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Again, I’m Gary and we are about to start a new episode of In the Now. Austin Bridges, Jim McCarty, you’re with us?

I’m here.

I’m ready.

There he is.

Alright, check completed. Now let’s dive into our question, which comes from Austin. I did not put the questioner’s name down.

His name is Leo.

Leo? Oh yes, Leo. I’m sorry, I didn’t remember that this came from you. So, it’s several paragraphs. To begin, Leo writes:

“I am trying to understand the role of the service-to-self path in our Cosmos. It has confused me a bit to note how Ra describes that at high sixth density service-to-self entities flip polarity to service-to-others. In many deep spiritual traditions, all duality is transcended in enlightenment, which is to say that the locus of our identity becomes ever more expansive until it is identified with the Creator itself. The Creator being both its intelligent Infinity, or what in certain Tibetan traditions would probably translate to the ground aspect of awareness or boundless timeless ground of being, and the Creator in its intelligent energy, which would translate into Tibetan traditions to ‘appearance aspect of awareness or the liveliness of awareness.’ So it would seem to me that in our highest state of development in this octave, all paths certainly, and all polarities, would have to be transcended or seen through as well.”

So, that’s the stage that Leo sets, which he follows with his question:

“So it confuses me that it almost seems as though the service-to-others path is framed as ultimately the more true or accurate path or perspective. It sounds as though the service-to-self path is a temporary deviation. But that doesn’t seem to match with the understanding from Ra when they say that both paths to the Creator are legitimate. It also confuses me because a fully dualistic framework of the two paths would seem more elegant than a partially dualistic framework where the service-to-self path is just temporary, if even necessary, deviation.”

We got a lot of rich threads to work with in here. Austin, what do you think about Leo’s questions?

I think that since the service-to-others path is the one that we are on, then it is the true and accurate and best one.

That is the correct answer.

Actually, I have a pretty significant response to this because it is a pretty deep question. So, I’ll see if I can get through it all. The first aspect of his question that I think is important to address is the notion that the service-to-self polarity is flipping to service-to-others in sixth density. I don’t necessarily think that this is an inaccurate statement because I don’t think it takes in the full scope of how Ra describes the polarities as they move into the sixth density.

One of their most telling statements on this comes from their response in #78.25, where they say:

“In sixth density, the density of unity, the positive and negative paths must needs take in each other for all now must be seen as love/light and light/love. This is not difficult for the positive polarity, which sends love and light to all other selves. It is difficult enough for service-to-self polarized entities that at some point the negative polarity is abandoned.”

At another point in the material, Ra does say that the positive/negative polarity is a thing which will at the sixth level become history. So in this regard, Ra seems to be describing both polarities as essentially taking in the other in sixth density, and that this constitutes something like a release of those polarities. So, it’s not necessarily that service-to-self is flipping to service-to-others, but that both polarities are sort of releasing the polarity concept in general.

Leo might describe that from his question to be transcending duality, and the notion that this is easier for the positive path seems to be related to the rest of Leo’s question here. So, he frames the positive path as truer. In a certain sense, I think that this is true, at least as Ra describes it. Ra says that the negative path is based upon an omission and also describes it as “the path which is not.”

The negative polarity relies on potentiating an illusory sense of separation in order to progress through the densities, while the positive polarity relies on potentiating a perceived harmony which is closer to the ultimate reality as we understand it. Basically, the positive path has essentially spent its time in evolving up to six density as trying to recognize the universe as it truly is: in unity, harmony, and love. Even if it is in a distorted sense, positive polarity entities have at least been trying. While, on the other hand, the negative path spends its time essentially gaining its power from denying that.

So in a way, both paths have to release their polarity to realize this deeper truth. But, it is easier for the positive path because it is what they’ve been practicing all along, even though there is still some kind of polarity released. I don’t fully understand that part, but it is released in a way that essentially has been indicative of their path up to this point. The negative polarity, at that point, would have been practicing the opposite and have no experience in taking in the opposite polarity. That to me seems to be why negative entities struggle when they get to this point—they have been going in the opposite direction and potentiating that which is not.

