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I believe so.

All right. Well, our first questions come from Lily today, who sends in a few questions. She starts by saying:

“I have questions about the Akashic record and how it relates to a social memory complex. Ra teaches that social memory complex is quite rare in the third density and we have not achieved it on Earth. However, we do have the Akashic Record, which is ‘the potential social memory complex on this planetary sphere.’”

And that’s a quote from #14.32. Lily’s first question is:

“We are not yet a social memory complex, but some individuals have access to the Akashic records (like Edgar Cayce). But does the Akashic record serve the entire species on an unconscious level?”

Let’s start with you, Jim. What do you think about that one?

Well, I imagine there is some sort of service to the entire species whether they are aware that the Akashic record exists or not, in the same sense as everything that is unknown in the mysteries of our spiritual journey that lie ahead us offers us this potential for expanding our awareness. As for the particular moment right now, I doubt if there’s a lot of practical or one-to-one access or aid to any entity that’s not aware of the Akashic record, or does not attempt to retrieve information from it. It’s like a book that’s unread that is not really helpful until you read it.

Gary, what do you think?

Oooh, unread book—I like that. Yeah, my thought consists mostly of conjecture but, in essence, echoes Jim’s reply in that surely it must serve everybody, but it’s mostly in potential. It’s not being accessed or used on a conscious level. Ra describes several hierarchal orders of mind from the individual down to the individual’s roots, connecting to the racial mind, to the planetary mind, and to the cosmic mind. So, the Akashic record is a couple rungs down on that ladder and is generally unknown to our conscious mind. But like components on a mother board, we’re all plugged in to that mother board and it is on its level below our conscious awareness operating and maybe doing some coordination.

One way that it can be affecting us on a species level is perhaps having to do with the evolution of our physical body. As an example, perhaps it may have something to do with the uncanny way that nature balances the sexes so that they don’t get too lopsided and always stay pretty close. Like, perhaps it’s not a conscious decision that humans make, but is coordinated on some level below our conscious awareness on the same level where the Akashic record is. That’s about all I’ve got on that one.

Yeah, I guess there’s not a whole lot we can say because it’s all speculation. But I pretty much agree with you guys. I do think it has an influence on us on an unconscious level, and that maybe there are events that have happened or certain racial traumas or something that have happened in earth’s history that will maybe play out a little bit unconsciously, which may influence our unconscious desires, actions, or other things like that.

Actually, Lily had originally wrote given an example that I should have left in, but got edited out when I edited her questions a little bit. She talked about Ra appearing to the Egyptians and how they made a statement about that being now part of the social memory, and things like UFO’s showing up being remnants of the thought forms of those UFO’s being remnants of their time in Egypt. She speculated whether that was an aspect of the Akashic records, which I think she might be on to something there, too.

Yeah, it’s a repository like an individual’s unconsciousness is, but on a global level. Therefore, it has more outlets of manifestation, and maybe even more mysterious than an individual’s unconscious because it’s that much deeper.

Yeah. Okay, she’s got a couple more questions. Any more thoughts for that one?


Not from me.

All righty. Her second question is:

“Once Earth transitions to fourth density, will the majority of the original earthlings who incarnate elsewhere be able to access it? Or would a copy of the relevant portion of the Record be merged into their new third density home planet’s Akashic Record?”

That’s another tricky question. Gary, what do you think?

I think that’s a fascinating question and like the previous one, I have little to offer. But it really is an interesting question to consider. I would imagine that the Akashic record follows an individual or a group to its new location in the universe. How much of that comes with them I can only speculate, but consider the various origins of those who are presently incarnated on Earth. Ra identified a few of those origins, including Maldek and Mars and Deneb, among many others. I believe that the Akashic Records of those former planetary experiences have come with those groups and have been retained in some way by those groups, and have merged into a greater tapestry of the Akashic Record that is this planet’s Akashic Records.

I can only guess here, but perhaps there’s even some compartmentalization between those former Akashic Records relative to the new home here on planet Earth. Ra described how the lack of cohesion has been one of the sources of disharmony and bellicosity on this planet. I’m paraphrasing, but the differences between the groups perhaps has something to do with their past, which would be stored in their respective Akashic Records.

Also, another way that what I’m saying might be substantiated and even made visible on some level is the extent to which we on planet Earth now are repeating patterns that were exhibited on those former planets. According to Ra, specifically in terms of the warlike attitudes that destroyed Maldek and the same warlike attitudes with lack of care for the biosphere that destroyed the atmosphere and all biological life on Mars, these same patterns may be playing out today with the new permeations thanks to the advent of nuclear weapons, nuclear proliferation, and the possibility of planetary annihilation that brings, along with the degradation of the environment and global warming, to the extent that’s linked to human activity, and not transition into the fourth density, and so forth. And, of course, our perennial issue with war among people.

