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I am.

I am ready to go.

Alright, that makes three of us. So, our first question comes from Erna via email; and actually, I didn’t discuss this with you guys, but I’d like to segregate the final paragraph and make that a follow-up question that we tackle because it’s big enough as it is.

Erna writes, “There is a concept in the Ra material which I find confusing. When Carla almost followed the negative entity to negative time/space, she would have done so because she was deceived. She would have been a positive entity who was lured into negative time/space, and as a result, would have had to incarnate in negative time/space, and she would not have been able to stay positive in that environment. I’ve always thought of it as a large bucket of black paint into which one white paint droplet is added. Once you stir it, any evidence of the white paint droplet would be gone. I would like to reconcile this event and also this state of affairs with free will, because clearly it wasn’t her free will to land in such a place. Sometimes I think it has to do with love without wisdom, because at the time of the contact Carla’s love was much greater than her wisdom. Ra also said that the positive polarity is gullible [see 68.17]. Can it be that it was possibly an advanced lesson for an adept that has to do with adding wisdom to their love in order to be less likely deceived, to be deceived?”

And there is another paragraph with further commentary in which she elaborates more: “This concept can also be seen in a lot of earthly scenarios where people keep bad company and, as a result, start becoming more and more like the company they keep. It’s as if the majority vibration in the group becomes the vibration of each entity in the group, even the ones who initially may have developed more towards the opposite polarity. It’s definitely something you can see in destructive cults where good people are recruited with deception and then brainwashed. Again, I struggle to see free will at work here, but it might again be ‘the balance between love and wisdom’ lessons which are mastered in higher densities which make their first appearance in third density.” I think in that second or that final portion she was elaborating more on the implications or environment of negative time/space.

So, we got a lot to work with there; thank you, Erna. Since I have it on good word that Jim was there when this stuff happened, how ’bout we start with Jim?

Ah, well, what shall we start with first? She says, “Can it be that it was a possible advanced lesson for an adept that has to do with adding wisdom to their love in order to be less likely to be deceived?” I don’t think it was planned as a lesson. There were so many things that happened to us during the Ra contact that we didn’t expect. In order to preserve our free will, those of Ra did not give us a rundown, you know, of what we were setting ourselves up for. We had to, as they said, wend our way through the various confusing situations with our own discernment, and we wended a lot. In this particular wending I think turned it out to be a lesson, but I don’t think it was planned to be a lesson.

As far as Carla, she did apparently come close during the one Sunday night meditation when she was asked a question that concerned the Ra contact. She said to herself, “I wish I was channeling Ra, because I don’t know anything about that question.” That was when the leaving of her body was begun. Those of Latwii was the Confederation entity channeling through her at that time, and Latwii, according to Ra, came perilously close to breaking the way of confusion by continuing to channel through her and make the bond between them continue, to hold on to her by the channeling.

As I’ve been going through the 106 sessions these last few times this year for one reason or another, there were a couple of places before this actually occurred where Ra mentioned a possibility of something like that. We didn’t really grok what they were talking about until it actually came about as a strong possibility. So, I don’t know, maybe they were trying to give us a hint here and there. They did that frequently—tried to give us hints as to what was going on—but we just tried to figure out what to do. The thing to do was to follow Ra’s advice here, and that was to be careful for Carla: to be careful about not asking for Ra to speak at any other time, during Sunday night meditations or anywhere else, unless she was in a situation of Don and I in a session and providing the protection. And then the other thing that Ra suggested was that I could hold her hand, and that would prevent the deeper levels of meditation which necessarily precede trance, so there wouldn’t be any chance of her leaving her body because I would be infringing upon her aura, and her aura would want to stay around and see, “Well, who’s infringing on me?”—something like that.

Can you guys think of anything else I can address there? I mean, I don’t think there’s any real easy answer to the question. It’s just a lot of experiences we had to go through.

