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Again, I am Gary Bean and we are embarking on a new episode of L/L Research’s bi-weekly podcast, In the Now.

Jim and Austin, are you there and ready?

Both of those things.

I am ready to go.

So, our question this week was sent in by me. Actually, we’re not going to tackle a reader question. Instead, we get so much email from readers who write us and say, I am just so amazed that you guys seem to have mastered life, you have no issues or challenges or problems and you’re just, you’re perfect and how can I be perfect like that?

Actually, no one has ever said anything remotely close to that.

I was going to say, you’re not forwarding those emails along.

I hog them all for myself. So, in today’s episode we’ll make a departure from responding to a reader question and instead work on a question that I will pose this question to the group, which is this:

What do you struggle with? Because obviously we are living in third density and none of the three of us is free from challenges or blockages or difficulties or faultiness in perception or however you may want to perceive it.

I know as I started to work on my own reply, I came up with a list of things. So, let’s make it a little bit more personal to get us out of the abstract a little bit and talk about ourselves.

So, let’s start with Austin. What do you struggle with?

I struggle with going first.

Cop out!

I didn’t prepare an answer because I actually struggled with answering this question, too. It’s difficult for me to and I struggle with thinking about how I’m coming off when I talk about myself. It’s really hard to talk about myself in certain ways because I’m always questioning whether people think that I’m being self-absorbed or if they’re seeing some sort of flaw or some sort of something that I’m covering up when I talk about my problems. I worry that they’ll think, “Oh, he’s just being self-deprecating cause he’s actually super proud and he just doesn’t want to show it.”

One of my struggles is being too cautious and caring too much about how other people might see me. That bleeds out into a lot of places in my life where I could give some examples.

One is my job. People may know that I have sort of a unique job. What you might not know is that I don’t really share that with people who aren’t already involved or know about L/L Research, with because I’m so worried that people are going to judge me and call me crazy for having a job where we claim to talk to aliens, share this information and other spiritual information that supposedly comes from these higher-dimensional beings.

I think that some of that is of valid concern because there are certainly some people out there who would judge me for it. I have friends who I think would probably think less of me for not only believing in such a thing, but to dedicating my life to such a thing. But the fact that I care so much about what they think of me to the point where I don’t even share with them what I do is something that I struggle with a lot. That’s probably one of my biggest struggles and that’s not just limited to my job. It’s a lot of things.

I don’t share a lot of my interests just because I’m worried about seeming self-absorbed. An example is I recently started a website that I haven’t really told anyone about because I don’t want to seem like I’m self-promoting myself. So, I’m just writing on this website and the only person that’s really reading it is me and like two other people that have randomly found it. None of my friends know where it is or what it is unless they’ve asked about it proactively. I haven’t tried to promote it because I’m just worried about how I come off if I do that.

So, there are plenty of struggles that I could keep going with, but I struggle a lot with over-thinking how I come off to other people. It’s been a pretty big struggle in my life.

I have plenty more to talk about, but I’ll pass it back to you, Gary.

Don’t think you’ve gotten out of it quite yet. All right. Jim, how about you, what do you struggle with in this life?

Well, since Carla’s passing over almost two-and-a-half years ago, I’ve struggled with the fact that she’s not here and that’s been very difficult. Oddly enough, it’s also made me miss Don more than I ever did when Carla was here. It’s like I’m missing my three-ness, you know, we three.

I think back to the times when we were together doing the Ra contact over at Waterson Trail house and I think of how beautiful that was and how amazing it was and I think how in the world was I ever part of that? Was I part of that? Was that real? And then I come back to remembering how it was after Don was gone and how Carla and I carried on here in this house and it had its own magic and it had a beauty to it and I finally learned how to become a mate and we learned all kinds of things in the last few years of her life when she was confined to a hospital bed and then she passed on.

Since then, a really good thing happened after she passed on was that I felt very inspired to move forward with my spiritual journey. It was just like something went off inside of me that was a passion that I’d never known before. That is the saving grace because without that passion to seek and to serve and to learn and to become one with the Father, I wouldn’t want to be here, quite honestly. Because the world without Carla has only got two dimensions and it’s hard. But like I said, there is a saving grace.

