[This is a transcript of a recording that was re-discovered at L/L Research in 2016. The recording begins with Don asking the audience about the stars in the sky. The recording cuts off before the lecture is concluded. It is unknown how much further the talk continued.]

You go out on a clear night and look up, you see a lot of stars. Do you know how many stars there are? Do you have any idea?

Just the ones that they’ve counted. They have counted all of them.

No, how many do you think there are?

A lot.

Well, in our galaxy, which is our local system of stars, there are 250,000 million stars. The nearest one is 4.3 light years away. In other words, if light travels 186,000 miles per second, it takes over four years to get to the nearest star and that’s the closest one. Take a long time to get there and there’s 250,000 thousand million.

Just the one that you see?

No, these are just the ones in our system. This is just a little speck. This two-hundred and…

It would take that long just to get to the one we know?

The closest one, except for the planets, which there are just a very few of them that you see that are planets in our solar system. You don’t usually see more than a couple. You see Venus and Mars, but unless I pointed them out to you, you wouldn’t know which ones they were. The rest of them, the closest one is—it’s actually a star, rather than a planet—is over four light years away. The galaxy itself, that’s our local arrangement of stars, is, it takes over a hundred thousand years for light to travel from one side of it to another at 186,000 miles a second.

So, you can see we’re in a very big space, right? Now, my theory can be totally wrong, but a lot of other people share it. They came up with the thing totally independently when— a lot of it is a mixture of independent and joint effort to find out what’s happening.

Remember, this universe is very, very large. We’re just on one miniature grain of sand on a beach that’s so big, you can’t imagine how big it is. The beach is bigger than you can imagine and we’re on a grain of sand. So, we must know very little about reality. Reality is so enormously large, think of that map. Okay.

We have been able to accumulate millions and millions of words of communication that are supposed to come from people elsewhere in space. From UFO contact, from landed UFOs, that people go up and talk to the occupants on, UFOs that send communications on tape recorders; UFOs that send communications on television sets, on telephones, on radios; UFOs that communicate directly to your mind. Also, things that are not UFOs, just people that operate in other ways that are not connected with this planet, that all have some reason for contacting this planet in this very, very strange way now. Okay.

What is the reason for all this contact? What’s the reason for the Jack Webb program on Sunday night, Project UFO? If everybody didn’t know about UFOs, we’d never have a program on television. We wouldn’t have the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Did you see that? Okay, you remember how all the people were getting the mental impressions to go to the mountain? Well, that’s been happening for years, not impressions to go to a mountain. People have been getting long-winded philosophical communications explaining the nature of reality and the purpose of life.

Well, reading one or two of these things doesn’t get you very far if you don’t have a lot of information on how things work because one or two of them by themselves never make any sense. You have to put the whole puzzle together. So here’s how the puzzle works, you can accept it or reject it. I’m going to condense it right down in a little bitty nutshell. First: The body that you have right there is made out of chemicals, isn’t it? What’s the predominant chemical? What are you made out of more than anything else? Water, right?


Which is hydrogen and oxygen, H2O. So, if you were to break down that chemical body, you would have, what, 98% water and then some other chemicals. Is that you? Are all those chemicals positioned in a precise way, is that really you? Or are you some energizing, molding force that created the chemicals to cause them to come together that way?

This is the first question and the answer, according to our theory, is that you are not your body. You are the force that creates that form. That force has been called the spirit, the soul, et cetera. So, what we’re working now with is a body that looks just exactly like you do, but has practically no weight and is called a spirit body or a soul and it can detach itself from your body and travel about. This you experience in dreams.

Yes, I remember that from the book.

Now, we have quite a bit of evidence to indicate that what I’m telling you is correct. For instance, everybody knows what a ghost is, but if you ask somebody if they believe in ghosts, they’ll say, “Oh, no, no,” they don’t believe in them, but they know them. There isn’t anybody that doesn’t know the meaning of the word ghost. It’s this white apparition that’s a departed soul. Well, the reason everybody knows that, is that ghosts are real, absolutely. Carla and I have talked to numerous ghosts under controlled laboratory conditions where the ghost appeared in front of us and spoke to us.