Yeah, it’s a tough question. I’m kind of in the same boat as Erna, I think, especially in her questions about free will, and how exactly free will in a scenario like this is upheld. It’s really hard to say what is going on when somebody explicitly doesn’t want to, say, go to negative time/space, but is somehow tricked into doing so. Don did kind of try to ask Ra about this in Session 69, Question 17, and Ra did respond, saying:

“There are two important points in this regard. Firstly, we may note the situation wherein an entity gets a road map which is poorly marked and in fact quite incorrect. The entity sets out to its destination. It wishes only to reach the point of destination but, becoming confused by the faulty authority and not knowing the territory through which it drives, it becomes hopelessly lost. Free will does not mean there will be no circumstances when calculations will be awry. This is so in all aspects of life experience. Although there are no mistakes, there are surprises.”

It’s a tricky situation. But it seems to me, an important point that Ra said is faulty authority. Doing something like the Ra contact and Carla sort of releasing and surrendering and giving herself up to such a higher service could be seen as sort of naïve innocence: unnecessary naivety that might allow her to then subscribe to a manipulative faulty authority that would intentionally lead her awry. It’s not necessarily an infringement on her free will because the end result will essentially be the same; it just is a much more difficult path to get to that end result, in a sense.

But for this first part of Erna’s question about the free will, I don’t think it’s within my third density mind’s capacity to fully grasp it. Do you have any ideas, Gary?

Yeah, I was equally perplexed until I came across 68.11. (Let me backtrack for a moment and say the situation that Jim was describing is first broached in 68.5, and it goes from there, spanning multiple sessions—for anybody listening that who wants to review the situation.) It wasn’t until I came across 68.11 that I finally got some insight that I think might be helpful to Erna.

I will read 68.11. Don is investigating why this happened, how it could happen. He even gets into the philosophy of it. He’s having a really difficult time understanding it, naturally; and he wants to also prevent it, know what they can do to stop it.

Anyway, in 68.11, Don says, “Is the reason that this could be done the fact that the Wanderer’s mind/body/spirit complex extracted in what we call the trance state, leaving the third-density physical, in this state the Wanderer does not have the full capability or capability to magically defend itself? Is this correct?”

Ra replies, “In the case of this instrument, this is correct.” But they go on to say, “This is also correct when applied almost without exception to those instruments working in trance which have not consciously experienced magical training in time/space in the, shall we say, present incarnation. The entities of your density capable of magical defense in this situation are extremely rare.”

So, I don’t think Carla’s vulnerability was so much a matter of a deficiency in wisdom or an over-balance in love; but rather it was simply a lack of training and knowledge in magical defense while within the realm of time/space. For instance, take Socrates: he strikes me as somebody who’s probably profoundly wise—a very, very wise being—but put him in a jujitsu realm and that wisdom is probably not going to do much to help him. (Laughter.) In other words, Socrates would simply lack the technical training necessary to deal with an opponent using jujitsu on him. Had he simply had that training, he would be able to defend himself. Likewise with Carla: had she had the training in magical defense then she would not have been nearly as vulnerable and could not have been led away to time/space.

Carla was definitely interested in protecting herself. She had enough wisdom to know that. I think, however, that there is a love/wisdom balance that plays a part, and it’s most evident and pertinent in terms of Carla’s readiness to martyr herself to serve, especially to serve Don. She was well established. She would spend her energy reserves without regard for potential undesirable or even fatal consequences for herself. The love/wisdom balance does seem to have a connection to the negative time/space scenario in that upon learning of that consequence, about what could happen to her while she was in trance, Carla had to choose whether or not to persevere in the effort to serve as the instrument, and she did persevere. In fact, in a long interview project last year, Carla was asked, “Did this cause you to reassess whether the reward warranted the risk?” and without hesitation, Carla said, “Heavens, no!” Meaning, she didn’t hesitate; even upon learning that her very soul, essentially, could be stolen away, she said, “I’m going to continue doing this.” And love and wisdom surely come into play in that decision.

I will add, though, that if the word “heroism” means anything, then surely it applies to this situation. In fact, I think higher heroism would be impossible to achieve on this planet. There are many examples, countless examples, in our everyday lives and throughout history of people who play the part of the hero, who sacrifice themselves for others, who do something bold and daring. Parents are often heroes for their children. And however, though, Earth reality, our space/time existence, doesn’t offer the possibility of sacrificing your soul. No matter what happens to your body, no matter what happens to your incarnation—even a lifetime spent in prison because you stood up for ideals—upon cessation of the incarnation, you’re still in your same soul stream. You’re still in third density space/time and on the polarity you were choosing. In this case, Carla risked her very heart, everything she was, to do this. So, I think that’s helpful to acknowledge in the reply.

