physical mind and to the consciousness within. Small efforts seem to become major. The mind turns from tasks that normally would be accomplished easily, for it sees these tasks with the jaundiced eye and the discontented heart of the weary seeker.

The sense of self is disturbed and the level of comfort of mind drops. Into this weakened web of perception can come extremely helpful-this instrument is not able to find a word for the essences that are available within the deeper mind. But the state of low energy, because it increases sensitivity, offers the opportunity to go more deeply within the self, reaching towards those essences that can be called archetypical, those essences which this instrument would call hope, faith and charity.

So we ask each to gaze upon the weakened self, not with impatience but with, as far as possible, an undismayed peace of mind, for you have come into this illusion to be affected by it. Yours is not the path of evenness and spiritual perfection. Yours is a path that is full of dimness, confusion and perceived difficulty and suffering. Above all things we would ask you to retain the concept of what is fundamental, spiritually speaking, in this experience. That which is fundamental is the one original thought which is Love. In a weakened state one has difficulty in reaching out to others in love, reaching to the self in love, and reaching to the Creator in love. However, in this weakened state one is more able to allow the self to be ministered unto by these essences which dwell, irregardless of the surface consciousness within, deeply seated within the unconscious mind.

The instinct sometimes is to thrash about mentally attempting to affect the energy state, to bring it into what is seen as a more advanced or acceptable state. Insofar as you can be aware of this tendency we encourage you to say to the self, “Peace, be still and stay where you are. Abide. Rest. Release the effort to better or improve your situation,” and allow the deep self to open into the consciousness. Allow that essence that is the Creator, that is love itself, to minister unto you. There is no need to thrash or wrestle. There is no need to give sermons to the self. There is no. need, in fact, to alter the state you experience. The need is simply to remember love, for all things shall pass but love. Moods shall come and go. Incarnations bloom, wither and die. Love remains.

As you learn to work with your own moods without judgment, without reproach, but with love and patience, so you shall begin to learn peace, for peace is not the removal of all that is not peaceful. Peace within is a fruit of regular, repeated, consistent and thoroughgoing willingness to experience the self as the self and to regard it with love, for all things in their time shall certainly occur within you. The best and the hardest of experiences alike shall come to you and flow through you and recede at last. And so the surface shall always be confused to some extent, but it is in the grounds of your being that the work you wish to do shall be done. Be patient in that work. Be quiet when you try to judge. Remember, and refrain. And as you find charity for yourself, so shall you be able to be part of the good in other people’s experience. The peace begins within. We are those of Quo, and we leave you now in the love and in the light of the one Creator. Adonai.


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A joyous new year to all.