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Once again, I am Gary Bean and we are embarking on a new episode of L/L Research’s weekly podcast, In the Now. Austin and Jim are you guys on board?

On board and ready.

Ready to go.

Let’s get the ship in the water then. We have a series of questions from Lily, a friend and excellent questioner who really does challenge us. Lily prefaces her four questions by saying:

“Intelligent Energy, Intelligent Infinity, and the gateway to Intelligent Infinity are a few important basic concepts (or building blocks) in Ra’s teaching.”

The first of her four questions is:

“Are these concepts unique, or are there similar concepts in other spiritual teachings?”

Jim, what do you think?

Well, I think Christianity is probably the most obvious one since we’re all raised in it. In the Bible, Jesus says, “I and the Father are One.” I think that God or the Creator is probably in this instance the equivalent of Intelligent Infinity. Jesus—the one who was born into the world, the world of mortal flesh and who moves about here at the behest and in the representation of the Father who sent him—would be the equivalent of Intelligent Energy.

Through Jesus’ wanderings from about the time that he was thirteen until twenty-five apparently went to many different places in the Middle East and Far East and learned the various types of teachings they had to offer there, which he was able to synthesize to such an extent that he was able to make contact with what we would call God or the Father within. He was able to make that manifest in his life so that really it was the Father that lived through him.

So, I think Christianity is probably the most obvious one that I know of. Austin, how about you, what do you know about?

That is an interesting correlation. I took a bit more of a direct approach in the terminology. Ra, throughout the material several times referred to Intelligent Infinity also as Infinite Intelligence, which is a spiritual concept that does exist outside of the Ra material from the New Thought movement, which is something that developed in the nineteenth century. It is basically what has influenced the New Age community today.

So, you see this term being used among a lot of different schools of thought and teachings within the New Age community. I know that I’ve seen it from the Spiritualist group at Camp Chesterfield that Gary and I visited once. They use the term Infinite Intelligence to describe essentially God or the Creator, but in a broader sense than you might look at in a literal interpretation of religion. So, yes, the term is used outside of the Ra material and means almost the same thing. Though I think Ra mostly used it in a more specific way.

Regarding the Gateway to Intelligent Infinity, Ra talks about the indigo ray energy center being this gateway. There’s an obvious deep connection between the Hindu tradition of the chakras and Ra’s own teachings of energy centers, though there are some differences between these teachings. But in the Hindu tradition, the indigo chakra is basically the “third eye” chakra, meaning that while our two eyes see in the physical world, our third eye reveals insights about the deeper universe. In the Hindu tradition, it is believed that spiritual energy from the environment enters the body through this chakra, which I think is very similar to what Ra said, especially in #39.10:

“The indigo ray, though precious, is that ray worked upon only by the adept, as you would call it. It is the gateway to intelligent infinity bringing intelligent energy through. This is the energy center worked upon in those teachings considered inner, hidden, and occult, for this ray is that which is infinite in its possibilities. As you are aware, those who heal, teach, and work for the Creator in any way which may be seen to be both radiant and balanced are those activities which are indigo ray.”

So, that is for Intelligent Infinity and Gateway to Intelligent Infinity. As for Intelligent Energy, I’m not sure I really understand any of this enough to comment on that. But I do think it is probably similar to what you hear about when you think about chi or Reiki energy or stuff like that. I’m pretty sure there’s a pretty deep connection between Intelligent Energy and those types of things. How about you, Gary?

Fantastic answers on both your accounts—especially the Jesus and the Father being symbols of or Christian representations of Intelligent Infinity and Intelligent Energy. That makes a lot of sense. This is one question where, as with past questions, I feel like I’m going to fall very short because I just don’t, unfortunately, despite my years of spiritual seeking, don’t have a really encyclopedic understanding of the existing world’s wisdoms and traditions. Of course, like many Law of One students, I have expanded beyond the boundaries of the Law of One system itself, but it doesn’t always stick so well in my head. This is definitely one area where I wish I wasn’t so weak in.

