We have two speakers in the next period. They are Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarty. Between the two of them, they’ve got a number of degrees that help make them very good at what they do, I think. Carla has degrees in English and Library Services. Jim has degrees in Sociology and Education.

I think that the greatest impact on my search for truth probably started when I read The Ra Material. The Ra Material was produced through L/L Research, of which Carla was a founding member in 1968. She’s been channeling since ’74. She and Jim McCarty worked with Don Elkins on the four books of The Law of One 1, which are better known, probably, as The Ra Material.

Don had a good scientific background, and the way in which the questions were asked fit my scientific mind, I guess. It made the breakthrough for me to really learning from telepathically acquired information. Don asked, in 106 Q&A sessions, lots of questions about the reality of the universe. I think the answers are very, very informative. Please welcome Carla Rueckert.

Thank you all!

I will chat for a while about how we got started years ago, and bring you up to where the contact with Ra began. During the Ra contact, I was not aware of what was happening during the actual sessions, so there’s no point in my talking about that. Jim will talk about that—he was awake at the time. And after we finish that part, we can do a question and answer session, or we can do a little channeling. Why don’t we just get there and then see what you all would like.

OK. In 1962, I was a 19-year-old college student. I had a boyfriend who was taking physics from Professor Don Elkins. Don had two Master’s degrees, in Mechanical Engineering and Professional Engineering. He was a really well-respected teacher at a Speed Scientific School, the engineering college of the University of Louisville. He had come across information from Hal Price who had just moved to Louisville from Detroit to work at the Ford plant here. In his off hours, Hal was a real fan of UFO contact. He had belonged to a contact group in Detroit. That group was called Man, Consciousness and Understanding.

Hal Price showed Don some of this material, which purported to be a description of how you could start a metaphysically oriented UFO contactee group without having to go through the bother of extraterrestrial contact. Don thought that was worth trying, especially because the conditions were fairly easy to meet. The information said, “Get a group of people together, sit them down, make them be quiet and not say anything, and meditate.” Period. That was it.

And we did that. I thought this was really an interesting thing. I’ve been a mystic all my life, and kind of a church mouse, but I had more of an appetite for silent prayer and meditation than my church was filling. I really wanted to be a part of this just so I could be part of a meditation group. So twelve engineering students, all male, and I began this experiment.

We sat there in the dark and week after week as we sat there, various sounds began coming from everyone’s mouth. There was a lot of tongue and throat movement, but nothing sensible. It sometimes sounded like window shades were let go to roll themselves up quickly. My big problem was not giggling during this time.

About six months into this process, the scientific nature of the experiment was thrown out completely because, Walt Rogers, who was the leader of the Detroit contactee group, visited Hal. Walt sat in on our meditation and channeled for the group. The channeling was along the lines of, “You’re getting all this stuff to activate your muscles, but you do have to say the words that you’re hearing in your mind.” And immediately, the guys began to channel.

Don had no choice at that point except to go for a mass of data, because he no longer had the ability to do a conclusive scientific experiment. So he just went for data. He wanted to see if the information that came out would be similar to the information gathered in the Detroit group. It was similar, and there became a great deal of it very quickly.

I was not one of the ones in that group who started to channel. I did not want to channel. I have never wanted to channel. I just wanted to sit and listen, or sit and meditate. And I didn’t channel for twelve years. But I did attend the meditation group weekly.

However, after the original 12 students had graduated from college and begun marrying and moving away, we eventually didn’t have any more channels from that original group. Don told me that my time was up and I was no longer going to get a free lunch! I had to learn to channel. So I did.

It took me two months to get my first contact, and my first message was, “I am Hatonn. We are having trouble with this instrument.” And from that beginning, I gradually became able to deal with the energies. I’ve been doing it ever since in an unbroken stream from ’74 to now.

When people look at The Ra Material, they get the idea that we did this a long time ago, and what have we done lately? Actually, we’ve been very consistent from the beginning as to what we do. And what we do is to try to live the kind of a life that is suggested by the material that we have received.

This material is not unusual in the sense of its being other than what people could understand. There is a kind of a perennial philosophy, I think, that has no dogma and no doctrine, but has some truth to it. That is the kind of information we receive. I’ve seen the phrase, “Cosmic Sermonettes,” and I think that tells it pretty well.

I began teaching channeling after I had worked on it for some time myself and began to feel I had something to offer. Don was a typical researcher. He was going off to investigate this or find out about that.

We tried to make movies about the paranormal. Don’s interest had been, first, in finding out about whether we did have a self before birth. That was what got him started in the middle ‘50s. He began regressing people to see if they could remember things that were before this life. We’ve also studied ghosts and psychic surgery. We’ve done all kinds of things like that.

The contact with Ra was not sought for, I was simply in the process of teaching a fairly advanced meditation class. A new contact came through. I challenged it three times in the name of Christ. It was a very positive contact, and met all the challenges fine.

