[This transcript is cobbled together from a defective tape, and Carla has reconstructed many sentences of the speech from guess, memory and by golly. Therefore, the accuracy of this transcript can only be attempted with hopefully “close enough” results.]

*The exact date of this transcript is unknown.

[Introducing Carla.] … having her here. We really enjoy the opportunity to talk to folks and share some of the information that we’ve been able to gather over the years.

L/L Research, I guess, started way back in the mid 50’s with Don Elkins. He was the one who first started researching into the paranormal field. When he was 17, living in Louisville, Kentucky, there was a nationally known UFO sighting that occurred that kind of got him interested at that time. It was the Thomas Mantell case. Thomas Mantell was a Kentucky National Guard Captain who was killed while pursuing a UFO. So Don began to wonder at that time, after this experience, what exactly was the nature of reality and how did things work?

So when he graduated from high school in Louisville, he attended the University of Louisville and studied physics and mechanical engineering and later on was a professor of both of those subjects in the mid 50’s [and until 1963].

And it was at this time that he decided that he would try to find out a little bit more about the area of paranormal research, because the area of physics wasn’t really giving him everything that he needed to know. And he got into age-regression hypnosis, first of all, and he had regressed 200 to 250 people and became satisfied that reincarnation was really the way things work, so he began researching into other areas. He was interested in psychic surgery and in 1961 he came in contact with some information from a fellow from Detroit, Michigan. This fellow had had a face-to-face encounter with a UFO, supposedly. He had written up the information and he had what was called a lingering telepathic contact with these entities. They gave him instructions for beginning his own meditation group. So from this group in Detroit there became available some information about how anybody could start a meditation group with an attempt to receive contact in a meditative state from supposed extraterrestrial sources.

So Don invited some of his students from the Speed Scientific School, which was all male at that time. There were twelve male students and one of their girlfriends, who turned out to be Carla. So she was the thirteenth member. And for a number of months they sat together in a meditation circle attempting to get some kind of contact. Nothing much was happening except there were a lot of unusual sounds. Tongue flops, throat clearing, and different sensations in the head.

So after about six months, Walt Rogers, who was the fellow from Detroit, came to visit the group and he was a channel and he began to channel an entity called Hatonn. And Hatonn said that they were a planetary consciousness and they were attempting to contact Don’s group but everybody was so demanding of such a control of their voice and their thoughts that actually Hatonn couldn’t speak. Because they use some of your own experiences when they channel, they attempt to use the normal, everyday human experiences to express metaphysical principles. So after Walt Rogers was there, the scientific angle, the [evidential, uncompromised] experiment that Don was trying to carry on was pretty much blown because now they had people who were exposed to channeling before they had ever channeled themselves. But one of the things that occurred was, a number of good channels or instruments were developed from that 1961 group.

Later on, after Carla had been married for 4 years, from ’64 to ‘68 and they’d gone different directions, she came back to Louisville and reconnected with Don Elkins. And in ‘68 they began working on their first book, which was The Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater. It was a work of fiction, but over the years it seemed to come true. It seem that it predicted some of the work that we were going to be doing together in the future and it was a very interesting book from that angle. In 1976 they both wrote Secrets of the UFO and that was a compilation of Don’s twenty-five years of research up to that point in the field of UFOlogy. And in 1980 I joined their group, I had heard about them a couple of years earlier, and started coming to their meditations in Louisville. I lived in the country about an hour away and joined their group in 1980. Three weeks after I got there the Ra contact started.

This was the first time Carla had every really used trance to channel. She had always used what is called the meditative state, where you’re aware that you’re sitting there, you’re aware that there is information coming into your mind and if you speak it, it continues to come. You can stop it at any time. In the beginning of ‘81 the Ra contact started and she entered into a trance state and apparently left her body and was unaware of the information that was being transmitted. Don, being a scientist, didn’t want to spoil the scientific aspect of the research and we didn’t tell her a thing about the content for the first twenty-one sessions. This started to wear on Carla because we started using some of the terminology that Ra used. Ra called people “mind/body/spirit complexes” and would use the word “distortion” to suggest the movement away from a certain point of view. So we would say things to Carla like, “Does your mind/body/spirit complex have a distortion towards hunger/eating?” Well, she got tired of hearing this and demanded that Don ask Ra if it would be okay if she could read the material that she had been channeling and Ra said, “Sure, that’s fine because we’re using her vocabulary but we have a larger vocabulary and we’re using concepts that aren’t affected by her knowledge of them.” So Carla finally got to read the information.