My further thought has to do with the concept of how polarity relates to what Leo calls “transcending duality.” I’ve done a lot of thinking about how duality and non-duality and polarity are related. On the surface, it seems like the concepts of polarity and are correlated, or that they might even be the same thing. Polarity must be a duality since it implies two opposites or a dynamic tension between two things. But if we’re talking about the concept of duality and non-duality and third density, it seems like it has to fit within the framework of polarity. Because in my mind, the very concept of non-duality implies a polarity. On one end of the spectrum of that polarity would be non-duality, and on the other end of that spectrum would be duality.

In a way, I think that this spectrum of non-duality and duality are just a slightly variant perspective on the type of polarization that Ra talks about. One could travel the spectrum in either direction: realizing and acting upon the realization of unity, which would be non-duality, or the positive path, or realizing and acting upon separation or duality or the negative path. A person on the positive path might not directly perceive non-duality, but through either faith or through glimpses of it, they behave as if the universe were one being or One Creator as they try to recognize the One Creator and the unity of all things, whereas the opposite is true for the negative.

I think a true non-dualist would probably disagree with the very notion of placing the concept of non-duality upon a spectrum, which I think might be along the same vein as what Ra was talking about. Once sixth density is reached, the polarity of the spectrum is released. So, a non-dual person who promotes non-dual philosophy or awareness would not want it to be placed on any spectrum at all because it just transcends all sorts of spectrums. I think that’s essentially what is happening in sixth density and what Ra was talking about in the realization that happens in sixth density—realizing that non-duality, this thing that positive beings have been working towards this entire time, actually doesn’t even exist on the spectrum. It incorporates the entire thing.

But up to that point, we have been working with it as if it were on a spectrum—a polarized spectrum. Those are my initial thoughts on Leo’s great question. Back to Gary.

And that is precisely why I don’t talk about polarity and duality at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

It’s a polarizing topic.

And philosophically so intricate and meaty. Thank you, it was a really clarifying reply, Austin. Jim, how would you tackle this one?

Well, let’s see. In my best smorgasbord style, Leo says that he’s not sure about the value or purpose of the negative polarity as being only a short-term type of experience. But, I think you have to realize that it goes all the way through fourth and fifth densities. The fourth density is 30 million years, and the fifth density is 50 million years. These guys are around for a while, so we are going to have to deal with them.

This brings me to another point I wanted to make, which is that most of the religions of the world do not deal with negative polarity. Before the Ra contact, I’d never heard of entities progressing on the negative path. I didn’t even know it was possible. I knew that there were negatively oriented people around, but I thought that they were just kind of screwed up and will eventually see the light or something. I really didn’t think much about them. But now, the negative path was a whole new concept for us that took a while for us to figure out. In fact, one of Don’s questions was, “how do the negative entities progress?” And what Ra had to tell us was, well, they do like you do. They go up in the densities: three, four, and five.

I think that when we’re dealing with the concept of duality, the negative polarity sort of creates a category of its own because their duality is not as functional as our duality is. They create a negative experience where they are looking to control and manipulate. The basic quality that designates the negative path is separation. On this path, negative entities make their very best attempts to pursue a path of, as Ra said, that which is not, because the creation is built upon unity. All things are one. They’re the One Creator, including these negative entities who are fairly well aware that they are the Creator. They just feel like they’re more of the Creator than anyone else and feel that you guys got to get in line and pay tribute because we have more power than you do.

The negative path is one which, as Ra says, has a problem when it comes to the sixth density. And it’s not the latter stages of the sixth density; it’s the very beginning of the sixth density where they have the problem. Ra mentioned in #52.5 at the very last sentence, “As sixth density approaches, the negative orientation is thrown into confusion.” So, it happens right away. They have this problem of confusion. They have the problem that all this love of their self and all this wisdom they have acquired now has to be balanced with a love for others. But, doing this is not really possible for them because their pantries are bare in that particular category.

So what they have to do is to reverse their focus of their self-love by focusing it on the love of others and seeing others as the same as themselves. They have to work on reversing the separateness so that they can get into the concept of unity. In that regard, they have a bit of a struggle, and I have no idea how long this takes. But, they are able to do it apparently because they build the same kind of power that positive entities do. As Ra said, the Law of One blinks neither at the light nor the darkness, but it’s available for service-to-others and service-to-self.