And so I accepted it and pretty soon after that, I just don’t remember anything after that. And this is unusual. I had not ever lost consciousness before, so I didn’t really know what was happening at the time. But when I woke up, Don was as excited as I ever saw him in his entire life. Don was six and a half feet of absolute coolness. He did not get excited over anything. I’ve never heard him raise his voice. Usually he was a very calm person. But now he was jumping up and down, he was so happy! He said, “This is a great contact, and we are going to collect these sessions. Right away he recognized that this was a different thing. So we went into this just head over heels.

Now, the part that I’ve left out is that in ’78, after most of our field research had been done, after we had written Secrets of the UFO, which was a compilation of the various researches that we had done up to ‘76, Jim McCarty began to attend our meditations. Jim’s background was that, after he had gotten all of his college degrees, he took a good, hard look at what he really wanted out of life, and decided it was time to retire.

So, at the age of 26, he retired from life as a teacher, bought land, cut down some trees on that land, and built a cabin out of the trees that he had felled. The first cabin he built was a log cabin. He used the logs and built himself a good, ship-shape log cabin in which he lived.

He grew his own food and had a homesteading life. He did that for six and a half years and thought that he was going to live and die on his land. He was absolutely, peacefully happy. Then he began coming to L/L Research meditation meetings and somehow he began sensing that it was time to do something else. He thought maybe it was connected with us, so he decided he wanted to learn how to channel.

When he began to spend more time with us, Don was as impressed with Jim as I was, and we asked him to join our group. Jim said, “Well, I really regret that I can’t do that because I’ve already said that I’m going to go help someone else. He went out to Oregon and helped Paul Shockley for a while. Some of you may have seen the “Cosmic Awareness” channeling that Shockley produced. He was out there a couple of months, and then it just came to him one day that he needed to go back here to Kentucky.

So, to join L/L Research, he drove from 70 miles away from our house to Oregon, a 2000 mile trip, and then 2000 miles back. He came back ready to work. He got my old typewriter out and broke it! We got a new typewriter and paper. He was reading preparatory to bringing Secrets of the UFO up to date. That effort had lapsed because I hadn’t been able to type for four years. I had some problems with arthritis. Jim came on December 23, 1980. Just three weeks later, we had our first contact with those of Ra. So it was a contact waiting for Jim’s presence to happen. Jim, I’ll turn this over to you, and you talk about that part of it.

The contact we had with Ra was, as Carla said, quite a surprise to us, but we were very pleasantly surprised, although at first we were somewhat disconcerted. Because Ra is a name that is known in Earth history, and it’s too easy to get caught up in names and who people might have been. Ra, besides being deified by the Egyptians thousands of years ago as their god of the sun, was actually what they call a social memory complex from the planet we know as Venus. They were a population of approximately 38 million souls that had gone through the process of evolution beyond the third density where we now find ourselves, and had desired to be of service to others.

And when the Egyptians, 11,000 years ago, put out a call for service, those of Ra answered. The Egyptians offered their call not with radio signals into space or smoke signals on the ground, but by the very way they lived their lives, by their philosophy and how they looked at each other, attempting to see the Creator in them, and by their desire for more information concerning what Ra called the Law of One.

The Law of One states very simply that all things and all people are part of one being that is called the infinite Creator, and that the creation exists as a means by which the Creator will know Itself. All of us, as we go through our various incarnations, gather experience that allow us to know who we are, and allows the Creator to know who It is. And because the Egyptians were seeking this kind of information, Ra answered this call and walked among the Egyptians 11,000 years ago.

This type of contact, walking among them, seeing them face to face and teaching in this fashion, was chosen by those of Ra, because, when they were at a similar point in their evolution in the third density on Venus, they gave out a similar call, and it was answered by those similar to Ra who landed and taught the Law of One in person.

However, Ra’s stay with the Egyptians was apparently quite short. We don’t know exactly what length of time it was. But Ra said that for every word that they gave as instruction, there were at least 30 misperceptions, and the Egyptians tended to see them as gods and as other than brothers and sisters who had come to be of service to them. Also, the information that Ra had to offer was apparently reserved for those of power, of nobility, and this was not in accordance with the Law of One which would suggest that the information would be shared equally with all.

So, after some period of time, those of Ra felt the necessity to retire from the Egyptians and to move into what you might call the inner planes of this planet, seeking a way to balance the distortions in the Law of One, for which they felt responsible. For the next few thousand years, their contact with our population was reserved for contacting people in the dream state and sleep and allowing a type of vivid dream or inspirational experience to occur so that individuals might realize they are potentially seeking not only the mystery of their own lives but also the mystery of life in general, in various directions.

