This is Carla Lisbeth Rueckert at the “Time of Awakening Conference” at Mackinac Island’s beautiful Grand Hotel. I am so pleased to be back to the BBS audience for a second time. 1 This time I will be talking to the attendees here about the shift of 2012 again. But this time, instead of focusing upon the metaphysical and inner shift, I will be looking at aspects of the planetary shift rather than the shift of the peoples of the planet into a new world; a new heaven and a new earth.

2012 is a number to be reckoned with these days. It is all over the internet. Many books have been written about it. It is almost a kind of “buzz word.” It has achieved a kind of cult status in that dubious portion of our cultural milieu that has to do with the “buzz,” what’s happening now, what’s hot.

And, yet, it isn’t just a fad. It’s not just the buzz. It is a date to be reckoned with. From many sources it has been suggested as the date of a tremendous shift in planetary consciousness and a shift in the entire planet itself, physically.

The date of 2012 has been coincidentally reckoned by several different sources as the apex, or the occurrence, or the exact moment, of a shift from life as we know it into something else. That something else can be the end of the world as we know it, or the beginning of a whole new world, depending on the source.

For the Mayans, it was an ending and a beginning. And it was not arrived at by any mythological means or by just the hazard of a guess. It was part of a very complex and wonderful ancient system of measurement of time. To the Mayans, the calendar that they used was divided into months of 20 days. And these 20 days added up to a year of 360 days. And then there was an interval of 5 days before the next year of 360 days began.

The months were enlarged into what they called Katuns, which lasted 7,200 days and then into even larger units of time in which they called Baktuns. 144,000 days made a Baktun. According to the Mayan calendar, very carefully worked out and very complex, after the 13th Baktun of 144,000 days was ended, the Fourth Age would end and the Fifth Age would begin. So for the Mayans, the dawn of the winter solstice of the year 2012 was the end of the Fourth Age and the beginning of the Fifth Age.

Their impeccable work cannot be said to be in any way shallow, meaningless or faddish. This prediction system has been set in place since ancient times. And, as far as the Mayans and the South American Indians in general are concerned, it’s just the way things are.

The extreme unusualness of this date has to do with the fact that on the Winter Solstice of 2012, something will happen that hasn’t happened for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. That is that the galactic core will line up with Earth’s Sun. And, Terrence McKenna has a novelty theory. This novelty theory is just fascinating and I have enjoyed studying it as I prepared for this talk. I wasn’t aware of it until I thought, “Well, gee, just how many people did predict 2012 and how many of those predictions are worth talking about?” Because there are literally hundreds of such predictions. I combed through them to give you a few that might be interesting for you to study further.

This Terrence McKenna theory is very interesting because his basic theory, the Novelty Theory, is that the more unusual, rare, or novel a situation is, statistically, the more likely it is to produce amazing and novel results.

And, to McKenna, the coincidence of the Winter Solstice and the heliacal rising of the galactic center is exponentially more novel than anything that has happened within the written history of the planet at this time. We may have lost some records from ancient civilizations we don’t know about. But of the records we have, this is the most novel point since the beginning of recorded history: 12/21/2012.

So he speculates that something might happen, such as an encounter with trans-dimensional objects, the end of time as we know it, the explosion of our Sun, or the quasar ignition of the galactic core, which would be a really big explosion. And, he doesn’t know. He’s really groping here for what kind of fantastic event could possibly be a genuinely authentic reaction, in terms of the magnitude of the event, to honor that degree of novelty.

So, he is a very interesting person to look at as far as 2012 and can give you some new insights; it did me anyway. I recommend him. His name is spelled Terrence McKenna, if you want to do a word search on him on the net.

The Christians, of course, had the theme of the end of the world and Armageddon. And the “Rapture” and Ascension are woven deeply, especially into the New Testament, but if you read the Old Testament, there are many prophecies there concerning the end days also.

A theme of both Old and New Testament is to “repent and return.” 2 “Or else” is the unspoken dot-dot-dot. Jesus and John the Baptist can be considered as a unit, talking about the last days, because it was Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist, who began the preaching of “repent and return” at the very primitive level of being literally washed in the water, and as one is rising up from the water a whole new life has begun.

And, when Jesus began his ministry, he also talked endlessly about the end of the age. He talked about the harvest being ripe and white in the field and yet there were few harvesters to harvest the crops 3 which I think is code for Jesus’ concern that people haven’t been waking up and he’s very upset and wanting people to wake up now, because, he says, before you die in this lifetime this will happen! So you must get ready.

Well, I’ve noticed this all through my experience, both as a student of channeling and as a psychic who gets little inklings. No psychic gifts for me but I get resonances and inklings. And I’ve noticed that time dilates in a way that is amazing. People who are inspired to prophesize or who, like Jesus, are concerned from their heart of hearts for the cause of love in this world tend to think that it’s going to happen now. It’s so urgent. And this was 2000 years ago that Jesus was talking like this.

And so, I think it’s really worth noting that when you are talking about non-physical events or events that are rooted in non-physical causes, the time factor is always crunched, so that it may be a long time from now but it FEELS like it’s going to happen tomorrow.

And of course if you’ve ever had a really big event in your own life that you were concerned about, you think, “Well, how can I ever get ready?” And the time crunches on you so that you feel like you’re really pressed for time. And, that I think is behind a lot of the feeling of being driven by urgency in the parables and the speeches of Jesus the Christ.

The unfortunate thing about Christianity and world religions in generals is that they tend to be used by church elders whose goals are not entirely within the realm of being a spiritual help and support to their congregation. They are increasingly wrapped up in politics and the conservation of money, so that they may, of course, survive in order that they may offer their services to the world.

