I honor you.

I’m so glad to be here. I have so looked forward to being able to talk to you all. As Donald Ware said, he had run into the Law of One because it had run into him. Many people report that about the material that we acquired from those of Ra. It might fall on their heads from a bookstore shelf. It might show up at a checkout counter and the bookstore not even know how much to charge for it because it wasn’t in their inventory. So there is a powerful purity to that information that certainly has helped me a lot throughout the years. But these first four books of the Law of One and the fifth one that we offered about 15 years after the first four have, as Don said, a scientific leaning towards them, and there are a lot of people, for a lot of years, saying, “Hmmm …” and asking me questions. And the questions have been profound and they have been widespread and they have started coming into a repeating pattern. After a while I began seeing a certain class of people that were fascinated with this work, that resonated to it, and that needed help with some of the concepts presented in it, and when I decided I wanted to do this book, I wanted to get all of these questions together and write a book that responded to the questions that were repeating in my e-mail, so that we would be on the same page together and we could go from there instead of my having to write the same thing over and over again. So the very beginning of this book was my desire to help, and I think that’s been my impulse from the very beginning of my life. I just want to help. I love everybody. I love everything. I love this creation and the passion and the joy of my life is to share it with everyone that I meet. I think that everyone in this audience is ready to drop flesh and become an angel. I think that we are all in our potentially last incarnation on this Earth and ready to move on, and I would love to inspire you, awaken you, fill you with the joy that I feel, and engage you in a collaboration with me and with others who are here and who have only one desire, and that is to bring Earth and its people from the old heaven and the old Earth to a new heaven and a new Earth.

I think that’s basically the metaphysical angle that the UFOs have. I don’t speak to the physical side of the UFO story. Many others do that extremely well. It’s a complex and mazed subject, shall we say, and there is a tremendous amount of sophistication involved in simply penetrating the outer levels of it. And I bow and honor all those people who have worked so hard to try to figure out what is going on on this Earth.

My own interest is profoundly non-political and not of this Earth. My kingdom is not of this world. I am much more interested in building a road from third density to fourth density.

OK. Moving along to how I wrote the handbook: I started out, as I said, with my database of fascinating people that write to me. Who are these people? Some of these people think that they come from other planets, which is something that they share with me. I have memories of being from elsewhere. Call me crazy. That’s OK. I don’t think so. And I think that I am among a large company of confederates. I think I came with a very large spiritual family. I think that there are many spiritual families that came here that are allied together to help Earth at this time, to shed light into the planetary vibration and put that blacktop on the road to fourth density. I think it’s entirely possible and I think that we are very close to critical mass [in achieving it].

I had a database, after six years on the internet, of about 400 people’s letters to me, and so I read through all of the letters that I had gotten. I wrote down every question and when I analyzed the questions there were about 120 categories. So my first job was to form an outline with these categories so that if a person wanted to read my treasury of ideas from start to finish, there would be some logical flow to it. At that point, which was four years down the road in this six year labor of love, I asked my husband to help me, and he put a solid year into getting a database from our thirty years of archives. I started listening to channeling in 1962, but I didn’t start channeling until 1974, and so from about 1975 on we were recording all of my channelings. And so we had a very solid 25 year period of channeling in which I had channeled at least once a week and sometimes once each day. So there was just a huge amount of material. Millions and millions of words. The labor of a lifetime for me.

So Jim went through our channeling archive with all of these subjects and did key word searches on each subject to find quotations from the channeling archives that would support information on this subject. So I started out with two databases: these wonderful people who had written in to me and, just like you in the audience, these people know just as much as I do and have spent many, many years studying this and are very intelligent people who created gems of thought, some of which I do put in the book.

And then there are these voices. Even though it’s my own channeling, and pardon me for seeming to be egoistic, I have dearly appreciated these voices in my life, and they have meant a lot to me. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to share, not just those of Ra and what they had to say but also other members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, which is what they call themselves.

So I took these questions and I wrote essays, short essays, about 120 of them. My Table of Contents shows each of these, so you can use the book by picking it up and looking up what your problem is, just as though you were a Volkswagen owner and you wanted to see how to change the spark plugs. Sometimes in your spiritual life you need to know something like that. It’s an owner’s manual. You pick it up. You look at those few pages of material all by itself, not having to read the whole book, but just focusing on what your need of the moment is. It was intended to be used like that. It was intended to be a lifetime companion. It works also if you read it straight through and some people tell me that is all that they can do. They just can’t put it down, but I say that’s a lot of stamina because it’s a long book as it stands now! And another way that people use it is as an I-Ching, where you just see what fortune has for you today. You can take the book and just open it at random and get some inspiration that way. In moments of stress that has helped me, actually.

The purpose of the book is to open your heart.

[Carla sings]

Lord, make us servants of your peace, Where there is hate, may we sow love. Where there is hurt, may we forgive. Where there is strife, may we make one.

I would love to open your heart, to give you a direct experience of what it is to be free, unhindered, and come at last into the sacred space of your own self. What does the Law of One say? What does Ra say? What does the Confederation in general say? It’s such a short, simple message, “All is one.”

Look into the mirror and see the Creator.

Look into the eyes of other selves, see the Creator.