However, in the Eighteenth Dynasty, there was a Pharaoh in Egypt, Akhenaton, who was contacted telepathically by those of Ra. The information concerning the Law of One was given in this mind-to-mind type of contact. And for the length of the life of this particular young Pharaoh, the Law of One was the official religion of Egypt. But this was not to be long-lasting, for upon his death, the chief priests and those in power moved again to the religions of the worship of many gods which had preceded the Law of One. Then Ra again considered how best to be of service, and to balance the distortions for which they felt responsible in the Law of One.

Ra was able to contact our group in 1981, apparently because for 19 years Don and Carla had been very careful in the type of channeling work that they had done. They had discovered over the years that it was necessary to “tune the instrument” and the group, much like you tune a radio, and to put the desire for being of service to others first and foremost as the reason for seeking information.

And there was also the necessity for the instrument who was to be the channel to challenge whatever entity sought to channel through her or him in the name of whatever concept it was that about which the instrument felt passionate; whatever concept that person would live or die for, whether it be love, service to others, in Carla’s case Jesus, the Christ, Christ-Consciousness, or whatever. This metaphysical challenge was necessary to be sure that you had the highest and the best contacts possible.

When Ra contacted our group in ’81, we were very excited. We eventually had 106 sessions with Ra, which we published in the four books of The Law of One series.

I’d like to give you a synopsis of the heart of that information. We discovered during the Ra contact that there was another precaution, you might say, that was necessary to take. And that was in the lines of questioning and the kind of information that you sought. Ra suggested right away that this was a narrow-band contact. This meant that we needed to be seeking information that was useful in a spiritual sense, that would help the evolution of mind, body and spirit. If we sought the transient type of information, information that was interesting now but could not be applied later by a seeker for aiding the evolution of mind, body and spirit, eventually we would lose that contact.

So, after the first book we began to refine our questioning a little more carefully. I would like to give you some of that information now. And then perhaps we can have a question and answer session and cover any more areas about which you might have questions.

The basic information that we received from Ra had to do with the nature of creation and our evolution through it—how we move through the creation. In the beginning, Ra said that there was no creation. There was no thing. There was no other being but the one Creator, or what Ra called intelligent infinity.

The first movement away from this complete harmony, this complete unity, was the first distortion, as Ra calls it, of the Law of One, was free will. Using Its free will, the Creator decided that It would know Itself. Free will is the first distortion of the Law of One.

The way that the Creator decided that It would know Itself was through the creative energy of what we call love, or what Ra calls the second distortion or movement away from the Law of One. This creative energy of love has many names. Frequently it’s called the Logos, intelligent energy, or the Godhead. If we look into the sky, we see the sun, and at night, many stars. Each of these is a Logos, or a focus for this love, for this creative energy.

As the Creator focused the free will decision to know Itself, this love, or the Logos, precipitated what we call light, or more specifically the photon. The Creation that we experience is actually made of photons vibrating at various rates and angles of vibration. The densities of the Creation, then, correspond to the spectrum of light, red through violet, there being seven densities, with the eighth or octave density being that which we call the black hole.

The first through seventh densities, then, are our evolutionary experience. As we move through them, all of the experiences that we gain are a means by which the Creator knows Itself. This progression through the densities is also the means by which we are able to know ourselves, eventually, as the Creator, and to see each other self as the Creator as well as ourselves.

The first density is the density that Ra described as the very basic type of awareness. In the beginning of this density, Ra suggested that earth, wind, fire and water were blowing and burning incandescently, in what we would see as a chaotic fashion. There was as yet no “thing” in the universe. There was nothing that we would describe as time. At some point, time did begin to unroll its scroll of beingness, as Ra put it. 2 The first density was about two billion years long. During this time, the foundations for the illusion of separation, which are the Creation, were put into place.

This first density had a very simple kind of awareness. Eventually, Ra said that fire and wind taught earth and water how to be shaped and how to form what we see as planets revolving about each Logos. These planets became viable for life as we know it. There were no bodies. This was the beginning of the mind complex, the very simple awareness. What we would see as a barren planet with water had a simple awareness of being. However, at the end of the two billion years, there was a quantum leap in consciousness possible, which apparently occurs at the end of each density of the creation.

Instead of using the term “dimension,” Ra uses the term “density” to denote that each succeeding level of the Creation is more densely packed with light, offering a greater and greater opportunity for the Creator to know Itself.

As the second density approached, there was a speeding up of the photon. Its rate of vibration increased and its angle of rotation increased. One additional angle of rotation was added, so that there was a greater range or reach for the Creator to know Itself. Eventually, the single-celled animals and plants were developed. Through the next 4.6 billion years—Ra suggested this was the longest of the densities—the plant and animal life became more and more complex. And what is occurring here, apparently, is the division of consciousness away from that total unity that existed before the first density. Consciousness expressed itself as a very simple awareness in the first density, and in the second density there was the increasing complexity of plant and animal life.

