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Ready to go.

Gary is ready.

All right. Our first questions this week come from Sunny via email. Sunny sent a couple questions. Each question is in multiple parts, but I think that they can probably be read all at the same time, and we will just discuss. The first question states:

“In Session 4, Question 20, Ra says one of the primal distortions of the Law of One is that of healing. In Sessions 4–6, Ra teaches the healing process in detail, which involves specific disciplines in the mind, body, and spirit areas. This process is applicable for self-healing and for healers to heal others. Question: Does this teaching apply to Mother Earth in some fashion? Notes: Like us, our Earth is a body/mind/spirit complex and is a conscious being, so I assume the healing principles should apply to her as well — except that without the human fleas on her skin, she probably wouldn’t need healing in the first place.”

And the next note is, “There are constant debates about what we should do to protect our Earth and heal her wounds [that] we caused. Could you please explore this topic in the context of the Ra’s teachings about healing?”

So, let’s start with Gary Bean. How do you feel about that question, Gary?

This question, like many before it, have forced me to do some research because I was a bit unclear and puzzled myself. As a result, I reached a greater understanding; so I’m always really grateful for these questions, especially this one, Sunny.

You said something that got me on a research track: “Like us, our Earth is a mind/body/spirit complex and is a conscious being.” I wasn’t so sure if Ra, at least, had described Earth as a mind/body/spirit complex; so I did some research and came up with some nuggets that I’d like to read, as they examine the relationship between entities on the surface of a planet and the planet itself.

In 65.16, Don is asking, or rather he writes, speaks: “Now the added catalyst (Don here speaking of what we call Earth changes) at the end of the cycle is a function specifically of the orientation of the consciousness that inhabits the planet (in other words, humans). The consciousness has provided the catalyst for itself in orienting its thinking in the way it has oriented it, thus acting upon itself the same as catalyst of bodily pain and disease act upon the single mind/body/spirit complex.” He goes on to say, “…seeing the planetary entity as somewhat of a single entity made up of billions of mind/body/spirit complexes. Is my viewpoint correct?” Ra says, “You are quite correct.” And in the following question [65.17], Don starts out by saying, “Then we deal with an entity that has not yet formed a social memory but is yet an entity just as one of us can be called a single entity.”

So, in that one at least, Ra doesn’t quite say that Earth is a mind/body/spirit complex, but does indicate that the planet is an entity whose constituent parts, you might say, are people, are all the third density entities on its surface.

In 60.20 that relationship was explored a little bit more by Ra. They say, “If an entity (they’re talking about a human) is not in harmony with its circumstances it feels a burning within. The temperature of the physical vehicle does not yet rise, only the heat of the temper or the tears, as we may describe this disharmony. However, if an entity persists for a long period of your space/time in feeling this emotive heat and disharmony, the entire body complex will begin to resonate to this disharmony, and the disharmony will then show up as the cancer or other degenerative distortions from what you call health.”

Now Ra expands it to the planet: “When an entire planetary system of peoples and cultures repeatedly experiences disharmony on a great scale the earth under the feet of these entities shall begin to resonate with this disharmony. Due to the nature of the physical vehicle, disharmony shows up as a blockage of growth or an uncontrolled growth since the primary function of a mind/body/spirit complex’s bodily complex is growth and maintenance. In the case of your planet the purpose of the planet is the maintenance of orbit and the proper location or orientation with regards to other cosmic influences.” So, Ra is likening the human body’s functions to the planetary body’s functions. And Ra says, “In order to have” — paraphrasing — the planetary body’s functions working “properly the interior of your sphere (Earth) is hot in your physical terms. Thus instead of uncontrolled growth” — in which case humans would experience cancer — the planet begins “to experience uncontrolled heat and its expansive consequences.” So there’s a very direct corollary between human bodies, how disharmony is caused within them, and the results; and the disharmony that humans carry into the Earth body and its results.

And then, in 49.5 (I’ll paraphrase this one because it’s also long), Ra talks about magnetic north and south poles; how Earth has those poles; how a human has those poles; and how those energies interweave, forming geometric relationships in the energy fields of the person and planets itself. Again there is strong likeness and corollaries.

So, that’s my reply to the first of your two notes, when you said, “Like us, our Earth is a mind/body/spirit complex and is a conscious being.” It does seem in very important ways that Earth is indeed like us; more so, we are Earth in a way. It is a distinct identity. Ra, of course, left their planetary environment when they reached a certain stage of evolution, and the planet continued to exist, but we are mutually co-dependent and mutually informing and forming one another. It’s a very tightly knit symbiotic relationship, it seems, and I don’t know how we could function without the planet. Can a third density race leave its planet and go elsewhere? It’s always been an interesting question of mine. But before — as I have had the mic for a while — before moving into how I see healing working with planet Earth, I’ll turn it back to the host so he can decide whose mic to turn on next.