And increasingly the energies that are so pure in the speaking of Jesus the Christ or Mohammed or any other source for a religion like that become politicized. And certainly Armageddon and the Rapture have become heavily politicized in our modern-day, 21st-century reality, where it is used as a kind of hammer to bludgeon people into conversion. “You must convert because it’s all going to end, and when it does if you haven’t…”

What do they say? They say, “Take Jesus Christ as your personal savior.” That is the way these fundamentalist Christians say that. If you haven’t done this, and thereby taken on all this heavy burden of dogma, thing after thing after thing that you’re supposed to believe, then you have no hope of going to heaven. There is no continuance. Life comes to an end. There is no more experience. You either are taken up with the Rapture or the ascension and are able to enter some heaven-world or you are doomed to gnash your teeth in hell forever.

It’s a black-and-white world for them and they are very interested in proselytizing and winning the whole world to their belief system so that no one will be left out.

A humorous artifact of this process is that in the Mormon church, their concern for the souls of Planet Earth is such that they are going about gathering all the information that they can gather about every person on Earth that is genealogical in nature. Because somewhere in their inspired writings it is said that if one of the faithful knows about another person and has that name written down in the scrolls of the Mormon religion, then that person is saved by association.

So, the Mormons have gone about gathering many, many bits of genealogical information, to the point where they’re probably the premier genealogical resource on the planet. They have a huge database. And those friends of mine who have been involved in genealogy say that it’s indispensable. You can’t do without the Mormon information because they literally want to write down the name of everybody on the planet.

It is both humorous and in a way laudable, because they’re not trying to proselytize, necessarily, in order to save them. They’re just trying to get their names right.

Other sects within the Christian religion are far less dainty about their belief systems. And I think the most pernicious part of this is that the Bible-Belt-type, fundamentalist religions have a tendency, certainly not across the board but in some ways, to be entirely exclusive and say that if you don’t believe my way, you’re doomed.

And, they get larger and larger congregations together, or groups of congregations together, and then tell their congregations from the pulpit for whom to vote. Because the person that is being voted for is considered by them to be a person that will further the proper policies of their church. So, we are looking at a time here in America at least where the line between religion and politics has been severed, for the most part, and religion has become quite politicized for these sects.

It’s a kind of dangerous association. And you see it in the Roman Catholic Church too, where the Opus Dei movement has been so powerful. And it, too, is heavily politicized. One of its stated goals is to create a global government run by the Pope, the Catholic Church, and all of the totally well-meaning and benevolent fathers of the church.

Of course, they are still fathers of the church. We don’t have any sisters in the Roman Catholic Church that have aspired to the priesthood. One of the things I most like about my own church, the Episcopal Church, is they have resisted completely the teachings of St. Paul, who condemned priests to celibacy and women to a lower order within humankind forever, saying that women were not worthy. Women were weak. And women could not be in any chancel ministries.

So the Episcopal Church has Episcopal Bishops. Indeed it has a female Presiding Bishop now. The head of the Episcopal Church in America is a woman. And, this is causing great consternation amongst the other Nations within the Anglican community worldwide, because most of the rest of the world is still of the opinion that women should not be allowed in the chancel, even to read the lessons or to be lay distributors of communion wine.

It is threatening to split the Church. But the Episcopal Church has a long, long history of tolerance. I believe that this will not occur, because there is just too much history that all of the priests in our church share that says, “No, you don’t exclude people. No, you don’t dismiss people because they don’t have the same dogma you do. You come together as those who seek a mystery. And it’s perfectly all right to have people think different ways than your church.”

It’s certainly a church in which I have been welcome in an atmosphere concerning channeling in which very few churches would welcome me. I have been supported and loved and not been considered deviant or a freak or anything like that. So it’s been a real blessing to me to have been born into this particular church. Because I think for personalities like mine, church offers something that you don’t get from a less-organized kind of spirituality.

Every three years, every lesson from the Bible, both Old and New Testament that was considered, say, the pearls, the cream of the crop of that writing, is read to the congregation. After a three year period it cycles back and begins all over. And so, if you want to live a life in faith and have a rule of life which includes attending church, then you are able to listen to the words in this huge database of the Bible over and over again as you yourself grow and change and become more than you were before. You keep hearing these inspired words and having another chance to give yourself over to the contemplation of them and to ask yourself, “Where is the resonance in these words? Where can I learn?” And, I think this repetition helps us in our spiral upwards because we come around again to this material and are once again to interact with it.

My husband and I use this same policy in working with the Law of One material. He and I have a Morning Offering every morning, except Sundays when I go to Church, so the morning offering is church. But Monday through Saturday of every week, we have a Morning Offering which starts us off for the day. We read in the Bible until we’re done with the Bible and start over again. We read the Old Testament and the New Testament, so we are always getting novel combinations of thoughts from the Old and the New Testaments. It’s surprising how many times you have a theme in those two writings to kind of give you seeds for thought for the day.

But, at any rate, I can’t say that the Christian religion has ever predicted, overtly, the time of the end of the world, except, of course, that Jesus predicted it really early. And he was way off. But, if you go into the sites that talk about 2012 and play around with entry after entry after entry, you discover that this priest or that small group or this biblical scholar has decoded the time of the end of the world.

And, again and again, so far, they have been massively wrong. But, then that cannot keep us from looking at the rest of the data which suggest times in the future. So, if you want to look at the Christian part in predicting the end of the world, it’s played a substantial part, not in selecting a particular date but in setting us up for the expectation of an incredible shift in consciousness.

Interestingly enough, the Koran shares a lot of material with the Old Testament and also shares the techniques of Gematria or the finding of hidden codes in Bible verses and creating information by decoding these Bible verses. It has used these codes to come up with a date of ending of this world at 2280. Well, in the sweep of thousands of years, from 75,000 years until now, a difference between 2012 and 2280 is not that great. So I include that, because I think it’s in the same energy and is drawing from the same deep source within its members.