And since not too many of you have read them, I’ll give you a real brief thumbnail description of a couple of the more salient features of the information. The cosmology that came through the Ra contact seems to be quite coherent.

In the beginning was unity. The Creator was simply one being, there was no creation. The first movement away from this unity towards what we call the creation now came when the Creator decided that It would know Itself. It wished to know Itself, what it was possible to accomplish. So this was the first distortion, as Ra called it, the first movement away from total unity. And this distortion is called the distortion of free will.

So the Creator decided that through this free will He would make what we know of as the creation by using what we would call love, or what Ra called intelligent energy. The Hindus call it prana. So this intelligent energy, then, was focused upon by the free will of the Creator, sort of like a prism. And from focus of free will through love was created light, or the photon.

Now the photon, moving at various angles of rotation and various speeds of rotation, causes what we see as the creation. Ra uses the color spectrum to describe the various levels or dimensions of the creation, red through violet. The first level [or first density] is the red [ray], which has simple awareness: earth, wind, fire and water, blowing and burning incandescently.

So eventually, wind and fire taught earth and water how to form, to become what we call planets, able to support life in the second density, the orange ray. So there began to be plants and animals at the very simple level.

Once the plants and animals were able to use this light and to move towards the light and to become inspirited, you might say, there was another quantum level jump so that angles of rotation and speeds of rotation of the photon sped up. There was the third density, the yellow ray, which we inhabit. There is the mind from the first, the red, the body from the second density, and now we are the first beings of completeness: mind, body and spirit.

In this particular level of evolution, we have total free will as to the direction we go. The first density was quite long, Ra said. There was a timeless state that we really can’t measure but the part that we could measure is about two billion years. Second density was 4.6 billion years. But our third density is only about 75,000 years long. There are three cycles of 25,000 years and the reason for this shortness is there is just one purpose for our being here and that is to make a choice. The choice is whether we continue our evolution in the positive polarity of service to others and the radiance of the love and the light, or in the negative polarity of service to self and the absorption of the love and light.

Looking about in our world today you can see expressions of both of those polarities. You know, probably, people that are of both polarities. When one is positive polarity, that is, total service to others, they’re radiant. They tend to give much more than they take. The negative polarity you can see fairly well in the military. Any time there is an unquestioned obedience to authority, and the one on top rules all those below, that’s the negative polarity in operation. Ra said, when we make this choice and decide to go on to the next density, the fourth density of love and compassion, we can do it in either way. Service to others or service to self are each viable paths, up to a certain point. The fourth density is approximately 30 million years long and in this density there is the opportunity to perfect the lessons of love that we learned here in the third density and to seek the lessons of wisdom, which are the province of the fifth density.

So once entities have been able to master the love vibration, the compassion vibration, and this is usually done in groups, what Ra calls “social memory complexes,” each entity then, like if you assume that everybody on planet Earth was able to graduate into the fourth density, then every memory of every incarnation that every person had would be available to all. So this is an incredible memory bank, an incredible library of information that is available to people once they’re able to graduate into the fourth density, which is apparently what we’re about to do now. Ra suggested that the Mayan calendar and the Hopi’s were correct, in that about the year 2012 was when this should be complete. It began occurring shortly after World War II and the dropping of the first atomic bomb.

The fourth density [as a group] then graduates into the fifth density, which is the density of wisdom. This is where entities, again either in a social memory complex, or as individuals, may pursue the lessons of wisdom. This is so that eventually wisdom and love can be blended in a balanced fashion in the sixth density, where apparently the Ra group is from. And each of us has a higher self, or what Ra called a “magical personality,” that exists at the mid sixth-density level. So if you’re able to make contact with your inner guidance or your higher self, this is the location from which it comes. Ra said when they’re able to graduate from sixth density they enter into what is called the gateway density, the seventh density. This is the density of foreverness, where there is no longer the looking back.