It became more and more diverse and seemingly more individualized. There was movement and there was growth. There was the literal “turning to the light” of the plants, for example, the leaves on the trees turning toward the light. Plants and animals became more complex and began to move in schools, herds, swarms and so forth. They began the mating process and had young. There was the ability of these beings to give and to receive love, which was the means by which further individualization was accomplished.

At the end of the second density, which developed the body complex, there was another quantum leap in consciousness. The photon again speeded its vibration. Again, there was another level of rotation added so that, in third density, there was the possibility of the addition of the spirit complex. We in third density are the first level of intelligence to have the full mind/body/spirit potential, all of the complexes being available for growth. We are able in this density to proceed along the evolutionary path as a conscious choice, as a means of furthering our own evolution.

Ra suggested that this third density that we experience is the shortest of all of the densities, being only 75,000 years long—three 25,000-year cycles. The reason why it is the shortest of the densities, apparently, is because there is only one purpose for which it exists, and that is to make a choice. The choice has to do with whether we shall proceed further along our path in the positive sense or in the negative sense—in either the radiant sense of giving service to others, or the more absorbent magnetic sense of serving the self.

Ra suggested that our spiritual batteries are much like a car battery. There needs to be a potential difference between the positive and negative poles in order for us to do work in consciousness. Each of our thoughts, words and actions needs to be examined if we are to polarize positively and to be in service to others.

Negatively oriented entities need to be 95% intending to be of service to self, seeing other selves as those which shall be manipulated and controlled, gathering their energy for their own use. The negatively oriented entity sees the universe as that place which shall be put in order. Power is that which aids evolution. Those which are more strong and more powerful will dominate those that are less powerful.

The positively oriented entity sees all other entities as the Creator and attempts to be of service to them. If he is successful 51% of the time, he is then available for graduation into the fourth density. All of our experiences that we gain here in the third density are for the purpose of making this choice.

The veil of forgetting that exists between our conscious and our subconscious minds aids this process of evolution. Apparently, at an earlier point in the evolutionary process, further toward the center of our galaxy, the beginning Logoi, as they were taking the cosmic mind of the Creator and condensing it into the light of each octave of experience, discovered that in the third density, if entities were continually aware of their total unity with the Creator, they existed in what we would see as a state of complete bliss and unity. There seemed to be very little reason to move from it, very little reason to continue the evolutionary process. Therefore these entities needed to repeat again and again the third density experience.

The veil of forgetting was found to be a very efficient tool to aid the process of evolution. If we can find love in as many experiences as possible in an illusion which appears at times to be quite negative, the decisions and choices we make for that love in serving others carry a great deal more weight in our total beingness than if we make such choices with a complete assuredness that all is indeed One.

So, Ra suggested that at the end of this 75,000-year cycle there is a graduation or a harvest. There are three possibilities for that graduation. If entities are polarized in the positive sense—as I said, to a 51% degree—then they move on to a positively polarized fourth-density planet and form what Ra called a social memory complex. On this planet at this time, since we are not yet of one mind, we have social memory complexes. We do not share the total memory of all of our incarnations and cannot call upon those experiences as a group.

In the fourth density, apparently, this is the means by which we continue our evolution. In the positive and in the negative sense, social memory complexes are formed and move as units along the evolutionary path.

The second possibility I mentioned is the negative polarization, where a 95% success rate is necessary. These two concepts, by the way, service to others and service to self, are where we get our concepts of good and evil.

The third possibility is for those who have not yet made a choice. They have moved back and forth, it seems, doing that which is of service to others, then that which is of service to the self. These entities who have yet to make a choice of polarity will find themselves on another third-density planet where they can repeat the third-density cycle. There’s apparently as much time as is necessary for this choice to be made. There’s no heaven or hell, just another 75,000 years to eat McDonald’s burgers and so forth.

In the fourth density, Ra suggested that we have a 30-million-year cycle during which we can continue to learn the lessons of love. The fourth density has love as its primary lesson. In this particular density—the third density—we begin to learn those lessons, but because we have the veil of forgetting between our conscious and subconscious minds, this is a lesson which we can only begin here. Ra suggested that understanding is not of this density. We just begin that process.

In the fourth density, the positively oriented entity sees all of the Creation as being made of love. He sees all other entities as himself and as the Creator. He attempts to move to those places that sorrow is seen, that difficulty is seen, and to those entities who call for service and assistance.

The negatively oriented entity has somewhat more difficulty in forming the social memory complex, and experiences what Ra calls a kind of spiritual entropy because it is difficult to get a number of negatively oriented entities to work together for any stated goal. However, those who are more powerful in the negative sense rule and get the rewards, you might say, of control and the gathering of the energies and the powers of others who are less powerful.

