Surely the presence of the One is in this place I can feel Its mighty power and Its grace. I can hear the brush of angel wings, See joy on every face. Surely the presence of the One is in this place.

The presence of the One is in this place because it is in each of you. And together we are a lighthouse of tremendous power.

During this conference we shall come more and more into an awareness of the sacred space that we are building with our blended auras.

We shall come more and more into an appreciation of who we are and why we’re here.

I am so thrilled and so privileged to be a part of this. I hope it is a time of awakening and transformation for you.

I am going to download a bunch of information today. Don’t worry about it, when the energy is like this people go in and they go out. You will get what you need. You can take all the notes that you want but it is better just to be here, and to listen

And so we begin. Let me tell you just a bit more than Michael did. I began channeling twelve years after I joined Don Elkins’ experiment in extra-terrestrial communications. I didn’t want to channel. I just wanted to meditate in a silent group. I’m a “cradle Episcopalian” and I love my services, I am not much on dogma, I am a mystical Christian, but the church is a great comfort to me and I have always sung in the choir ever since I was old enough, big enough, to hold the hymnal.

The problem with that is that the church is wonderful, with its beautiful rituals and its marvelous prayers that have been crafted over generations of time. And of course [there is] the incredible music repertoire that feeds me so much. But there’s no silence in the services. Even when it says there will be a period of silence, people get very nervous after about six or seven seconds. So we read on, you know?

The Prayers of the People do not contain the silence. So I was hungry, in college. I was 19. It was 1962 when Don Elkins started his little group. He was acting on information he had gleaned. He had been working in this field since the middle ‘50’s and was very sophisticated even then. He’d come across some material from a group in Detroit called “Man Consciousness and Understanding.” It suggested ways to develop an extra-terrestrial communications group without that nasty bother of a close encounter of the third kind and all of that hoopla. So Don thought this was worth an experiment.

He was a teacher of physics and mechanical engineering and so he nabbed twelve of his favorite physics students and said, “How about an experiment”? They said, “By all means.” I was the girlfriend of one of those twelve. So twelve gentlemen and I tended to sit down on a Sunday night and meditate. And eventually they all began to channel.

I was not interested [then in channeling], but in 1974 when everybody in the group had gone on and graduated, found a job elsewhere, he was running out of people to experiment with. So he asked me if I would learn. Reluctantly, but because I adored Don, I said, “Sure.”

It took me about three months to begin, but the Confederation entities were very patient with me and eventually I got it. I started channeling. Once I started I became very interested in channeling better. Channeling is something that is easy to do, but is excruciatingly difficult to do well. It takes a life.

This is my life and I will be here, hopefully, to the end of the age. And I promise to turn the lights out when I leave. That’s the amount of dedication I think it really does take to live the words that you channel.

A note about our vendor table, the things that we have all ready are a book that I wrote this year called 101: The Choice which is an introductory book, as 101 would suggest, about the principles of the Law of One that I will speak about this morning.

Another book that we have on the table is called A Book of Days. It is an artifact of my channeling practice. In the nineties I worked for several years just tuning and challenging, practicing that over and over, trying to glean every bit of skill that I could in that process to see what would be the best for me. And so at the end of my husband’s and my Morning Offering each morning—we do a daily offering to start our day—I would go through my tuning process and then I would ask for the Holy Spirit, which is my personal guidance. Once I received that contact, then that was all I really needed to do, but I felt like a churl if I didn’t ask for at least a thought for the day. So my husband recorded these very short thoughts from the Holy Spirit and that’s eventually what became [the “Days” of] A Book of Days.

We thought, “Well, we have so many of these—we had almost seven hundred—wouldn’t it be nice to select three hundred and sixty-six of them (leap year) and make a book?” You could have a companion [reading] for each day, and start each day with a thought. So if you’re a mystical Christian as I am, or if you speak Jesus in spite of the fact that you’re not a Christian, you might enjoy that book.

The other book that has come so far is also an artifact, not of the channeling process, but of my communications with people over the Internet and by snail mail. I took all of those, mostly Internet, letters and analyzed them as to what questions came up again and again. There were over one hundred of them, but they recur and they recur. I mean there are just so many slots into which spiritual seeking tends to go.

So armed with that, I took those topics and I sorted them into a flow that I thought would be helpful for people. Basically I wrote answers to each question. I had the idea that it was sort of like a Users Manual for the human being, where if you wanted to look up polarity or free will or whatever you could look that up in the Table of Contents and see the essay that I wrote on that subject. But I understand that a lot of people read the thing all the way through and find it helpful that way.

At any rate it contains not only my writing, [but also] it contains a lot of quotes from the material that I’ve channeled through the years. And it contains a lot of good thoughts and good ponderings from the people who have written in to L/L through the years.

We pride ourselves on answering every letter and now it takes three people to do what I used to do in a couple of hours a day. But we still do answer every letter and value every seeker, every soul.

We’re missing two boxes, so take a look at what we have so far but please do come back to the vendor table that has my name on it. It actually should say “L/L Research” because I am only part of the channeling. I firmly believe that the channeling group creates the channeling. The instrument simply translates what comes in concept communication into words. You sort of have to take a cookie cutter to concepts because they’re round and almost infinite and then you have to roll them out and stamp some words out to get a bit of what you’re receiving. I always feel very frustrated at the end of a channeling session because I know that there was so much more! But you can do just so much with words, it’s all we’ve got, so far. We’re working on opening to the infinite.

