As I understand it now, all of those caves are cleared of these Bigfoot of the Maldek second-density type. Everyone now is in third-density bodies and can graduate with the rest of our class if they want to. Fully half of the population of Earth is Maldek people because there were so many, a whole planet full. And the great majority of the rest are probably from Mars. There are just little bits of planetary populations from over a dozen other planets here, compared to those massive numbers from Maldek and Mars.

There was an influx from Deneb because their star became unable to support their third-density life—though no fault of their own—so they became those of Mu, according to Ra, and lived an equally blameless life here, working on third-density problems until the continent of Mu was taken under the waves by the forces of nature. Now they are dispersed between Russia, North America and South America. The North and South American Indians are Denebians by extraction.

There are sixteen planets, the populations of which ran out of time for third density and had to repeat the grade in the school of souls that our octave of densities is on Planet Earth, so we really have an interesting and complex situation here.

But the cycles of aggression were played out again, first in Atlantis, where they took their continent under the waves by the use of crystal weapons. It became impossible to live there. Then several hundred years later they actually blew their continent up with crystal weapons.

This happened about 11,000 years ago, where the last of the continent was destroyed. But they knew enough ahead of time to begin leaving Atlantis. They went to places, according to the Ra group, like Tibet, Peru, and Turkey. So you see these brilliant Atlanteans in many places, and I personally believe that we are seeing some of the leaders of our own nation who come from Atlantis I call America, Atlantis 2, because we seem to be trying to repeat the pattern - which is not a good thing!

Then, of course, the influx of wanderers is the last of the people from other planets that have come to this planet. They are specifically oriented towards bringing more people to harvest and lightening the energies of Planet Earth.

I think it’s a wonderful thing that’s happening here, where various energies are being shared by many people who are waking up. It’s like an infection. More people wake up because you’re awake. And then they’re awake, and they’re vibrating in a way which makes people go, “I wonder what makes her have that attitude. I’d like to get that too.” And then they find out about it by asking, and they become secret agents for unconditional love and they let their little light shine. It’s sort of a spreading thing. It’s very grassroots. It’s just an exponential blast of more and more people waking up and helping other people to wake up. I’m not the only channel that is reporting this, by the way.

In this, we’ve been helped, naturally, by unseen forces. Now you can talk about angels if you like. Whether they’re Christian angels or not, many world religions have angels. I’ve experienced angels in my life and as far as I’m concerned, they’re real, whatever their extraction, and they’re always ready to help people. The problem with angels is that you have to ask them for help. If you don’t ask them for help they can’t do a thing because free will is paramount on this planet. And it’s the same thing with unseen forces from elsewhere.

The first I heard about the Confederation was in 1962 when I asked to join Don Elkins in forming a group to investigate extraterrestrial contact. I’ve been channeling those energies since 1974.

What they say about themselves and the general cause of service such as the Confederation offers is that it is of the primal distortion of the Law of One which is service to others. The one being of the creation is like unto a body, if you will accept this third-density analogy. Would we ignore pain in the leg, a boil on the skin or a cut which is festering? No. There is no ignoring the call.

They say they come to us if we ask for them. I’ve been holding channeling meditations since 1973. These meditations were started in 1962 but I took over as host of them in 1973 and have been doing it ever since. We still have public meetings. They begin the second Saturday in September. The first Saturday there is a channeling meditation, for sure, but we have our Homecomings at that time, so we are not able to make the session a public one because we’re swamped. We have so many people we cannot offer it to the public because we don’t have the room.

I’m very glad to have been able to step up to the plate and offer myself in service in this wise. And hopefully I’ve stopped being a rank beginner and have become somewhat experienced, though I promise you that the better you get at allowing yourself to be used as an instrument, the more you realize that you really are just a beginner and that there is a tremendous amount to learn.

It makes you humble, then humbler, and then really, really humble as you go on and you realize that you’re just scratching the surface of the help that’s available with your poor words and your poor desire to serve. And you just keep wanting to be better and better but at the same time you realize we’re all human, so you just do the best you can and let that be what it is.

So the Confederation speaks to us if we ask, through channels such as I, and I am beginning a channeling circle for the first time in 20 years at Homecoming. I will be making the foundation for it there, so if anybody wants to learn to channel in the Confederation way, it would be a good idea to get to that Homecoming.

Then, of course, there’s always the opposite number, the “loyal opposition.” That opposition has been called by Ra “The Orion Empire.” Q’uo calls them the Space Pirates which is probably closer to the truth, because Orion has as many good and bad planets in it as any other constellation.