Look into the creation of the Father, see the Creator.

See, everything is ready to tell us its story. As Carolyn Casey said recently, and I just loved it, she said, “I am a peanut. I make good sandwiches.” Everything is ready to tell us its story. All of nature sings. We ourselves sing. We are an energy field that has a wonderful vibration that is only our own. No one in the entire creation of the Father has our distortions, our color, our brilliance, our perfection, and our beauty. Even though we are all one, even though we are all twinkles in the eye of God, shall we say, yet we have suffered and expressed joy and loved and been loved and suffered again. And in just these small steps that may seem to us to be indications of failure we create a tapestry of energy that is a signature, that is our name, in the metaphysical world. And each one of us is absolutely vital and absolutely perfect, a gem in our own right, shining like the sun and very much a sun-like being.

I would love to bring you into that feeling of the truth of your own power, the magic of your life. I would like you to realize and feel, really feel, that we are one, that we have a job to do together. We are a team. We all came here or were born here for one simple purpose. We are at a time, at the end of a very long age of learning, I think—this is all my opinion—we have about ten years left to affect change within this world.

There have been a lot of surveys and a lot of information about the end of the world, Armageddon, being one of the elect that will ascend or being one of the rest that will not and will perish and become as the dinosaurs, the oil pits for the next civilization of Earth. I don’t think so. I believe that we have reached a place where we are going to be able to help Earth move from third to fourth density without a global cataclysm. We didn’t have the one that was absolutely scheduled for 1998, that Cayce predicated, because of the very fervent efforts of a few who realized that what we wanted to do at this stage, whatever we called it, was to establish a state of mind and to establish communication with each other and connection with each other so that we could together build a net of love around this planet. Some have called it the Christ grid. Some have called it cosmic consciousness. Whatever the way of calling it, the idea is that the old needs to pass away and will pass away, and the new needs to come. And what the new is, is unconditional love. That vibration, more and more, is what we are living in now, and it is polarizing both the good and the negative within our society so that we see fear as well as love becoming very pointed.

We have the opportunity to take action in this situation, but it is an action of a very different kind.

[Carla sings]

Then shall your light break forth As does the morning. Your health shall spring The friends you make shall bring God’s glory bright. Your way through life adorning And love shall be the prize. Arise! Arise! Arise and make a paradise.

A paradise is already here. I had a wonderful letter from a friend, Bruce Peret, who was sitting in Wyoming in his wilderness and opened his eyes to see the everlasting waves of prairie in Wyoming and lo and behold it was no longer grey and brown and sage and those colors of dust that afflict the land in a dry season. It was green and instead of clouds and thick mist which was the weather that day, it was a bright blue sky. And the sun was shining brightly. He blinked and it didn’t go away. It lasted for about fifteen minutes, probably because of the state of mind that he was in because of the meditation.

This world is interpenetrating ours and it is coming closer and closer. This is what the Law of One information suggests, very specifically. In 1981, Don Elkins, a scientist and physicist and mechanical engineering professor, asked those of Ra when the end of the age was. They said, “Well, the inconveniences that mark the end of the age have already begun, and they shall last for about 30 years.” And Don said, “Now, does that mean that at that time Earth will be a fourth-density planet?” Those of Ra said, “That is correct”. Well, that would mean 2011, so according to those of Ra we are in the last ten years of this old age.

Taming the wolf. Book Three of the Law of One has got a lot of material about taming the wolf. Now that, to me, is code because I love what Dion Fortune said about psychic greeting, so-called psychic attack. To me, after having experienced psychic greeting fairly intensively, which is recounted in that book, I have come to the conclusion that when we think of forces out there that are going to attack us, we can tell that story a different way and help ourselves to understand the nature of peace, because the wolf that attacks from the outside certainly seems like an entity separate from us. And yet it is not true. Metaphysically the truth of the situation is that until we invite those wolves that bite, those vampires that are threatening to feed on us, those wolf men that come out in the full of the moon, until we are able to look at them in all of their dirt, warts and all, and accept them, and take them into our hearts, and know that they too are our shadow selves, we don’t have a hope in the world of taming our dark side. And taming our dark side is the very first thing that we need to do in order to fall in love with ourselves and become magical people.

The one known as Jesus said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself. This replaces all of the old commandments. This is the whole of the law”. There is a little catch in there. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Do you love yourself? So many of us, myself included—I’m still working on it—have been carefully trained not to, to devalue ourselves, to find ourselves unworthy, to endlessly focus on what is wrong with this picture. There is always something wrong with the picture of us. When we look in the mirror, how many of us are truly satisfied? Don’t answer that, those of you who are.

[Carla sings]

Now the green blade rises from the buried ground. Wheat that in dark earth many days has lain. Love lives again, that with the dead has been. Love is come again like leaves that springeth green.

When our hearts are wintry, grieving or in pain, Thy touch can call us back to life again. Fields of our hearts that dead and bare have been, Love is come again like wheat that springeth green.

When we take our dark side and say, “OK, let me love you. Let me seduce you with my charm. Let me talk to you about the desires of my heart” we begin to tame that wild and wooly dark side. We begin to entrance the powers of the murderer, the adulterer, the thief, the glutton, the lazy bones. We begin to fascinate those dark powers that feed into the will. These dark powers are our strength. They are our grit. Let’s in some way say that they are our fertilizer. They give us a richness of energy that we would not have if we were all sweetness and light. We need to know about this dark side, I think.

