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Secrets of the UFO

By Don Elkins with Carla Rueckert

A ufologist is a detective who is exploring the single largest mystery of our time. As he wends his way through the elaborate maze of red herrings, misinformation, cover-ups, fanatics, sceptics, true believers and nonbelievers, he may well find that his most valuable ally in his search is a good sense of humor. Or, as Groucho Marx said, “Either he’s dead or my watch has stopped!”

This volume is a summary of 25 years of the philosophical study that preceded the Ra contact. We began with a good look at the UFO contactee phenomena, more especially its metaphysical aspects. The progression from physical sightings to metaphysical implications is traced. That gets us into weird areas like telepathy, wanderers, psychic surgery, materialization mediums, ghosts and Bigfoot. A good deal of channeled information from our early archives found its way into the book as we took on the nature of man and reality, and where all this is headed. This is not a new work, but it holds its own, as Don was a man far ahead of his time. This is a good book to start out with if you have not read extensively in the area of UFO contact phenomena. It’s a great introduction to the Ra material.


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