Both service to others and service to self are viable paths for a certain period of time to the one Creator. Before there was the Creation, there was only the concept of service to self, for there was only the Creator. When there became another portion of the Creator, the Creation and the various entities within it, then was born the possibility of service to others. So both of the paths have a viable basis as a means by which to return to the Creator.

Each of the portions of the Creator has a yearning for this return to unify again with the Creator. So after a 30-million-year cycle, it is possible for another quantum leap in consciousness to occur. Again, the vibration of the photon speeds up, another angle of rotation is added, and in the fifth density there is yet a greater reach or environment in which those positions of the Creator may seek to know themselves, and the Creator may seek to know Itself through those experiences.

The fifth density is concerned with what is called wisdom or light. The entities of a positive nature in the fifth density begin to see more and more that the Creation is the Creator; that no matter what experience they observe or experience for themselves, it is the Creator knowing Itself, and that all is in perfect motion and in perfect balance, no matter what the apparent illusion. So, there is more standing back, you might say, and looking at the creation as that which is perfect. Therefore, it is called the density of wisdom. Each entity of a positive nature begins to see how all works for the realization of the Creator by the Creator in each situation and experience.

Negatively oriented entities in the fifth density tend to become less and less concerned with dealing with others, even in the negative realm. They tend to be what you might call the recluse. They seek experiences of illumination for themselves, again tending to put into order that which is about them, manipulating any entities who are about them and gathering whatever power they have for their own uses.

After another 50 million years, there is a further expansion in consciousness as the photon speeds up in vibration and another level of rotation is added. The sixth density concerns itself with the balance of the love that is learned in fourth density with the wisdom of the fifth density. The positively oriented entity begins to be more informed as to how to be of service to others without causing any infringement upon free will. That is quite possible for the positively oriented entities of fourth density. They are, however, so willing to rush to the aid of others and to give themselves completely that there is the possibility of the confusion of the catalyst as one life pattern is joined with another. In the sixth density the balance of love and wisdom is attempted.

At the mid-point of sixth density, an interesting thing happens to the negatively oriented entity. It is necessary, for this balancing of love and wisdom, that all other-selves be seen as the self, be seen as the Creator. This is not difficult for positively oriented entities, for this is their path—the Path of That Which Is, as Ra calls it. The negatively oriented entity has enough difficulty with this that he must abandon the negative polarity and immediately reverse his polarity and become a positively oriented entity. They must see all other-selves as themselves. If they attempt to dominate or control other-selves, it is apparent to them that they are hindering their own evolution, for they are stopping themselves in the form of an other-self. The complete union of all beings becomes apparent at that point, and the reversal of their polarity is then a necessity. From the mid-point of the sixth density, which is approximately 75 million years long, according to Ra, there is the continuation of the evolutionary process in a non-polarized fashion.

At the end of this time, the seventh density then opens up an enhanced possibility for expression of the Creator. There is the speeding up of the photon, the adding of another level of vibration, another level of rotation. Ra called the seventh density the Density of Foreverness or the Gateway Density. It is apparently at this point that entities begin their movement back to the Creator in a complete sense.

The seventh density, again, does not have a length of time that we could measure. It is the movement into the complete unity with the Creator which then becomes the experience of the eighth density, which our astronomers see as the black hole. All is drawn into this black hole. All the experience that each entity has gained throughout the seven densities preceding it is given to the Creator as a glorification of the Creator, a means by which the Creator has known Itself, and a means by which each of the entities moving through the evolutionary process has become able to know itself. This, then, becomes the foundation for the next octave that the Creator then creates through that same process. This apparently has occurred an infinite number of times before our creation, and shall apparently continue in an infinite number of times beyond it.

Ra suggests that each of us, in each of our incarnations, recapitulates this evolutionary process as we move that same love and light of the one Creator through our energy centers, or chakras. The Creator’s energy moves through the feet to the base of the spine, where our energy body, with its seven chakras, begins. According to the various types of experience that are associated with each of the energy centers, the energy of the Creator continues its movement up the spine, until eventually there is contact with intelligent infinity, or the fully experienced presence of the one infinite Creator, which many religions and cultures name by various terms—the enlightenment experience, Nirvana 3, Samadhi 4, Kensho 5, etc.

Now, each of the energy centers has a certain quality of lessons that are available to us. We begin to clear them when we work on various kinds of lessons in our incarnations. Ra suggested that the first energy center, the base center, called the red ray, is concerned with survival and with sexual reproduction and the continuation of the species. There is not really much work of a conscious nature that is done there, because this is the foundation chakra. This is the beginning. This is what the Logos provides for us. We use red ray as the foundation for the continuation of our learning.

The second energy center, which is the orange ray, is concerned with our interpersonal relationships, usually on a one-to-one basis, whether it’s a father and a son or daughter, a mother and father, grandparents, teachers, neighbors or whatever. We have intense experiences in the one-to-one relationships where we begin to learn to give and to receive love.