The Law of One has troubled some people. Our material in general has troubled some people that honestly do not believe that polarity is a matter of accepting the darkness as part of the light. They believe in fighting the darkness and defending against the darkness, and there is a great mythology about the children of light and the children of darkness. Nor do I deny the truth of that assertion. There is indeed a war in heaven and in Earth, and it is the children of light against the children of darkness. The thing of it is, it’s a short-sighted war. In the sweep of spiritual development all becomes one again and the negative and the positive path unify. And what third density is about is about choice, according to those of Ra. But we are at the end of third density. We have made our choice.

Everybody in this audience, and I think most people in general, have come down very decisively as to what path they want to follow: service to self or service to others. Service to others being the positive path, radiant like the sun, not controlling, releasing all judgment, all of that expansive energy of unconditional love. This is what appeals to almost everyone on this planet. Most of the people who came to this planet were working from an attitude of sharpening the choice for good in such a way that it became more balanced, more excellent, because this choice, this very decisive choice here, is the basis on which we stand to do work for several densities [to come]. So especially those who come here from elsewhere are very intently focused, if they are awakened, on that realization of themselves as ethical beings and the desire to express and use this incarnational experience as a canvas on which to paint the picture of a loving and lovely life.

The next concept that I would like to bring to you is the fact that we are a team. What precisely does this team do? The first thing that we do is stop talking and we embrace the silence.

[Carla sings]

Humbly I adore thee, verity unseen Who thy glory hidest ’neath these shadows mean. Lo, to thee surrendered my whole heart is bowed Tranced as it beholds thee veiled within a cloud.

Within you, within me, within all of us, clouds part and the Creator waits patiently in a room, closer to us than our hearts, nearer to us than breathing. That consciousness that is the Creator is the actual truth of your being and mine, the “I” of myself and the “I” of you. But the first thing that we need to do to come together is to realize that we are here for a purpose far beyond ourselves, and one great key to coming into a more secure and sane and practical realization of our position here, our situation and what we are here for, is found within silence. It helps a lot if you have someone to sit in silence with, I have found. But so many people don’t, and it’s not necessary. But I do encourage you to look for meditation buddies if you are having trouble with your practice. But it doesn’t matter to me; I don’t think it matters to the Creator at all, as to how you conduct your time in silence. You can take a walk in nature. You can sit in a chair. You can practice whatever you find helpful to get into a meditative state, but the idea is to stop talking. The idea is to listen to the silence. It is a very powerful thing.

The handbook contains a lot of different aspects. I start out with a discussion, a fairly lengthy discussion of wanderers, those who come from elsewhere. And I talk about Earth natives who have become wanderers. It is my feeling, as I said, that I no longer distinguish between those who come from elsewhere and those whose patterns are all of this Earth because of the situation here is of being in the last ten years of a 75,000 year cycle, so everybody here is pretty much an ascended master. You may be asleep. You may be snoozing. You may be wide awake and wanting to know more about your mission, but potentially you are a powerful and magical being who has done a tremendous amount of work already. Or you wouldn’t have gotten a place in line! Because as I understand it there is a real crowd trying to get into incarnation here because it is a really fascinating time.

In the first place, this is not an untroubled planet. This apparently, according to the messages, is a planet where people who have flunked grade three from quite a few other places have been sent to repeat. We’ve got a lot of people here who are really hard-headed and wanted to stay in third density and practice the ways of fear and look at this choice and maybe stay asleep for a very long time. So we don’t have an easy road of it, and none of us is a simple person. We all probably have a troubled past and could be described in one way or another as juvenile delinquents.

Don Elkins, the third member of our meditation group, L/L Research—who is no longer with us. He died in 1984, but Jim and I always feel him on our shoulders. He’s the angel that is among us still as far as we are concerned- he always said that Earth was an insane asylum and he was just lucky to get a private room.

So there is a certain amount of confusion and chaos out there, and I talk about that and a lot of New Age issues in the book because people ask about those. People ask about cosmology. They ask about the densities. They ask about the energy system of the body, the chakras. I go into that. I work especially hard on the densities and the chakras because those are two subjects that you read in the Law of One material and the material is so based on physics, and alternative physics at that, that you can truly read it and go, “I don’t think I get this yet.” And truly, after 15 years of studying it as a person who is awash in the liberal arts and not at all into science, I had to go and ask for help and make sure that I was able to explain this cosmological stuff in ways that, at least if you read my sentences, you would be able to understand as well as I understand. So for people who have had their struggles trying to figure out what they were talking about with densities and with energy body terminology, I go into that in the book. I talk about reincarnation, Earth as a school or spiritual refinery, Earth as a game board. I talk about the use of the light touch. Healing. I talk a lot about metaphysical work in the Handbook, meditation, the silence that I was talking about.

