Group question: The question today has to do with why human beings in the third density, especially here on Earth, seem to be so war-like. In this particular system we have had the experience of Mars, which was apparently so war-like that they destroyed their atmosphere. Maldek exploded its planet. Earth has had thousands of years of war. We are wondering what it is about the third density that seems to lend itself to entities in it moving in the direction of war-like actions. Is it the nature of our consciousness interacting in social groups? Is it our free will choice? Is it our opposable thumb? Our ability to make and use tools and, therefore, weapons? We would appreciate anything Q’uo could tell us about what it is that gives us this propensity for war and what it is we need to do as individuals, groups and nations to move in the direction of cooperation and working together instead of against each other?

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