At any rate,, we’ll have copies of The Law of One coming as soon as our boxes come. We’ll also have tee-shirts. We’ll have a coloring book for kids that happened because we had a seven-year-old in the group one time and he asked a question, “What is love?” And of course what came was on a level that spoke to the seven-year-old. So I thought, “What a great thing for children, to have a coloring book that has a message of a metaphysical nature!” And we’re proud of that book.

The first book that Don and I wrote was a parable that started coming true several years later and it’s called, The Crucifixion of Esmeralda Sweetwater.

In 1976, Don reported on his research from 1955 to 1976 so [the book contains] 20 years of research. And because of the depth and the breadth and the wisdom of this great man, that little humble book, Secrets of the UFO, is still a little bit ahead of its time, oddly enough.

And it was this incredible sensibility that Don had and his great wisdom, and his background, his science, which made his conversation with those of Ra unique. I only went into trance with that one contact. I never knew how I did it, I just went off to sleep. And so when it comes I hope you will take a look at The Law of One if you’re not familiar with it already.

101 is a good introduction to it. Secrets of the UFO is a good introduction to it. Sometimes The Law of One reads like German philosophy! It is as thick as molasses and you have to chew it. But it is very rewarding. If it appeals to you it will appeal to you from beginning to end.

Also we have T-shirts, colored, dazzling, [with] “All is One” right across the back, I hope that you enjoy the things we brought. Please, please enjoy them because we do not want to take them home.


I am here to speak of 2012. And it is such a privilege and pleasure to share with you this positive, glowing, wonderful information that has no doom, no gloom, no fear, but only beginnings and good suggestions, good resources as to how to respond to this opportunity, this challenge, this time of shift of consciousness.

Let me just touch on the outer husk of meaning of 2012. It’s such a buzzword now and it’s too bad, I haven’t seen the movie, [2012], but I understand that it is basically an action flick and it is just not accurate.

It’s so typical: the Ra and the Stargate, uh huh! Not the [Ra], folks, that offered their information through us. The entertainment media can bend things to their liking and that’s fine, it’s good entertainment. But the Ra group is not the Ra of Egyptian mythology. It is a social memory complex, a societal group that works and thinks as one, not because they are all alike but because they are harmonized through their ability to share each other’s thoughts and to act as one because of deeply set beliefs.

So 2012! The Mayans didn’t say that it was the end of everything. I will let other people who know far more about this speak on that. They were reacting to a unique event, astrologically speaking or astronomically speaking. And it is the end of the five thousand, one hundred and twenty five year cycle of the fifth sun and it is the beginning of the sixth sun, naturally. When the sun goes down there is a pause before the sun goes up. There may be a period of challenge, a period of some chaos and disorganization. That’s our opportunity.

The great thing about the native cultures is that there’s no explanation for what they know. They could not have possibly known this intellectually. There’s no way to work this out. But they knew a great event was going to occur on the winter solstice of 2012. They knew that and they are right.


When the moon is in the Seventh House and Jupiter aligns with Mars, Then peace will guide the planets And love will steer the stars!

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Aquarius! Aquarius! Aquarius!

Harmony and understanding, Sympathy and trust abounding, No more falsehoods or derisions, Golden living dreams of visions, Mystic crystal revelation And the mind’s true liberation. Aquarius! Aquarius!

Number two [in groups that feel 2012 is of importance is] Western astrology. They also say that on 12-21-2012 a unique event is going to occur.

I am going to read this to you, [as] I am not an astrologer, its never really appealed to me as it does to so many. I absolutely honor the astrologers; I believe it’s one of the three ways to investigate the archetypal mind in a relatively undistorted fashion. But it’s never called to me. And I think you need to follow a path of resonance in your seeking, regardless of what people say.

So this is the actual skinny on that, the astrological event: the sun is at zero degrees Capricorn, [and at] the point of the December solstice, it makes a sextile to Neptune. Don’t ask me precisely what a sextile is! I know it involves six of something, right at the beginning of Pisces.

The most important configuration is a Yod, which is like a thumb, which we find in the chart. This is also called the “Finger of God.” It looks like an arrow in the chart and it indicates change and transformation. The Yod consists of a five-point connection between Jupiter and Pluto and another five-point connection between Jupiter and Saturn.

There’s also a central opposition made between Jupiter and the Mercury-Venus conjunction. The quincunx, which is the five-pointed connection between Jupiter and Pluto, is exact at December 21, 2012.

This is the event that the Mayans and Western astrology have in common and, again, how did the ancient astrologers know all these things? It’s a mystery.

When you look into spiritual information you are going to find paradox and mystery. That’s how you know you are on the right track. Nothing can be proven. Everything is left to you, to your choices, to your sense of resonance, to that wonderful subjective process that you go through of noticing spiritually interesting coincidences. And once you notice them they begin to multiply and deepen and widen. And soon you have totems that are speaking to you, street signs and ads speak to you, the television gives you key words that come out to you and [you] go, “Oh, I need to look that up!” And it’s just so yeasty and so creative and so very subjective and intimate.