But, as with many other Law of One students, I have stumbled upon a lot of correlations between what the Law of One says about reality and truth and experience, and what other more seemingly terrestrial wisdom traditions have posited about the spiritual evolutionary path. If you want to look to somebody who in one source may help to find some correlations for you, I’d recommend Ken Wilbur because he is as close to a human encyclopedia as it gets in terms of understanding our systems of philosophy, spirituality, and religion.

Regarding Intelligent Energy, though a little bit off of what Austin said, Ra draws upon one term in our existing vocabulary for describing Intelligent Energy and that word is prana. They use the word ‘prana’ several times throughout the text. Specifically in #56.3 where they say:

“…spiraling prana, as some have called this all-present, primal distortion of the One Infinite Creator.”

They use it in connection to the upward spiraling light, which I have always assumed is Intelligent Energy manifesting. But I think Intelligent Energy, like Austin was getting at, can be called Chi or Ki or the life-force. Whether it’s martial arts or Hindu disciplines, you might say that these practices can quiet the mind and tap into that subtle vibratory and all-pervasive present energy, which means that they are probably, I would think, working with what Ra calls Intelligent Energy.

The experience of Intelligent Infinity put into other conceptual and contextual terms might be likened unto the void or emptiness or choiceless awareness or various grades of enlightenment, Samadhi, kensho, nirvana, etc. There is a plethora of terms out there. I think many of them, especially the higher reaches of the enlightenment experience, are describing contact with and experience of Intelligent Infinity Itself. And in terms of the Gateway, I’m sure that—especially within the Hindu and Buddhist systems—there are descriptions of thresholds and crossings. But unfortunately, I have little personal familiarity.

That about wraps my answer up. Jim or Austin, you have anything further to offer?

Not in that area.

Nope, I don’t think so.

All right, moving on. Lily’s next question is:

“Are there similar concepts in science?”

I’ll take this one first because unfortunately, I have no idea. So, that will be the sum of my reply. I’ll turn it over now to see what Jim has.

Ditto. Yeah, you’d have to study for quite a while. I’m sure there’s somewhere in the concepts of science, I mean, I guess even a, probably more likely in Larsonian physics, where Larsen is talking about the space/time and time/space. He’s got those concepts in there pretty well, not that they’re that much related to Intelligent Energy and Intelligent Infinity. But he does posit three dimensions of time and three dimensions of space and Don thought that that was the correct concept to look at our universe by. And again, I don’t see anything there that’s really cogent here, so Austin, help us out.

I wish I had a great answer. I don’t know about any sort of specific correlations where I don’t think sciences would actually come close to grasping the ideas of Intelligent Infinity or Intelligent Energy. That sort of stuff seems to be outside of the acceptance of the scientific community right now. So, the best I can do to answer this question is to talk about how Ra correlated Intelligent Infinity and Intelligent Energy as being the potential and the kinetic of unity because potential energy and kinetic energy are rather core concepts in physics. The short description is simply that potential is the stored energy of something based on its position or its arrangement.

Let’s take gravity into account. You could say that if you have a boulder at the top of a hill, then its potential is the amount of energy it would release by rolling it down the hill. The kinetic energy would be actually rolling it down the hill and the boulder in motion releasing that energy. Another example might be something like a spring. A compressed spring has a potential of the energy that will be released when it is uncompressed. Then, as the spring is uncompressed, kinetic energy of that spring is released.

Ra says that Intelligent Infinity is the potential of unity and Intelligent Energy is the kinetic of unity. So you can sort of see in that correlation Intelligent Infinity being the stillness of the Creator that has the potential for movement, whereas the kinetic is the actual movement from that stillness. That is the closest I can do to connecting it to science. I think Ra uses those terms because of that connection in physics. I think they’re very basic and I’m sure Don would have had those on the forefront of his mind.

Good job.

And that’s all I can do.

Good job, Austin.

Yeah, you were our last hope, and you came through.