I feel extremely fortunate to have this passion inside of me that has carried me these last two-and-a-half years and it must be part of the reason why I’m still here because I don’t know why I’m still here, if not that. So, that’s what I’m struggling with and the way I handle it mostly is to follow that passion, you know. I keep myself busy from the moment I wake up in the morning to the moment I go to bed at night. I don’t ever sit around doing nothing. I think that keeping busy has really been helpful in, I guess, basically keeping me from thinking about Carla so much. Because when I think about her, it hasn’t changed in the intensity of the sorrow and the grief, but there is the balance of the joy of seeking.

So, that’s the most important thing I deal with.

Thank you for the open and vulnerable sharing, Jim. Not only was your love for Carla great, but your entire life was built around and oriented toward her care. You were conscious of that caring for your loved one was the one reason for living. Not only is this source of love gone, but also the reason that kept you going for so many years is gone, too. Now you’ve had to find new reason, which I’ve talked about this before. It’s a good opportunity to reflect now if I may.


Since Carla’s passing, you have been an absolute joy to know. I’ve known you for 15 years now—2002 to 2015, thirteen years when Carla was here, and I’ve known you since Carla’s passing over two years now. And this you is so much more full of joy of life. You seem so much lighter and you’re so much more open to social energies. You put so much more care into things. You’re less busy, you’re less hurried, and you honor relationships more. All that has radiated to me and Austin and we are definitely not the only ones who have noticed that. It hurts the heart to know that there’s an underlying sorrow that motivates this and a sense of loss and limitation. But from an outsider’s perspective, you take that sorrow and refine it into the gold of spiritual understanding and that comes as a service to others, too.

I don’t want to make it sound like I’m down, you know. I mean that when I think about Carla, I’m down, but I feel very blessed. I mean, I feel like one of the most blessed persons on the planet, along with the grief. I mean it’s really balanced—there is a balance here.

Yeah, you don’t go about your day in a dour mood whatsoever, but at this nexus in our sharing, you’re sharing from that place of sorrow. And your gratitude is expressed every day.

I think you’ve been much more of a teacher to me since Carla’s passing, than before. I mean, I always looked up to you and Carla as models in certain respects, but you seem so much more dedicated in your spirituality and you’ve allowed a lot of what might be considered distraction to fall away. Your focus is as pure as it’s ever been. Your struggle is a path you walk by yourself, but not entirely alone. You affect others in your struggle.

I have not known that loss or limitation, but it queued up a somewhat related struggle for me that I hadn’t had on my list, which is the struggle with planet earth. I think, too, that I would not want to be here if I did not have perspective or if I did not have loved ones first and foremost, and then perspective. For instance, a perspective such as is offered by the Confederation, especially in describing a new world being born. If I had no sense of a fourth density or the possibility that humans could build a better world, and instead I just looked out at the planet as it is and saw its cruelty and ignorance and backwardness, I think I would just sink. I would drown in the ocean and think this place is hopeless. We’re on a trajectory towards self-annihilation or enslavement, whatever the case may be. That’s one of my struggles. I’ll dig into a couple more and keep the circle going and turn back to Austin.

One of the things I struggle with is a blue-ray blockage. Ra describes a fully active and open blue ray as one that can accept communication from other people. I have resistance there in terms of having a more limited range of what I can accept when it comes to communication because communication is so important to me. It’s one of the things I value most in my adult life—clear communication especially.

I’ve been working on refining my own communication, primarily through writing. I can be an idiot when I speak. But throughout my adult life, I immediately feel my energy start shielding and I shut down when I’m faced with an other self who is interested only in monologuing and doesn’t really need your participation in the process. People who just want to speak and take energy from you need attention, which really gets to me and I don’t want to give that person attention.

You know, I try to exercise empathy and understanding about where they’re coming from, what their narrative is, and what their context is, but I nevertheless have these knee-jerk reactions. Of people who speak disjointedly and speak in fragments and aren’t getting what they’re saying across, I have a hard time with because I want them to be clear.

I also struggle with communication with my wife. I respond to the words that she’s saying often or what I think she’s saying to the internal logic of what she’s sharing and it just gets us tangled. I wish I could listen to the emotion underneath which is saying, “I’m hurt” or “There’s something wrong” or “I’m in pain” and so forth, and respond on that level, instead of listening to her actual words, which gets us into deeper conflicts. These conflicts get escalated and we get tangled up into our brambles. I think that connects to the classic men/women dynamic generally, or at least the principles of masculine/feminine and being more left-brain versus right or emotional versus logical.