This is how we learn. This is how we grow.

Also a fellow named McKenna has a theory that appeals to me greatly. It’s called the Novelty Theory. And basically what he says is that the rarer an event is, the more likely something is going to happen, some kind of transformative event. And as a matter of fact he said the uniquely rare event in the history of our recorded time on this planet is 12-21-2012. There’s an ecliptic involved. There’s the center of the universe lining up with our Milky Way galaxy. It is astonishingly complex and wonderfully internally consistent. If you’d like to read up on it—or you may hear about it from others at this conference that will speak about 2012—he says, basically, that since it’s uniquely rare, being a one-of-a-kind thing for thousands and thousands of years, I mean decades of thousands of years, that the most astonishing things may happen. He has no idea what’s going to happen but he thinks it will be a big thing.


Once to every man and nation comes the moment to decide, In the strife twixt truth and falsehood, for the good or evil side. Some great case, the time of Harvest, offering each the bloom or blight. And the choice goes by for this time, ’twixt that darkness and that light.

The Confederation [take] on 2012 is that it is a time of choice. The Law of One says, “this is the hour in which you may choose another way.”

I’d like to read a fairly substantial quote because I think it catches something that is very helpful to us, and it puts it in a way that I think sinks more deeply in than my wording. This is from a channeling from Q’uo. I [have] channeled consciously since 1974, before, during and after the trance contact I had with those of Ra and this is from a session recorded on January 20, 2006.

We have seen a tremendous dawn break upon your planet, we realize that the outer picture remains grim. We ask you to look beyond the surface. Those who are in power upon your planet have a great tendency to be oriented to service to self. It is natural for this to be so at this time as the dynamic between service to others and service to self becomes more and more obvious.

However this does not have much to do with life lived by the majority of those upon your planet. In general, we see the peoples of your planet awakening in record numbers all over the globe. It is very exciting to see and feel the energies of the people stir and to become aware of the fact that there is something happening of which they can be a part that is truly positive and that it will truly change the face of the earth. It is a dim awareness but there’s a stirring that cannot be put back to bed.

We would encourage you at this time to realize that you are here not to be concerned with these changes, not to react in fear of them, but rather to lend to this environment, that could be distressing for many, the comfort of your faith. Many are listening and looking for some indication that there is hope and a positive expectation possible for those upon planet earth at this time. And we will say to you that if you are awake and if you wish to serve you are in an excellent position to do so simply by being who you are. Simply by being who you are.

We ask you to respond to these waves of intense energy that you are feeling not with fear but with faith. Take this opportunity to stand on your own two feet and to remember who you are and why you are here. As you breath in and breath out, you are little lighthouses, able to take that breath and that energy of life and bless it with your firm intention to serve.

The glow and the radiance of your being shall be a beacon for many. You do not have to explain, or discuss or do anything to be light workers at this time. You have only to be yourselves and to know yourselves.

And again three months later Q’uo said,

Let your lives be about love and you shall make of your world the heaven that it surely is. When you walk through the gates into larger life you shall only see more of the same, my friends. For you have been there all the time. This day you are in paradise. Believe it and act on it and let the words spread that heaven is on earth today. It is in your hands, it is on your lips, it is in your heart.

They feel, the Confederation beings, that this is the time of a transition from third density—we are third density human beings—to fourth density. The first density takes place in time-space rather than space-time.

To recapitulate quickly, first density [contains] the elements and the powers, earth, air, fire, water.

Second density [contains] the animals who are aware but not self-aware.

Third density—we are third-density beings. We are aware and we are also aware of ourselves. And our very nature therefore is to become ethical beings.

Fourth density [is] the density of love and understanding.

Fifth density [is] the density of wisdom.

Sixth density [is] the density of unity. Ra is a sixth-density entity.

Seventh density [is] the density of foreverness, where each of us one day will turn from the now and what is past and what we desire and we’ll realize that everything that we have ever desired, we have accomplished. And so we will then turn towards our reunion with the one infinite Creator in a completely passive and un-manifest state. And so seventh density ends in timelessness, that same timelessness in which first density began.

So really there’s an octave, you see, going on. The infinity of it all is stupendous. It’s as if the Creator’s heart is beating. Seventh density goes into timelessness and when the Creator once again chooses to know Itself, then a new creation starts and comes out of timelessness about halfway through that first density of the next octave and begins all over again.

Nothing is lost. And we begin again as parts of the godhead principle, little holographic sparks of the one Creator. [We] investigate and witness and give the harvest of our lives and our thoughts and our understanding to the one infinite Creator. We’re not the end of the food chain, the Creator is.

I want to tell you a story—there’s no song for this that I’m willing to sing—that I would call “The Space Pirates and the Warriors of Light.” The story which I have gleaned from years of various channelings is that, seventy-five thousand years ago, at the beginning of this cycle which is third density, the entities of Mars had rendered their planet uninhabitable. They were in the middle of their third density. And so the Confederation decided—the ruling Council of Saturn decided—that under the guardianship of Yahweh, who was a Confederation entity of whom we have heard [in the Old Testament], that they would transfer the souls of those of Mars to Earth. But looking at the great apes that were around, they thought, “You know, I think we can diddle with the genetics here.”