Another source that was just absolutely fascinated with the end of the world was a sixteenth-century mystic called Nostradamus. He wrote his predictions in poems which are called quatrains, four-line poems. They were heavily encoded, heavily shielded from literal meaning. People, for hundreds and hundreds of years, since the sixteenth century, have studiously been decoding Nostradamus’ prophecies. And, although you don’t really have too many obvious correspondences between the quatrains and a very easy interpretation, you have many interesting interpretations. Nostradamus predicted two years, in two different quatrains, according to different people who figured out, or hoped that they figured out what his quatrains said. One of those years was 2004, which apparently is not accurate, since we’re in 2007. And, the other one is sometime from now: 3797.

Western Astrology does not predict the end of the world in 2012 but it uses that 12/21/12, that 3-3-3 number, to define the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. This is classical Western astrology. It isn’t something that is a fly-by-night or a Johnny-come-lately. Astrology has been a developed science for centuries. Certainly astrological systems were being created as far back as Babylon.

There are alternate astrologies in the East. The oriental astrologies are very interesting also. But, I am not familiar enough with them to tell you if they predict the end of the world. I did not see any mention of those systems of astrology when I was looking through the web for possible things to share with you on this date. But that does not mean that if we were sophisticated enough to study globally instead of to study within our little part of the world, we might not find correspondences there too.

One source of very interesting information is the Great Pyramid at Giza. Scholars, throughout the last 200 years or so especially, have gone into a frenzy of measuring. They have measured the height, the width, the circumference and the angles of the Great Pyramid, the inner measurements of the Great Pyramid, the halls and the chambers and so forth. And, they have found these measurements to duplicate or to be able to be used to show such things as the Fibonacci sequence and the circumference of the world.

It is said that some of these measurements indicate that they are pointing to Sirius, as if to say the people that were forerunners of Earth came from Sirius. It’s a fascinating study and is well worth your attention if you wish to follow it.

One of the predictive systems of the Great Pyramid at Giza was developed by several different people. The basic unit that they talk about and use is called the Pyramid Inch or the Sacred Cubit. This Pyramid Inch is an independently derived figure. It’s derived from the measurements of the Pyramid itself and not from somebody’s opinion as to what an inch should be.

So it’s an internally generated measurement which is considered to be a measurement that was sacred to the Egyptians. It was given to them by their gods, some say. And this Pyramid Inch was so persuasive to scientists that when the United States was trying to figure out whether to go metric or to keep the inches, it was the tipping information in deciding to retain the inch and the measurements that go along with that inch, rather than moving over to the metric system, because of the fact that this Sacred Cubit is only infinitesimally different than the English inch. So, it was felt that it would be sacrilegious to stop using the inch for measurements. So we can still measure in inches now, and feet and yards and so forth, because of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

But, one thing about this Pyramid Inch, which was developed by scholars who went to the Pyramid with all their measuring sticks, was that, taking a certain point and moving to the end of that ability to measure, it seemed to have indicated that there was a huge break in 1914, and nothing would ever be the same again. And then they continue measuring up until 2004, the same date as the Nostradamus source. They say that this is the beginning of a terrible period. This is because the measurements cease. There is a gap and then the measurement can begin again on the other side of the gap.

The gap begins in 2004 and is picked up again in 2032. This seems to go along pretty much with other sources, such as the Confederation with which I am familiar, in saying that there will be a penumbra, like the shade under a tree. There will be a time when this Tomorrow Tree is shading the transition between third density and fourth density. And we’ll come out the other side into a simpler and less complex world situation in about the year 2032.

I think that’s really an interesting suggestion, because, like the Confederation channeling, it does not say the world ends. It says there will be a time of trial and then things will move right along. I think that that’s a very helpful way to look at it.

So, this 12/21/12 date is that which has caught the buzz and yet that which is very worthy of respect and investigation by us.

The Q’uo says:

“The Mayans are among those civilizations which became aware of a cycle that stretched across long Eras of your time. They saw that the planet itself would move through a very decisive change from the age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The age of Pisces is at its end. The Age of Aquarius is in its dawn. Energies are shifting and the time of energy to be as it has been for thousands of your years is rapidly coming to a close. That time will end during what this instrument calls the Winter Solstice of the year 2012.

“We would ask each who reads or hears our statement to pause at this time with us and release all fear.” 4

I am sure you’ve noticed how fear-based many of our energies in society are these days. I think it’s very difficult to release all fear. The only way that you can release fear is to turn decisively away from the outer picture and to call upon your faculties of faith and will. But it can be done.

I think that if you look at the dynamics that shape our planet, one of the biggest dynamics is the dynamic between fear and love. It’s like darkness and light. Fear is endlessly contracting, endlessly in-folding. And in its energy, because of its fear, it will do whatever it is it has to do to feel less fearful. So it becomes very violent and destructive, whereas love drives out fear and makes one able to deal with difficult situations with compassion, a sense of humor, and practical ways of dealing with what’s in front of us rather than terrible imaginings of what might be and then scrambling in panic to have a more secure state.

But, perhaps, it might end in 2012. Let’s look at that. If it doesn’t end in 2012, we live until the end of our lives and then we die. If it does end in 2012, that’s our time to pass on. Now we all know that we’re going to die. I do not see the fear factor in contemplating the possibility of a worldwide change where all the inhabitants die at once.

I do see long lines at Saint Peter’s gate! And I do not feel that it’s going to happen that way. I have no resonance with that at all within myself. And, as I said, I am a psychic who has no psychic hits, not big stuff, nothing outer, but I get these resonances, I get these inklings and they usually turn out to be right.