Many entities from within the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth densities find that the way they are able to continue their evolution is to be of service of others. They answer calls for service such as this planet has given off for thousands of years, as the level of suffering and difficulty has increased. This suffering is like a cry that is heard throughout all of the creation, and those who have the ability to be of service in this type of a need then respond to it. They may respond simply by sending you love and light. They may respond by giving you vivid dreams, or vivid imagery, hunches, coincidences that take you to a person, or a place, or a book, or a movie that gives you an inspiration that really wakens you and makes you want to find out, “What’s the reason for this life? Where am I going? What’s the purpose of this?”

And they also may visit in a physical sense. Ra visited the Egyptian civilization many thousands of years ago and attempted to teach the Law of One in person, because they had found, when they were at the same level in the third density on Venus, that this was helpful to them. However they found that their stay with the Egyptians was not as helpful as they had hoped, in that for every word they spoke, there were at least thirty misapprehensions of that word, and that their words were reserved for the rich, the royal, and the powerful. The common people were not given this information, and this was not what Ra had in mind. They felt that they were responsible for these distortions in the Law of One so their stay was very short. They retired to the inner planes of the planet and decided that they would try to make amends through various types of contact, mostly through the inspirational and vivid dream, and helping people get in contact with those entities or sources that might help them in their actions. In 1981 they contacted our group again, hoping that some of the information they would give might alleviate some of the distortions in the Law of One for which they felt responsible.

In the seventh density there is no longer this looking back, this desire to go back and to help others. That has been accomplished and they move into the seventh density which then is a timeless state that we have a hard time understanding. But the end of the seventh density is apparently what our physicists see as a black hole into which all of the creation is drawn. All of light, all of experience, then, becomes like a harvest, seeds for the next great spiral of evolution, the next octave of evolution.

This is what Ra says is basically the way the evolution works. It is an “upward spiraling line of light,” is the phrase that Ra used. There is a correlation between each of our energy centers and each of the densities of creation that I won’t go into now, because that’s a great deal more information, but we have various of our books that are available, and we have tapes that are available. They also explain this information.

What I’d like to do now is turn the microphone over to Carla and she’s going to give you some information about how to apply some of the information from the Law of One in opening the heart and in building a roadway, you might say, an interstate to the fourth density.

Everybody hear me? Oh good.

[Carla reads from her lecture notes.]

“Seven Principles of the Law of One.”

I think I might look at these, they’re pithy quotes from the Law of One, and I’m ready to talk about them today. I know that it’s a short time to talk, so I’ll be sure to include the most important part of my “seven principles” talk, which is about being a responsible co-creator.

[Carla indicates an illustration from David Wilcock’s book, Convergence, of the Becker-Hagens grid of fourth density.]

But I want to start at the beginning. The beginning is, let me read it from the Law of One itself. All the quotes in this talk are from Book One … I am making it easier for you, it is not necessary to buy more than one book if you just want to look up these quotes.

“The Law of One may be approximated by stating that all things are one; that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the infinite Creator.”

How can all things be one? How can there be no polarity in a world where there are so many obvious example of injustice and corruption and separation of all kinds in the mass media? How can there be no disharmony when we just declared war, which the Congress has not voted on? Whatever this is, this isn’t actually a war; just thought I’d point that out. This hasn’t been vetted by the Congress, actually. This is just policy, I think.

We get to decide which world we live in. In one world, the Earth world we all know and love, there seems to be no right and no wrong, really. In the other world, it’s all about being an ethical and honorable being. Here’s the thing. I have got glasses here. They have two views. If you toggle down, it sees this world, if you toggle up, it is the ethical one we are going into. Toggle down, we’re at war today. Toggle up, the creation is perfectly in order and balance. If you toggle down, you see our suffering which is occurring. There is hunger, there is obvious injustice. It would seem that there is not a perfect world. Toggle up and all events are working perfectly.

The archetype of this age is the Lightening-Struck Tower. One may take that symbolic image in a very literal way and think we are in catastrophic times. How can the light shine regardless, in a world where we, patriotic citizens of a country that is supporting the policies of the leaders that we have elected, are also those who give their lives taking other lives? Without much confusion and many errors, we wouldn’t be here today in this torn society and in a lot of controversy! And I have no need to talk further here, but the point is that there is another way to look at the situation. We can put ourselves into our hearts in the love of peace and in the company of silence, in order to express ourselves at this time We can choose to toggle up. When we see Bush and Saddam Hussein we see different parts of our shadow. We see a very different part in Hussein than we do in Bush. However, both are kind of members of the “old boys club,” and these old boys have been busy.