I don’t know, that’s very generalized, of course. But, I have other things that I struggle with, but how about Austin. You got something else you’d like to share about your path?

It seems that we’re going on this theme of communication. You talked about communication as it is mostly understood and mostly expressed, but I have been contemplating communication in the sense of when we become more conscious of the sorts of gestures and the ways we interact—not just the words we’re saying or the method we’re using to communicate—but also just how we come off to people when we do something and how we and when we become conscious of how we’re affecting other people in the way that we do something. This links to my previous answer.

I think that I also have a blockage—not just in how I shared in that first answer—but in some very basic human interactions. There is a blockage inside of me that can really be detrimental to my relationships with people. It used to be a whole lot worse than it is now, but I have worked on it. A very simplified example is sometimes when friends or loved ones says something to me directly in the room, I would hear it and acknowledge it and think about it, but I don’t respond to it because the trigger inside of me to reciprocate something was simply not there. Even if I am consciously aware of there being a need to reciprocate something, it’s like the energy to do so just doesn’t manifest within me. It’s sort of a dissociation where like my conscious mind is aware this should happen and that I need to do this, but then my body just doesn’t move to do it. There’s no energy within me that manifests due to that awareness.

You do have a stone face sometimes.

Yeah, stone face. Sometimes I say I feel like a robot. That’s not necessarily because I don’t feel anything, but it’s just because of the way that I interact with the world is a lot like a robot would. I’m in like an internal process computation sort of thing. But I think tackling that issue is something I struggle with because I am aware of how it affects people and how it affects my relationships. It’s a difficult thing for me to really get at because like I was saying, it’s like the energy just doesn’t even manifest and so bringing myself to address this is almost like an insurmountable mountain. As simple as something seems, it can be just inapproachable sometimes.

So, I struggle not only with trying to deal with that, but also deal with how it affects people and deal with my feelings such as the guilt that comes with that. It’s hard to process that guilt when that motivation just isn’t even there. It’s like the guilt just keeps building because the guilt isn’t even a motivating factor because it doesn’t manifest that energy.

So, I, I have that issue in communication as well, but with the kind of communication that generally deals with reciprocation and gestures and things like that. It’s something I struggle with.

I would love to hear afterward what your experience of MDMA was if you were to ever cross paths with it. I think it would be pretty amazing for you especially.

Jim, would you like to share anything more about your own struggles?

Sure. Returning to the mundane world, I turned 70 this year and for the first time in my life I actually feel older–old. I’ve had osteoarthritis in the joints in my arms and legs for about a little over 30 years and this year it decided to ramp up. I guess it was in celebration of that 70th birthday.

It’s always been my opinion that my arthritis was kind of like a degree of difficulty added on to a normal life that I probably chose so that I would be able to have more of a chance to polarize by dealing with it. And I am dealing with it. Of course, over the years I’ve had a rheumatologist and I’ve taken the pain medication both internal and topical, but I’ve found that the best treatment for the pain is exercise. Just by going out into the yard and working, keeping the joints moving seems to be the thing. If I sit for very long, I’m real slow getting up because that’s the time when it’s called “jelling”. And you know that I love to meditate. But the joints want to hold into position and want to calcify right there, which they sort of do for just a bit.

One of the things the doctor asks you when you go in to get a physical is how long does it take you in the morning when you get out of bed to loosen up your joints. They can kind of tell how you’re going or how you’re doing by how long it takes. So, my back has decided to, for the first time this year, give me problems of being really stiff to the point of it being sore, too. So, I’m dealing with that, too. Also, my right hip has decided to pop in and out of the socket every now and then. That’ll wake you up, you know. It does it mostly when I get in certain positions when I do my stretching exercises. I know that I’m going to have to come out of this real slowly because it’s going to pop.

I’ve got alternative healer named Beatrice who is working on it. She has given me exercises to do and so I’m dealing with it. It’s kind of odd because all my life I’ve had a lot of energy to work with and I’ve never really felt old. But that’s changing now, so I’m dealing with feeling older.