And as long as I can remember thinking about Armageddon and the predictions in the Bible, my path of resonance on this subject has been that it was inaccurate, that there was, maybe, something metaphysical going on, but then the world would wag on.

But, say that I’m wrong. If I’m wrong, then we all get to move on to a larger and more interesting environment at the same time. There would be really nothing bad about that. I don’t fear death, myself. I died when I was 13. I had a marvelous experience at that time, where I was in a beautiful place. And I heard a voice-over saying, “Well, we don’t usually do this, but you just picked a very hard incarnation, so I’ll give you a choice. You can go ahead and die and then you can reincarnate again twice before the end of the age, Once to do half of the things that you put on your plate as far as your service to the world, and then to die and then to be born again and to do the second part of your service to the world.”

Well, you know, at 13 I’d made it most of my way through childhood - and mine had been a really tough and sticky childhood with a lot of pain, as most peoples’ childhoods tend to be. And I thought to myself, “Man, two more childhoods! I don’t think so.” So, I told the voice over that I wanted to come back and see if I could get it all done with one incarnation. So, frail of body and always in guarded health ever since then, I have reached the exalted age of 64. And I am here to tell you that I am really, really glad that I decided to come back.

So I don’t fear death. If people really grasped the reality of the death process, I’m afraid the suicide rate would go up, because a lot of people are in desperate depression having to do either with personal problems or with their concern about the ways of the world.

But we really came here to make difference here, not to look at it and go, “Oh dear,” and remove ourselves from the environment. So we need to be stalwart and of good courage at this point and realize that we came here to do this work together and this is the perfect time to do it, no matter how interesting or challenging it might come to be.

But, what happens if we all die in 2012? Or, in general what happens when we all die? The Confederation has an interesting way of looking at that. They say that we are in our energy bodies, using the full energy body in this life experience. And this energy body is connected to our physical body by a silver cord. When we die, our silver cord detaches. The physical body becomes a husk and we, the fruit within, are set free. We are ripe. We are ready to be plucked.

And we are plucked up, in our indigo- and then our violet-ray bodies, through the gateway to intelligent infinity. And we reappear on the other side of that gateway in our energy bodies, presenting ourselves to the steps of light.

We walk steps of light when we die. This is not so much that which occurs in the midst of third density. But we are at the end of third density. This will be our last third-density incarnation. We might come back with third-density/fourth-density, dual-activated bodies. But this is our last pure third-density incarnation. So, we’ll all walk the steps of light when we die.

These steps of light are described by those of Ra as being graduated steps, so that this step has a certain amount of light, then the next step ups the intensity of the light to include more light, more different kinds of light. Then the next step has more information packed into the light, not a brighter light in the sense of being strong but in the sense of being more packed full of information.

Third density can only bear a certain degree of density of information, or density of light. So the word ‘density’ has to do with how much light is packed into light; how much information is packed into each piece of light, if you will. So these steps of light go from third density into fourth density and move on a ways into fourth density and out of sight, as I understand it.

The graduation process is guarded by beings to make sure that the vibrations of each step are completely accurate. You simply walk into the light. And when you can’t take any more light, you stop, because you are uncomfortable. And that’s where you need to be.

Then after that, you get off the steps of light and you find out whether you’re still in third density or whether you’ve graduated. It’s not a process where a God in a white robe judges you. You sort yourselves out by the light that you can bear. And, of course you develop your ability to bear the light by witnessing to the light that you know here in third density. So, it’s entirely in our hands whether we are going to graduate or not.

If we want to polarize service to others, we lighten and lighten our consciousnesses until we are service-to-others oriented. When we go, we walk up the steps of light and we’re in fourth density, where it’s wonderfully more full of information: no veil, and retention of free will, but free will with full knowledge, so that our free will can be used much more effectively in determining what’s the most skillful way to go forward, how do we really want to serve and so forth.

The people that are still in third density, on these steps of light, go through a period of healing. And then they are taken as souls, as the energy bodies, to another planetary third-density cycle which is the beginning, or perhaps is in progress. They continue to learn the lessons of love.

That is the Confederation view of death and rising again. In their idea of how things work, it has nothing to do with saviors, except that the way that you work towards graduation is to save yourself, in that you give yourself the saving grace of forgiving yourself and always giving yourself another chance, so that you always have a new morning. You always have a new day. You can always start again. And, this blessing is a tremendous one, in that it internalizes all of the energies of redemption and forgiveness and new life within our systems, within our personal control, so that we may choose the manner of our being now and in the life to come.

Here is what the Q’uo said in 2003 about graduation:

“As each entity reaches the point of leaving the Earth plane through the normal processes of what you would call death, there is the opportunity at this time to graduate from third density and move into the fourth density in what is often called ascension. In this process of ascension, the soul energy that is you, the essence of you, takes up a fourth-density body for its next incarnation and therefore takes up a whole different environment with a whole new set of lessons.” 5

I really look forward to this event in my life. And yet I don’t want to leave third density until all my work is done. So I am hanging on with everything I have and praying for longevity, because this is the most critical, fascinating and challenging period of life into which we could ever have been born. Ours is a much more intense experience that anyone else has ever had the privilege of experiencing. We can look forward to, and we have already been in the midst of, a tremendous time of the Earth’s moving with some difficulty into its fourth-density beingness.

What causes the Earth to be so difficult at this time? Well, if you had entities on your skin who kept banging at each other and banging at each other, you’d begin to get irritated on your skin, right? You’d feel like it’s a rash, this aggression on your skin.