I think we should turn on Jim’s mic.

Okay-dokey. I think Gary did a good idea or a good job of pointing out how planet Earth is much like a human being. I think one of the significant ways that it is different is that if you compare how [both] the planet and the population have gotten into what we would call disordered or diseased conditions. People get into diseased conditions by the choices they make, free will choices that may be out of harmony with their environment or their stated goals in their life, or may be pre-incarnatively chosen to make these decisions to end up in a certain type of illness that provides certain opportunities. Anyway.

The choices that the entity makes are what cause the mind/body/spirit complex to be in [an] either balanced or diseased state. I don’t believe the planet Earth has made any choice that would cause it to be in a disharmonious or diseased state. The population on its surface have made a number of choices, as Gary mentioned, that have caused the heat of the anger and bellicose actions and war and many negative emotions to be generated over the years, so that the planet is having to be able to get rid of some of these heat factors by what we would see as natural disasters — the volcanoes and earthquakes and typhoons and so forth — and that seems to me to be a natural heating process that doesn’t really require the human being to take part in it. Hopefully, the human being will survive it.

I think the planet is able to heal itself, but can be helped in the healing process. Back in August of 2001, Carla and I began what we called the Gaia Meditation (Mother Earth is sometimes referred to as Gaia). During that meditation we tried to find a picture in our minds as we meditated of what the Earth may look like when it has what it has — which is a lot of areas of negativity of disharmony, a lot of war — and saw these areas as being dark areas in an otherwise lighted sphere. When we had determined where there might be areas that needed some assistance, then we would attempt to visualize light and love going to those areas, and we invited people on our reading and mailing list to join us. It was always at 9:00 in the evenings; that’s changed a little bit now, but it doesn’t matter because it is a timeless event: whenever you do it, it can help the planet. If anybody would like to take part in that, I think it does help the planet to be able to heal: to achieve its balanced state without quite so much catastrophe, maybe spread it over a longer period of time, a wider area; but the general idea is just to send your love and your light from the Infinite Intelligence of the universe, from the Creator, through your being, to wherever you wish to have it sent. You can envelop the entire planet if you like, or if you know there are certain areas that are experiencing war or very difficult situations, you can be specific with your sending. I think this is a very good way to help the planet along. But whether any entities on the planet do attempt to assist, I believe the planet is at this time in a process of healing itself.


Thank you both. Before I throw it back to Gary, I’ll give my response, which I think ties into what you guys said pretty well, even though I did take a slightly different angle.

Sunny referred specifically to the healing exercises in Sessions 4–6. In Session 15, Question 14, Ra says that “(healing) information may be seen in a more general context as ways to understand the self.” I think that the reason Ra gave these teachings when being asked about healing is because understanding the self is the preliminary work needing to be done before more specific healing techniques could be used.

So, I would approach Sunny’s question from that certain angle: How do these practices to gain understanding of self relate to the healing of the Earth? And I do have some ideas. I think that by dedicating ourselves to understanding ourselves so that we may better serve, we are becoming purer channels for what we know as love or healing. We will be able to act in more loving and considerate and conscious ways. We will be better able to tap into deeper desires, perhaps desires that we carried into this incarnation as a mission, such as those to heal the Earth. Then we can follow those desires and pursue a life path which allows us to fulfill them.

But I think there is also something deeper to that self-knowledge and how it can relate to the Earth: I believe that we have an innate connection with the Earth and the people around us. Gary was sort of talking about this, how we are the Earth. I think that the social memory complex that Gary was referring to that hasn’t been fully formed yet, that will supposedly be present in fourth density, is perhaps formed but unrealized. By “formed” I think Ra kind of meant conscious and cohesive. I think that it’s already there, but kind of buried deeper in our unconscious minds, and is just sort of inaccessible to us within third density. I fully believe that a social memory complex does not just include a connection with all the entities on a planet, but rather a connection with that planet itself as a conscious being, as I think Sunny was referring to in calling it a mind/body/spirit complex. It would seem natural to me that as we gain more understanding of the self and become more crystallized beings, we will naturally uncover this connection to the Earth, as well as the social memory complex that we share with the Earth.

