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Living the Law of One – 101: The Choice

Written by Carla L. Rueckert

We are happy to announce the publication of Carla L. Rueckert’s new book, Living the Law of One–101: The Choice!

Written with the intent of creating an entry-level, simple to read report concerning the core principles of the Law of One and Confederation philosophy in general, this book takes the reader through a discussion of Law of One principles such as unity, free will, love, light and polarity. It then works with the Confederation version of the concept that each person has an energy body with seven chakras. It discusses this concept and its implications for the seeker, chakra by chakra. It turns the player into a Player!

This is a light-hearted book about the Game of Life. It is an easy read, and yet the principles of the Law of One are not simplified. Rather, they are offered in an order which makes coherent sense. Principle builds upon principle to offer an overall view of Confederation philosophy which is a bit easier to grasp as a whole than the original Law of One books, where the question-and-answer format offers the same information in a somewhat fragmented form, although with endless interest.

If you would like to play the Game of Life with Carla, please give this book a try!

You can purchase Living the Law of One – 101: The Choice at our online store on the Bring4th website, here.

Please see the links at the bottom of this page for an excerpt from this publication (including the Table of Contents), as well as some downloadable cover images.

From the back cover:

Living the Law of One – 101: The Choice is the light revealing the way out of the uncertainty and chaos that inevitably arises as old paradigms crumble. Carla Rueckert, one of the clearest and most dedicated channelers of our time, has distilled more than a quarter of a century of extraordinary information into a clear and easily followed roadmap to the higher dimensions. If you are ready for the definitive guide to personal transformation, here is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Jean-Claude Koven, columnist, speaker and author of Going Deeper: How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense.

This book should be honored and kept with one always. It is a book for newcomers, those who meditate, New Age groups, UFO devotees, religious groups of all disciplines and all of the rest of humankind. It is a very powerful statement which will make our lives more meaningful, loving and certainly more wise. It is a work of art.

Phyllis V. Schlemmer, author of The Only Planet of Choice.

Carla shares a wealth of information and wisdom in this profound and thought-provoking work. Highly recommended.

Robert Schwartz, author of Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born.

Never has there been a greater need for a clear, accessible overview of the possibilities and pitfalls of spiritual seeking. Carla L. Rueckert has masterfully provided just such an overview. As the original channel of the Law of One series, Rueckert has fashioned a text that is profound while being also astonishingly lucid. She delves into many issues that have baffled every serious inquirer, and manages to put them on a footing that shows the possibility of a real way forward. As a spiritual manual, this work is simply unmatched. I would recommend it without qualification to any earnest seeker.

Stephen Tyman, PhD, author of A Fool’s Phenomenology: Archetypes of Spiritual Evolution.


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