And then you have people that disrespect the Earth. They use the Earth as if it was not alive. And this has deeply wounded the Earth. We started our Gaia meditations in 2001 because a person whom I trusted to have good psychic intuition told me that our planet was on the verge of refusing to speak to us any more. She was just going to sever the connection and leave us to ourselves, because of the fact that it was being ramped up endlessly as to how much we could abuse the planet, how we could rape it in a way that made it impossible for the Earth to sustain its people.

And this grieved the heart of Planet Earth to the point where they simply weren’t going to talk to us any more. They weren’t going to be with us in covenant any more. They did not want to share our energy. And this really resonated to me because I had observed how very much we had gotten away from seeing ourselves as stewards of Earth and seeing ourselves simply as those who ravage the Earth.

So, we began daily meditation each evening for Gaia - for the planet, for Terra, whichever you want to call her. And since August of 2001, we have never missed a day of the Gaia meditations. And, as that has been seen on our website and heard in my discussions through the years, we’ve picked up people all over the globe that join us in these meditations.

We really recommend to you the concept of writing into us at L/L research if you know of a group who is holding meditations on behalf of Planet Earth. We would like very much to create one of those global maps where people who have meditations that are of a group nature can write in, explain the meditation and place it on the map so that people can enter into any number of these group meditations, such as the Fire the Grid effort recently.

We have not gotten that up yet. 6 It’s always easier to have an idea than to prosecute an idea. But, with the channeling, and in dealing with the information that the channeling began to produce back in 1962, I really think there has been an exponential increase in people, just regular people like you and I, who awaken and realize, “You know, we can do something, not on the level of politics or on the level of overt activism such as marching and protesting, but we can offer our prayers, our visualizations and our firm intentions to make a new life.”

And, in this wise I think I would to end this segment by telling you about a book called Handbook for the New Paradigm. In it, this wonderful channeling source, which is anonymous, talks about how we all can make a difference by beginning to think in a new way. We can’t repair the old paradigm. It’s broken. It’s a goner. You can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again. But that’s not important because third density is exhausted. It is literally in its last days.

What we need to do is create the fourth-density paradigm together by living by fourth-density values. We have the control to do that. And we have the material before us in which to practice it every time we communicate with each other. Every time we serve on committees or try to make a difference in our spirituality we are becoming something that we were not before. There is the prayer with which they suggest we live our lives. And that prayer is, “I am a human being. Help me to become.”

We are going to go on a 15 minute break now because I thought that over 2 hours was just too long to sit. We will reconvene at 3:20. Please be here at, like, 3:18 so I’m not sitting here going, “I don’t want to start yet ‘cause I’d be talking to nobody!”

[Carla laughs at her own joke.]

I mean, the audience on the radio is valuable, but I’m actually here to talk to you. So, see you in 3:20.


[Part Two of this session begins in mid-sentence. Some information is apparently lost.]

…we need to combine those two ways of thinking so that we approach our challenges not only with our intellect but also giving full value to the insights of the mind of the heart. Then, I think we really have begun to shift our point of view.

And, as the Ra group said, the source of all distortion is the limitation of the viewpoint. 7 So, if we can widen and deepen our viewpoints; if we can find a higher viewpoint upon which to stand, where we can look out over a larger geography of possibilities, then we begin to become competent and even skillful at putting together the jigsaw puzzle of life, even when we have missing pieces. Because we use our intuition and our insight to supply guesses about how to fill in those missing pieces. And, once we are looking for the pattern as a whole, then we are much more capable of change.

And that’s the thing about becoming able to graduate into fourth density. It requires us to transform. Now, you know, if you’ve ever tried to change a habit, that it’s very difficult to change a habit. It takes, I understand, three weeks to change a habit. You have to keep on for three weeks before you even begin to stop thinking, “Oh, I want to do it that way,” and replace that with a new habit: “Oh, no, this is the way I do it now.” Also, if you’ve ever changed jobs, changed mates, changed cities in which you live, you know how vastly uncomfortable and tension-making that change can be.

Here is what you’re asking of yourself when you wake up and say, “I want to increase my awareness. I want to know the truth. I want to know the infinite Creator. I want to know realization.” You’re asking yourself to go through a tremendous amount of change and transformation. And involved in that change is the tearing down, or the gently releasing, of the old edifice of self, so that a new building can be built of new thought and new ways of doing things.

That’s why I think the prayer, “I am a human being. Help me to become,” is so powerful. It doesn’t refer to religion. It doesn’t refer to any particular way of thinking. It simply says the truth: “Here I am. I want to be more than I am. Help me.”

Who are you talking to? It doesn’t matter! One time, years and years ago, my mother asked me to help her in learning to pray. I said, “Well you know, prayer is just a conversation. I don’t mean to take anything away from Mr. Walsch 8, but prayer is just a conversation with God. So, talk to God.”

And she said, “Well, I don’t know if I believe in God.” And I said, “OK, Mom, how about talking to your bedpost?” She slept in a four-poster bed.

She said, “Talk to my bedpost? Are you serious?” I said, “I certainly am. When you have something on your mind, tell it to the bedpost.”

About two weeks later she came to me and said, “Carla, I don’t believe this but my bedpost is talking back to me.”


And from that point on, she was able to enter into prayer, knowing that the other, the Beloved Other, is waiting for us to engage it in conversation. It’s not a matter of saying “Dear Lord, our Heavenly Father, we praise and bless your Holy Name.” You know, it’s not a matter of going through a ritual of prayer. It’s a matter of opening your budget, opening your heart completely, throwing yourself into the spotlight of truth and saying, “Lord, here’s the situation. I just don’t know what to do about this,” and then talking about the situation.

I’ve often encouraged people to keep a pen and paper handy because so often, when you open your heart like that and ask for help, instantly you’re starting to get thoughts and if you write them down, you won’t forget them.