Do you guys have any further thoughts?

I had a couple. So, she didn’t have the training. If she had had the training, it wouldn’t have been that big of a problem. So the question that would come to mind would be, “Well, why didn’t she have the training?” And that was because we didn’t know such a thing was necessary.

Why did Ra choose this group to speak through when they knew that Carla didn’t have the training? They mention there were two things that caused them to be able to speak through our group, and one is what you were just talking about, GARY the purity of Carla’s seeking. Since she was two years old and had the experience with Jesus in her magic kingdom, she wanted to do nothing more than to serve Jesus and the rest of creation the way He would want her to, that was with the whole heart. So, she was very pure in her seeking. And the other item that allowed Ra to contact us was that we had a great deal of harmony between us that we really cherished and really didn’t have to work at. I think that we had been together quite a few times before and had this as a gift to bring with us into the incarnation. So, those two factors were what allowed Ra to speak through us, and I think they very well knew that there was going to be a chance this could occur, because they mentioned there had been one other occurrence previously on this planet where an entity had been so infringed upon and then lured away into negative time/space. So, it had happened before.

The question that we never asked and which never really came to me until years later, I mean just these last few years, is why her silver cord could not have been followed back to her body. Because Ra mentioned that it was necessary for Don to call her name a few times quietly before she was able to come back. When we dropped this little microphone on her chest once—it was just a little just tap there—that causes the silver cord reflex to want to call the spirit back into the body very quickly; Ra said like a rubber band snapping hard against the anchored object [91.11]. So, I’m wondering why the silver cord couldn’t be followed back, or if there is some point at which it (laughter) breaks, if distance has a relationship to it, or what.

So, those are my other comments. Austin, how about you, you have anything else to say?

Yeah, just a couple thoughts. I think in this discussion about the free will involved in all of this, it comes up to the same scenario that I think we’ve addressed a few times throughout the history of this show: what exactly is free will and this idea that some people may have that free will is sort of a complete control over our outer circumstances, where we desire something and we state it to the universe; and then the universe, through this law of free will, is then obligated to deliver it to us, whether that is avoiding certain circumstances or fulfilling certain circumstances.

I think that just existing within our reality, we’re shown very clearly that this isn’t the case. Plenty of things of things happen to us that we, as individuals, don’t want to have happen to us, but I don’t think that’s necessarily what free will is. Especially in this scenario, I think free will is a bit deeper in that we have an internal sovereignty where we always have ability to react to those circumstances. We don’t have control over the circumstances, but we have our own individual right to react to circumstances in the way that we feel is appropriate and how we desire to react.

And I think that is the same in this case in that Carla may not have desired, or any entity may not desire, to be put in this circumstance where they are placed into negative time/space, but she is still Carla; she still has will as Carla. Even though the space she is put into has limitations that will sort of require her to act in a certain way, she still has an infinite range within that limitation to act in certain ways. And that’s the best I can really address that.

Then a little bit more about Erna’s second paragraph about it being more difficult to polarize within a group that is maybe negatively polarized or positively polarized. Gary, you talked about being put into prison. It made me think about a situation that I see when we interact with prisoners through our prison ministry program or talking to my girlfriend who worked with prisoners for a long time doing dog training. It struck me how incredibly self-service oriented prison systems seem to be for prisoners, and the circumstances that prisoners get put in almost seem to force them to a service-to-self hierarchy and service-to-self functioning in order to just survive within that environment.