That’s funny. I thought you were more affected by arthritis when doing Jim’s Lawn Service. You seem to have more of that Tin Man effect–Tin Man without oil.


Just freeze up in your chair a little bit more, but…

It’s been progressive since then, too.

Circling back to what Austin started with. He and I have shared quite a few conversations on this topic about being super reluctant to talk about what we do to somebody not familiar with the Law of One. I get the same massive discomfort at the sense that I will be judged or rejected because it’s just too far outside the box. It’s an interesting juxtaposition to Carla and Jim, Carla especially, who had no partition between the public and private portion of her brain. She was just who she was in any company and had no qualms about saying, “Yep, that’s what I do. I’m a channel,” and so forth. Austin and I have speculated that maybe we came into the incarnation with this hold-up as a means to bridge to those people who aren’t fully ready to be out of that closet, so to speak.

Likewise, I have been crippled by perception of what others think about me. I marvel at people who just do not care and can walk outside the door wearing whatever they want, looking however they want, and saying whatever they want because that is not me. It is a background program that is running 24/7. But—and Jim, maybe you can attest to this, too—I have been on a long incremental progress to be more and more free of that.

For instance, take this most recent Homecoming. Homecoming is always a little milestone for me—a yardstick to see how far I’ve come. I did a skit this past Homecoming with one of L/L’s volunteer moderators, Jade. I never could have pulled that off before because it took a little bit of me setting aside my nervousness. But that is a struggle.

Another one of my struggles is a sense of burden and of having so much on my shoulders. Even before my official work with L/L Research, I had this sense of responsibility. I even went to a local intuitive counsellor who had some pretty accurate things to say about me and other people who’ve been to see her in L/L world. One of the first things she said was, “You carry so much responsibility.” I don’t know where it comes from or why, but it makes life so heavy. I constantly have a to-do list in my head and all these tasks are just constellating around me. It’s like all the things that I need to accomplish in this life—ranging from the small things like getting the grass mowed, to the incarnational objectives—are a constant weight on me. I seldom get reprieve or relief from it, except maybe in rare moments.

With that constant weight, I feel like I’m pulling a heavy cart loaded with iron behind me. And yet, I think of a few more tasks that I have to do that seem outside of that. It gets to the point where I just feel myself creaking under the weight like a ship or something that’s taken on too much cargo. I say this with a caveat and disclaimer that I do not have children. When I attempt to—even for a moment—imagine what it would be like to have kids, I just feel like bowing in respect to those who do have children because objectively, everything within my life is very manageable. But subjectively, the projection of it is a lot of heaviness and a sense of responsibility that leads to a lot of fatigue, too.

I get so utterly exhausted mentally, maybe physically, and maybe even spiritually. Sometimes I just feel like my gas tank is literally empty and I’m scraping the metal in it to keep going. Then again, that’s just completely subjective. Relative to what other people endure on this planet, I have very good circumstances. But I’ve got a couple more struggles.

How about we do another one more round? See if you guys have anything more to share.

Jim, how about you?

Well, we’re getting down to the trivial now. My relationship with my cat, Dandelion, has taken on a new life ever since he was gone for a full day last April. I was very concerned about him because the only time that had ever happened before, he came back badly injured. I walked all over the neighborhood. I went to every house, knocked on the door and asked if they had seen him and if I could look around their yards. I didn’t see him anywhere.

Eventually I put up posters all over the trees and telephone poles and did everything I could think of to try to get him back. Throughout the day I eventually came to accept what I thought was the fact that I would never see him again and that I wouldn’t know what happened to him. I even cried a couple of times because you know, I love that cat. I love all my animals. So, at the end of the day I had accepted the fact that I thought was a fact that I would not see him again. But right before I went to bed, just one more time, I decided that I would look out on the front porch, you know, just for the heck of it. And there he was!

I have never come from so low to so high in so short a time. It was like a rocket blast! And since then it’s been very odd. He’s 11 ½ years old so we’ve been together all that time. But it seems to me that since I thought he was gone and he came back in April, it’s become a totally new relationship. I’m so devoted to taking care of that cat and seeing where he is, wondering if he needs food or if he needs to come in. I also try to take care of Chloe, his sister, the same way because she got in bad shape when our third cat passed away. He was yowling and she was driven crazy by it and went upstairs where she was angry, sad, and depressed.