Jeremiah Sitchin talked about [this story] a lot. [It is] very interesting to look at that and also Drunvalo [Melchizadek] has talked about this a lot. There were some genetic changes. [Yahweh] diddled with the DNA and thought, what if we helped this second-density great ape become a third-density human carrier? Let’s make this] the physical vehicle for third density souls that are going to start coming in.

What if we made the brain pan bigger, so that [these Martian immigrants] could understand the Law of One better? What if we helped with the tongue? What if we helped to make people more able to speak? What if we gave people more clever hands so that they could make things? Perhaps this would speed up the process of becoming aware of who we are and why we’re here, of becoming aware that we are ethically oriented beings that need to make a choice between service to self and service to others. What if?

Well the Council said, “[We] don’t know. Let’s give it a try.” And so third density on Planet Earth was born.

In the confederation cosmology, the Logos is the one great original Thought of love. The sub-Logoses, or Logoi as Ra always said—which is the correct plural, who knew—are the suns. Our particular sun decided that it would like to do a little tweaking of the basic plan of the Logos which would include a heavier veil, so that we did not remember that we are infinite beings and citizens of eternity, but really only could become aware of that through a process fueled by faith, not by knowledge in the worldly sense. And [the sub-Logos] give people ultimate free will, which was not done much in previous experiments, as each sun would sort of embroider on the Logos and say, “Well, let’s see how this works, let’s see how that works.”

So we’re a pretty advanced experiment of the Logos. We’ve got amazing free will and we have a very thick veil. What happened with this, plus that third element of physical vehicles which were far ahead, far advanced, of the basic great ape vehicle, is that we brought the harvest of late second density.

You know the great ape is a clan-based society. They are loyal to each other. They’re not necessarily those who mate for life, although they can be, but they’re very loyal to their clan. They take care of their own. They defend against anybody that threatens the clan and they try to amass whatever resources they think the clan needs.

The problem with that is that when you translate that into third density, there’s so much more than that. And in truth because of the thick veil and because of our clever hands and our clever minds, we have not gotten beyond second density’s value system in a lot of ways. We grasp for what we think we need, we protect our own. But we have not come into the realization that we are ethically based beings, and that I am you as you are he as he is me and we are all together. I’m quoting wrongly from John Lennon.

So we have, setting up almost immediately, cycles of empire. This wasn’t what was intended. Total service-to-self orientation of empire, of, “I will conquer; I will take what I want,” and so forth. And the trouble with that is, all of those from Mars had done that in the first place and that’s why they had to start over on another third-density planet.

Then we were joined by those of Maldek, who blew up their planet, and they were entering into the mix. They also had gone through cycles of empire and it was like a global havoc! Wherever you came from, Mars, Maldek, sixteen other places that had somehow rendered their third-density planets uninhabitable. Earth is like reform school.


It’s like, “Come on guys, could we get beyond this?”

But we haven’t gotten beyond this, in terms of what flies above the radar. Politics, economics, [is] the so called “big picture,” which is of course an illusory picture, far less real than the family lives of those of us on Planet Earth who live and serve and love each other tremendously. That flies below the radar and is often unnoticed.

So what did the council of Saturn do? Well, they decided they would have to put quarantine into effect and limit outside influence and see if this reform school could work it out, so that they could graduate from reform school, get back into third density, make the choice and pursue either service to self or service to others and that would polarize them.

Neither service to self or service to others has really come into its own here on this planet because of the muddying effect of these cycles of empire and the frustration and the fear that people feel. And also all those racial memories. I mean it’s a habit, right? It’s a habit that you can get into to think, “Well, of course it’s not right to kill other people but there are times when it is necessary. There are times when it is for the greater good.” We’re used to slipping into those rationales that feel so good and work so poorly, as Gandhi said. “If you have violence it works in the short run. In the long run it fails.

And that’s what’s happened, over and over again. From Atlantis to Babylon to Rome to all of the Reichs, the Holy Roman Empire, (Metternich’s Reich, the third Reich and the fourth Reich which is the American Empire and to a certain extent the British Empire.

[I mean] no name calling or judgment. It’s just that service to others has continued to fly below the radar while politics and corporate-ness and all of those wonderful, juicy conspiracy theories, oh yes, just flow on [the] service-to-self concept. So naturally in a time of harvest you’re going to have those of us who are service-to-others [polarized] attempting to graduate in service to others. And then you’re going to have a certain number of people who are attempting to graduate in service to self.

So you have these fairly advanced but somewhat muddled service-to-self people that never really get it together to be 95% service to self—which is where you graduate; actually, you can only have 5% service to others thoughts in your mind or you just won’t graduate. Ra’s group said that Hitler didn’t graduate, Hitler had a lot of healing to do, but he thought he was doing this for the good of his nation and because of that he thought he was being of service to others so he never really polarized enough to get out of that slough of indifference that creates people that are going to repeat grade three in the school of souls that is this creation.