Many people say to me, “I really respond to this information, and I can even conceive of myself as a spiritual being with a contract to fulfill. But you know, I drink; I smoke; I play cards; I am a rootin’ tootin’ person of Earth. How in the world do I become a spiritual person?” I tell you what, you already are. It’s a matter of allowing that realization to rise within you. It’s as if silence was a key, and I don’t mean a key concept. I’m talking about a physical key because the doors of our hearts are actually rather cleverly shut against any rude entry. There is a guard there, and we don’t get into our open hearts until we’re ready. The key to that door is silence and desire. And when we use that key, we’re in a “Holy of Holies” that is profoundly within ourselves. The infinite Creator is waiting there for us, patiently, already there, already the center of your and my being. According to the material from those of Ra there isn’t anything else. There is the one original Thought, and that one original Thought, pure, undistorted and perfect, is the very center of our heart and the very connection to the Creator, to the spirit within, to the wisdom within, to what we should do next.

We can rest easy if we can get into that heart and relax and allow things to move through. Because that is the idea of the open heart. And that’s what we’re actually doing here. We’re all crystals. I’d have to get a scientist up here to describe precisely the nature of the body, but I believe it is correct to say that the organs are energy fields and so forth and there is a system of energy fields within the body, and then the body itself is an energy field—mostly water which is a very magical and crystalline substance. But we have a sort of energy field, a temple of sacred shapes and magnetic forces that is vibrating as does a crystal, that is able—as does a crystal—to receive information, to send information, and to transduce it.

According to the model given in The Law of One and the Confederation material in general, infinite supplies of energy come into our body and flow out of our body. Of course if our energy body is blocked or the centers are in some way narrowed or shut down, the energy is not going to move through. And so this is what we do usually, especially in the lower three rays: the sexual energy ray of red ray, the personal relationship ray of the orange ray, and the solar plexus ray of Earth relationships such as marriage or football teams, all of the groups that inspire our loyalties on Earth. These three lower energy centers are very likely to be somewhat blocked over and over again as we deal with the people around us, as we deal with ourselves and with our desires, and as we deal with our responsibilities in the world.

It’s important to keep going through these lower energies and systematically gazing at, sitting with, accepting, forgiving, and releasing the blockages in them because of the fact that the next energy center is the green ray, the heart ray, and you can’t do any work in consciousness, you can’t do any work with the planet, and you can’t start fulfilling your contract until you get into the heart. So this key of silence is helpful also in bringing you to a place beyond the various “Well, he said/she said,” “I’m right/he’s wrong,” dynamics of the daily moment in the daily life, to bring you back into a more centered and cosmic, shall we say, point of view where you’ve remembered who you are again. You’ve remembered that you’re a child of the Creator. You’ve remembered that you have no judgment and that you love and wish to be loved and accepted as a whole human being.

I talk about forgiveness a lot in the book because a lot of the questions that people write into me about are about forgiveness. And forgiveness is a very difficult thing to talk about. I think the stubbornest of all is the ability to forgive the self. It’s amazing though how healing it is when you can finally fall in love with yourself and realize that you are just a marvelous person, and you’re great company. And the Creator cast you forth as a twinkle in His eye with one basic job and that was to learn, to experience, and to express things within your nature that have never been found before so that the Creator can know about Himself because as we learn about ourselves the Creator is adding to Its knowledge of Itself.

[Carla sings]

Come down, O love divine. Seek thou this soul of mine. And visit it with thine own ardor glowing. O Comforter, draw near! Within my heart appear, And kindle it with Thy own ardor glowing.

We have help. We don’t have to sit in our hearts and change the world by dint of will. In fact, the actual work that we came here to do is effortless. It’s being. It’s essence. It’s very difficult and almost impossible in the modern world to simply be. You go to a party and nobody says, “What do you be?” They say, “What do you do?” Woe betide the woman who is only a housewife and a mother of four because she can’t answer “What do you do?” She could say, “Ahem, I work very hard.” You know it’s not very chic to be that, and actually most of us don’t get the chance to stay home and make a home and raise happy children. Most of us are working to support the payments for the home and the lifestyle that we’ve decided is necessary. It’s a very busy world. It’s a very away-from-center world, and it’s a world of which I myself am a part, as I work for Jim’s Lawn Service, and my husband sets out to prepare the gardens and the lawns of our immediate environment and establish our ability to feed ourselves. This is something that we share with everybody. Everybody has to be responsible and make a living and see to the endless chores and duties of the world. That is as it should be. I have no argument against that.

But the thing of it is, how can you bring a spiritual focus into a life that is so full of chores and busy work? And I am here to tell you that it is possible. If you would give 10 minutes a day to the energy of transformation within yourself, that’s enough, because silence is a powerful thing. If you can, meditate for five minutes straight, and by that I simply mean don’t talk, and don’t process the thinking that you do but just sit with it and simply listen to the silence, and then if you spend another five or ten minutes at the end of the day thinking about what you have said, thought and done with an eye to seeing what emotions you’re running, what harvest the day has brought to you, and what harvest you have given to the world in terms of your energy, your responses to people and to things. Not to judge but just to get to know yourself. Ten minutes, every day. No exceptions.