From my understanding the social memory complex can act as a sort of over-mind, not necessarily superseding our individual minds, but sort of becoming available to our individual minds and informing and inspiring us to act in individual ways. Gaining access to this deep well of collective thought, I think that we will naturally be moved to act in ways that are more harmonious with the Earth itself. We may be inspired — perhaps each individual in completely unique ways — to offer healing to the Earth in some method, whether it’s by a unique career in sustainable technologies; environmental activism; adopting and advocating for green lifestyles; or simply individual changes like maybe altering one’s diet to be more sustainable, driving a different kind of car that’s more fuel efficient, or just acting in small ways throughout the day that will contribute to a more harmonious relationship with the Earth. So, I think in that way, this knowledge of the self, that Ra is giving us exercises to find, can lead us to a deeper connection with the Earth that I think will naturally sort of inspire us to be more harmonious with the Earth, and that will bring the healing naturally.

So, I’ll bounce it back over to Gary. What else did you have to say, Gary?

Thanks to both of you guys.

On the topic of healing the Earth and the human relationship with Earth, I went on a tack of looking at 40.14. Ra’s talking about the role that diet can have in healing the individual. Ra says, “Firstly, we underline and emphasize that this information (about diet) is not to be understood literally but as a link or psychological nudge for the body and the mind and spirit. Thus it is the care and respect for the self that is the true thing of importance.”

So, now I draw the link to the planet. Just as we can express stewardship of our body, so too can we express stewardship of the Earth. Where healing can happen [is] by loving the body and caring for the body and accepting the body, not suppressing or denying or controlling the body per se, but certainly directing the body with wisdom.

With that stated, we should ask ourselves: Are we loving and caring for the Earth in a similar manner? Are we treating the Earth with respect? And I think on an attitude level alone this is generally absent from our planetary culture. On a commercial and policy level, this is definitely conspicuously absent. Unsustainable exploitation defines in general the modus operandi of corporate and governmental policy the world over. I emphasize in general, of course, because there are businesses and maybe even government policies that do seek to protect or preserve the biosphere and to relate to it with respect; but in general it’s been a very exploitative model that sees Earth as a commodity and a material realm that exists strictly for our gain, that doesn’t have intelligence per se or consciousness.

So then, just as the human diet can be changed to create a psychological nudge and be a symbolic act of showing respect to the body, so too, I think, we can change policy that demonstrates a greater respect for the planet; and likewise that alone may, like the change of diet, reap benefits of healing because of our connection and mutual interdependence.

In terms of other practical methods that we could take, Jim talked about how the planet can and will and is healing itself, but humans can certainly facilitate that. Ra links meditation to healing of the mind/body/spirit complex, and Austin described tapping into the collective mind or the deeper self and finding ways to help. Jim indicated it as much, too, when he talked about the Gaia healing that he and Carla initiated in 2001. I think meditating in groups and specifically sending love and light to the so-called dark areas of the planet is a way to facilitate and engender healing for the planet.

Don asks in 26.31, “How do these people attempt this restitution in [the] physical?” By “these people,” he’s talking about dual-activated Wanderers and people attempting to heal the planet in general. And Ra says, “These attempt feelings of love towards the planetary sphere and comfort and healing of the scars and the imbalances of these actions,” which sounds like the basic principle which was underlying what Jim said about meditating on the planet.

So, there’s practical measures: meditating and sending love and light, changing policy, even changing the way that businesses and governments and people relate to and use the planet; but ultimately healing happens on the level of consciousness. Ra says of it in 4.20 — and this is the one you referred to, Sunny: “One of the primal distortions of the Law of One is that of healing. Healing occurs when a mind/body/spirit complex realizes, deep within itself, the Law of One; that is, that there is no disharmony, no imperfection; that all is complete and whole and perfect. Thus, the intelligent infinity within this mind/body/spirit complex re-forms the illusion of body, mind, or spirit to a form congruent with the Law of One. The healer acts as energizer or catalyst for this completely individual process.”

So, there’s a few things you can take away from that one, one of which is that as we heal ourselves, we heal the planet. As we realize the Law of One — that there is no imperfection, that there is no disharmony — that realization isn’t just for the mind/body/spirit complex; it’s not just for what’s inside your skin, but it’s your realization of the planet. You’re seeing the planet’s truest essence, the planet’s truest form, and thereby you are acting as an energizer or catalyst for healing. You’re a conduit, you might say, that allows love and light to go through to the planet. And as Austin was indicating, as we understand ourselves more — I think I may be expanding on Austin’s point by saying that as we understand ourselves more, we understand the planet better.

I think I’m kind of dropping the ball right now, but maybe there’s something to be said too, for biologists and environmental scientists and people who study the plant patterns of the planet to gain a better grasp of how exactly these very intricate and very complex systems work on the planet, and maybe that’s analogous to understanding the workings of our body. Of course, those sciences need to take it deeper, to the level of consciousness itself, and not stop at the material realm; but perhaps there is headway that can be made there too.