So we are and we have been for seventy five thousand years, according to the Confederation, on a time lateral. In other words we have shunted off the main track of space-time and time-space. And they stretched space-time so that we would have more time in which to learn to be ethical enough to make the choice, consciously, between service to self and service to others.

For a long time, it was hoped by those who were helping service-to-self entities the way the Confederation helped service-to-others [people]—there’s also a call for service-to-self information, so the so-called Orion Empire [has its place.] David Icke is probably the dean of that school of thought, which you know has some value to it as far as explaining that there is extraterrestrial aid for those who want to work in the service-to-self [polarity].

Polarity! It is not any scarier to know about these things than it is heartening to know that there is extraterrestrial help abounding for those who want to seek in the service-to-others fashion. [As to] the time lateral story, let me give you a quote from Q’uo that was recorded on February 11, 2007.

You have never experienced life in your totally natural physical environment because you have been on a time lateral in quarantine for thousands of years. It was hoped, by quarantining the planet from further outside influences of any kind, that the free will of the body of the tribe of humankind would gather itself and would begin to address realizations of how ethical choices might be made in a way that progressed from the basic feeling that, when threatened, the proper response was likely to be violent, for that got the job done—and right quickly.

Consequently, riding upon this time lateral as you have, you have experienced repeated waves of empire as they have flourished and fallen only to see another empire rise and fall and another and another. If you look at your outer environment you may see these forces at work even now, moving in a repetitive manner, satisfying that portion of the tribe of humankind’s deeper mind which is used to these energies and feels comfortable with them, not because they are good but because they are what planet Earth is all about.

There are entities from fifth density on the service-to-self path that are attempting a coup, shall we say, of this train of humankind running along this parallel time track. They would like it not to rejoin the main track. The guardians of this planet and those light givers within your planetary forces, both seen and unseen, have all moved heaven and Earth, literally, to create a slowing of the forces of time so that every possible instant may be given to the development of planet Earth’s human population to the point where the vote of the straw poll is for service to others and not for service to self; for radiance, peace and harmony rather than contraction, war and hostility as a background to the everyday life. We are very hopeful. If that last moment were this very day, the straw poll indicates that your planet will rejoin the typical, normal progression of space/time.

So we’re good! We’re doing well. Maybe it doesn’t feel like it, because what bleeds, leads in the news, in the buzz, but actually people are waking up in astonishing numbers all over the planet! It’s amazing! Our email Inbox is just exploding. The rate of people waking up is just exponential. So I think we can take heart. We’re doing well. We just have to keep doing well while the fifth sun sets and the sixth sun rises.

Interestingly enough there was a “pyramid inch” thing that went with the Great Pyramid and archaeologists in the 19th century, mostly in France but some in England also. They created this amazingly Baroque and complex [set of measurements and calculations] that showed how the pyramid inch was the bees knees. [The pyramid inch] said this, it said that, and among other things it gave a time line. The time line there changes, it drops, in 2012 at the winter solstice.

Now the pyramid inch has been thoroughly discredited but that does not stop it from being an interesting thought, and possibly a useful thought, to some. It certainly has been to me because I went further with this pyramid inch business and discovered that the pyramid inch is based on mathematical calculations having to do with the Great Pyramid. [These calculations] say that while everything stops at twenty twelve, it really doesn’t. There’s a gap of about thirty years and it begins again and takes hold. And that’s exactly what the Mayans said.

So at any rate, at twenty twelve, what’s going to happen? Are we going to vanish? Will we be as Jesus suggested, taken from the fields, and suddenly everything will go away and either we’ll be raptured or we’ll cease to exist?

I don’t think so. I think physically it is a non-event. There are a lot of people, very good people, people I personally feel that have a lot to say, like David Wilcock, who says, no it really is going to stop.

And at one point, when the Ra group was talking in the early eighties, they also felt that there would have to be a planetary shift; I mean a physical magnetic pole shift.

Edgar Cayce had predicted [the planetary shift] was going to happen before the turn of the century and L/L Research has been told by psychic groups many times that we were part of the reason that it didn’t happen then; that the positive lightening of the planetary energies were happening because we held the light, because we began to know that it was important to see ourselves as those who make a space in which a light can glow from the Creator out into the world of manifestation. We have given the planet more time.

But still 2012 comes. It is something that comes on the dot for the planet. We can’t stop that. Third-density light is waning. Its sun is setting. Fourth-density light is tremendously fuller of information, that’s why it’s called denser. That’s the density thing. Every time you get a change in density, you get light that is denser with information. It has more facets to it, I guess.

And we’re being thoroughly bombarded and inter-penetrated by mature, healthy fourth-density light. We’re receiving so much truth that is very painful. It becomes more difficult to make your choice of polarity when you are getting so much information about not only the positive part of you but that shadow part of you that makes up the other part of the 360 degrees of you—because, you see, we are all one. And if we are one thing, then we are everything, we are every emotion, we are every thought, we are every way of being.

And we don’t usually integrate our shadow side. We usually spend our time going, “Well, I’m not that! I’m not a murderer! “I’m not an adulterer”—we’ll not talk about Tiger Woods!