Look back in two months and see what changes have taken place in your life. Look back in six months and marvel. Because once you open yourself to your own self, to the larger Self within you, you are on a journey which is very rapid and very transformational. I almost urge people not to do too much at the beginning of the spiritual practice because it is such powerful stuff, and I don’t like the idea of people changing so rapidly that they can’t keep up with themselves and they experience it as difficult. It is somewhat difficult to become a responsible spiritual being. You do have to change, and change is always uncomfortable. But actually we all invite change in terms of wanting to be more mature, wanting to be more helpful, and above all, wanting to fulfill the contract for which we came.

I’ve found that is one thing that I hear over and over and over again from the people who have read our stuff and who write me: “What is my mission? What is it that I am supposed to do? I have a burning desire to do it. I feel that I have made an agreement. I have made a promise, and I want to keep it. But what is it?”

[Carla sings]

Go forth for God. Go to the world in peace. Be of good courage, Armed with heavenly grace. In God’s good spirit daily to increase. Till in his kingdom we behold his face.

I’m a Christian. Could you guess? I don’t want you to become Christian if you are not. But what I want you to do is feel the unconditional love that this vibration of Christ offers. I don’t have any desire to make you believe in Jesus. I don’t care if Jesus ever actually got up on a cross and died and ascended to heaven. What I care about, and I think what is very valid, is the energy that put that man up on the cross, willing to give his life so that we wouldn’t suffer, yearning so much to love the world, yearning so much to call the world to love, that he was perfectly willing to lose his life. I don’t care whether he succeeded or not. Our logo is Don Quixote. Don Quixote tilted at windmills. They were all illusions. What I care about in Don Quixote is the passion that he had for good, for honor. What I care about is the passion that Jesus had for the beauty in each one of us. He saw all of us as citizens of eternity, and that’s the truth of us. We are infinite, magical, powerful, amazing beings. We have connections to each other, to the planet, and to that beyond ourselves which we came to serve, the light.

And the way we do that is to open the heart and let that crystal radio nature work so that as we are getting the unconditional love of the infinite Creator, as the light is flowing into us, we bless it, we consciously encourage it, and we dedicate it not only to our own well-being, although we always need to do that first, but also to the lightening of planet Earth and the healing of the world. There is a tremendous need at this time for healing in this world.

[Carla sings]

What the world needs now is love, sweet love.

And it’s so true.

The reason that I sing from time to time is that it opens my heart, and I hope that, as music often does, it brings emotion to the surface for you too. There is a tenderness, a vulnerability, a nakedness to singing, especially singing without any instruments, and my hope is that, after the shock passes of this woman sitting up on stage and singing, that you’re able to see that what I am trying to do is give you a certain kind of experience, an experience of my own very odd and quirky nature, of the way I live, of the way I process spirit, the way I myself have been working to heal myself, to become a whole person, to become completely fearless so that there is nothing that stops the light from flowing through me. So that what you actually see is not me but the beauty and the love and the light that is flowing through me and through all of us all of the time.

My hope is that this might enliven and engage your interest in becoming that kind of a creature yourself- not necessarily one who sings. Not necessarily one who is a Christian. But one who finds the ways that you have of bringing emotion through. Finding the purer strains of it. Because I think we come to this experience of catalyst and suffering and gaining experience from it, each in our own way, and we each have our ways of comforting ourselves, of finding the truth within ourselves, of getting beyond the linear thoughts so that we are more experiencing our nature as it truly is, that magical nature that is not predictable, that is entirely spontaneous and that is in the present moment, fully. I think that our model of time keeps us from realizing that at all times the present moment is infinitely wide and deep and contains all of history. Time is an illusion.

I’m assuming that there are going to be a bunch of questions, so I’ll talk about ten minutes more and then I’ll stop and throw the lights up and engage you personally.

This is the time of harvest, and I’d like to end our time together by bending your minds a little bit about the concept of peace.

[Carla sings]

God is working His purpose out as year succeeds to year. God is working his purpose out and the time is drawing near Nearer and nearer draws the time the time that shall surely be When the Earth shall be filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea.

I have waited for this time for a long time. This is an exciting time to be alive. The planet is transforming as we speak. I’m seeing the inconveniences all over the planet. I’m very heartened that we haven’t had a planetary catastrophe. I think perhaps we may escape that entirely, but it’s not a done thing. We’re close to critical mass on creating the web of love for planet Earth, the Christ grid, but we’re not there yet. We’re very close to the hundredth monkey effect of awakening. So many people are awakening. I’ve gotten such a rise in people writing into our site that I can no longer answer all the letters. About a year ago that stopped being possible and now people as much a part of L/L as I are helping me to answer those letters. I want you to know that anybody who writes L/L will receive a letter from a person. It’s never going to be a boilerplate text letter that I wrote in 1997 to somebody in Boise about being a wanderer. It’s going to apply to you. It’s going to be from a human being that cares, and this is the point. This is the ten years that we need to make connections. We need to find out how to collaborate. And we need to move forward as a people.

This is the last of the old, and at the beginning of the new, which is also right now, all work is done by groups. All progression will be done by groups in the next density to come. We need to learn to play together well. Those who play well together are the foundation, the blacktop creators of the road from third to fourth density. We really need to focus on that, learning how to work together. I am very engaged in what can we do together? About ten days before 9-11 occurred, right at the end of August, I received a letter from a member of the Elder Race who happens to be incarnate and is very, very connected in with the Earth and he said that Earth was very angry. For the first time in his life, he had not been able to talk to Mother Earth. Gaia would not speak to him. She was angry with all of humankind. He said that there is so much negative energy here now that she is just not going to try to cooperate with humans any more.