I think that’s it for me. Thank you, Sunny.

Your comment about the symbolic act of caring for the planet reminded me of a really good sort of political cartoon that I saw. It takes place at a climate summit. There’s somebody on stage with a big screen that says things like preserving forests, sustainability, renewables, healthy children, clean water, and then somebody in the audience is pointing to it, saying, “What if it’s a big hoax, and we create a better world for nothing?” So, I like that one.

Jim, do you have any more thoughts?

Nope, I’m done with that one.

Okay. I think that we have maybe time to go on to Sunny’s next question. We might run a little bit over because these are both pretty substantial questions. Sunny asks a general question: “What is unique about our planet as a lab or school for human learning experiences?”

Notes on the question include, “Is our third density the only planet that has the veil of forgetting? Granted, it is a powerful tool to teach love and faith, though we could also conveniently attribute it to why there was no harvest in the past 50,000 years and to the dismal present prospect, but I don’t recall anywhere that Ra said it was one way or the other. Could you shed some light on this?” And the second note: “The quarantine of this planet seems unique as it’s instituted to amend a specific action taken at the beginning of the 75,000 years. I would say it certainly has added extra power to the veil of forgetting. At the end of the 75,000-year cycle, if there are still unharvested Red Planet souls, will this quarantine end or go with them? In other words, is the quarantine planet-specific or human-specific?” And the last note: “Some say that humans are the only co-creators with free will in the universe. I can’t find such confirmation in the Ra material. A somewhat relevant statement was made by Aaron in the Dialogues [Session 23]: ‘The earth plane is the only present material plane that has a foundation of positive energy and love, and in which all four bodies are brought together. As such, it is a very powerful experience.’ Could you comment on this subject?”

So, I guess free-form — whichever of those you would like to respond to, Jim.

Hmm, okay. What is unique about our plane as a lab or a school? Well, I think one of the unique things is we have populations from approximately 17 different planetary influences, including Earth. From 16 other places within the universe there have been populations that failed to make the harvest from third to fourth density who needed to find another planet to come to, and they found Earth. This has made the situation on Earth a bit more difficult. So many different types of cultures lending their influence to one planet has meant that there’s been a lot of separation on the planet. Ra mentioned [in 22.8] that, especially in earlier times with great distances between small populations, “great isolation was possible,” but now it’s not so possible. However, we still have various types of people that are very much different from each other, and their way of looking at the individual [and] how the individual should be treated in the culture are different. This makes it somewhat more difficult to harmonize the planet and to become able, as Ra said [in 13.23], to “point the compass in one direction.” So, I think that’s one of the contributing factors as to why we’re going to have such a small harvest very likely in the next however long it takes, you know, 100 or 200 years total or more. So, that’s one factor. I think that’s a really good question.

And the second one, whether the quarantine is human-specific or planet-specific: I really don’t know. I don’t think Ra says anywhere because we never got into that. I would think that the planet won’t have a third density (which is the density that was quarantined), so that probably will mean that the planet will not have a quarantine any longer. But [the] population that was quarantined may well take the quarantine with them. That would be my guess. I don’t think the planet would have a quarantine.

And let’s see, what was the third one? Oh and Gary, I have a hard time believing Aaron would make a comment like that, that the Earth plane is the only present material plane that has a foundation of positive energy and love in which all four bodies are brought together. I’m assuming he’s counting the electrical body along with the mind/body/spirit.

This is an infinite creation. To think that we are the crown of creation that has one quality that no one else has is astounding to me. Hopefully that was a misprint. I think that the positive energy and love is all over the universe. It’s scattered in unimaginable ways in places and times and spaces that we will probably never even get a slight idea of.

So, Gary: A, B, and C to you.

I think I’ll take a Jim level of brevity on this question.

In reply to A, a veil of forgetting: Is our density the only one with a veil of forgetting? I would say no. My understanding is that the veil is built into the archetypal mind of this octave, which is then, of course, refined by each galactic and then solar Logos.

And then B, about the quarantine: I agree with Jim entirely that it is human-specific. It pertains to this cultural group, not to the second-density beings or the first density entities on this planet. All those who do not get harvested and then repeat third density on another planet — will the quarantine follow them? I wouldn’t think so. It seems that, while there are inborn biases that are carried through incarnation after incarnation, I think for the most part that when an entity is born on its own, it starts out with somewhat of a clean slate, you might say. It reacts to its environment; it builds itself anew — of course, with these inborn biases and with this pre-incarnational programming operating behind the scenes.