So, my cats are a very big part of my life. I spend a good deal of time taking care of them, which some people would say is probably a little too much time. But I love those little guys and girls and that’s just the way it is. So, that’s what I deal with.

Among the criticism we receive is people saying Jim spends too much time with his cat. We’re like, we know. So, would Dandy be like the prodigal cat? In a way he left and came back and now your love is greater for him.

That’s right, you know, I would say you got it on the nail of the head there.

He was trying to squander his inheritance.

To give Austin a little bit more time, I’ll break in and continue replying to the question on my own. Posture is definitely one I struggle with, but that is neither here nor there.

To get into deeper things, I definitely struggle with the heart and with love. My family background includes a lot of conflict, tension, fighting, arguments. I have family members, especially on one side of my family, who are pro grudge-holders and they treat each other really poorly. And so that’s part of my background milieu. I don’t know whether it comes from my background or if it’s just part of my inherent make-up, or if I developed it, but I’ve got a very argumentative brain. I find myself in imaginary arguments and conflicts with friends and loved ones. But of course, never ever with Jim and Austin.
They’re at the top of my happy list.

This is connected, of course, to blockages in the lower orange or yellow ray. Instead of looking for opportunities to serve or seeing the other self as the Creator, or identifying a moment to shine love—regardless of what the other self is doing—I am stuck in the concepts of what that the other person did or said or fairness or reciprocating, and things like that. This keeps me stuck in only relating to someone from the orange and yellow rays, instead of getting up into the heart. This isn’t to say that I don’t have compassion or that I’m not compassionate to people, or I’m not understanding. It’s just that I often have a knee-jerk reaction to what they say, and it’s often with some resistance. Instead of exercising the understanding that sees where people are coming from, I’m reacting. However, I often have enough wisdom to not express it and to just watch it internally as I give the appropriate reply that is needed instead of just being unconscious and reacting like a bear all the time.

I definitely also struggle with a sense of not living up to my potential. I know there is so much more available to the human in third density from Ra’s reports and from everything that leaps out of me when I read about the path of the mystic. That part of me yearns because I know that with sufficient and sustained focus and disciplined work I could get up into and open up the indigo ray. I could do work on behalf of the Creator as Ra describes—whether it’s healing or communication or just simple radiance of being or whatever it is—I could serve more powerfully and profoundly in this world.

But instead, I live a good life. I do good work in consciousness, but I don’t trek up to the mountaintop. I don’t really embark on the serious quest of the mystic because I distract myself. I seek gratification often on the weekends in the form of drinking and sometimes smoking cigarettes, which is a recurring bane of my existence. Not that those things are inherently negative in and of themselves, or inherently distracting, but my relationship to them is. I’m not meditating as consistently as I’d like to be, either.

I’m sure this sounds like self-berating and self-judgment, but it’s just an analysis of the situation that there are certain things that my heart yearns for and there are certain ways I’m not so actively working toward those things. I get in my own way a bit and if I’m not climbing the mountain then that must mean I don’t want to right now. My being is where it needs to be and it’s manifesting as is appropriate for my particular energy configurations. But nevertheless, it is a struggle. Especially when I look out at the world and see how aflame it is with disharmony, conflict, and brutality. I think I could be doing more.

Again, I think I do good work. But I also think that I could definitely be doing more. I’m often not because I’m seeking my own gratification.

So that wraps up most of my thoughts. I have a quick one I might squeak in before we go. But Austin, you’ve had some time to consider now. What about you?

Well, we’re going to have to do a show where we talk about our strengths to balance this out, I feel like. The list could go on so I would just like to assure the reader that these things, at least for me, are not things that plague my life and make me a miserable person. For the most part, I think I am very happy with my life. But I think that one of the biggest struggles I have might be getting more into the mundane, which is a pretty big barrier. It might be related to the other struggles that I’ve talked about that stem from this desire to just be alone and be by myself always.

It really gets in the way of things like social obligations. It can sometimes, not always, read a little resentment in me for just really minor things. For example, when I am alone at my apartment and just relishing in being alone and then I hear my neighbor above me, there’s part of me that realizes that I’m not actually alone because I’m surrounded by people. It just seems like this world offers you no chance.