When the guardians of our planet beheld the situation we were in, where there was so much chaos and confusion, they realized that there needed to be a stopping of the influences that were affecting us. So they created what they call a “time lateral”, as if the process of space/time was running along a track and they decided that it would be better if they quarantined this particular population for this 75,000-year cycle. So ever since we hit third density, we’ve been shuttled over to a parallel track. We’re on a time lateral.

That lateral is designed to hook up again with the main track and move on in the normal order of space and time on December 21, 2012. So it’s a matter of realizing that the benefits of this quarantine were that we would have every possibility of developing ourselves. The negative part of this choice that our guardians made with regard to us is that there is a possibility of the Space Pirates swiping the part of the population that likes to live in fear.

If there is enough of the population of planet earth that honestly believes that it is important to live in fear, important to be protected, to be safe, to have security, to make all of our decisions based on fear and to protect the people we define as our tribe, which is not the tribe of Planet Earth but is the tribe of our nation-state, then there is a possibility that we might not rejoin the main track and that the people who honestly believe that this is the way to live would forever live in third density on this alternate track.

It’s a huge coup that they’re trying to pull off and the leaders of our country and of other countries that are vibrating with our country are not helping, because they really want us to live in fear and they encourage us to do so. I know that the last time I had an open conversation about politics in public was about 20 years ago when I was talking about politics. A stranger told me I was being unpatriotic and should be shot!

Our tendency towards empire is old on this planet. There is Atlantis, where we created complete destruction because of thinking that we were right and being willing to impose our will on others. Then we have Babylon and Babylon’s great taking of all the surrounding territories until they had a large part of the earth which was the Babylonian Empire.

These Empires rise, they become top-heavy and then they fall. Because once you’ve collected all the power to the top, there’s no longer a base on the bottom to support that. And so the whole thing crumbles, as did the Babylonian Empire crumble, to be replaced in time by the Roman Empire, which crumbled in its time after hundreds of years of owning large portions of the earth.

And I’m not talking about the Asian cycles of empire, which are many, because they don’t intersect the western cycles all that much and I don’t want to give you TMI - too much information - but want to talk about things that are familiar to us so you can begin to see how the cycle has recurred—how we never learned from history.

After Rome there was the Holy Roman Empire, which existed for centuries and was thoroughly corrupt, gathering the power and resources to the top again for the “good of all”, of course, ostensibly, and then collapsing into what became Metternich’s Empire—he crafted a post-Holy Roman Empire out of its dregs.

That led up to the Third Reich, which some of us even remember, living through part of that. I was born in 1943. The rest of you probably have not lived long enough to have such an extended memory, but I remember the tang of evil that I felt as we found various prisons being opened and the stories of what happened in those prisons coming out.

I was just appalled at the ability of our leaders to do very evil things and cloak them in rhetoric that indicated that they were only attempting to serve the greater good for all; they were only attempting to save, support and cleanse the population of that influence and so forth, all of that sounding very positive.

In fact, the confusion here is so complete that Hitler didn’t even make graduation in the sense of negative polarity. He didn’t make fourth density negative, because he was so convinced that he was doing something helpful for the German people as a whole. So he never got evil enough! As evil as he was in his own mind as a soul, he never made it to that purity of thought that does not balk at using people as cannon fodder.

And then, of course, we have the present empire. Just to give you one example of the kind of empire that America is, not so long ago the Dole Pineapple people decided that Queen Liliuokalani was asking too much money from Dole for the privilege of growing their pineapple and sugar on the Hawaiian Islands. So Dole went to the president and said, “We need some help here because we’re not able to do business here and if we can’t do business, that’s bad for America.”

The president said “You’re right,” and sent in the Marines. And they took control of the country by force, deposed the queen and set up a new government. The queen is no more. Their culture has been ignored and their resources have been stolen.

We have done this not once, not a dozen times but close to three dozen times, if you read the books. There’s one wonderful book Overthrow, 1 which details the overthrow of 12 or 14 of these countries. What we do is go in “in order to protect our interests,” and destabilize the government. Even when we don’t take over a country, we have changed the government and put in people that are sympathetic to the way America wants to conserve its resources.

So this is how the habit of empire has just rolled over. I’m not saying this in a way to judge anybody. I’m saying that this is why it’s happened this way. We’re used to it. We’re totally used to it and we’ve been used to it for 75,000 years. We haven’t made it past the great ape mind. We haven’t made it into that mind which works from the standpoint of, “We’re all one and if I harm you I harm myself; if you go hungry, I go hungry.” We haven’t formed a new paradigm for the way we look at each other and the way we look at creation.

I have often thought to myself that the heart of the reason that we believe that there will be an Armageddon or a Rapture is that we are concerned about our own deaths. It’s the one thing we can’t dodge; there isn’t enough money in the world to dodge it; there’s no power in the world enough to block it. We will all pass on into larger life.