So, maybe that’s all echoes of or manifestations of those past Akashic Records coming or playing themselves out or influencing us today. Back to the host.

Interesting answer. Jim, any follow-up for Gary’s answer?

Well, I would agree with everything Gary said. I think that when these entities and groups of entities incarnated on earth, they did indeed bring with them everything that they had been working on in their home planets because that’s really their karma, which is what they have to start from when they get here. It’s what they have to try to resolve and to balance, and hopefully end up in forgiveness, which is what stops the wheel of karma.

Ra suggested that the inability of these groups to merge together when they got here and to, instead, stay isolated in their own kind, with their own kind, has further led to the continuation of war-like attitudes so that we have it, you know, in spades, shall we say. We have a lot of war-like activity going on as we have had for thousands of years on the planet. I think that when other groups incarnated here, they brought that along with them. But they’ve also had to be influenced by what they found when they got here so that even on the subconscious level, there should be some melding occurring between the Akashic Record that they brought with them and the Akashic Record that existed here, which we all together on the entire planet are making as we go through the evolutionary process together.

I think that whatever chances there are of reconciliation of difficulties will probably begin first on a subconscious level because of the recognition there of the past Akashic Record experience and of what’s happening on the current level. Austin, what do you think?

We were all pretty much on the exact same page. I had in my reply pretty much exactly what Gary said. I think it was an interesting term to use to say that there might be compartmentalized akashic records because Don and Ra actually talk about that. Ra said that to identify one of these groups, you would look towards their unique biases concerning interactions with other selves and definitions regarding the nature of the self, and that basically these groups would share those things and they, at least in the past, have been representative of certain regions or cultures.

It might be harder to pick that apart these days since we are a much more global society, but in the past they were sort of isolated to their own regions in the world. So, it’s an interesting thing to consider and a new way to maybe frame how to unify the earth and help form this social memory complex is to identify the various types of social memory Akashic Records that exist on earth, and find out what it is that makes them so at odds with the other types of social memories that are here, and begin to build bridges between them to unify them. That might be the hurdle that we have to cross to form a social memory complex—allowing those other Akashic Records or social memories to meld into the greater Akashic Record of earth as a whole.

So, it’s an interesting question from Lily, I think. Any more thoughts from either of you?


I have a quick thought. Jim described a merging between those different groups that happens on a subconscious level, which I’m sure is where it begins. But also on the outer level, It occurred to me while you were talking that I would imagine that one of the primary mechanisms for that merging is simply through the interacting of one group with another—whether through commerce or travel or cultural exchange, whatever the case may be—especially as the world becomes more globalized.

Perhaps another means of bridging those distances and enabling that merging would be for souls of one group to incarnate in another group. For instance, two major groups that come to my mind are Europeans and Chinese. Where Europeans have somewhat emphasized the individual and the material or external world, Asians, let’s say, have emphasized a more collective approach to life that is more introspective, we’ll say using broad strokes there. Let’s say one member of whatever the origin of the European group might incarnate in the Asian group, and thereby facilitate that melding. The European entity would retain its own unconscious background and its own Akashic Record from however far back that reaches in the cosmos from past third density planets but would also take on some of the characteristics or experience of the Chinese cultural group.

This I think points also to why Ra said what they said in Austin’s quote about looking not to the outer physical appearances, but at the mindset, the way they relate to other selves. Even within, say, an Asian group, there could be one individual that has great variance to the cultural contacts that could come from the fact they were not originally from the Asian soul group. Those are just some ideas.

That’s like Wanderer light or something like that. A local third density one.


It’s a really cool idea. I bet, in thinking about that it makes perfect sense, I’m sure that it happens. It might happen at the point when the individual is making decisions about their incarnation, versus going through automatic incarnation because that seems like a deliberate choice to attempt to go through something like that. Because it is almost like being a Wanderer in that you would be sort of in a foreign place that is a counter to your home ideals sort of.


So, that’s a cool idea.

Actually, from the work of Dr. Michael Newton and Peter Weiss and others, it does happen. People incarnate into all different cultures and religions. So, as Gary was saying, there’d have to be some sort of a melding of their original experience—whatever they were, you know, religion or race or so forth—with their new incarnation as they incarnate into another experience. There would have to be some sort of melding and, hopefully, some sort of a leveling and harmonizing as that occurred.

Hopefully. We will see that in the future. All righty. Well, that was not Lily’s last question, was it? No. Lily has one more question, which is:

“In the February 6, 2016 channeling session, Q’uo said:

‘The principle reason that Wanderers have been allowed to incarnate is undoubtedly to raise the number of those which might meaningfully aspire to be harvested, but of almost equal importance is this preservation, continuation and further flowering of the planetary consciousness.’