I think that’s at least a two-base hit. It occurred to me while listening to you that in relation to her previous question about similar concepts that exist between the Ra contact and other spiritual teachings, I think Intelligent Energy makes an appearance in another universe. One that is in a galaxy far, far away.


I’m referring to the Force in the mythology of Star Wars. I think the Force could probably be likened unto Intelligent Energy possessing, as it does, a dark side and a light side. It is the basic life energy that is available for use by the citizens of that world in somewhat magical, extraordinary, or paranormal ways.

Yeah. As Obi Wan Kenobi said:

“The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It is an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us—it binds the galaxy together.”

I think that’s pretty similar to Ra talking about Intelligent Energy.

I have a feeling that you did not need to look that up. [Laughter]

I actually did. I knew the quote, but I had to get the right wording.

You probably could have gotten really close. Austin is our Star Wars resident expert here.

So, moving on to question number three, Lily writes:

“Other than creating lifeforms (by Atlantean race for instance), healing, channeling, and performing magic rituals, what are other more ordinary examples of accessing them at will?”

And by them, she means Intelligent Energy, Intelligent Infinity and so forth. Austin, what do you think?

Well, that’s a really good question. I wish I had a better grasp on these concepts, but one thing that I do think is correlated to channeling Intelligent Energy is tapping into deep creative inspiration. Many artists and creators talk about having a source of inspiration that seems like it is beyond themselves—like they are tapping into something universal. I think that this is a manifestation of Intelligent Energy in a way and that they are opening the Gateway to Intelligent Infinity to access that. I wouldn’t say necessarily that all people who create art are accessing that Gateway. But I do feel like there are some artists who are so deeply inspired and able to present something so universal and moves almost everybody. I think that those artists do tap into this. And I do think that is more common and less miraculous access to that sort of thing.

Jim, how about you?

Well, Ra suggests that when we are able to make contact with either Intelligent Energy, or Intelligent Infinity especially, that there are side effects or basic experiences that come. The most important ones I guess are joy, feeling that unity with all the creation, with the Creator, with every other being and entity everywhere.

I think that one of the things that comes from it as a fruit is a desire of such a person to be of service to others. When the positively-oriented entity is able to make this contact with Intelligent Infinity they immediately want to share it with others. They have the ability at that point, according to Ra, to be harvested, to go on to the fourth density if they wish. They may choose the manner of their entrance into fourth density. But most positive entities decide that they want to come back and share because this is something that, you know, it’s that pearl of great price, it’s that living water, it’s that meat of which you know not that nourishes us in ways we cannot imagine, that they just want to be of service to others. So that is an immediate outgrowth I think.

There’s also the protection that comes. The Creator seems to live within us then, lives our life for us, and moves in front of us to make the crooked places straight and to remove obstacles that might be in our way so that we are able to carry out the will of the Creator because we no longer have a will that we would think would be any more important than the Creator’s will. We now have a purpose in our lives that we can go forward in service to others.

I think that those are the real foundation stones that come from making this contact. Ra talks also about, you know, being able to channel the healing energies that would go with the heart chakra, the inspiration and information with the throat, and then the indigo ray would channel Intelligent Energy in ways that are of a magical nature where we are exploring the nature of our being, our being as the One Creator.

How about you, Gary, what do you think?

That was an excellent description. Lily uses the word ordinary, which really made it helpful, or at least it’s an interesting distinction to make when talking about this question because things can be done that are very, by our consensus reality standard, non-ordinary when working with Intelligent Energy. One can use Intelligent Energy to build, destroy, teach, learn, perhaps and even travel in very non-ordinary ways that might startle others, you could say. But at the same time, she asks what are more ordinary examples. ’m sure that all those activities could be done with Intelligent Energy guised, under the guise of more ordinary building, destroying, teaching, learning, travelling activities.