“I’m not the one who steals from the widow and the orphan!” But you see we contain that. And so this fourth-density light makes it necessary for us to see [this shadow side] clearly; everything we haven’t seen about ourselves so far. And that’s what’s so hard. We don’t really have the comfort of third-density light any more. It’s gone. It’s no longer protecting us from the whole truth. And so we have to make our choice now.

If you haven’t—but I believe all of you already have, or you wouldn’t be here.

At any rate you know what I’m talking about. You’ve discovered there are shadow parts of yourself that you need to integrate into your personality; that you have to ask to work for you and not against you. It is sort of like Dion Fortune’s wonderful story of when she was going through a Dark Night of the Soul. Suddenly there was a wolf at the edge of her bed.

[Carla makes growling noises.]

[It was] biting and snarling and just waiting to take her. And she suddenly realized that what she had to do was open her arms and embrace this wolf and take this wolf to her heart and say, “I love you. I value you. I honor you. I respect you. Would you please come to work for me? Would you be my grit? Would you be my stubbornness? Would you be that which gives me bottom as I seek to be a servant of the light?”

Because that, you see, is the true value of our shadow side. That’s where the integration happens. We redeem our shadow side as we move towards the open heart. And we can really only get into that open heart with all of ourselves collected. So it’s been a matter, lately, of having wave after wave of this truth hitting us and going, “Oh, another shadow I need to go and collect, and accept and honor and respect and ask to work for me.”

That’s really a lot of what we’re doing right now as these third density days wane is to doing that work and as the fourth density light gets stronger I really believe it is more challenging to do the work because we know too much, we’re aware of too much. But we can still do it and I think that a lot of us here, the younger ones of us are probably wired for third density and fourth density so the veil is thinner and you are going to be able much better than us older people to make use of this fourth density light in a very positive way.


We are one in the Spirit; we are one in the Lord. We are one in the Spirit; we are one in the Lord. And we know that all unity will one day be restored. And they’ll know we are seekers by our love, by our love, And they’ll know we are seekers by our love.

The Law of Unity is the basis of the Law of One

I need to run through these principles fairly quickly, I am running out of time!

The law of unity is the beginning of it. All is one. We are everything. There is a complete unity. It binds all things. You are everything, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love-light, light-love. You are. That’s from Ra.


I had a little nut tree. Nothing would it bear Except a silver nutmeg and a golden pear. The Queen of Spain’s daughter came to visit me, And all for the sake of my little nut tree. I dance over water, I skip over sea. And all the birds in the air couldn’t catch me.

The second principle is the Principle of Free Will. It is absolutely dominant on this planet and needs to be taken greatly into consideration. Our rights stop at the end of our noses. We do not need to do anyone else’s work for them. We do not need to teach others for their own good. We need to realize [that] that which is outside of us is a mirror of us and it’s all about us. When we see that person out there and we think, well, they’re misbehaving, we don’t try to fix the person out there. We say, “Why did I notice that image in my mirror? Where in myself is that which made me notice that?” And then we do the work on ourselves.

There’s a Hawaiian discipline of healing called Oponopono. That theory [works like this.] You never meet your patient. You read the case history and then you go back to your inner room and you put your feet up and you find that sickness within yourself and you heal it within yourself. Studies have shown that those who do this work have been able to let prisoners go free, have been able to help the insane become sane again and so forth. Your doing the work within yourself.

The Law of Love is the third law of the Law of One and that is the Law of the Logos, that not only are we all one, but that the nature of that one thing is the one great original Thought of unconditional love.

The opening of the Gospel of John in the Holy Bible [reads], “In the beginning was the Word.”

He wrote in Greek, and that Word is “Logos,” in the original.

And the beginning was the Logos. And the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And darkness tried to drown it but the darkness could not overcome it.

And that is our truth. Whatever darkness we see, we know for sure that the light within us is sublime and is victorious. We don’t have to be proactive for fighting for the light. We simply have to hold a space for the light to flow through. The light cannot be overcome.

The responsibility of the open heart, says Q’uo [is to] “love unconditionally that which it sees and to see each and every thing and person as the self.”

And Jesus said, [paraphrasing], “I have two commandments—let’s take it down from ten. The first commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength. And the second is like unto it, to love your neighbor as yourself.”

If you love your neighbor as yourself, you’re not going to let that neighbor go hungry, or unclothed, or uneducated, or cold. It’s so simple! It’s too simple. That’s the problem with the Law of One. It’s been the problem all along. It’s too simple to grasp intellectually. We are all one. So when we don’t treat people like ourselves, we’re simply, in error. And to come into an accurate and correct reading of the way things actually are, we need to start seeing people with eyes of love.

And then we’re going to want to make sure that there is health care for everybody. We’re going to want to redecorate countries that have been blasted, create infrastructure in schools and so forth. We’re not going to want to blast them further into smithereens. And I have a feeling, you know, [that] in time this will come. But it’s really not our job to be worried about that.

What our job is, is to look at how we’re thinking, thought by thought. The very, very first reading from Ra asks, “What are your thoughts this day? Were they thoughts of love? Were they thoughts of service freely given to others?” Ask yourself that! It’s a good question.

How to prepare for a twenty-twelve? Well, very quickly!