So, a good way to pray, is to pray with a journal at hand, so that the utterings that come to you in answer to prayer are preserved. Because they will leave you as soon as they came. This is one part of forming yourself in such a way as to become liable to become a friendly place for transformation to occur.

Hopefully you can look at all of these challenges that change causes in you, if you can look at the Dark Night of the Soul; at the Purgative Way and say, “Thank you, thank you for this Dark Night of the Soul. Thank you for these very, very challenging emotions that I’m feeling. Because I know that it’s necessary for me to go through these times of darkness, to go through these times of the creation of fertilizer for the seeds of new thought within me so that they may, in the light of the new dawn of a changed me, burst into bloom and become the way I am blooming in this world.”

What happens after 2012? That has been something that people have wondered about. What if we don’t all get “raptured” away? Or, what if some of us go to Heaven and some of us go to Hell - any of these scenarios that we hear so much about. Well, I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think that what happens after 2012, according to the Confederation certainly, is that we are going to enjoy the time to make restitution to this planet.

And, it’s very important that we do this because of the number of civilizations that have come to this reform school: Earth. They’ve all blown up their planet or created a situation in which, by radiation, it was impossible to live on that planet in third density. And, so we have tremendous group karma. The way to alleviate that karma is simply to, in this lifetime, begin to be stewards of the Earth and stewards of each other instead of users of the Earth and users of each other.

So, I think that there’s going to be a good deal of energy where people are looking at the planet not as something to use but as something to take care of and to restore. The Q’uo says,

“Many are the entities on your planet who have destroyed other planets such as Maldek, Mars, and other planets outside your Solar System. We ask that you become more and more aware that you have the opportunity at this time, within this incarnation, to turn that energy within yourself around and to become stewards, loving and wise, of whatever little acre or square foot that you may have of Planet Earth.” 9

Green living, of course, is all in the news these days. The recent Live Earth concert 10 was totally global. And it had many wonderful personalities lending their celebrity and their creative gifts to the simple request of people to wake up and realize what the situation really is on Planet Earth, and how we can make a difference by such simple things as using low energy, fluorescent light bulbs, rather than the traditional globe light bulbs which draw so very much more energy and use it up.

We can unplug our battery chargers so that unless we’re actually charging our battery, we don’t have the charger stuck in the wall socket, using power. That saves a tremendous amount of energy.

We can become aware of when we turn lights on and turn lights off.

All of these things make the planet have more of their assets to share with more people. And, we can do all of those simple things wherever we live, even if it’s in a high-rise apartment with one room. We can put green plants into our atmosphere and increase the oxygen in our own environment so that we are in relationship with the real world. Even if our feet don’t touch Planet Earth, our hearts are touching Planet Earth.

Now, I think that there are many more people working on recycling and living green in Europe than there are in the United States. But I believe that it is catching on in the United States too. My husband and I are hoping one day to be able to afford to build a passive solar house on the Avalon property. Most of Avalon is leased to L/L Research for a spiritual center. But we sectioned off a bit of that acreage for ourselves. And we hope to be able to establish ourselves there, not only living for ourselves but also a creating a place to hold conferences to talk more about the Law of One and to help people come together.

And we are very interested in bio-dynamic farming and organic farming, because this is a beautiful translation of the principles of the Law of One, that we are all one and that everything is alive, into how we relate to our environment. So, these are the energies into which I, personally, have chosen to focus in living my life more as a steward of this Earth. We can do all of those things.

The harvest, of course, is a rough transition this time, much rougher than it has ever been before. The Confederation has never seen anything like this. There are people all over the galaxy, not, of course, in our density but from other galaxies, who are watching this harvest with great interest, because it’s a completely unique experience. They’ve not seen this before.

They’ve not seen 16 different planetary populations, all of whom were naughty, trying to graduate! Everyone has transgressed and that’s why we’re here. So, it really is a reform school. And it’s amazing to watch the prejudice and the tensions between different groups flow. Because it would stand to reason that you’d have some tension if you were dealing with someone from an entirely different ethos. And, different planets have different Logoi and each Logos creates its own archetypal mind.

So, you have 16 different archetypal minds trying to blend. And people don’t want to blend. So they look at someone else’s way of approaching life and say, “Well, that’s really lesser than mine.” If we could only embrace all of these differences instead of judging them, we’d be far closer to graduation as a tribe. And I still have this hope that somehow there will be a global uprising of people who want to embrace each other and who want to create an atmosphere in which we graduate as a Planet.

The only people who are not in this category, according to the Confederation, are the 150 people from our own planet who are of the Elder Race and who chose to return to help their brothers. Ra said,

“The fourth density is, as we have said, as regularized in its approach as the striking of the clock upon the hour. The space/time of your solar system has enabled this planetary sphere to spiral into space/time of different vibrational configuration. This causes the planetary sphere to be able to be molded by these new vibrations. Hence, the thought-forms of your people during this transition period are such that the mind/body/spirit complexes of both individuals and societies are scattered throughout the spectrum instead of being able to grasp the needle and point the compass in one direction. Thus, the entry into the vibration of love or understanding is not effective within your personal present societal complex. The harvest shall be such that many will repeat the third-density cycle. The energies of your wanderers, your teachers and your adepts at this time are all bent upon increasing the harvest. However, there are few to harvest.” 11

In later channelings, the Q’uo group has assured us that that harvesting population is growing exponentially now as people are waking up and not wanting to go back to sleep.