And Q’uo then commended L/L Research’s channeling group for doing such work. Since all events are recorded in the Akashic Record, is it safe to say that even in the worst scenario, say all the physical records like book, CDs and websites were destroyed, L/L Research’s work would still be passed on to the new Earth via the Akashic Record?“

I would like to thank Lily for the implied compliment in that that she feels the work is worthy of being passed on. Gary, what do you feel about that one?

I would say definitely because first and foremost, the work is awesome so the planetary mind would want to preserve it and not lose it. I would speculate that the answer is yes, not exclusive to L/L Research work, but also the sum of human knowledge. I base this almost solely on #20.8 where Don is asking about Dewey Larson’s physics. Don says:

“Was this entity, Dewey, then, did he bring this material through in his incarnation for use primarily in fourth density?”

And Ra says, briefly:

“This is correct.”

So, even if all material media is destroyed, Dewey’s books and his CDs, and anything on the internet is destroyed in the transition from third to fourth density, still his work is retained, probably like you were describing earlier in Akashic Record. Ra indicates that those physics will be used by and useful to fourth density entities. I think that perhaps the greater quantity of third density entities who become aware of any given piece of information, the more likely and more strongly it will be stored in the Akashic Record for future use in fourth and fifth and so forth densities. That’s it for me.

Jim, what do you think?

Well, I agree with what Gary said. I think there are basically three levels of back-up, shall we say. The first would be the entities that graduate into fourth density and have their home here in a positive sense on planet Earth. These entities will form a social memory complex that will have each of their memories added to it so that surely, you know, in that grouping of people there will be enough information from Dewey Larsen and for every other philosophy that has ever been here on earth to be remembered. And then, of course, as Gary said, the Akashic Record will have it stored there, too.

Then there’s the great record of creation. I think the earth probably has its little cubicle back somewhere back in there with our little Akashic Records, a little minor galaxy toward the edge of the solar system. So, I think we have a lot of back-up even if all the third density representations of all of the information that has occurred over the last few thousands of years is destroyed by earth changes or whatever. We still have these three areas of back-up for maintaining all of our information intact.

It’s in the cloud, you might say.

Yes. And it will rain upon us.

It’s like the cloud for the Cloud. I don’t have a whole lot to add. A personal opinion of mine is that it’s not likely that all of these things are going to be destroyed in any sort of transition. Whether these types of things will be useful in what Lily calls the “New Earth” is a different question, whether we’re still using computers and books and CDs to learn and share ideas.

Also, in future densities we might not rely on this type of information to learn. We’ll have a lot more direct access to teachers and information that we want, and may do more learning more directly through the social memory complex, and more directly through interacting with teachers in higher densities. So the information itself, I’m sure, will be stored. But how useful it will be and why it would need to be accessed, I’m not sure. So, that’s the last of Lily’s questions. Any more words for Lily?


I have some more words.


And it just expands upon what’s already been said in a slightly different way. Fourth density entities won’t be born into fourth density with a blank slate, like having no history and nothing that they brought with them. It will be a continuum of evolution from third density to fourth density, an evolution of body and evolution of mind. So that heritage will follow those fourth density entities and will include probably newly revealed experience of second density, and if it’s possible, first density, I don’t know.

Another quick thought I have is the question of what of the outer effects/affects of earth’s civilization will be destroyed? What will make the transition? It’s a question that has boggled my mind because I can’t find a satisfactory answer to it. It makes no sense to me that our buildings and roads and bridges and dams, and every other artifact of our civilization would remain intact because there will eventually be a whole new crop of third-density entities who take up residence here on planet Earth. For them to begin existence when there is obvious evidence all around them of former global civilization makes no sense. But then if it were all to get destroyed, by what mechanism would that happen? We’ve modified the planet severely to this point. You know, one cannot disassemble the skyscraper and return all of its constituent elements to their former places. So, there would be material stored in the strata of earth everywhere, thereby opening the possibility of a new third density civilization to stumble on it sooner or later and open the door to questions that they couldn’t answer. So that part of the transition to fourth density makes absolutely no sense to me.

I mean it’s sort of unrelated, but I feel like opening doors to questions that they couldn’t answer isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I mean, I’m sure that civilizations throughout earth’s history have found remnants of other civilizations that they have no answers for and have no ability to explain so they create mythology around what they’re finding and they have their own third density reaction to it.

I’m sure that whatever any new third density entities do find—however many thousands of years, tens of thousands of years in the future—they might have similar reactions to any civilization that has found earlier civilizations in our history.

That’s quite possible and what you say is completely true. That has happened and continues to happen in the present day on this planet when things which can’t be explained are dug up from the past. But at the same time, it’s all within this particular third density that a new third density, completely unrelated to this one would find our artifacts stumps me. But it could be exactly as you described.