Negative entities create the same power as the positive polarity does. Because they have the same power, they are able to reverse it. They’re wise enough to say, “Well, gang, we have a problem here. Houston, we have a problem. We’re going to have to switch this polarity around if we want to go any further.” And of course, they do because that’s what everybody wants to do. Positive and negative entities all want to go back into unity with the Creator. At least that part of both paths is quite clear to the ones on each path that follow positive or negative polarity.

I came to an interesting observation a couple of months ago that I remarked on in the Camelot Journal, which was that the entire purpose of the creation is so that the One Creator can know itself more intensely with greater variety and greater depth than ever before. And all of us, as we’re traveling through the various densities, make free will choices that aid the Creator in knowing itself better.

Now, think about the whole lot of interesting experiences of domination, control, separation, and so forth that negatively oriented entities go through as they move all the way through whatever part of third density they began in and all the way through fourth density, and all the way through fifth density before finally coming to sixth density where they have to switch their polarities and become positive.

I have a hunch that they’re offering more ways for the Creator to know itself than just the positive because they got both paths to offer. They end up experiencing a whole lot more variety, and probably a whole lot more intensity due the negative separation, domination, and control and power over others. So in that regard, they’re not only equal—they may be exceeding what positive entities are able to do. That’s just my guess because of the possibility of their experiences.

So, those are my thoughts. Gary, how about you? We haven’t heard from you yet.

That’s a really interesting thought about both polarities basically having the same foundational desire to advance, to evolve, to move closer to the Creator, but having diametrically opposed ways as to how to go about that. Either way, they’re both hungry for evolution. I’ve considered the same basic question regarding how to view the two polarities in terms of duality.

Austin and I are designing a really basic diagram to visualize the hierarchy and movement of the entity through the densities in this octave of first through seventh density for an illustration in our upcoming book. In this process, we are presented with a choice. When it comes to fourth and fifth density, there are separate, polarized environments where service-to-self and service-to-others are separate from one another. They inhabit different realities, but exist within the same density. In creating an illustrated diagram for that you can start at the bottom of the page by creating a bubble or a rectangle for first density, and then you can move upward and draw another rectangle for second density. And on it can go in a straight line to seventh density to indicate an ascendancy of one density after the other with the understanding that the diagram not to be interpreted literally.

But with regard to fourth and fifth density, there a couple different ways we could illustrate this part of the diagram. Firstly, is it best to draw arrows at a 45 degree angle from one another, from third density moving upward so that you have fourth density negative to the left and fourth density positive to the right, portrayed as two equal halves of a whole? And then from there, moving straight up to fifth density negative, fifth density positive, and then arrows coming back inwards at a 45 degree angle to meet again and unify in sixth density?

Or, secondly, should we design the diagram so that there’s a straight line moving from first all the way up to seventh density and depict fourth and fifth density as being a type of detour, deviation, or a movement away from that straight line that then comes back to rejoin that straight line in sixth density?

For negative?

For negative, yes. Thanks for the clarification. I think both depictions have value, but we’re not sure which is more accurate, though. We landed on keeping fourth and fifth density depicted as two equal halves of a whole where both paths kind of deviate from this straight line, if you will, and move upward another density before both of them finally converge back into sixth density. But, I don’t know. I think a case could be made for both. But polarity by definition, as Austin was saying, , implies a spectrum—one half of a whole, or one end of a spectrum.

Okay, so let me circle back a minute to the idea supporting the kind of two halves theory. I was just talking about what polarity means by definition. In that case, a service-to-others entity is embracing one path and rejecting another. The service-to-others entity says, “no thank you,” to the service-to-self path. “I have chosen service-to-others.” Conversely, the service-to-self entity says, “no thank you,” to the service-to-others path. Though actually I don’t think that the service-to-self response to service-to-others is so polite. I think a service-to-self entity actually might say something like, “Behold my glory, I am God, and I will destroy you now” – or enslave you, or manipulate you, or just seek to infringe on your free will.

