Group question: Our question today is how can a person who has a great deal of sexual energy available from the red ray but who has no sexual partner allow that energy to move through the various energy centers of the body in the most harmonious way possible?

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We have decided to self-publish Carla’s A Wanderer’s Handbook so that we can take advantage of Ian Jaffray’s superb design skills. Our publisher accepted the book, but was unwilling to make the volume an easily read, friendly one, hoping instead to economize on cost by using small print and other features that would have kept the book from being a good lifetime companion. Jaffray’s design is, though modest, handsome. We are now seeking bids from several printers and hope very soon to have arrangements made. We will send a special newsletter to you as soon as we know the Handbook’s price and the date of its availability. This will be very soon, we hope! Keep an eye out for our next newsletter! It will contain all the necessary ordering information. We want to thank those hardy souls who have donated funds for this project early, before any guarantee of a product emerged. The encouragement to us has been so very much appreciated and heart-opening!