And this is about the third time that I have heard of a crisis like this, but the first time that I have ever heard of it from the planet Earth itself. And it engaged and alarmed me to the extent that Jim and I started doing Gaia meditations every night at 9 pm. We invite you to join them. We’re doing them every day still, not necessarily at 9 because you know how life goes, but every night, every morning, we sit down and we pray for peace and we pray for the safe birthing of our planet and the attempt to become confederates once again instead of those who operate on planet Earth as her masters. We need again to become a part of the system of harmonies that is in the creation of the Father so that we can help this dear planet through this labor process that she is in. There is stress in the tectonic plates. There is heat underneath of the surface of the Earth because of all of our warring and our angry thoughts. We have not learned peace. We have not learned peace within our hearts. We have not learned peace as a people. We have not learned peace among the families of mankind, and it is time to do that. It’s very much time to do that.

[Carla sings]

O pray for the peace of Jerusalem O pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

I do. I pray so much. It’s an old family squabble there in Jerusalem. Christians, Muslims, Jews, all of whom have great respect for Jesus, all of whom have a great love for Mary, all of whom have listened to the teachings of Jesus and given lip service to them for millennia. All of whom are ignoring those very simple teachings and squabbling and calling down vengeance. I don’t know the answer. I’m as patriotic as anybody else. I realize that you can’t simply allow somebody to blow up your buildings and kill your people and not respond in some wise, but, Oh, how I wish that the way that we had responded was to call together the nations of the world and say, “Look, I was going to put like 27 billion dollars into this next war on terrorism, but I was thinking maybe if we just tried to redecorate and figure out how to housekeep here so that everybody had a little something to eat. Everybody had a roof over their heads. Let’s see if we could solve the problems that affect us globally with this money”. I wonder how far we would have gotten and how well we would have spent that money. And I invite you to join me because this is the time. I am going to investigate ways to become more active in spreading this message, and I really do feel that there is a huge group of people who would like to be engaged in this collaboration.

The first way to do it is to dedicate yourselves to opening yourselves. The second way to do it is come on line and find your spiritual family, whatever it is. If you vibrate to me and if your resonate to what I am saying, take a look at the contents of our book. I really would like for you to come by the table and really take a look at my book. I wouldn’t have written it and spent six years and all of my love on it if I didn’t feel very deeply and passionately that it was a book that needs to be looked at by everybody because we are all people of the Law of One and it is time for us to come together and act together. And pray for the peace within us most of all.

OK. Let’s turn up the lights and take some questions.

Thank you, sister wanderer. I have known I was a wanderer since I was a child and have known I had a mission and how to go about it. My question is how do you get people motivated? So many people in this audience will say that this is beautiful and then they will go home and continue doing whatever they have been doing and not do anything else. I so much want to do something, but I haven’t the financial power to really do anything. I haven’t been able to get other people to hear me and join me and you and others. There are a lot of groups starting things and I want to start my own as well and get all the groups working as one. It’s so hard to get this herd of cattle to move.

We’re not doing that. We’re just working with ourselves. As we begin to be transparent to the energy of the Creator we begin to speak to people by the way we are. Ours is a ministry of essence. We don’t have to worry about awakening everybody. You don’t have to worry about awakening anybody, really. I mean everybody has got their alarm clock set and the way I look at it is that I operate as a snooze alarm at this point. I can get everybody awake enough to hear what I have to say and they can go back to sleep if they want to. If it’s not your time, that’s cool with me. I don’t want to roust anybody, but, Hey! If you’re ready, anything I can do, please let me know. There are resources in the book. And I think that you just need to trust that everything is well planned and that you will inspire people as you love them, just love them. Don’t worry about the doing. Worry about your being and as you are in your heart, you will be surprised. It will just start coming back on you and magnifying.

It already has to some extent but I feel like there is so little time and I feel so rushed and things aren’t quite happening for me fast enough.

Well, it’s time, but there is not a rush. Everything is in order.

I think the war against terrorism has enjoyed tremendous support among the American people, maybe 90% approval in some polls, that kind of level of support, to the point where both of our major parties don’t even see it as possible to object because that would be political suicide. So how does that kind of orientation mesh with the idea that we are close to going into fourth density?