The third energy center is the yellow ray, which continues this process of learning to love and to receive love. It does it in the group environment, where we’re members of a family, a class, a workplace, a school, or a neighborhood. There are various means by which we gather ourselves together in community, and this is the way in which we learn to give and receive love on an expanded basis.

As we continue to learn these lessons, we clear these energy centers so that they require less and less of that love and light of the one Creator to remain in the center, to be diffracted or diffused or distorted and to provide the colors that we see in the aura. As we become more and more successful at giving and receiving love, the light of the Creator moves through us and remains white instead of being broken into the various colors of the spectrum which, for each of us as individuals, represent the kinds of lessons that we have to learn.

The heart center, the green ray chakra, is concerned with the giving and receiving of love on a universal basis. In the previous two centers, we are familiar with the entities and groups with which we give and receive love. In the heart ray, we love all of the Creation simply because we realize that love is the nature of all things, and it is a natural desire for the positively oriented entity to wish to love, to give love, and to be of service to the entire Creation.

The throat chakra or energy center is the blue ray, which is concerned with inspirational speaking and the giving and receiving of freely offered communication.

In the brow chakra, or the indigo ray, resides the work of what you might call the adept. At this point, the work in the lower centers has been sufficiently enough completed that there is the possibility of the conscious expansion of one’s own consciousness as the result of free will application. One becomes more and more able to affect one’s own consciousness and the environments about one.

As the energy then moves into the seventh energy center, or the violet ray, we see here again an energy center that does not have work done upon it, but is the reflection or readout of the work that has been done from the red through the indigo centers. This is like the temperature, the mark, the indicator of the entity. Those who can see and read auras can see in this center the balance of mind, body and spirit.

As the movement goes through this center to the eighth center residing above the crown of the head, we have the white light of the one Creator. This is the point at which the entity again experiences itself as the Creator, and is inspired at this point to be completely of service to others.

Now, all of this information as I’ve mentioned is contained within the four books of The Law of One, which we have available in the lobby of the exhibition hall here. We have no set price on any of the books. If you’re interested in this information, it’s available for whatever amount of donation that you care to make and is comfortable to you.

Before we take questions, Carla has a bit that she would like to add.

I just wanted to say that this Ra contact happened ten years ago now. Don Elkins’ death ended the Ra contact. We had been asked by Ra not to attempt contact unless Don, Jim and I were present, and without his presence, we wisely chose not to pursue the contact any further. However, we have continued doing what we were doing before the Ra contact, which is to have a center—L/L Research.

Don Elkins created L/L Research as a center to which people could come. We still carry on that tradition, and people often come to see us. A lot of pilgrims have come our way. Some have reported to us that things that were important and meaningful to them occur at L/L. We have nothing to do with that. We just keep the doors open. But we are continuing to do that to this day, and we have every intention of doing it until we fall over and nature says, “Check, please!” So, please feel free, if you’re ever near Louisville, to write or fax us that you want to come to a channeling session and we’ll send you directions. We’re very hospitable. That’s what we’re there for.

Now to the questions.

May I have a question.

Let me just say that since we got started a little bit late, we probably have about twenty or twenty-five minutes. Are you going to give them an opportunity to ask some questions of either of you?


What’s the nature of the communication of this channel that you’re getting. What kind of information overall are you getting?

The contact that we have presently is a Confederation contact. By Confederation I mean that they have said that they come as a Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. They describe themselves—and this includes every contact that I’ve gotten from the first one, through Ra, to the present, as a kind of Peace Corps that wants to help teach people. Instead of bringing grain, they want to teach people how to plant the grain themselves.

And part of the reason that they’re here is to work with channels such as Jim and I in order to get the information out to people who might find it helpful or interesting. The information continues to be about all of us being able to give love to each other and to receive love from each other. That love or Logos is the very nature of creation and the very nature of each and every one of us. Somehow we are able to transcend all of the carnival atmosphere of the incarnation. Don used to call life as we know it the Sea of Confusion. Our hearts open and the hands are outstretched. We are people who are willing to give and receive love more and more.

So, the basic burden of their advice is to place one relationship first in your life and that relationship is your relationship to the Creator. Then work on your relationship to yourself. From that will flow the impulses that lead you to having relationships with other people and groups and so forth. They talk about loving each other, working towards peace, and learning the way to accelerate the process of spiritual evolution within incarnation.

I have a question on Venus. I hope you can answer this. Is there a three-dimensional city there? Do they have a spaceport, sprawling city, trades, universities and things like this?

They haven’t ever said that.

We have no idea.

OK. Thank you.


It’s not clear to me whether what you’ve said applies to only our solar system or to the entire universe.

Ra suggested that this applies to the entire universe, that each of these stars that we see in the sky is a Logos or a focus for love. And as the Creator shines Its desire to know Itself through each of these Logoi, the densities of Creation then are precipitated, and the evolutionary experience which we have here is repeated throughout the universe.