But in support of the theory that service-to-self is as a deviation, one could make the same case as Austin and Jim are making, which is that those of the positive polarity are seeking transcendence of duality in the embrace of all. Even if a service-to-other entity doesn’t choose for themselves a negative path and doesn’t accept the services which are of a negatively oriented nature, they are still attempting to see all things as one. The positive entity understands that he or she is one with the negative entity, but it can’t allow itself to be enslaved by the negative entity. As such, it understandably takes a defensive posture. That positively oriented movement is a movement towards transcendence of duality.

Ultimately, even the negative entities are moving towards the transcendence of duality and will get there eventually. Though, it’s not quite their intention because the negative entity is energizing and actively depending upon duality. With all its willpower, it rejects the unity of all things and chooses to stay in the shadows of illusion.

But as this question is turned over in one’s mind, it gets into the fundamental mother of all paradoxes of the entire creation—the paradox between the one and the many. Are things actually one at all times, or are they many? If they’re many, how can they be one? If there are one, how can it be many? Both truths exist simultaneously. Ra says that the play, the drama, and the journey of the many are an illusion that ultimately dissipates. It’s a fiction, if you will. Negative entities really dig into that fiction and make the best of it, and whole new opportunities are open because of that.

I have a final thought about non-duality. Austin is right that the truth of that term is supposed to point to reality that is wholly beyond all spectrums and all dualities. Of course, as a word, “non-duality” seems to be the opposite of duality. But what it’s ultimately trying to say through the limitation of language is that there is no duality—there is no second or third or fourth. There is nothing other than one. It does so not in a positive affirmational way by saying all is one. Rather, it does it in a negative way by negating any duality or any spectrum.

I find myself just repeating the same words and wanting to say it in a new way. But it is apparently at the sixth density when things become clear. Non-duality also implies that all things are one and are non-dual all along previous densities. All through first density, second density, third density—even when polarities are at war with one another and convinced that they are a service-to-self entity, or service-to-others entity—even then, ultimately things are non-dual. It’s just that in sixth density, the paths release the game and release the play. And I don’t know what the correct way to say this is, but a good goal is to try to become consciously aware of non-duality or to just recognize that the polarities are non-dual all along.

Some rough thoughts for you, Leo. Jim or Austin, do you have anything more to contribute?

I had a thought in my mind a while ago. I’m trying to find it.

I have a couple of thoughts. You were talking about the concept of non-duality, and particularly about those who speak about it from a standpoint of claiming to have realized it. Basically, they talk about it in terms of it always being there. It’s a realization that wasn’t achieved by striving for it, even though the striving was necessary all along. Rather, it’s a realization of something that was there through all this driving.

I think it’s helpful to remember the common metaphor of looking all over your house for your sunglasses and then finding that they were on your head the entire time. I think that could be a good example, or at least a metaphor, for that journey of the polarities to this ultimate realization of ultimate unity. It’s as if the positive path is looking for the sunglasses, which represents unity and harmony and peace and the Creator. These are the things that positive entities are striving for. Upon finding the sunglasses, that striving is complete and they realize that it wasn’t really necessary the entire time because the ultimate unity and presence was there already. I think that could be the description of sixth density as Ra was talking about it.

On to my second point: We’re talking about this non-duality as third density entities here on Earth, and yet we’re relating it to sixth density, which in time/space terms should be many millions of years away. My point being, that I think that there are lessons to be learned from things that Ra talked about regarding the densities that are relevant for us now. I don’t think that Ra would have been so willing and so eager to describe the densities, and talk about the evolution through the densities, if there weren’t some good relevance for us now. Not that it’s not also ultimately true for something in the future, but it helps us to see the universe and the Creator as being this fractal of macrocosm and microcosm.

There are things that they can say about sixth density that would be relevant for our spiritual journey in third density. I think that the concept of polarity ultimately being released is relevant to non-dual teachings on Earth today. So, those were my thoughts.

Jim, did yours reappear?