And what a ghost is, is the spirit body that I’m talking about which uses this white material to form, to make a body to use on our earth. It no longer is using the chemicals, the water and other chemicals, to make up a physical body like yours. It’s using what’s called ectoplasm, white material and that’s why they always look white, that’s why they’re made up of white substance. We’ve had ghosts, a ghost hit us on the arm that hard, both of us, and then tell us he was going to walk through us, and walk through us, then talk to us back behind us, we turned around, [he] walked back through us, tell us he was leaving and dissolve. So, we experimentally know that ghosts are real. What happens is, that when you die or when anyone dies, the spirit body exits the physical body and lives in a reality just like this reality. Life is totally continuous. You don’t have to fear death. Actually, we’re in a condition right now that is not as comfortable as you are when you don’t have this heavy physical body to lug around.

But it’s easier to—

So, this is where you get all of the, yes. This is where you get all of the talk about the heaven world and what happens after death and that sort of thing. We know almost assuredly exactly what happens at the time of death, what you experience, everything that you go through, depending on how you die. If you die naturally and everyone is aware of it and preparing for your death, like if you’re home in bed or in the hospital and that sort of thing, this alerts people who are in the other level of existence and they will be there to meet you as you cross over and it’s a very pleasant thing.

Like orientation.

For instance, Carla’s already done this because she died.

Yes, I died… and I was walking along this beautiful green park and a couple of animals came by and said, “Hello, how are you? So glad to see you,” talking to me and I was talking back and the flowers were talking to me and I could hear this beautiful music and I could see a temple and I knew my friends were waiting for me in the temple, beautiful white temple with a golden dome.


So I headed towards the temple and just about halfway to the temple this voice said, “You must go back. You have not yet finished your mission.” “I don’t want to go back!” you know, and I was back in the hospital bed.

Let me emphasize this: Several medical doctors and psychiatrists now…

They believe in it.

No, they’ve done careful research on it. It doesn’t have anything to do with belief, it has to do with research. Science is getting, getting a little smarter than it used to be. Doctor Elizabeth Kubler-Ross has investigated how many hundreds of patients?

She’s been working on this for about twenty years.

Yes. Anyway, there’s another doctor who recently has a book out and the—

Dr. Raymond Moody.

Dr. Raymond Moody.

Life after Life. 1

Life after Life. It has to do with the interviewing of hundreds of patients who have clinically died and then been brought back after a few—

It often happened in the hospital.

—minutes of death.

They have heart failure and then they do what they do to revive them.

No, so it’s no longer just a bunch of speculation. There’s a lot, an awful lot of data on this. It’s, it’s… we’re not giving you something that we’re dreaming up or—it’s something that is being carefully researched. If this doesn’t happen, then the scientific method really isn’t very valid because it’s the best method we have right now to extrapolate our knowledge.

Anyway, it’s almost certain, so close to almost that you can practically say it is certain, that after death you continue. You continue in your recognizable form. Strangely enough, all of this has to do with the UFO phenomena. It has to do with everything you’ve 2 told us.

The next problem we get into is, if you continue in your recognizable form, what do you do, go up on a cloud and play a harp for the next eon of time? No, you continue in a life, like the life we have here, but with different conditions and different motivations and different objectives and different physical laws. What you’ve done, you’ve gone into a different reality, one that we’re not accustomed to. One that Rod Serling might have shown you on The Twilight Zone or something, but he didn’t understand. 3

Anyway, this, this is where you get all the garbled information on the afterlife from the religions because they are— Some of the religious people understand it better than others and some understand it very, very well, but most are putting out a lot of garbled information because they just don’t know what they’re talking about. They haven’t really… they’re acting on what they call faith rather than seeking an answer. In the Bible, you know, it says, “Seek and ye shall find,” well, that’s part of it, seeking an answer to what is going on.

So, what happens then? The best bet about what happens is you spend time in the other reality and then, if it is necessary, you are reborn on earth and you form another body through the process of birth and go through another life experience.