In so many ways it’s resonant to me to feel that the reason mythical systems keep coming up with the end of time or the end of the world, or, “It’s time for everyone to die,” is because we’re afraid of our own deaths. We out-picture our own personal fears psychologically so that instead of worrying about our own deaths we shift that to one side and start worrying about the death of the planet.

But, of course, that’s valid too, in a way, because I and you and everyone else are one. So to worry about the self and to worry about the planet are in a way the same thing.

But I think really that’s the heart of why this is such a talking point, this dramatization of death and making it an exciting thing, when people talk about Armageddon. And it could happen. There are genuinely energies in our government today that believe that we need an Armageddon to cleanse the population and to bring the population down to a manageable size. And of course the people that would be left, in this theory, would be those that are the “right” people. Very subjective, that about the right people.

So what can we do to meet this challenge of the negative surface of things? Well, we just move deeper. We move to a place that is more at the center of our personalities, which is the center of inner spiritual life. We don’t get born into third density with the spirit already awakened. We get born into third density with the spirit in potentiation. It’s our job to awaken the spirit.

And that’s really the process I’m talking about here. We have a mind and a body. We need to awaken the spirit. So the thing to do is to lean very heavily on faith. Faith is when you run off a cliff and you don’t look down. You have faith that the air is going to hold you and, by golly, the air holds you. But you don’t find this out until you take the leap into faith as Kierkegaard says.

So I encourage everybody to get it together to jump and to find out for themselves just how steady the air of faith is.

I understand that at Armageddon there’s going to be a kind of war and after that war something will change. People will be quite nervous. They will realize more the nature of what we have to do to get this sorted out and what has happened and the gruesome things that have happened to this planet; how people so many times just lay down to die!

Well, certainly the switch from one density to another is a complete change and the way they describe it in The Ra Material is that you get up to a certain point in third density and there is like a thin film, a meniscus, like the film on top of a glass of water or a cup of coffee. There’s a skin there that you have to break through. That’s a quantum leap and perhaps that’s the war that you’re talking about.

But I don’t think our adventure here lies in making it as peaceful as possible, I think our adventure lies in enlarging the dynamic so that in response to fear we offer love; in response to despair we offer hope. We can’t do it by doing anything. We can rarely do it by saying anything. The way we do it for the most part is the way we live, by expressing it in our lives. That’s where the rubber hits the road. It’s in everyday life and all the decisions we make.

We look at the energies that hold us here, the energies that sink us down, and know that at this meniscus level, at 2012, that which is sinking down will stay down and that which is capable of rising will break through the meniscus by walking the steps of life.

So what we need to do in our own lives is to see ourselves as the planet. Don’t worry about the planet. Work on yourself. If you work on yourself, you work on the world. So in your own life find out those shadow sides of yourself that you haven’t developed and go after them! Go after that thief. Go after that murderer. Go after those energies of anger and guilt and gluttony and sloth and all the shadow sides of self that people have. We all have that 360-degree self. But usually we just don’t want to look at those bits so we don’t ever develop them.

I’m convinced that you can develop every single shadow impulse, every single seemingly negative impulse, to the point where you are able to awaken it to love. And you are able to say, “Don’t change a thing. I’m not going to murder anybody, but give me the energy of your darkness; give me that energy that I may have determination, that I may have grit, that I can stick to a difficult situation where, if everybody around me is panicking, I can reassure them, I can say, “All is well and all will be well.”

Surely, you may die. We all are going to die, and you may die because of this storm or because of this war or because of this situation. But you are already one with the Creator in this life and as you die you will be one with the Creator in that portion of your experience that goes on and on, because we’re citizens of eternity. So what does it matter, really, if we live or if we die? So just encourage the attitude of fearlessness in yourself.

We need to organize in a different way. There must be a global organization in a new way.

Yes. However, you just have to watch, in organizing that global organization, that it doesn’t come from one powerful person or from one powerful group of people who then tell people exactly how this new paradigm, that we don’t understand yet, is to be formed.

I think the way to think about it is: wherever you are, move towards globalization by networking and by trying to create events, whether they’re on the internet or events in the world out there. And just encourage that, and encourage that, until everybody becomes aware that the new paradigm doesn’t need a leader. It doesn’t need a head. What it needs is everybody offering their part to it.

I am involved in World Social Forums. Is this the way to create a peaceful one-world society? That is what we are trying to do: bring this information out.

But, you see, all of this information has been out there for thousands of years, as to how to create that unity and that love and that understanding. It’s just that we don’t follow it. We don’t follow the advice of, “Love one another.” Jesus was asked, “Who is my neighbor,” and he told the story of the good Samaritan. It’s notable that two people of good social standing passed by this man on the road. The person that actually had compassion and picked him up was of a caste called Samaritans, which were considered the lowest caste. Yet nobody wanted to deal with him but the Samaritan.