All righty. I think we have time for one more question. Would you guys prefer to tackle Engs’ question or Jeremy’s question? Based on the amount of time we have left.

I’d say Engs because we have just a couple minutes and that seems like it will be the shorter.



All righty. A user named Engs from Bring4th wrote:

“Hi, thanks so much for your free material. Also, thank you for always stating that what resonates with me is important. I really appreciate having my free will honored, and I am currently putting time and effort into focusing on the balance of honoring the free will of all, my entity and the entity of others.”

Thank you for that, Engs. Engs goes on and says:

“I have so many questions, but let me start with this one as I haven’t yet found reference to it: Given that there is a non-linear quality to time (time/space), could someone potentially be contacted by an entity from another density that is presently incarnate in this space/time? Your thoughts or channeling material that you can point me to are of interest.”

And I’m assuming what they mean from another density is essentially meaning from the future of somebody who is incarnated in third density right now. So, Jim what do you think?

Well, I think it’s quite possible. I have no idea exactly how it happens, but we have some evidence in the Ra contact where, well, for example, our Higher Self, as Ra said, is moving towards us from a position in what we would call the future to help us, to protect us, to give us information, to guide us and so forth. So, that’s kind of an analogy there.

But even better is what Ra said about entities from the octave before this octave and the octave after this octave have contacted them. Now, the before part, ummm, I can kind of grasp that, but the after part? They’re already existing somewhere, and it is not here yet? So, yeah, mind-boggling as it is, I think what Engs is suggesting is probably quite possible and probably happens all the time. How about you, Gary, what do you think?

Yeah, nothing much more to add except that it’s a fun thought exercise that probably a lot of people have done when they reach a certain point in their life. They look back and they see a younger version of themselves in their mind, a younger version that they know has some struggle ahead of them, so they send a little thought capsule, a little imaginary message in a bottle back to that earlier self and tell that younger self, you know, to stick through it, it’s going to get better or take this road and not that road or something.

But, there are limitations to our experience that preclude us seemingly from being able to actually get that message through. I think those limitations persist up to the point of mid-sixth density when it becomes available for the Higher Self to become created, and somehow the door opens such that the Higher Self can move seemingly backwards in time to us if it is called upon and invoked.

So, yeah, it’s very imaginative exercise for me. How about you, Austin?

What you said about thinking about your past self made me think of a quote that I have read recently. It goes something like, “your future self is watching you right now, just like you can watch your past self.” And I think that’s a really cool thing to think about, but not necessarily exactly what Engs is referencing. I think Engs is wanting more concrete examples.


It’s hard to say exactly what the strictures of time really are though because while it does seem like there is a non-linear quality of time in time/space, Ra also says that time/space is as complex and complete a system of illusions, dances, and patterns as is space/time, and has a structured system of what you may call natural laws.

So, if we look at ourselves as being able to freely move about in our space/time and make that equivalent for freely moving throughout time/space, we can see that there might be some kind of limitations on our movements in time, just like we have limitations in our movement in space. We can move about space and potentially travel to the other end of the universe, but it’s very impractical. Most of us normally only travel a few miles most days of our lives. Many people never even travel to the other side of the planet and leaving this planet is something that only a very few exceptional people have done before. So, we might have access to all of space within our space/time, but we don’t have access to all of it.

Maybe it’s similar in time/space where maybe once we evolve more, we have access to more, but we might be limited in the amount of time we’re able to access in time/space. We might only be limited to the incarnations we have experienced, and maybe a little bit into the future or something. It’s all just speculation, so I really don’t know. But the only instance that Ra talked about this sort of thing happening is what Jim referenced in the Higher Self basically being a future aspect of our self that we can interact with in the present. But it’s just such a hard thing for us to even consider that we can’t really say anything for sure. I don’t of any other sort of channeling to point you to, Engs, to learn more about it. I’d say it’s probably just a really fun thing to contemplate.

That’s all I have. Any more thoughts?

One more little thought. Gary mentioned the mind/body/spirit complex totality that helps to create the Higher Self, which communicates with the mind/body/spirit complex in third density. Ra said they’re all the same being on a circle of being.

Yeah, three points on a circle.

So, that’s it.

Yeah, it’s hard to even think about. How about you, Gary?

No, I just want to say that that was an excellent illustration the way you related travel in space/time to the way it may work in time/space. But, that’s all for me. Thanks, Engs.

Thank you for that. Jim, any final words for our listeners?

We thank you so much for listening first of all and we thank you for sending in questions. We thank you for being there, we thank you for loving us and we hope you will be aware that we love you very much. So, let’s all love each other and help bring each other home.

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