Well, if that’s the case, then why are these Pleiadians looking at us to go into a new density soon? I gather it’s unique to us.

We all have our times. I mean the rhythm that one Logos starts with is not the rhythm that any other one started with. But I think that there are many, many of these processes going on, and each one is different. Not different in kind but different in what exactly is going on. Everyone apparently develops differently, just like we are all individuals. The planetary systems are also individual.

Carla, I noticed that in your book A Channeling Handbook there is a chapter on psychic attack. And I know a lot of people in this search for truth get involved in some altered states of consciousness. Can you tell us what you think we should know about psychic attack, briefly?

When you start investigating UFOs, everybody is sooner or later led to the conclusion that, yes, there is a metaphysical, spiritual nature to this phenomenon. As people become more and more interested in pursuing the truth, they begin to create within their own lives the kind of desire for truth, beauty and goodness. Their desires are of an idealistic desire. They try to become a light, shining so people may see, “Hey, this person or this group has got something, you know. I’m feeling better because I was at this group. I like this group and I think I’ll come back.”

And the light begins to shine. People begin to hear about it. It’s good energy, good talking, and so forth, and people are always interested about, “Well, how does it affect me, and how is it affecting my government?” And you can start getting involved with all kinds of specific things which… you might start out with, “Well, what does this dream mean,” and you end up saying, “Well, what about the little gray people, and the conspiracy with the government?”

There begins to be a real choice that you have to make as to what kinds of questions you’re going to focus on. Most psychic greeting is simply in the form of energizing people’s desire to know more and more specific information. There is no attack. There’s nothing like an attack that anybody can feel. People are just perfectly willing to go after this kind of information, which becomes more and more specific and more and more fear-filled, and eventually you start getting contact from a group of negative polarity.

It is common to see this process of devolution from positive information because of these specific questions. The instruments start channeling things like, “On this day two years from now or six months from now everything is going to change.” And then you get to that date and nothing occurs that’s obvious in this physical world. That light is discounted by people because it didn’t come true. So that light is more or less put out, and the group becomes unable to generate the kind of enthusiasm and support that it once had.

Sometimes in a group this won’t work. It didn’t work with our group because we just continued in our Quixotic way to look for truth, love, beauty and idealism. We have never gotten into conspiracies or any of that much. I had a lot to do with that—I wasn’t interested.

So, the loyal opposition—which is what I call the service-to-self polarity on higher densities—wasn’t able to put out the light of our group. People kept coming to our group and kept getting the feeling that yeah, this was a pretty good contact, this was pretty good information. The enthusiasm and the support were continuing. So, the loyal opposition felt they had to do something when the Ra contact began. I really hadn’t gotten psychic greeting before that time. We really hadn’t experienced it.

But apparently the contact with Ra was a heavy duty thing. Believe me—it was heavy duty to me! During every one of those 106 sessions, I lost two to three pounds. I started getting all kinds of things happening to me. I’m not a hysterical woman, but I would get things like feelings of stepping on live animals when I was out walking, or I’d get a mad urge to walk in front of a car. If I relaxed my mind too much, I’d start getting odd little hallucinations and things—it was very disturbing.

We worked through that with Ra. I was able to keep calm and not worry too much. It started getting to the point where I would be walking along and I would feel hands around my neck. I’d even get bruises. The degree to which this was pervasive was completely linked to my vulnerable points, and the group’s vulnerable points.

Jim’s vulnerability was his temper. When he got mad, he also got very sick, his kidneys started to fail. The first time he and Don had a disagreement, the burden for that was that Jim got very sick. You could not make the kinds of mistakes, working with that contact, that are normally made by every human being in the world. It was almost inhuman, and we were inevitably bound to come across psychic greetings from time to time.

In the end, I believe that psychic greeting took the life of Don Elkins. When he died in ’84, he shot himself in the head. Now, this is not something that he would have normally done. Obviously, there were incursions on his consciousness. Now, we have found that it is simply the loyal opposition playing politics. If a group wishes to avoid this kind of psychic greeting, then I say to you honestly, you do not have to succeed at this, but you do have to try to live a life that is consonant with the value system that you have received and have accepted; that is, the basic cosmic sermonette.

If you feel psychic greeting, do not be afraid. Because these people, these energies or essences that are causing the psychic greeting are within us. When people have vampiric things happen to them, what is happening is that they must take that dark side of themselves that has been projected and accept that back into your heart. Accept it, and love it, and know it as yourself.

If you can accept your own dark side, if you can accept the part of you that is not at peace, that would maim, that would murder and that would be judging and prideful, then the process of peacemaking between people and between nations can occur. At this point, very few people have been able fully to accept love and forgive themselves for having this dark side. There’s a lot of work in consciousness to be done here. But that’s what we’re all here for.