I’m not too sure, but a couple more activities springing from or utilizing Intelligent Energy that perhaps are more ordinary are loving. I think if one has fully unblocked, activated, and maximized the heart chakra—and through disciplines of the personality has moved up through blue and opened the gateway of indigo so that Intelligent Energy is streaming—there would be a very purified and balanced love coming from that individual that is balanced with wisdom and would reflect itself as a radiance of being that would be palpable to those in proximity to that entity. So, there could be some ways that Intelligent Energy is used and manifested.

I think radiance of being is probably the most telling. Whatever the activity of the entity, whether they are working at a typewriter or cleaning toilets or doing some miraculous thing like walking on water, I think they will radiate and that will be perceptible to most people, at least those who aren’t too immune or armored against light.

And to the Intelligent Infinity part of the question, mine is definitely connected with Jim’s. I agree with what he said how those who connect or experience or contact it have an experience in wanting to share it with others and serve others, and the Creator makes the crooked ways straight and opens doors that were previously closed and so forth. Ra describes this in #15.7 when they say:

“ There is but one service. The Law is One. The offering of self to Creator is the greatest service—the unity, the fountainhead. The entity who seeks the One Creator is with infinite intelligence. From this seeking, from this offering, a great multiplicity of opportunities will evolve depending upon the mind/body/spirit complex’s distortions with regard to the various illusory aspects, or energy centers, of the various complexes of your illusion.

Thus, some become healers, some workers, some teachers, and so forth.“

I think true and substantial contact with Intelligent Infinity results in a transformation and a resurrection—a death of the old, limited material, mortal, earth-bound personality, and the opening to the Creator that renders the personality transparent. In that resurrection or transformation, a new self is risen and is born. Then according to the particular talents and energy configuration of that individual, they become instruments for the Creator and serve in that particular capacity. Like Ra says, some go forth as healers or workers or teachers, whatever may be unique to that individual or whatever they can see can fill or need they can respond to. Because as Ra describes, love and light goes where it is needed, and is not necessarily planned before times. So, if there’s a particular need that somebody can respond to, then they do.

One example that occurs to me is a lady who went by the moniker “Peace Pilgrim.” I read most of her biography and she describes this progression over the years and decades of her spiritual walk. It’s oscillation between what you might call material desires or egoic desires even and her surrendering to this greater self until finally there was this final transformation whereby she gave herself completely. To me, it is a living manifestation and description of what I just read in #15.7. And upon having this transformation or resurrection, her particular service was to be this sort of emblem or icon or representation or voice of peace in the world. To convey this message to others, she walked back and forth on her own two feet in, I think, her sixties from coast to coast across the country accumulating literally thousands of miles on her feet. She had just a few material possessions and wore a shirt onto which was stitched, I think her name, “Peace pilgrim.” She was keeping track of her miles, but eventually gave up. She would speak to anyone and everyone about peace and essentially the greater nature of reality, how we’re all connected, and what’s important and essential and so forth, and encourage and spoke to that world view. To me, she’s an example of someone who had been resurrected or transformed and had achieved what Jim described as the pearl of great price.

On that point, the pearl of great price, Jim, maybe you would know. I recall a story from maybe a parable or something Jesus said to the extent that he described some kind of treasure, that if you were aware of it, you would give up everything, everything you owned, and you would throw yourself into its pursuit. Does that make sense or ring a bell?

Well, basically his message wherever he went was that the things of this world that people think are important are not important, and that when you move yourself in your thinking and your being beyond this world, you are storing up treasures in heaven basically, which are what are really important and what will grant you everlasting life. Whereas your life here in this world is limited.

Yeah, that’s it. There’s something specific stuck in my brain whereby I thought he said that if you were but aware of this, you know, what Jesus had experienced, then you would kind of give up everything. But that concludes my reply to that question. You guys have anything more?

Nope, not on that one.