Let me run through a perfectly, marvelous resource that the Law of One, and the Confederation in general, has given us. And that is the concept of the energy body. Now, they sort of reinvented the wheel because the Buddhists knew a long time ago, and so did the indigenous populations of this planet, that we are not simply physical bodies. We are physical bodies, physical vehicles; that is, opportunities for third-density souls to live a life.

And when the third-density soul decides that it’s going to take advantage of this opportunity, it moves into the body either of the fetus within the womb, or sometimes it might wait until the child is actually born. It’s a very variable thing.

And that, by the way, is the secret to, “Should I get an abortion?” [question]. Everybody that ever thinks about an abortion simply needs to ask within, “Okay, is this just an opportunity for you or did you really want me? Do I have a karmic responsibility for you? Did we make an agreement? Is there a contract, or did you just want in and I was there?”

A lot of times you can work it out on that level. And then you don’t have the guilt. You see as to what your decision is. Anyway, I digress! But a lot of people write in asking this particular question these days, in this day of promiscuity or, should we say, freedom.

So, this energy body, the horse we rode in on, it connects up our spine. It is inextricably connected by the silver cord, according to the Law Of One and according to lots of other ways of looking at things that you can read.

In the Law of One system there are seven chakras. There’s the red-ray chakra, which is the entrance chakra, at the joining of the legs.

At the belly level, there is the orange-ray chakra, which has to do with personal relationships.

[The] yellow-ray chakra, at the solar plexus, has to do with the relationships that are more formalized, family, birth family, marriage family, work, even if you root for your team you’re vibrating yellow ray.

Then there’s the heart chakra. [That’s the green-ray energy center.]

The [blue-ray] throat chakra is all about communication, compassion and listening.

The indigo-ray chakra has to do mostly with being. Those who are here simply to radiate their being are doing indigo-ray work.

And then the violet-ray chakra [is] at the crown of the head.

There is an eighth chakra that the Confederation talks about sometimes which is basically the flame above the indigo-ray chakra. When you’re doing work in consciousness or magical work, it sometimes is helpful to use that visualization of an eighth chakra.

But the chakra system interpenetrates, and it is actually the boss of us. As far as I know, it’s the factory design. It knows all of the defaults that are the healthiest for us. So if we can move from physical concerns to non-physical concerns then we’re in good shape.

Understanding how this energy body works is very helpful because what we need to do to graduate, you see, is to keep our hearts open. And what keeps our hearts closed so often is that stuff from our childhood or from our earlier life that, you know, is embedded in us like little nuggets of pain that we’ve pushed under and crystallized because we weren’t willing to deal with them at the time.

We couldn’t, a lot of times, as kids. We didn’t have the capacity to deal with them. We had to get along with our parents. That was survival; that was number one. And so, you know, we push down the pain of not being understood, of not feeling worthy, of all kinds of pieces of pain. So we go through our daily lives and chances are, by ten o’clock in the morning we’ve been triggered. And something’s closed in our sexual feelings about ourselves, or our feelings about survival, red ray, [or] something in our personal relationships, orange ray, [or] something in our more formalized relationships, something with the wife, something with the kids, something with the job, yellow ray. And that closes us down, shuts us down.

That energy moves through the energy body from the infinite Creator in infinite supply, from the central sun to the core of the earth, and up into us, and out, and out, and out, in an unending supply. You know how generous the sun is! It’s not going to stop burning and radiating and shining.

And we’re receiving that radiant energy through us all the time, as it hits the womb of the Earth and comes up through Mother Earth into us, through the Earth itself.

By the way, if you ever want to work with that earth energy, either put your feet on the ground, put your body on the ground or imagine yourself on the ground and you can make that connection and do that work.


People get ready, there’s a train a-coming. You don’t need no baggage, you just get on board. All you need is faith to hear the diesels humming. You don’t need no ticket, just thank the Lord.

So, if we can keep our hearts open, you see, then we see with eyes of love, and we do the work of polarization. And in order to graduate third density in the positive sense, we only have to have a grade of fifty-one. Fifty-one percent of the time, we need to have a thought in our head for other people. That’s not bad! It’s like, I mean, if you have a sandwich, and somebody comes along and he’s hungry, break it and give him a half. You got it!

So many people who never have been interested in metaphysics, or have the intellectual interest to pursue the fascinating and wonderful resources of all of the world religions and spiritual systems, are still those that spend their days thinking of other people, and they’re going to graduate.

Don asked one time, “How do we get this out globally? What about the people that don’t have technology?”

And the answer from them was, “Well, [the primitive people] already know!” They’re not burdened with civilization. They’re not confused. So, just clear the energy body, open your heart, and you’re good to go. It’s just that simple.

That’s how you work with this challenging twenty-twelve stuff. It’s not [necessary]to be afraid, [or] to take it upon yourself to educate the world. Don did say many times to me, “I want this information we’re collecting to be globally available.” This was before computers. With computers came our chance to do that. And we’ve had millions and millions of hits on our stuff on the web.

By the way our address, for all of our work, is www.llresearch.org. We also have a spiritual community site, where you can blog, you can talk in the forums, you can do live chat, and that’s www.bring4th.org. Please feel free to use those resources. They’re up there for you.