I think that maybe that has something to do with this quandary here, in that if somebody is put into prison, there is a lack of resources. Whether it is physical resources like protection or even food or shelter or just spiritual resources, that sort of forces them into their lower functionings—what Maslow called the hierarchy of needs, the basic survival functionings. I think that those functionings are what service-to-self individuals, the adepts and the polarizing individuals, sort of take advantage of. They’re the lower three energy centers. It is those energy centers that the service-to-self individual polarizes through. So it’s possible to polarize strongly in those scenarios where there is a lack, and that lack can be used to control and to have a sort of control over your environment. I think that is probably how this happens in some scenarios in that it is really hard to break through to what Maslow would call the higher needs, which would be the spiritual needs: the heart center and everything like that. It’s hard to do that in a scenario where you’re constantly confronted with a situation of lacking your basic needs.

I think that’s all the comment for the first part of the question I would have.

I think that’s a really decent real-world translation of entering negative time/space. Not equivalence, of course, but certainly parallels that the one situation here on Earth can shed light into the negative time/space situation.

I really, as well, liked Erna’s analogy of dropping a drop of white paint into the bucket of black paint, that white paint will just be absorbed and disappear. When Don is asking about harvest (mixed harvest, positive, negative), Ra says once a certain—I forget Ra’s exact words here—but once a certain critical mass, essentially, is reached that chooses the negative polarity, then the whole planet goes negative [see 65.13]. There’s no longer the possibility of a mixed harvest.

So, there’s something in the physics of it, and I think there’s something in the situation as Austin described it. Once the environment is strongly made or constructed a certain way, then entities are kind of at the mercy of that environment.

I wanted to add also, that Jim was reflected saying why asking the question, “Why didn’t Carla have that magical training?” and it replied saying that they weren’t aware that they needed it. That was the essence of your first reply, Jim, wasn’t it—that you didn’t know that you needed that magical training?

Oh, right. Yeah.

So, Don afterward, in the course of Session 68, when he’s examining the situation with Ra, asked how we get Carla that magical training. He actually prefaces it by saying, “It would seem to me that since I can’t imagine anything worse, shall I say, than this particular result, other than possibly the total disintegration of the mind/body/spirit complex due to nuclear bomb” [68.12], which I don’t think is as far off, actually. It’s a horrific outcome as far as I’m concerned. So Don asks how can Carla get this training, and Ra replies:

“This request lies beyond the first distortion. The entity seeking magical ability must do so in a certain manner. We may give instructions of a general nature. This we have already done. The instrument has begun the process of balancing the self. This is a lengthy process. To take an entity before it is ready and offer it the scepter of magical power is to infringe in an unbalanced manner. We may suggest with some asperity that the instrument never call upon Ra….” [68.12].

Jim was already discussing that part. But it seems that sort of magical training is very intensive, and there wasn’t exactly a Magical Training 101 manual for the situation either. So, as Jim was saying, it was the group’s harmony; it was their love; it was Carla’s purity of dedication that protected the instrument.

I think that exhausts my thoughts. Any more from you guys?



The third paragraph—I don’t really have a reply. Do you guys have anything to offer that?


You do. Okay, then I will read it. So, the final part of Erna’s thought is:

“Can I then also reasonably apply this concept to Earth at present, which is going to have a mixed harvest? When you come here you take on the mass vibration, which is mixed, and therefore you struggle to polarize either positively or negatively, for both polarities are at play here, which is why we switch between the two constantly. One moment we do something to help someone with complete disregard for any inconvenience to ourselves, and the next moment we do something selfish again with disregard for someone else’s welfare. Earth’s paint bucket would be gray.”

Austin, what do you think?

I think it’s interesting to extrapolate from everything we just discussed, what Erna is saying, and that this is why Earth seems so confused; but I think that this sort of mechanic is more applicable in the configuration of the negative environment kind of requiring negative polarization rather than the other way around.

You were touching on this question and answer earlier, Gary, I think. It’s in Session 65, Question 13. Ra talks about when the majority of polarization is towards the negative, then there is almost no opportunity for the positive polarization; but it doesn’t seem like the opposite is true, as Ra said in the same question that where there is a mixed harvest, the majority of that mixed harvest is positive. They say that this is basically the case for Earth.

Despite the fact that the Earth may seem to be negative in so many ways, a lot of this negativity is probably the result of confusion. It is sort of more apparent negativity than real polarizing negativity. I think that if we observe 100 events and 99 of them are completely positive and one of them is negative, then it’s the negative event that will probably stand out to us. And I think any person who opens themselves up to public feedback knows this is very true. You can receive as many positive comments as possible, but that one nasty, negative comment will probably be what you think about when you go to sleep at night.