Well, you know a wonderful channeling from George Hunt Williamson channeling Brother Phillip says that in the last days the dragon will thrash his tail, and do not be deceived because it is just the dragon thrashing his tail. This is an illusion and in this illusion we may be at war until the very last. There will be wars and rumors of wars, but this is not yet the end. I think that what we need to do at this time is be extremely steadfast and unswayed by what appears to be happening on the world scene. We are not our politics. We are not the policies of the nations of the world. We are not our economies. We are not any of the things in the creation of man. There is a profound difference between living in the world and accepting the truth of the world. We certainly live in the world, but we’re not of the world. None of us has to be of the world. We can become ethical beings that give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s. Allow the wars to occur that need to occur as far as our leaders say that they do. I’m there. OK. We need to be at war. I will lend my blessing to that effort and hope not to kill any more people than necessary, but beyond that I would like simply to be. And I think that it is at the level of being that we will make the difference where we realize that, yes, these things are occurring, but they are part of the game board. But beyond that game is that which can be created by faith alone. Faith in what? Faith doesn’t have a content. It isn’t like dogma. Faith is faith in the plan, faith in the fact that no matter what it looks like, angels are gathering. Positivity is thickening. And there is going to be a time within the next ten years where all that we can do has been done, and those who are going to repeat this next 75,000 years will have made that decision and those who can be harvested will be harvested. What we have to focus on now is not third density in terms of activism, in bringing love to humanity. What we have to focus on is creating a road to fourth density, creating that Christ grid, that unconditional love feeling. So I think that the way I deal with it is to retreat from it and release it from my judgment and allow it to wag on in the way that the world does wag.

You pretty much just answered the question that I have. I pretty much understand the importance of being what we want to be and what we want the world to be. But what I have a hard time with is watching what is happening in the world and not going into action because of all the suffering and the need for compassion. I am alarmed at what is going on and I don’t support this war, and I just want more clarity from you. I think you have just answered most of this question, but it is hard for me to do just nothing while you watch people being slaughtered all over the world. Could you give more clarity to this? Is it pointless to try to make a difference?

No. I was talking earlier about people telling their stories and oddly enough what we have to do in the face of horror and war is to be profoundly human and to love each other, to get to a different level. We need to look at the story of Scheherazade. Carolyn Casey talked about this recently and I just loved it. The story is that Scheherazade was a virgin whom the king was going to make love to and then in the morning he was going to kill her because, his theory was, once a woman had been made love to, that she will like it so much that she will be completely faithless and weak and be untrustable entirely. So rather than having that happen, he would kill her so that she could not betray him. There has been a great fear in this world for millennia. The fear is showing itself at this time in war, and the promise is that the war will continue, and I don’t doubt that they intend for it to continue. However, Scheherazade decided that she didn’t particularly want to die, so she started telling the king a story and he was so fascinated with the story that he decided that he wouldn’t kill her right away. But she kept telling him stories and 1,001 stories and three children later he decided to let her live.

I think that all of us, men and women alike, have an energy in us that is metaphysically speaking feminine, the energy of intimacy, trust, safety, making a safe place for each other. These are the things that no one can take away. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, in World War II, was a Lutheran minister that was in prison for a long time in Germany for his belief system and because he was religious. He and 30 other people were in solitary confinement and they could only know that each other was there by tapping on the walls in code between their rooms. Every day he would offer them words of faith and encouragement. He would have services and he gave them, even in the dank, stone cold of their hard prison cells, another way to be. It’s finding a way to be that is important. We all have our outer gifts and we all want to do it and we want to do it now. And I have a website, www.llresearch.org, and I hope to create many different projects in these next ten years that will attract attention and I hope that it will reach peoples’ hearts and create the hundredth monkey effect. I don’t know if it will happen or not, but it doesn’t matter because metaphysically speaking it isn’t what happens. It’s what your intentions were. Thoughts are things. Those are the powerful things.

I hope it helps. It’s an open-ended answer because I’m still working on it myself.

I read your first Ra book many years ago and was very impressed and I know that many people here have not read them. I wonder if you could explain who the Ra were.

In general the Confederation of Planets entities say that they are from this solar system and nearby solar systems, cosmically speaking, who have heard the cry of Earth, the sorrow of Earth and the need of Earth and have come as sort of Peace Corps types to help us out. Those of Ra said that they were from the influence of the planet of Venus. Personally, I don’t know if that is true or not. I’ve never cared. I don’t know if the whole thing is something that I made up out of my left cheek, but I mean it doesn’t really matter because the voice is a substantial one. What they say is that they have come here and parked themselves as creatures of thought in the inner planes of this density at this time because they want to make reparations for things that they tried to do in the past. What they tried to do in the past, according to them, was that they tried to come among us at the time of Atlantis and the time of Egypt and talk about the Law of One. That’s the Edgar Cayce connection. Edgar Cayce said that the Law of One was back there in Egypt. They did come and talk to a certain group of people there and offered teachings which were quickly subverted by the priestly class, who decided that only royalty and priests should take use of this pyramid energy. So they felt bad because they had tried to offer the Law of One and it had become distorted. Now they want to reduce the distortions. So that is the basic idea that the Confederation entities all have. They want to help but they have discovered that they cannot help without infringing upon our free wills by coming among us. What they have to do is talk through instruments like me and not bother anybody’s free will and be kind of throwaway chatter that you can either listen to or not.