You might say, “How in the world does he know that?” One of the best techniques for investigating this probability is regressive hypnosis, especially regressive hypnosis of people who have no knowledge of what’s expected of them, who have no knowledge of the process of reincarnation. You take a person who is just a normal, run-of-the-mill, average person who’s never thought anything more complex than what Archie Bunker’s 4 talking about on television, and you get them to agree to undergo hypnosis. Put them in a deep state of hypnosis and then you suggest that they remember an earlier time, and you help them back through their youth, through their childhood, so that they’re getting very good at remembering everything that happened to them in their childhood right up to the time of their birth. He found that they could even remember being born and pre-birth inside their mother. (There’s a consciousness that is not the waking consciousness that you normally have, that’s in addition to this, that is not connected right now. You’re not in touch with it intellectually right now, but it’s in there.) Then you suggest that they go back farther and almost every time, with almost no exceptions, they pop into another life and describe it.

A friend of mine, Larry Allison, who used to live here, but he just recently moved to Tampa, has done more than 2,500 of those regressions. I’ve done over 300 myself. Other people have done thousands. There’s thousands and thousands of these regressive hypnotic sessions that have been done.

So, what we get out of this is that most of the people here on Earth have lived on Earth before, not once or twice, but many times. We even have an average amount of time between death and rebirth. It’s around 150 years usually, but it can be anything from a just a few minutes to thousands and thousands of years. Most people seem to come back about every 150 years.

I don’t think it is that long in heaven.

And time doesn’t—

I mean in years.

And time doesn’t mean anything.

There’s just now.

But that’s how the time comes out on Earth, 150 years between. I’ve—we’ve got a lot of evidential information. We’ve had people remember precisely things they did in a previous life someplace else and then go and check them out and they check out perfectly. There was an article in the paper last summer about a teacher of…

Jack Journey.

His name is Jack Journey and he’s a high school teacher, who Larry regressed and he remembered a life on an island off the coast of England. So, he was so, he remembered it so clearly, he went to England—was it the summer before last, wasn’t it, he went to England and checked it all out and he found a hundred things, over a hundred things that were precisely the same as he’d remembered in the life.

We’ve had—there are cases of a girl remembering being in another family and remembering burying, burying some valuables in the back garden, and she was taken back to this place and the other family was still living, she died as a young girl. The other family was still living. She recognized everybody, but they didn’t recognize her, and she dug out the valuables in the backyard. See? I’m just giving you two examples, but these examples are… they’re just, there’s hundreds of examples like this.

So, this is a method, a slow, painstaking method that lends a very high probability to the proposition that reincarnation exists on earth, that all of us go through many of this type of lives and many other types of lives in different densities, you might say, of existence.

Okay, the theory right now, getting back to the number of stars out there or the number of possible planetary systems, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.” Those are the mansions, many, many mansions. This is one of them, Earth. What’s going on? The thing that’s going on is that this is a garden, you might say. This or a farmyard, where things are growing. What’s grown is the human spirit or soul.

Now, there have been many so-called masters on earth. Jesus is the best known in our society. If you go in India, they’ll talk about Buddha. If you go in China, they’ll talk about Confucius, or depends on where you go who they’re going to… Lao Tzu, depends on where you go who they talk about… but these are supposed to be very evolved people.

Well, according to the theory, every person on this planet is going through the same process. They’re going through the process of mental evolution. They’re learning how to become more of what they want to be, even though they don’t know what they want to be. They’re growing to become closer, you might say, to the Original Thought that created everything.

The Original Thought that created everything, according to the communications, was a thought of what we would call pure love. The reason it’s that way, is that the original creation was one thing and still is, that everything in the creation is one thing. You and I, he, she: we’re all one thing experiencing the illusion of separation. Now, when you get back to the Original Thought, you no longer experience the illusion of separation.

You’d think I was really crazy if I did this, hit myself real hard, wouldn’t you? But it wouldn’t be so crazy if I hit him real hard because I might be mad at him. But in the original creation, the Original Thought, the actuality of things is that we are the same thing. We are part, we’re all parts of the same consciousness. So it makes absolutely no sense for me to hit him because if I hit him, I’m hitting me. Even though I don’t feel the pain—


Yes, so, because we’re all parts of the same thing. Now, let me give you some examples. Forget the people on Earth for a few minutes and think of the natural creation. Think of the natural processes; the sun shines on us, if we don’t have that, we don’t live, right? It shines on the vegetation and it grows. Because of that action of light, darkness, et cetera, clouds form, rain falls, we drink the water, the vegetation drinks the water. We breathe in oxygen. When we breathe out carbon monoxide, what happens to it?