But toggle up and all is one and we do not have to stay in a world of polarity, judging and being judged. We can move into the truth that is within us. That truth is unity; that truth is love and absolute equality of all.

[Carla’s stomach growls.]

That isn’t me, it’s my tummy.


What we have to focus on is the thing that makes us one. This puts us in the world that we really live in, our native land as souls, when we open our hearts, when we practice living in the open heart, when we start doing with a joy and a will that which we came to do. When clear ourselves enough, we are able to move into that place within in which we find the one infinite Creator.


Humbly I adore Thee, Verity unseen, Who Thy glory hidest ’neath these shadows mean; Lo, to Thee surrendered, my whole heart is bowed, Tranced as it beholds Thee, hidden in the cloud.

Taste and touch and vision to discern Thee fail. Faith that comes by hearing pierces through the veil. Grant my spirit ever by Thy ways to live. To my taste Thy sweetness, never failing, give. 1

“There is no disharmony, no imperfection. All things are complete and whole and perfect.” So says the Law of One. How can that be? It seems transparently clear that everything is not at all perfect; that the situations we experience are not totally harmonious. Logically, this makes no sense, for we can list the things in our lives that are decidedly imperfect. We can look at relationships we have which carry a considerable amount of disharmony. So how can Ra’s words make sense?

Again, the secret is in the toggling between this world and the next, between the third-density point of view and the fourth-density point of view. In the third-density world, the illusion is complete, masking from our physical eyes the truth of this harmony, completeness and wholeness, which do lie implicit and unspoken within the illusion, waiting to be evoked by the fourth-density mindset or attitude, which is thankfulness and praise for all occurrences.

To make this work easier, our times are a-changin’, as Bob Dylan said. The fourth density will be solidly in place by 2012, perhaps even earlier. In this atmosphere of imminent fourth-density vibrations, the third density is increasingly transparent to fourth-density vibration, and people are more and more discovering that a chief characteristic of fourth-density light is that it illuminates all hidden things. Have you noticed in your own life that new relationships of another kind entirely than previous ones have started occurring in your life? Have you seen a kind of explosion of new, good or seemingly challenging situations? The fourth density is a density in which there are no secrets, nor any need for secrets. All the skeletons in all of our closets are coming right out into the room and getting our attention. If we have any business at all left in third density, we are seeing it right in front of us. Do any of you recall Fibber McGee from radio days? He had a closet, an infamous closet that was periodically opened, and with a great crash, everything would pour out of it and into sight. That is us, this year and in the decade to come.

This is actually a wonderful gift. When nothing is hidden, we are so much more able to deal with truth and being honest with ourselves in a deeper way, a way that opens doors for us. I just ask you not to fear these times but to embrace them. Think of these newly transparent times as those in which you are able to put into real use the advice given in the Bible: “Seek, and ye shall find.” These are times when there is new truth springing forth from the Word each day.


Seek ye first the kingdom of God And it’s righteousness, And all these things shall be added unto you. Allelu! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Allelu! Alleluia! Ask and it shall be given unto you, Seek and ye shall find; Knock and the door shall be opened unto you. Allelu! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Allelu! Alleluia. 2

[Carla’s note: I chose to end the reconstructed speech here, for the transcriber was no longer able to get enough of the gist of the original recording for me to reconstruct what I was saying or why. My notes are not helpful, as they are simply quotations from The Law of One, Book I. For each speech using these quotations, I have given a different speech entirely. I wait for the moment, and move upon that moment’s spontaneous gifts. Even with the songs, I give myself lots of choices so I can go many directions, as spirit leads. We at L/L do apologize for the equipment glitch. It is new equipment, and worked perfectly well except when recording me. This has occurred before, and next time, we will try to have duplication of recording, to offset my tendency to bollix the electronics.]

  1. Song of medieval times, words by Thomas Aquinas, music “Adoro devote,” mode five. 

  2. Words: based on Matthew 6:33 and 7:7; Music: Karen Lafferty.