Thank you for reminding me of what I consider my first duty. By way of telling you what I remember I just want to share something with people here. Back in 1970 something happened to me which is right at the core of what you are saying. What happened to me was … it felt like this. It was as though an angel came into the room with a pitcher of light and poured it right through the top of my skull. And my mind opened up and I saw a light extending everywhere, and then that honey dropped down into my heart, and my heart opened up. And I saw the light in my heart, and it extended everywhere. I felt one thing and that was love. And I saw one thing, and that was unity. And it was everywhere and everything was sustained in that light and in that love, and I had found myself. Everything was in perfect order. I think that the way that I’ve gone through a lot of suffering afterwards. I thought at the time that I would never suffer again, and I was really wrong. I also fell asleep again which is really astonishing. You would think that once you were awakened like that that you can’t fall asleep. I discovered that you can fall deeply asleep and I did. For many years. And then things gradually came along to remind me of the insight that I had. I was a political activist but I wanted to say that I am very much in accord with what you had to say as our first responsibility. Our first responsibility is to us to wake up and for us to open up because everything flows from that. First of all, we are living in a time of great fear and great depression and what that is going to call upon and what we are going to need is precisely that insight into ourselves because when you are in that space you are fearless. There is no fear. You feel love. You feel joy. You see the unity of the creation and you know who you are. Regardless of what is happening around you at that time when you are in that state you know you have the strength to deal with it. And you have the insight to deal with it wisely. That’s what I wanted to say.

Thank you.

You sort of mentioned the tragedies of Sept. 11th and I was watching the Oprah Winfrey show and they had a lot of people on there who said that since that event they have changed their lives and rearranged their priorities for the better. Do you tend to think that this event can provide an equal amount of positive experience to the obvious negative?

I do. The only time that the Holy Spirit has ever spoken to me in words was recently and it was when I was praying about 9-11 because I was quite cast down. I talk about not being cast down, but it’s hard not to be cast down when you see something like that. And I was so sad to see us descending into war and I could see the inevitability of the reaction and I had no idea how to respond to it. I was praying and praying and praying, and I finally got a phrase and it was “Ye are a nation of priests”. And that has really riveted my attention. And I think that what it means is that we need to realize that we are people of power, that we have the magic and that we are not in the congregation anymore, that all of us have been invested with ministry. And we need to minister to each other and we need to bring each other home. We need to remember and we need to act as ministers. And we need to look at the actions and make sure that what we are doing is what we would do if we were priests and not just folks. Because we actually are holy people, sacred folks, and everything is sacred. And once you shift over to that attitude, whatever you do, whether it is washing out the diapers, washing up the baby, running the garbage disposal, whatever it is that you are doing, is a holy thing and it can be done beautifully and with love.

I just wanted to get your comments about what you do when you are faced with large social ills and injustice. I think, like a lot of people in this room, that I had to say something. You get into this same sort of energy as that which you are trying to act against. And a friend of mine and I talked about when people would say something like “We’ve got to kill all of the Muslims.” Or “We have to nuke Afghanistan.” Instead of confronting them, say, “That’s very interesting. Where did you come by that idea?” And it’s very disarming actually for them and to say something like that they can’t tell you where that came from. But it makes them start to think in a no confrontational way.

We need to see the soul level in people and not react from belief system to belief system but from person to person. Try to validate people. It’s hard sometimes but we need to try.

It’s easy to minister to people who are good and as you said people either take the path of good or of evil. For the people who do take the path of evil I have a real hard time reconciling how to deal with them. The man who kidnapped that young girl and murdered her, Danielle Van Damme. I have nothing but hate towards that person and it’s really bothered me.

Well, what I think that you have to do is go beyond the perfectly logical righteous indignation and the pain that you feel because of what he has done and realize that he is the wolf that is biting at your heart. He is the shadow of yourself that you don’t want to look at right now. He is the distorted image in the mirror that you would rather not have as part of yourself. And yet, he is a part of you. You are a murderer. I am a murderer. When I was eight years old my five-year old brother was in the front yard and the neighborhood bully walked by with a 2 by 4 in his hand and hit him as hard as he could. And my brother fell unconscious to the lawn. I flew out of that house on a broom determined to kill that bully, and I left scratches down his cheeks, even though I was three foot six and he was six foot three. He was terrified of me from that moment on and he never came around again.

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to want to kill. I would have killed him if I could have. And I’m a good person. I’m not saying that this guy had any reason for what he did other than spite, malice, wickedness, whatever. I’m just saying that there is a soul in that man beyond all of the acting out. And that’s the connection to make. And that’s the place where you can stand safely because he also is a sacred being. And you can pray about that. You can enter the silence and say, “Lord, help me to understand how to help this man because I would love to change this truth that’s in him. Please. Please. Help enter into this and help him. Come to him in his hell. Be there with him also.” The secret truly is in not resisting it but in learning from it, calling it brother and sister, doing the hard work of seeing that when Jesus was on the cross, for instance, there were a couple of thieves and murderers on the cross next to him, and one of them had the wit to say, “Lord, will you take me with you on this good trip?” And Jesus said, “Oh, hey, today you will be with me in paradise.”

That’s it, you see. Beyond the wickedness of that gentleman lies a soul, and the soul is intact. There is hope for this guy. Increase the hope, and don’t focus on that wickedness that is in the world. It’s the shadow. It’s a part of yourself. But in yourself you can give it the charm and the stories to bring it around to working for you. But I think it’s the worst thing in the world to see evil. It’s very painful, and it’s very bright. And it’s difficult to see it, when you see it, and I have seen it also, written poems about it and, yet, at the same time this too is the Creator. I wish I had a better answer.

[End of questions and end of presentation.]