So, perhaps, given this information, this confusion on Earth that Erna is talking about has other sources as well, and might have another aspect at play. Ra talks about this in Session 10, Question 6, where they say, “There are entities experiencing your time/space continuum who have originated from many, many places, as you would call them, in the creation, for when there is a cycle change, those who must repeat then find a planetary sphere appropriate for this repetition. It is somewhat unusual for a planetary mind/body/spirit complex to contain those from many, many, various loci” (or locations, I guess), “but this explains much, for, you see, you are experiencing the third-dimensional occurrence with a large number of those who must repeat the cycle. The orientation, thus, has been difficult to unify even with the aid of many of your teach/learners.”

I would like to make a point about Erna’s speculation and what she sees as possible difficulty. In my opinion, many seekers—especially those who are drawn to The Law of One and other spiritual texts which speak of love, service, and unity—are probably already very solidly on the positive path. I think there is a downside to the idea of polarity and harvest that I witness in readers of The Law of One and that is a type of anxiety created by those of us on the positive path to hold ourselves to very high standards. Not to say that Erna, specifically, is doing this; maybe she is, based on these questions; I don’t know. But many people who are reading this material may become very anxious about how well they might be doing in a metaphysical sense, and they worry themselves sick that they might not “make harvest,” and they might worry over little things that they do throughout the day that aren’t reflective of their chosen polarity.

I think the fact that these things are even noticed and brought forward to our consciousness is a huge sign that we’re headed in the right direction. People operating in an unaware or unpolarized viewpoint are not going to dwell on those self-serving actions as opposed to the positive actions. It’s just another day for them, and their catalyst is sort of missing its mark, so to say. If we become acutely aware of the ways in that we act which are not indicative of our positive path, then the catalyst is doing a good job at grabbing our attention. I think that if this is happening, we’ve already done a lot of the groundwork and have a solid base for polarization. I think at the point we’re confronted with catalyst, where we feel we’ve not lived up to our standards, it’s a matter of how we use that catalyst from that point. And the first thing we have to do is accept ourselves and our actions. We can accept who we are and what we did, while at the same time gently pushing ourselves to do better, to fulfill the potential that we know that we have.

And I would wrap up this response, which is kind of a tangent, just kind of loosely based on what Erna said, but it’s one of my favorite quotes from Ra. When Carla was getting Don to ask about when she was worried about working on her human distortions in Session 94, Question 9, Ra responded:

“We comment in general first upon the query about the contact which indicates once again that the instrument views the mind/body/spirit complex with a jaundiced eye. Each mind/body/spirit complex that is seeking shall almost certainly have the immature and irrational behaviors. It is also the case that this entity, as well as almost all seekers, [has] done substantial work within the framework of the incarnative experience and [has] indeed developed maturity and rationality. That this instrument should fail to see that which has been accomplished and see only that which remains to be accomplished may well be noted. Indeed, any seeker discovering in itself this complex of mental and mental/emotional distortions shall ponder the possible non-efficacy of judgment.”

And I just saw a little bit of that possibly in Erna’s last paragraph there about swaying between the two polarities and possibly wondering if the difficulty of this place is causing her to be unpolarized, maybe? So, I thought that was applicable there.

Thank you, Austin. Jim, what are your thoughts?

Well, Earth is made up of a population of—I think Ra said there were 16 different sources of planets [see 91.13] that had gone through their 75,000-year cycle, and these entities had not been able to make the harvest. One of the things that Ra mentioned about quality is that once you’ve not made the harvest, and you’ve not used the catalyst to polarize positively, it becomes harder and harder to do that. So, the outlook isn’t really great for planet Earth because we’ve already got a planet full of repeaters who are likely going to repeat again.