I disagree with you on one point. You seem to suggest that this will happen by itself. I don’t think it will. I think it is our task to do it.

No it won’t and if you are called to it, then do it. But enter into it for you and then link up with it other groups, instead of feeling that you as one person are going to be able to tell everybody what the right way is to think.

But I think you’re talking too much about doing versus being because you can do some things but there are other things that you must just be. And people are uncomfortable with being and even the Band of Mercy had told me that you don’t have to do anything to become, you just have to be and know that you are part of the one infinite Creator, you are part of the Divine, and not everything is perfect in this world. They said that even the Divine is not perfect. So you stress a lot on doing and that’s good but people have to also want to do it.

I think the nature of the energy of where you’re coming from is the same energy that creates churches. It creates groups of people that desire to help other people, and that’s a wonderful thing. But the truth of it is that Sunday School ends, or the ashram ends, or the weekend ends, where you’ve gotten together to talk about helping the world out, and then you go home and you’re you, and you’re on whatever street you live and you’re in the community you live and this is actually the environment in which we do the work.

So, yes, promote the weekends, promote the groups, promote the groups of groups, but at the same time realize that all of the fundamental work that fleshes out the weekend or the visit to church or the visit to temple is the way you live your life day to day and the being, rather than the doing is actually all of our first service.

It’s a hard concept to get across to people because nobody at a party says, “What do you be?” They always ask you what you do.

There’s a really relevant section in The Law of One where they talk about people who come from orange ray and yellow ray who desire to rearrange the political situation. And they say that though that is, in and of itself, worthy, yet few are the people of green ray that realize that the giving of unconditional love is to be more desired than any rearrangement of the political or governmental structure. That love, itself, is far more potent and of service to your fellow human beings …

I think if you look at the outer world you’ll always be dissatisfied with the progress we’ve made. I think that it’s time to have faith in the unseen progress that we’ve already made. Because I’ve heard again and again in the channelings that you’d be surprised how much difference groups like mine, and all of the channeling sources, and all the groups that support the channeling sources, have made already because these little lighthouses are out there now and they warn of the rocks and the waves crashing around us. And so boats coming that way, that is people coming our way, see that light and they go, “Wow, let’s check that out!” Or they might see your light, or your light, or yours.

Then we become people of power. And then our question is: how do we use that power rightly.

Here’s something that really bothered me recently. A really good friend of mine, Jean-Claude Koven, is trying to create a super website in which he’s trying to do what you’re trying to do. It is the same thing. You ought to get in touch with him because you’d have a really wonderful conversation. He’s funding it himself for the most part at start-up, and then he’s trying to create an organization which is self-funding.

So in order for people to join this wonderful spiritual organization and to have access to all of the information, then, they have to let ten other people know about the website. And then in order to get on the website each of them tells ten people about it. He’s turned it into a pyramid thing. And certainly it would create a cash flow to have people constantly joining and telling other people to join. His goal is to save Planet Earth, but the flaw in his reasoning is saying, “We must fund this; we must be an organization,” is weakening his efforts.

People, all people, prefer to create their own reality rather than to be on the receiving end of some charity. This is very much a Christian concept. What people want is to be part of a social group; to create culture. And to do that we need to have a mindset which is that you are a part of something with a sense of self-worth or self-pride. It’s absolutely necessary to have that for democracy to function.

Right now we only have a form of democracy all over the world which, according to the UN, does not work the way it should, not even the best countries in Europe. Nothing works now, we know that. But the formality of it doesn’t work in either practice or in theory. Scientific people see this also. Everybody is kind of working toward the same thing. So you talk about the spiritual, mystical side of things. Well, I talk about something differently but at the same time those two parts are coming together. So this is not a new idea, this website, this is a way of organizing the future.

So what’s your question?

I would like to know what you folks think about this concept. Is it up to us? I have a sense that it is.

We have all of our channeling sessions up on the website for free and I think what would really be good would be for you to investigate some of the sessions. We have them on, and then you click on “Conscious Channeling” and then they’re arranged by year. When you click on 2007 every transcript that has been finished from the channeling I’ve done this year is there. There is a short paragraph showing what the question was. So you can go through the information, from 1975! I think you’ll find a whole lot of information has already been channeled that would apply to your question and probably in a much better way than I can offer. That might be a more satisfying way for you to pursue the answer to that question instead of me trying to talk to you as a human being, because the information coming through the channel is a lot more tuned than the information I have. But thanks for giving me something to think about.

Thank you! It’s been wonderful talking with you.

  1. Stephen Kinzer, Overthrow; America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq: New York, Times Books [2006], ISBN 0805078614.