Carbon dioxide.

All right, T., carbon dioxide, what happens to it? You know what happens to carbon dioxide? If we kept breathing all the time, there’d be nothing left but carbon dioxide and you can’t breathe that. What, you know how the natural cycle works? And this is scientific, I means, it’s, it’s, it has nothing to do with metaphysics, this is just straight science. The trees, the vegetation, uses the carbon dioxide and gives off oxygen which we breathe. Now, you think that doesn’t indicate we’re all part of one master cycle? Everything in the natural creation—

Any little thing that comes along.

Right. A tree makes an orange or an apple. You use it to live, right? Original, natural creation was designed so that everything was in mutual service, one thing serving another. Everything is designed so that what it does is that it gives service. If you look at what we call the lower forms, you see that that’s all that they’re doing. The trees sitting there, standing there giving you service, that’s its only job. Everything in the Original Thought was for everything to be of service. That’s all I’m supposed to do.

Whatever [it is], it doesn’t matter what I do, just so I’m service. If I go out there and cut everybody’s yard, if they want it cut, that’s being of service. If I don’t do anything else in my life, just so I got that idea, see. Well, maybe that’s not the best way for me to be of service. Maybe I’m a little smarter than being able to just cut yards so somebody doesn’t know quite as much to do nothing but just cut yards. So, but if I don’t understand that I’m supposed to be of service, if I go out and do like a lot of people on this planet do and just greedily grab and store up stuff, I’m not getting the picture of how the creation really works. This is all messages from the UFOs.


Yes, well, here’s, this is the way it affects you. You know the saints and Jesus are all pictured with a halo. What this represents is the frequency of radiation, you might say, of the spirit body, which can be seen if you’re tuned to seeing it. You saying you’re seeing white light. I mean, if you’re tuned to this, you can see it. For instance, if you could see this radiation around us, you could see the color and intensity and the size of the radiation around everybody you see. Some people can see this; quite a few people can see this. With practice and meditation it’s possible to see it.

Now, the people that can see this radiation around people can measure their, you might say, their attitude towards service, because the more the attitude is toward mutual service, the more the attitude is like the attitude of creation, the Creator, God, whoever you want to, whatever word you want to use, the more the attitude is like that, the brighter the light. That’s why the halos are always drawn around those.


Now you’re getting the point. You’re getting ahead of me, which is very good. This planet is just like a classroom in a very, very large school. Each class is for a certain grade. We’ll call this the third grade simply because we need some number to go by. It might be any of them. We’ll call it the third grade. So, people who need third grade lessons are born here and they get the third grade lessons for an entire life and they never even suspect that there are any other classrooms.

You know what those lessons are? They’re the lessons of daily life. Everything you go through, the interaction you have with every one you meet, everyone you do dirty, or every one you do good. Those are the lessons and how it affects you.

What these lessons do is that they change your thinking so that at the end of your life, your thinking is a little different and maybe that glow is a little brighter. Has nothing to do with knowing how many neutrons there are in the nucleus of an atom. It has nothing to do with being a good accountant. It has nothing to do with being a philosopher, a lawyer, a physicist. Has nothing to do with what you learn intellectually. You can be the dumbest person, you can be a field hand in southern Louisiana who can’t read or write, but you may get more out of life and make more progress and get a brighter glow than the president of the United States.

That’s almost for sure.

That’s almost certain.


It’s your, you are developing awareness. You’re becoming aware of reality and losing an attachment for the illusion that man has created here. Man has created an illusion on Earth that is very complex and totally meaningless as far as continued evolution goes.

Every man for himself. Got to beat the other guy. [Inaudible.]

So, what we’ve got here is a continuing classroom where souls are born, go through a lifetime and die, and possibly increase their awareness. All of them don’t, some of them degenerate during a lifetime, but there’s an infinite amount of time to do this.