Yes, he came back. I found it over in the corner. Ra gave us the balancing exercises as a means of getting beyond the concept of duality. The balancing exercises help us to use the catalysts that we have every day presented to us so that at the end of the day we can take a look at what knocked us off of our center of love. Whatever it was that knocked you off your center of love or the peace and contentment that hopefully we all start our days with—whether it was positive or negative, these dual concepts, doesn’t matter which one—then that is something that needs to be balanced with its opposite.

The nature of the balancing process is that any distortion needs to be accentuated in order to balance it. In order for duality to become balanced, we have to begin with whatever portion of duality—in whatever form has come through to us during the day—and make it huge in our minds. Recreate the situation that caused it. Make it huge. If you got angry, make that so angry – you’re furious, you’re raging, you’re overcome with anger.

Then for just a moment, you image the opposite—acceptance. Then, just watch it. You don’t have to make it get bigger. You just watch it get bigger. And then when it matches the anger, you simply accept yourself for having both of these means as ways of knowing yourself, knowing love, and knowing the Creator. The goal is to do that with everything that comes your way that knocks you off that center: positive or negative. You balance patience with impatience, impatience with patience, pride with humility, and humility with pride. There are unending dual qualities that we are always using.

What this balancing exercise does is to help you get back to that unified nature. Ra said, “the mind contains all things.” We have to discover this unity of creation within our minds so that we can get past the concept of duality and make love as our only response to any situation that comes our way. Instead of getting angry at this and feeling happy with this and sad with that and confused with this, love needs to be the only response that we make. If we can do that 51% of the time or more, then we’re making ourselves available for the transition of the harvest into the fourth density.

I believe this is what most of the religious teachings or philosophies throughout history have attempted to do in some fashion—to help us get beyond the dual concepts. They haven’t been quite as literal as Ra is, but I think what Ra has to offer is such a refinement on previous philosophical or religious concepts. If we can do that, then make love is the only response.

Now you might think that sounds easy, but it is hard. For a long time I thought, well, 51% what’s so hard about that? But just try loving somebody who reviles you and uses you. In the Bible it says “resist not evil.” And I think that Jesus’ basic teaching there was for us to get past the dual concepts so that we have love to offer to people no matter what.

In Session #42.0, Don is talking about walking into the ring or the fence with a bull in there. The bull might charge you and might hurt you so you get out of its way, but you don’t blame it. Don asked Ra what would be the proper response there and Ra said that love is the proper response in every situation.

So, that’s my contribution for getting past duality. We get past the good and the bad and the polarities by loving, period.

I would concur that the love that is experienced in the green-ray isn’t… Well, we get into semantics here and I’ve seen this before.

It’s unconditional. It has to be unconditional to be real.

All right, we’ll qualify it by saying it must be unconditional. Let’s throw in another adjective in there and say that it also has to be universal, too. I agree with you Jim in that I don’t see the unconditional, universal love of green-ray as one occupying one half of a spectrum per se. It is an act of wholeness, an act of unity, or an expression of unity in manifestation. The second distortion, which is a bit different than love of green-ray, first, you might say, manifestation of free will itself. The first Infinity becomes aware and determines that it will know itself, and then love is birth. So, it’s unity and manifestation.

And love is that which dissolves boundaries, heals wounds, brings separation out of separation and reveals that things are not separate. It also clarifies, shines light through, and makes things less opaque. To agree with Jim, the balancing exercises that lead one into love are an act of transcendence. We exist in a realm of polar opposites. We balance them so that our energy can rise above duality and move into the heart and into love. So, that is my follow-up on Jim’s thought.

I also had a follow up or a building on where I believe Austin was headed to, which is in regard to the danger of spiritual bypassing. We’ve seen it before within the community where one gets a hold of concepts about non-duality and begins to think that they do not need to polarize their consciousness or move through a service-to-others or service-to-self path. Because ultimately, all is one and duality is an illusion and polarity is an illusion. So, why not just go straight to the truth that is already here? That is another paradox to dig into.

Ra describes the design of the universe as necessarily including the movement through polarity. It’s so fundamental and so necessary that it is even written into the blueprint of the third-density mind. The blueprint of the human mind says we must make a choice between service-to-others or service-to-self. Then through that vehicle of choice—the container of that polarized consciousness—we can contact intelligent Infinity and dissolve all illusions. Or, as Austin put it, we can recognize that the sunglasses have been on our head all along. But, this recognition necessarily includes the passage through polarity. As far as I’m aware, Ra is fairly explicit about that.