Likewise, I think when a planetary group incarnates as a whole on a new planet, on whatever the conditions on that new planet might be, they don’t start out with a brand-new civilization: I think they start out with those conditions of the planet at that time, which may be hunter-gatherer sort of conditions. They must then rebuild their societal complex and their technological and scientific understanding and develop a whole new spirituality, even, that is unique to that planet. Of course, deep within their mind and within the Akashic record and so forth, they contain there the memory of their past experience. So, that leads me to speculate that likewise, they won’t have a quarantine unless through their own choices; unless they create a situation similar to that of Earth which necessitated the quarantine in the first place, in which case then they may receive a quarantine.

How unique is the quarantine? That is really unknowable. I agree — in following Jim’s thoughts about the uniqueness of this planet in terms of the diversity of origin planets here — I think Earth may be an outlier in that regard, but statistically speaking, how unique is a quarantine? I think a quarantine could be likely on any planet where there is a mixed harvest. Ra did give [in 65.13] a percentage of mixed harvest (those third density planets that go through a mixed harvest), but I forget what that percentage is[1].

As to … . I guess I didn’t have a Jim level of brevity on this one; I thought I would (laughter) and—

Nice try.

You have much to learn, Grasshopper.

I know. It’s going to take some years. I really intended it. And as to C, I will just say ditto to Jim’s reply and then turn it back to Austin.

I’ll also try to be pretty brief. (Laughter)

Good luck.

I think Jim has mastered the skill. (Laughter)

So much harder than one would think.

As far as the first one about the veil of forgetting: just to expand on Gary’s thoughts, I believe that Sunny is going through The Law of One and sending questions as they come upon certain concepts, and later on in the transcripts you’ll find information about the veil regarding pre-veil and post-veil, and when it was established, and how it was established, why it was established. It definitely hints that after a certain point, the sub-Logoi who sort of decide what sort of archetypal mind we have found that the veil is the most efficient way to polarize [see 81.30 and 94.22, among others]. Before the veil, polarization was very rare [see 82.21–22 and elsewhere], and the veil was sort of the trick to sort of pushing entities along the path of polarization. So, I definitely wouldn’t say that our planet is the only planet with the veil, at least according to Ra. Any planet that established a third density after that point would also have a veil.

About the quarantine being unique to the planet or the population: I would definitely say it’s a population thing. I think, building off what Gary said, there is sort of a cultural aspect to it, in that the reason the quarantine was put into place was because of some sort of cultural momentum built by those actions at the beginning of the 75,000 years. Whether those entities will take their culture with them through certain biases to another planet? Who knows. But since planet Earth is going to be fourth density, I don’t think that there would be any need or reason for a quarantine.

And then, regarding Aaron’s comments and whether or not humans are the only co-creators with free will in the universe: We spoke a little bit last week about some discrepancies between specifically Aaron and the Ra material, and I spoke about some of my opinions regarding conscious channeling and why some things might seem to be not compatible between different channelings. And I think that would explain this idea. It’s something that I have personally seen in a lot of channelings: that Earth is unique in that humans have this special free will, that Earth is one of the only places that this can happen, and things like that. In the Ra material there is nothing that hints at that, and I would even say the idea that we were talking about (the veil of forgetting, in the first question) really can’t be true.

As far as having free will, Ra talked about the veil as being a point at which the sub-Logoi sort of thought that free will was actually established [see 78.19], and that while free will was present before the veil, there was such a significant increase in the amount of free will post-veil that it’s sort of seen as free will really not even being part of the equation pre-veil. That’s in the same information that you’ll get to when you start reading about the veil.

So, I normally don’t think that’s true. I think that maybe in conscious channeling, Aaron may have been communicating a concept showing how unique our experience is — as each third density experience is probably infinitely unique, and there is probably something very unique about Earth. But I don’t think it is unique to the point where we are the only ones with free will; that really doesn’t make sense to me, like Jim was saying. So, there’s probably a reason for the discrepancy. I don’t think that it’s reason to dismiss Aaron’s words, but probably [to] contemplate them in a more general way, rather than as specifically as that.

And I think that about covers all of Sunny’s questions from that round. Do either of you have any more thoughts on that?

I think I’m thought out. (Laughter)

Likewise. (Laughter)

All righty. That brings us up to our time. Any final thoughts for our listeners, Jim?

Yes, we just want to thank everybody for listening, for sending in questions, for sending your love to us. We really appreciate it. We’re aware of you out there, and we hope that you have a great week. Please know we love every one of you, and we hope to have you back next week. Cheerio.

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