It’s an illusion.

Yeah, exactly. This world, this density, this reality that we have come into offers no chance to just be alone for a little bit. But really. I am alone. There’s nothing bugging me at that point except someone walking above me. But it’s just this feeling that I’m stuck, not being able to just have the solitude that I desire. This sort of breeds a resentment that can create an inertia in me to reach out to others and to connect with others because I just want that little bit of alone time that this world will not give me. Even though in all practical means I have plenty of it and I could probably deal with a little more social interaction than I actually have. But, it creates this barrier. It’s some sort of imbalance or blockage in me that I just really like to be by myself and be alone.

That was worth waiting for. Thank you for thinking that one out. So that completes a third round.

I want to respond to something you said and say that I have had a struggle in the opposite of you in a sense of being cut off and wanting to be in community or with others. Nevertheless, different social blockages manifest when in relationship with others. This was especially true as I began my spiritual path, which started at 18 years old.

I drifted away from a whole network of family and friends that now form an old world and an old life to me now and I was so alone. I spent so much time in my bedroom living with my parents, just kind of tucked away and I felt such horrible pain. I felt like I was isolated and that I had been just abandoned. I don’t know if abandoned is the word, but I just felt utterly alone on this planet and wanted to reach out to people. I had people I could call and hang out with, but there was no sense of connection anymore with them. I was just adrift, and it sucked hard.

That pain, I think, is still with me to a smaller degree though. The relationship with Trish, my wife, is the greatest balm to that.

Jim, do you have anything more to share about struggles?

No, I think I’m pretty much struggled out.

Austin, do you have anything more to share about struggles?

No. I mean, there’s plenty more that I could talk about. But I think I touched the main ones.

Well, thank you both. I sprung this question on these guys last night and fortunately, they were both down to do it. I’ve enjoyed this episode. Have you guys?

Yeah, it didn’t turn out to be as, you know, perhaps depressing as I had feared it might be.

It was a good self-therapy session that we’re sharing with the world.

I think you’re right.

Yeah. I felt it was good to externalize my own processes a little bit. I felt I got to know you guys a little bit more as well than I otherwise would have in our day-to-day.

I have one final thought about struggle before Jim says adios. I realize that I struggle with struggling. The circumstances that constitute my life are so favorable and I am so stupid lucky and fortunate to live the life that I do. When I recognize those blessings I sometimes cry about them and—similar to Jim reflecting on his part in the Ra contact and his relationship with Don and Carla—I look back and say is this really happening? Is this really me? Is this a dream?

I know Austin has talked similarly about, you know, reflecting on his own life. So, in other words, it doesn’t have to be as hard as my mind makes it. But god dammit, this planet isn’t—whether it’s the planet or me, I don’t know—so hard sometimes and it doesn’t have to be a struggle. I guess that’s part of growing and realizing that catalyst needn’t necessarily be a struggle. That’s part of maturity.

But, thanks everybody so much for listening. Jim, would you like to say anything to the listeners?

Yeah. We want to thank everybody for listening and the questions you send in and for sending us love. I hope that from this show you’ve gotten the real strong idea that we all have things we struggle with. We’re all human and we’re in this world to go through this struggle. If you look at the struggle as the means by which you can polarize yourself in a positive fashion, the struggle takes on a great deal of value. It’s not just for nothing. It’s not just to put you through the wringer and make you sorry. It’s to help you along a certain path.

Whatever struggles you’ve got is an indication of where it is that you can learn, where you can grow, and where you can polarize and be of service to others. And we will all bring each other home.

You all have a good two weeks or three, whatever it’s going to be.

Well, that was a perfect closing. Thank you so much, Jim.

You’ve been listening to L/L Research’s bi-weekly podcast, In the Now. If you’ve enjoyed the show, please visit our websites, and Thank you so much for listening, for supporting this podcast with your questions. And a special thanks to—this is the part where I thank the person who sent in their question.

To Gary Bean.

I’ll just pat myself on the back right here.

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If you’re current with this episode, it is going to be a few weeks because Austin and I will be out of the office for a little while.

Have a wonderful period of time. We’ll talk with you then.