Just, I don’t know if it’s actually a reply to that question, but I have a small note about ordinary, everyday examples of Intelligent Energy. Ra did use the term or did say that Intelligent Energy is that which governs the rhythms that our universe, that we might call natural laws, I think, and they said that animates our illusion. Then they gave physical evolution as one example, which they equated to Intelligent Energy. While that is not necessarily a human manifesting Intelligent Energy, it is an example of how Intelligent Energy works in our universe that you might see in everyday ways.

That’s a really helpful point and it connects to a thought I’ve had about orthodox mainstream science, which recognizes evolution. I mean, they can look at the fossil record and the strata on earth and see evolution from simple cell organisms, to increasingly more intelligent and aware organisms, all the way up to what they recognize as the apex of evolution, which is the human being. But they see it all as this process of random mutation and natural selection and mutated beings being more adapted to their environment, and thus succeeding over those who didn’t get the mutation, and so forth. Why they don’t recognize some intelligence behind the scenes or some intelligent driving force guiding or pushing or driving the upward-moving evolution of species and life forms—though it seems so logical—I don’t know because I’m not a scientist.

According to Ken Wilbur, who has a degree in biology and is generally right about these sorts of things, Darwin’s original theory of evolution included an aspect of evolution adapting to the environment not just through random mutations, but through some sort of sensing of the environment. And so, adaptations would present themselves that were more suitable to the environment, rather than as a random mutation just randomly being more suitable and getting chosen. That is a theory that the scientific community has moved away from in what they call neo-Darwinism instead of Darwinism.

Now, I’ve tried looking this up and reading about it outside from Ken Wilbur, but I can’t necessarily find the same correlations that he found. But so far as I understand it, Darwin’s original theory was closer to what you are talking about. I don’t know if the scientific community felt like there’s evidence to support moving away from that, or if they just don’t like the idea of there being a more mystical component to something they feel should just be dead matter interacting randomly. Could be one or the other I think. But Darwin did feel like that, I believe.

Yeah, because that’s really interesting to hear—I had no idea. It sort of upsets the apple cart in placing consciousness as primary, or at least positing an intelligence that is greater than the brain or physical matter itself. Whereas orthodox science today, so far as I understand, sees consciousness as being derivative or rising from matter, rather than the reverse.

Right, yeah. Ken Wilbur says that the scientific community is 98% right about evolution, which leaves 2% that they don’t have right.

Kind of an important 2%. All right, number four from and her final one. We’re at thirty minutes, but it’s Lily’s last question so, I say we knock it out if you guys are on board.



All right. Lily asks:

“Do we use Intelligent Infinity or Intelligent Energy unconsciously on a daily basis?” How about Jim—you want to go first?

Okay. Yeah, I think we use it consistently and all the time on a daily basis, both consciously and most especially subconsciously. I think that the Creator that is within us is always there to help inspire us and to guide us and to love us and comfort us. And that this basic, very basic level support is something that we don’t really think of consciously most of the time. But because it’s there, we are able to go forward with some sort of confidence that there is a reason for what we’re doing—a way for us to accomplish what we want to accomplish.

I think that also another way that the Creator is expressed with us is what was mentioned before about the prana or the Intelligent Energy that is the gift of our sun body, which is a Logos, and which comes to us every day through our feet and our lower chakras. It’s kind of like the rejuvenating electrical work that a battery would need to be recharged every day. It gives us this life-giving energy that we wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go, and again ready to experience the catalyst of the day. The catalyst is what brings us our lessons. If we’re willing to look at the catalyst that comes basically through the subconscious mind, that then the conscious mind can begin to try to make sense of it and see what might be learned there in the way of practical or spiritual lessons. If we continue to work on the catalyst, we continue to move further and further along the evolutionary journey.

So, I think that what begins as a very subconscious action or process, we partake more and more consciously in it. It becomes more responsive to our efforts and takes on momentum so that we begin to learn more and more effectively and even more quickly to discover that Creator that lies within us is really us and that we are on a journey to become one with the Creator.

How about you, Austin, what do you think?