Ok, one more thing—I do have time! This is going well, folks. So often I get to the end of my presentation, going, “I could have said that, and I could have said it shorter!”

The nature of the graduation process is so comforting, I want to share it with you. What happens when we die? Because I think that is when I think we are going to be harvested, not at 2012.

2012 is a non-event in terms of physicality because it has to do with the planet changing. And that planetary change doesn’t have to do with third density. Fourth density exists, nested over and interpenetrating third density. Third density doesn’t end so the fourth density can take over, that’s not it. Fourth density Earth is a whole different sphere. You know from your studies in high school [that] there’s so much space between the atoms, there’s plenty of space for things to interpenetrate and plenty of space for a nest of creations.

So physically it is a non-event. This is my belief. And I could be wrong. I don’t think so but I could be wrong.

If I’m wrong and we all go at once, it’s going to be a party.


It’s going to be so great! We’re going to go, “Wow, look at all this!” You know, we get to go through this healing process all at once, great!“

I don’t see the problem, I don’t see any occasion for fear, even if I’m wrong. But I don’t think I am, I think it’s like Y2K. I think we’re over-thinking this thing.

Metaphysically speaking, I think we’re going to be harvested as we leave this Earth naturally. And the Confederation gives us a model of that. Let me read you this quote from Q’uo:

The Law of One states simply that all things are one, that all beings are one. There are certain behaviors and thoughtforms consonant with the understanding and practice of this law. Those who, finishing a cycle of experience, demonstrate grades of distortion of that understanding of thought and action will be separated by their own choice into the vibratory distortion most comfortable to their mind/body/spirit complexes.

This process is guarded or watched by those nurturing beings who, being very close to the Law of One in their distortions, nevertheless, move towards active service. Thus, the illusion is created of light, or more properly but less understandably, light/love. This is in varying degrees of intensity. The spirit complex of each harvested entity moves along the line of light until the light grows too glaring, at which time the entity stops.

So you have this process of the stairs of light. With each step of light, it’s a little more towards fourth density and then it crosses into fourth density and it’s the beginning vibration of fourth density and then a little bit higher on the level of the next sub-density, higher and higher. It’s like you’re walking into the sunshine. And you walk steps of light which are very carefully guarded by angelic presences which are actually part of the Confederation of Angels and Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, according to the Confederation sources.

And [the light density is] carefully guarded at every step so that the values remain true, and so that you cannot fall off the steps of light as you’re doing your work. You just walk into the light, and the light becomes fuller and fuller and fuller. But there’s a point at which it’s too bright for you. It’s uncomfortable and you stop.

If you’ve stopped in third density, for the next Master Cycle you’re going to go to another third-density planet, not Earth and you’re going to have another go at third grade in this refinery of souls, this school of souls. No biggie! You just have seventy five thousand more years of MacDonald’s!


And you work it out, right?

But, if you’ve moved over the line into fourth density, you’ve graduated, as simple as that. And all of a sudden your world has become much, more interesting because of the nature of fourth-density life, and [because] of the fact that suddenly you can began to catch concepts instead of words. You can get the bigger picture, the veil does lift.

And, it’s not that you know each others’ thoughts and, oh my god, I know everybody’s thoughts! It’s that you know your thoughts, you accept your thoughts, you also know everybody else’s thoughts, you accept them for who they are, and you know, then, how to work with them. You know how to harmonize with them. So it’s not like we all become the same. It’s not like we become like bees that you know are run by the queen. It’s that we are now able to harmonize with each other, and to act in ways that are of service to each other, almost effortlessly. So it’s an expanded menu of choices that we are able to make.

Interestingly enough, just about everybody that has graduated in service to others, on this planet, has looked at all the menu of, what shall I do, what shall I do next, and they have come back. Because they’re concerned at this time of harvest, that there are workers for the harvest, because the fields are white. And so they’ve come back.

And a lot of them have come back because they feel badly about how they’ve left Earth. It’s not so much that they’re concerned about other people. They want to leave Earth cleaner, sweeter. They want to become better stewards of Earth. So there’s a lot of energy of love for the planet itself, in addition to love of each other, from these indigo children, crystal children, that have come back. And the veil for them is very thin, so they don’t take kindly to nonsense. So they’re system busters and some people find them very difficult, but only if they don’t grasp the fact that they are holding more truth than we are.

So it’s time for us to make the choice, my beloved other-selves. It’s time, it’s past time. Angelika said so many beautiful things last night about this transformation, this time of transformation, why it has to come, why it is here and why we’re part of it.

And we had a wonderful aloha, to tell us to love each other and hug each other and be passionate. “Kindle in us the fire of your love,” should be our prayer. “Send forth your spirit and we shall be created, and you shall renew the face of the earth,” sang the Psalmist two thousand years ago and more. And it remains true.

We are, servants. Shall we be servants of the light and the love of the one infinite Creator? We shall. And we shall do it, this week, together. And the energy that we shall generate, because we are all moving in the same direction, is stupendous! This is going to be a fun week for us all.


I sing a song of the saints of God, Patient and brace and true, Who toiled and fought and lived and died For the Lord they loved and knew. And one was a doctor and one was a queen And one was a shepherdess on the green. They were all of them saints of God, and I mean— God helping—to be one too.