The general principle seems to be that you need to live those principles that you hold dear. When you move away from them and are less harmonious than it is possible for you to be, then you create an opening that can be energized by the negatively oriented entities. Ra suggested that they cannot place before you any difficulty which you have not freely chosen, but they can intensify difficulties that you have freely chosen.

The way to protect yourself from psychic greetings isn’t any kind of a psychic battle with such entities, but is instead sending them love and light, true heartfelt love and light, and giving them the best of what you know from your heart, not with the desire that they leave, for that is conditional love, but giving it completely because you do see them as your other-selves.

Do you have a picture or a sketch of what Ra looks like?

No. We are running out of time, and I don’t think that we will be able to do the channeling. I spoke with Don earlier and he said that you all were just totally booked. But if there is interest in a channeling session, I would be glad to have one. If there are enough people to do it and if you can possibly find the time to cram it in, just let me know and I’ll be there.

We have probably time for two more quick questions, and then we are going to have to take a break because there’s a bus leaving for Area 51.

If the group wants a channeling, I’ll give up my question.

…We have an hour and a quarter during the latter part of the day.

During the panel?

Yes. I think we can make arrangements with the panel to take a portion of their time.

As far as psychic attack goes, I’ve heard the saying that just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that someone isn’t out to get you. But about forty years ago I found that I was one with the universe. I was willing to be me and let everything else be the way it is. And I have found that being willing to have it be that way, I have a lot less difficulty in dealing with events, people and the universe, not expecting anything, and accepting what I get.

I want to clarify something for myself. You kept saying positive and negative, and I just want to make sure in my mind what you were saying is positive is when you’re dedicating yourself to the service of others, and negative is just a term you’re using to differentiate one from the other, not a bad connotation.

That’s right. Positive and negative poles.

Not right or wrong, not judgmental.

Right on.

Service to others, versus service to self.

One’s radiant, one’s absorptive.

So, it’s the white versus the black.

Yes. I think that whether it’s the army or the church’s structures of bishops and so forth, the head guys are telling the lower guys what to do. In service to others, the head guys are servants to the young guys and trying to help them.

Many of these interdimensional sources usually present themselves with a symbol. Has Ra ever presented himself as a representation of a symbol that you’re aware of?

We have seen Ra energies sometimes in the shape of a hawk, but that was a symbol that was used a long time ago, too. As to a circle or a cross or anything, no, I can’t say so.

OK. If you were to choose a symbol, what would it be?

The ankh. The crux ansata.

Thank you.

What was that again?

Are you familiar with the cross that has a circle at the top? That’s the one that they chose 11 thousand years ago. But speaking through us, no, they never chose one.

Is this the same Ra that Cayce talked about in his book, Remembering, or his other material? He actually built Egypt up.

They helped with the pyramids. I see that you are working on pyramid energy.

Right! But I just wondered if it was the same Ra, because he was known as Ra-Ta, and then it was shortened to Ra.

I honestly don’t know. I’m not that familiar with that video.

You should get that video, It’s called Remembering Egypt. It’s all about Ra and the life of Ra, you know. It’s a wonderful story.

Well, thank you. Are we out of time?

Last question.

It should be probably a fairly decent last question then. Did Ra at any time mention anything about how he perceived our experiment with monotheism?

They perceived it as more and more enlightened. But they simply don’t feel that it has transcended that problem that all corporations have. Once a church incorporates, then the first thing it wants to do is preserve itself, and that puts itself into a service-to-self situation, like, how do you pay the light bill? You get money from people. So the suggestion is, more or less, to trust for supply and just give without expectation of return, which is not something that the settled church is much able to do.


Thank you!

  1. Since that time, Jim and Carla have published a fifth volume in the Law of One series. The fifth volume contains fragment of personal material which were taken out of the printed version of the first four volumes. Jim and Carla annotated these fragments to put them in context. 

  2. From Ra, channeled through L/L Research on February 23, 1981 as Session 29. The exact quotation is: The process by which space/time comes into continuum form is a function of the careful building, shall we say, of an entire or whole plan of vibratory rates, densities, and potentials. When this plan has coalesced in the thought complexes of Love, then the physical manifestations begin to appear; this first manifestation stage being awareness or consciousness. At the point at which this coalescence is at the living-ness or being-ness point, the point or fountainhead of beginning, space/time then begins to unroll its scroll of living-ness. 

  3. Nirvana: a place or state characterized by freedom from or oblivion to pain, worry, and the external world. 

  4. Samadhi: the highest stage in meditation, in which a person experiences oneness with the universe. 

  5. Kensho: a Japanese word meaning, literally, “seeing the nature.” Kensho is the experience of enlightenment described in the context of Zen Buddhism. The term is often used to denote an initial awakening experience, seeing one’s Buddha nature, that can be enlarged and clarified through further practice in daily life.