I don’t think I can follow that answer. That was really good. I think the only thought I have to add to that is similar to the idea of us having unconscious access to this energy that is offered to us. Something else that the Logos offers to us is the archetypal mind, which I think is also a configuration of Intelligent Energy. As Ra was saying, Intelligent Energy is that which animates our experience and regulates the rhythms and flows of the universe.

I think the archetypal mind is a result or a type of configuration of Intelligent Energy that we experience through mostly an unconscious level. It is working with archetypes and bringing them to the conscious mind that allows us to fully understand the unconscious aspects of our reality, and use them in a conscious manner.

So, yeah, unconscious mind is present whether we’re aware of it or not and is always influencing the way we experience things—the way we learn and the way we transform. I think that is an example of Intelligent Energy at work in an unconscious way. But I don’t have anything else to add besides that.

How about you, Gary?

As always, good answers, Jim and Austin. I don’t blow smoke up the rear orifice when I say that. I hadn’t considered what Jim described about the daily experience itself as an experience of or manifestation of Intelligent Energy as it enters in through our base chakra, through our feet, and then filter, block or allow it to move through us and color in various ways, and so forth.

If you consider that the entire manifest creation—even things that are invisible to us, but are still a part of the manifest creation, that which moves through the seven densities and the physical and the metaphysical world—is built of Intelligent Energy. Intelligent Energy is the substance and the material. Even light itself is one primal or foundational manifestation of Intelligent Energy, which means that even our thoughts and emotions are somehow forms of Intelligent Energy, as well as our life energy and our physical bodies.

In terms of how we might use it on a daily basis—I don’t know how proper it is to say, but if we use electricity or anything on the electromagnetic spectrum (UV, microwave, infrared, sunlight), when we burn coal for power or fuel; when we combine ingredients into a dinner recipe; when we irrigate our farm fields or manufacture steel—it seems to make sense to say that we are using Intelligent Energy that is stepped down into one of its infinite manifestations of form in order to modify the material illusion, which is also made of more Intelligent Energy. It is continued in its many, many forms. Perhaps splitting the atom as happens in the nuclear process is an unlocking of Intelligent Energy from within the atom itself. However, it is for he or she who through the disciplines of the personality, opens the indigo ray that Intelligent Energy can be accessed and worked with directly in a form that is not contained and stepped down or diluted is an interesting word you might use in for the form of say, coal or gasoline, but is worked with directly in order to create changes in consciousness and changes in the illusion.

And on a final point regarding how Intelligent Energy is contained or nested in all manifested material, Don asked Ra how the blocks of the pyramid were moved in #3.8 and Ra says:

“The energy is, though finite, quite large compared to the understanding of your peoples. This is an obvious point well known to your peoples, but little considered.”

So, you’ve probably heard in new science material how a drop of the ocean could power an entire city if that energy contained within it could be but unleashed and harnessed. I think, I suppose that that is Intelligent Energy that they’re describing. It’s not quite infinite, as Ra says, it is finite, but I mean, it’s compared to our conventional energies, even our clean energies on this planet, it is quite large, as Ra says. And they go on to describe how this energy is intelligent and hierarchical and how it is ascendingly intelligent, rather and how each atom contains this and if you could speak to that intelligence then it’s lower or outer forms of finite physical manifestation can be manipulated and that’s how the blocks were created and moved. They talk about it in greater detail in 3.8, but yeah, that’s what I think.

You guys have any further Intelligent Energy to share?

Nope. That was pretty excellent.

Yeah, good job, Gary.

All right. Well, that takes us to the limit of the show. Jim, do you have anything say to the listeners?

We really appreciate you all listening to us and sending in your questions and sending us your love and I’m sure you can see that the bottom line here is love. So, take this love and go out into the world, share it with others, make it a seed, grow it, plant it, see the Creator everywhere and help bring each other home.

The world needs it so badly. You’ve been listening to L/L Research’s weekly podcast, In the Now. If you’ve enjoyed the show, please visit our websites, llresearch.org and Bring4th.org. Thanks so much for listening and a special thank you to those who submitted questions.

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