Ra also mentioned, though, that if you did begin to make or any time you try to be a positively-polarizing person, that that was an act of focusing the will in such a way that begins the doubling effect: that your first desire and action towards polarizing positively is the foundation stone. It is not counted, but every act after that doubles the one before it [see 10.13]. So, it is possible to pick up again and get going, but it’s just breaking that momentum of not having made the choice that seems to be the problem with the planet. That’s why, I guess, our paint is gray.

Yeah, the sinkhole of indifference, as Ra called it [in 17.33].


Austin was describing how you could receive 10, 100 compliments in a day, and you receive one very critical remark, and that’s probably the one you’re going to think about when you go to sleep. In 94.20, Ra is kind of describing that situation. That sort of dynamic is apparently symbolized or built into the archetypal mind, or at least symbolized in the Tarot. Ra says—I forget what Arcana number this is1—but:

“The figure is expressing the nature of experience by having its attention caught by what may be termed the left-hand catalyst. Meanwhile, the power, the magic, is available upon the right-hand path. The nature of experience is such that the attention shall be constantly given varieties of experience. Those that are presumed to be negative, or interpreted as negative, may seem in abundance. It is a great challenge to take catalyst and devise the magical, positive experience.”

So, I wanted to contribute that, and I also wanted to add that Erna said, “When you come here you take on the mass vibration which is mixed.” I was thinking on this topic recently and trying to come up with a good analogy. I had this sense that nobody is born here pure or nobody could be born here pure. You can certainly achieve, so to speak, a purity, by purifying yourself and going through the disciplines of the personality, often over multiple incarnations; but nobody can come here pure and then just be born and stay pure, so far as I’m aware, at least —maybe it’s possible.

I likened it to—if you’ve ever seen in the United States (I don’t know if they have them elsewhere), they have something called color runs. It’s a race with a bunch of people, and you start out with white clothes, and as you race—I’ve never done one—there are people with paint guns or paint buckets or colors, and they throw those colors all over you, so that by the end of the race everybody is a variety of color. There’s no longer any white on their shirt, even their faces and their hair; everybody’s colored.

Surely there’s a better analogy, but that’s the best I could come up with to describe the situation of being born on this planet. We necessarily take on not all, but certain aspects of the social or the cultural climate and the paradigm and the cultural biases and so forth, and part of spiritual awakening is realizing this is just a vestment; this is just an outer clothing and is not, in fact, who we are, though we’ve internalized society’s ideas and voices from other people and made them our own and thought that who’s we were. But in spiritual awakening, we liberate our consciousness from that outer vestment, not destroying it or repressing it, but seeing through it and recognizing the light within that is eternal.

So, do you guys have any further thoughts on Erna’s questions?

Not I.

Yeah, just a little expansion on what you were just saying. We have our individual minds that we can work on, but those individual minds are obviously and necessarily influenced by a group mind. We have really no choice but to take on this group mind by being born here. In order for us to just survive in our culture, we’re going to have to adapt and adopt these cultural values; otherwise, we will sort of be cast out, and we won’t be able to do any real work.

And so, I do think that Erna makes a good point in that coming here we do have to adopt to the confusion in a sense, but I think even at the moment of being aware that there is confusion is pretty big; maybe that is the cornerstone that Jim was talking about. It’s the base from which we work on it; it is that first step in positive polarity.

Mm-hmm. And learning to navigate confusion is an essential quality in spiritual seeking, not necessarily solve confusion, but be okay with being confused and taking the leap, nevertheless, into mid-air and trusting that all is well, no matter how confused you seem to be.

We had a lot to say this show. That takes us to 40 minutes, so I think this is a good place to wrap up. Jim, do you have any thoughts for our listeners?

Let’s see, I think we are going to take a little break here over the holidays, are we? Be back again the first week in January?

Let’s see.

Yeah, the actual podcast will probably be published in the second week of January.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, January 15th. January 5th will be the next time we record.

Okay, so everybody’s going to have a Christmas and a New Year’s before we see you and you hear us again, so just want to tell you all that we love you very much, each and every one of you; and we hope you have a very Merry Christmas, full of love, and a very Happy New Year full of light. Blessings to each.

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Thanks to Mary A. for transcribing this episode, and Kristin Y. for editing!

  1. Ra was commenting on Archetype Four, Experience of the Mind, Emperor.