So you’ve go through this cycle repeating and repeating. What we have here is a distillery for souls. You know how a distillery works? Know how? You boil everything in a big pot and then you take off the distillate, and the pure water comes out, and the pure water comes out the top, and then you can skim off the pure water. That’s how. So, what we’ve got here is a distillery for souls. You’ve got the good ones. Now the skimming off process happens every once in a while. The skimming off process is a transfer of advanced souls from this planet to the next classroom. The UFO phenomenon has to do with the skimming off process. It also has to do with the rest of the process, but in a very special way. It’s a very complex thing. It’s not as simple as this, but it is connected. The UFOs are primarily people from densities that are not ours. They’re not third, they’re not third-grade densities. They’re from other schoolrooms, you might say.


They’re not, yes, they’re not in our reality. That’s why they vanish. They vanish like the ghosts that I told you about that we talked to.

And they’re not necessarily in our galaxy or—


—of our [inaudible]

They’re just as what, look at that television set. Let’s say you’ve never looked at anything on a television set, but channel three. You never even knew there was a knob on it. It’s been on all the time. I say, “You know there’s a channel eleven on there?”

You say, “What? It’s not real, is it?”

I say, “It’s just as real as this one, just displaced. It’s over there though; it’s in the same space. Can you believe that there’s another—that Archie Bunker’s on there right now, but can you believe that there is another play going on, just displaced? Same reality, but displaced; just as real. You think that Archie Bunker’s the only reality now, but it’s not true. You turn to channel eleven, you go the other play.”

That’s where they are, they’re in the other play. Now, for them to get on channel three, something strange has to happen. Do you know, I’ve seen channel eleven come on channel three? Have you ever seen that happen?


We had that happen, yes. That happens every once in a while, just for a minute, it’s really strange. It’s because of an electronic mix-up. That happens every once in a while and you see a UFO because of that reason. Now, [inaudible] that you consider to be real because your hand won’t go through that couch, right? Now, any physicist knows that when you hit anything with your hand, the probability of one particle actually colliding with another particle is practically zero. You know why? There’s nothing but empty space there. What we’re going to do now is consider.


Listen to this. What we’re going to do now is investigate what we’re made up of. We’re made up—you know we’re made up of atoms, right? What we’ll do is make a scale model; a precise scale model of an atom so that you’ll know what you’re made up of, okay?

What we’re going to do is take a pea out of a can of peas in there and use it for the nucleus of the center of the atom. That’s about that big, all right? We’re also going to take a little ball of cotton about this big and use it for the first electron. Now if I’m going to use that pea and that ball of cotton to make a scale model of an atom, how much room do you think I need? How far do you think I have to put this little ball of cotton from the pea to make the scale model of the atom? This is inside you.

This—what we’re doing, what we’re investigating, see, is how much empty space you’ve got in your body. What we do, we find the biggest football stadium in the United States, all right? And we put the pea at the center of the 50-yard line, then we take this little cotton ball about that big and go up as far as we can go to the top stand and we set that cotton ball up there. The distance between those is that’s all empty space. Now, that cotton ball orbits around that pea, that is an atom in your body.

All of the atoms in your body have many electrons around them and they’re all separated, they’re all outside the football stadium. So, if you were able to shrink your mind down so that you’d be on the surface of that atom, if you looked out you’d see something like the night sky, just a little box out there.

All you are is like a picture on the television set, a bunch of dots held together by a force we don’t understand which we call it electromagnetism, but we don’t understand electromagnetism.

It’s funny how we [inaudible].

Yet we have no idea what it is. See, what you are is you are just a bunch of miniature little dots just like, you know, like the fill-in-the-dots that make the cartoon character, but they’re three-dimensional. Just imagine all these dots with all that space. Now, that space is so vast that the only reason my hand doesn’t go through that, the only reason, is that this thing we call electromagnetism is stopping it.


Right. Not, that’s what I’m saying, there’s absolutely nothing there that we know of. Now, there may be something there, but it’s not in our reality. We have no senses to pick it up, absolutely none, but there’s any—


What do you mean, you’re aware of it?



It’s hard to—


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  2. Not sure to whom Don is speaking here. 

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