Now, they talked about “your teachers, your adepts, and your wanderers.” Teachers are pretty obvious. We have so many wonderful teachers in our literature and in our religions. The adepts are not too obvious to some people, because there’s a feeling that magic is the casting of spells and manipulation of people by other people. But there is an ancient magical tradition upon this planet which is sometime called the White Magical tradition. It has grown up in the West with acknowledged usages of concepts from the East. It is not a secret society. It is not hidden on purpose. But because not too many people are interested in becoming magical, it’s not very well known. But there is a brotherhood and sisterhood of adepts that has existed ever since the time of Hermes and will exist as long as there are those who are called to become disciplined and magical and able to use their power rightly and then to create ways to use that power. 12

But the wanderers are, in many ways, the most powerful of the helpers that we have at this time. I consider myself to be a wanderer. And I think there are many millions of wanderers all over the world. Wanderers are simply those that have had home planets other than Earth. And then, when Earth began to enter into the last of its years of third density and have such a woeful harvest, there really were too few to help in the harvest. And they decided to come and help in the harvest. They call themselves the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow, according to the Ra group and the Confederation in general.

There are three generations, according to Q’uo, of these wanderers. I am of the first generation. I, and many others like me, millions like me, came to Earth in groups from either fifth density or sixth density, the Density of Wisdom and the Density of Unity, respectively, because we wanted to risk it all. We wanted to take a gamble that we could help Earth lighten her vibration by the end date of this third density.

And, so we went through incarnational processes which robbed us of our memories of who we were, what are background was, and we entered into the incarnation where nothing is known. And we had to recapture our knowledge of who we were by faith alone. And so a lot of wanderers have not yet awakened, because they have gotten so disgusted by Earth that all they want to do is leave it.

They don’t want to wake up and engage with it. They don’t want to love it. They don’t want to help it. They just want out. And, you know, here’s a call to any wanderer listening who feels that way: get a grip! It’s time to realize who you are and to realize that you came here for such positive, such high-minded things. And it’s time to be about your business. It’s time to fulfill your mission. It’s time to love everybody and let everybody love you.

There’s a saying in the South, “I want y’all to love on each other.” Well, that’s exactly what I am saying. love on each other. And, let people love on you. You’re worth it. You really are. You can take love, you can take compliments. I think it’s almost harder to accept love of an unconditional nature than it is to give it. So practice love.

The second generation of wanderers is, I would say, typified by the “me generation,” although, there were second-generation wanderers before that and there are second-generation wanderers after that. But, those were attracted to Earth not simply for high-mindedly helping others and damn the Torpedoes. It was more calculated. It was like, “You know, in third density, I can get more rebalancing of my wisdom and my love, or my love and my power, or whatever. in this boot camp than I could in a thousand years of incarnation in this higher density. So, I want to come down to third density again, enter the boot camp, and see if I can get myself in better fettle.”

Certainly they want to be of service to others. Higher densities always do. However, their first consideration is to work on themselves. So, you’ll see a good many self-involved people who are very high-vibration and yet who don’t seem to be very unselfish. And that is because they’re having trouble breaking that “me circle” of personality and getting a wider picture where it’s “we” instead of “me.” These wanderers constitute a significant amount of the population of wanderers.

The third generation of wanderers we have are sometimes called Indigo Children or Crystal Children. The basic situation with Crystal Children or Indigos is that they have graduated. They’ve made it through graduation already. They’ve already died, made graduation, and gone on to fourth density after an incarnational healing period.

And having cleared that healing period and having been freed of any adhering karma, they now ask themselves, “So, what do I want to do next?” And, they answer themselves, to a man and woman, so I understand, by saying, just as the Elder Race did, all 150 of them who graduated in the first wave of the first minor cycle, by realizing that they want to come back. Because they have brothers and sisters here on Earth and they want to bring them with them, so we can all graduate. So, the Crystal Children are motivated very much towards problem-solving, trouble-shooting, busting systems that don’t work and in general starting novel ways of dealing with problems and seeing things in a wider perspective.

It’s kind of upsetting, to many parents who are dealing with these wanderer children, that they don’t seem to behave properly. They don’t obey unless it makes sense to them. And I say to all Crystal Children parents out there: don’t tell them what to do. Ask them for help. Don’t be authorities over them, but identify with their situation and explain to them what it is you need. For instance, don’t tell them, “Do this or I will be angry.” Tell them, “Mommy needs a rest. I need a break, and I need you to do this to help me. Will you please do that?” The difference between those two ways of dealing with your needs and the child’s needs is amazing.

I think that the third generation of wanderers is being extremely effective already. I recently wrote an article for UPI on one particular Crystal Child from Canada, Ryan Hreljac who found out, at the age of seven, that people in Africa were dying for want of water. So, he decided to raise what he thought was $2,000, the cost of a new well. And he mowed lawns. He washed windows. He did errands. He earned the money and got his well. But, then he found out that $2,000 wasn’t the actual price tag. It was actually much, much more than that. Like $7,000. So, he said, “OK, I’ll just keep on doing chores.”

But by this time he had enough publicity that hundreds and thousands of people were giving donations to the Ryan’s Well fund. So, he created the Ryan’s Well Foundation 13 and to date, they have put in hundreds of wells all over Africa, starting from the efforts of this little child. He is now 16. And what does he want to do? He wants to get his degrees and his credentials so he can go to Africa. And his goal is to make sure that there is no African child without water. And, you know, I have a feeling he’s going to do it.

We have got a three-minute signal here so I will wind up.

Do you come from Mars? Do you come from Maldek? Do you come from Deneb? Were you in Mu? Were you in Atlantis? Where are you in this? You all are in the same place with me. You are the ambassadors for light on Planet Earth, if you choose to be.

We’re all one tribe. It doesn’t matter whence we came. When we went through the incarnational process and were born into this valley of the shadow, we became a member of the tribe of Planet Earth. We are human. And, we, together, are a tremendous force for the good.