So, those are my thoughts. You guys?

Good thoughts.

We’re running close on time, and I don’t know how coherent this will be, but it is also an extension of what you’re just talking about. My thoughts are regarding the concept of the difference between levels and states. I got that terminology from Ken Wilbur and his integral theory. The system is called Aqal or A-Q-A-L. I believe it is an incredible system if you want to look it up. This system is basically a system of the evolution of consciousness and the evolution of spirit in which both states of non-duality and non-dual realization would be realized. This system also includes the concept of levels, which could be seen as the levels of densities. Or perhaps not just densities, but the progression through activating and balancing our chakras could also be levels.

Wilbur very eloquently talks about how states can be realized, but it doesn’t shoot you up through the levels. You can look through history and find teachings of non-duality and find teachers who have obviously reached a state of what might be called enlightenment, but still hold what we would consider today to be incredibly problematic views. Not just problematic, but also inaccurate, or just simply false views about the world and about other-selves. Some views are even seemingly very negative. There have been some very racist or sexist people who have written about non-duality.

So, I think that concept helps clarify the difference of what we’re talking about here regarding non-duality and the work of polarity. I don’t know if there’s a real conclusion or unifying thought to that, but the system that Ken Wilbur has created helps to reconcile those two things. If you’re interested in doing that, I suggest looking that up.

Yeah, I’m seeing that through the lens of the Law of One. Ra does indicate that to contact intelligent Infinity through the gateway, it may not be necessary to maximally clear and activate every chakra to the point where it’s just 100% intelligent energy moving through each chakra with maybe a minimum maintained at each level. But rather, it is the overall balance of the self and the relative activation that allows enough energy to come through. For this they say that the heart is necessary upon the positive path so that enough energy to come through and contact intelligent Infinity. In that case, one could have enlightenment experiences while still having cultural baggage and distortions in their lower chakras, which is what Austin was saying.

Somebody could be writing about enlightenment because they saw the unity of all things, but they could also be a bit of a jerk in some way, or maybe a sexist or homophobe or something. So, there is that interesting dichotomy there—that various depths of enlightenment may still contain a personality show that has quirks in it. But Ra also does indicate that the further one moves along, the more that personality becomes completely transparent to the underlying unity. So, as you look at such a person, you would see less and less of personality quirks and their personal biography. Rather, you would see more of the Creator itself shining through them. And that would manifest, of course, as qualities of love and peace and joyful vibration.

And I have another quick follow-up on what Austin was saying about non-duality. I’m probably just splitting hairs here, but he was using the word state for non-duality for the purpose of giving it a category or situating it in a hierarchy. We have no recourse but to fall back on such words. But ultimately, per my understanding, the real true meaning of non-duality suggests that it is present in all states—whether you’re an unenlightened amoeba or you’ve expanded your being to include the whole universe. It is a stateless state. It’s already there on a level-less level.

I think the hair you’re splitting has to do with recognizing that state versus not recognizing that state, which is the paradox of non-duality. In the Wilbur system, the recognition of that state would be the state itself. So, you can move from a state where you do not recognize non-duality to a state where you can recognize non-duality. At that point, you also realize that you recognized it all along. The moment when you realize that truth would be the moment when you reach the state of nonduality.

That recognition being one state among other states? The end of a ladder?

The fact that you climbed a ladder to get there to then realize there was no ladder. So, yeah, something along those lines.

Yeah, there was no ladder. Like every wrong, it was present. As paradoxical as it is, it does seem to require climb the ladder only to fall off of it, so to speak.

We got all philosophical today. Jim or Austin, do you guys have further thoughts?

I’m done.

Well, I just have one final thought for the folks who are listening. We thank you very much for listening. We thank you even more for sending questions. We want you to know that we love you very much, and I hope you all love each other. And this week, see if you can say hi to a stranger, and send a little love their way, too. You don’t know what a smile can do for another person.

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