So, I would suggest to everyone that we begin thinking about how to be secret agents. Because, you can’t simply go about trying to proselytize unconditional love. You can’t convert people. People convert themselves. What you have to do is live in such a way that people come to you and say, “How are you doing that? What’s your secret?” Or, in any way asking you to open your heart and asking you to talk to them freely and openly.

And in this way you can continue communicating and dropping seeds. You don’t have to be heavy handed about this. You never push your ideas on people if you want to be a secret agent. That would blow your game, wouldn’t it? What you want to do is be like a Johnny Appleseed of thoughts and look for the opening; look for the possibility of a communication, an energy exchange between you and another person where you’re not over and above them telling them what to do. You’re saying, “Well that’s really an interesting thought. You know, I had that thought. And when I’ve had that thought, my reaction has been to…” And then you give them the seed thought -to give love; to give light; to be compassionate; to forgive yourself. There are so many ways to talk about unconditional love.

And, I hope that you will all be agents for unconditional love and do random acts of kindness. And be very happy with yourself! Because as you put that radiant light out there as you become a beacon and a lighthouse letting the light shine through you, you are changing the world.

Work on yourself = work on the world.

At this time, with our minutes dwindling, I shall leave the radio audience in love and in light with great thanksgiving and joy to have been able to talk to you at BBS radio. We will continue here for some time to come. Farewell from Carla and from all of those connected with this wonderful gathering at Mackinac Island in the summer of 2007. May you go well and God Bless.

[Clapping from the physically present audience. Gary speaks with the host of the radio program. Gary and Carla speak to the host and thank him. Carla asks the local audience if they would like to continue or if they would like a break. They indicate that they would like to continue. Carla continues.]

The Ra group talked about Mars. This is a wild story! One of the Guardians of Earth, a member of the Confederation, whom we know by the name, Yahweh, the Jehovah of Moses and Aaron and all those people in the old Testament, knew that Mars had totaled itself. They had rescued the souls from the planetary annihilation. And, they kept the soul energy together so that they were all viable, healthy, at the soul level.

They waited until Earth began its third-density period. And they decided that they would put the Martian souls into bodies. Well, the great-ape body was available and it was progressing according to the typical natural timeline, where gradually the bodies were beginning to stand upright and beginning to lose their body hair. They were gradually beginning to be more conscious of being in tribes and being in clans and helping each other.

And, Yahweh thought, “Well you know, this is really a clumsy physical vehicle. I think were going to tweak it a bit.” And so they made genetic changes in the genome and created an upright, hairless ape. We’re still great apes. Ninety-five percent of our DNA is in common with the great apes. But, our jaw moves so we can talk better. We are able to stand upright so we can walk better. We form opposable thumbs that work better. And they goosed our brain power as well, those of us who came from Mars. I don’t think I did, but I might be in a physical vehicle that was designed at that time. A great many of those on Earth were. As a matter of fact, it’s possible that all of them were, because the Martian experiment, which was considered a failure by the Confederation of Planets, was very effective in populating the new species, or a new sub-species anyway.

So, Yahweh’s thoughts were that with the larger brain and the enhanced physical abilities, they would be more able to follow the Law of One. They would be more able to love each other and make good decisions and so forth. What they didn’t reckon with was that if you have a brand new third-density person with enhanced brain power but with no life experience in third density, the patterns of late second density will rule to begin with.

Well, what are the late patterns in second-density apes? Not a love of family but a sense of family, so that the people in your clan are totally embraced by you and you always think in terms of helping the clan and gathering resources so that the clan doesn’t go hungry in winter and, if the clan is threatened in some way, aggression. Those were the patterns we brought with us from the great-ape mind; the mindset. And, this is still the mindset of our leaders. We haven’t budged off of defending the clan, protecting the clan, gathering resources for the clan and repelling boarders.

[There is an inaudible question from the audience.]

I wouldn’t be able to tell ya. I am not a scientist. But I’m talking about the great-ape mind in a way which may not have anything to do with physiology. I’m talking about the attitude.

[The audience member agrees.]

So, what happened was that it became very easy for us to approach a challenging situation with aggression, to defend the clan, preserve resources and so forth. So that felt right. And throughout history we never really have been able to shake that habit of responding instinctively with aggression, even though it’s such old energy that everybody’s tired of it.

Nobody really wants to live in a time of aggression and war. Nobody that you talk to on the street says, “Oh yeah, this was the way it should be.” But, still, that is our planetary way of looking at things. The traditional planetary view says that it’s OK to aggress against other people. It’s OK to kill people if it’s necessary in order to defend the clan. And, so, you keep redefining the clan so that you can make policy by aggression, which is something the United States still has a settled habit of doing.

But, we now have the influx from Maldek to consider. That’s a big, amazing story also in the Ra Material, where Maldek was a planet in the solar system that is now the belt of asteroids, the Asteroid Belt. They blew themselves up. So unfortunately, when a planet does that, the karma is planetary. Even though maybe only the rulers did that and the people didn’t have a lot to do with it, still, when the entire planet is destroyed, there’s a planetary karma.

This happened about 300,000 years ago, according to Ra. But there wasn’t a third-density planet around that was starting its cycle then. So they waited for Earth because of the fact that they had formed themselves into what Ra had called a “knot of fear.” They had to take over two hundred thousand years just untangling the knot so that they could retrieve each soul as a soul identity of its own instead of one complete quivering jelly full of fear.

So they untangled the knot of fear. And in order to deal with the heavy karma of this, they allowed these particular entities to enter Bigfoot-type bodies which we had naturally at the end of second density. And, they placed them in subterranean caves, where they lived out their lives until they became able to accept that they were people and, therefore, could graduate to begin third density. As I understand it now, all of those caves are cleared of these Bigfoot.

[Disc One ends.]

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