So, questions about anything that you’ve heard today, what I just said, or the history of L/L, Ra contact?

That was really a wonderful talk, thank you so much. Really, I appreciated it.


I have many questions, but I’m sure everybody does, so I’m going to just ask the first one that really jumped out to me when you were talking about the history of L/L, and how opening up to a certain amount of increased light also opened up the way for the negative entities to be more focused on you all, and what you were doing, and how you had to take extra precautions. I’m assuming that most of us in this room are wanderers and are really focused on bringing in the light, and I’ve noticed in my own practices that I often shy away from really bringing in light because I’m not sure if I’m protected. So maybe you can just comment about what are good ways to protect oneself from negative greetings.

If you’re aware of anything at all that seems it might be a greeting from a negative oriented entity, in your meditative practice, it would be a good idea to send love and light to that entity—heartfelt love and light, seeing them as your other self, not seeing them separate from yourself. Their power comes from them separating themselves from you, and they try to control you. So, if you can see them as being the same as yourself, being another portion of the Creator that’s chosen a different path, then that’s the beginning. If you’re aware of some form that the sending or the greeting has taken, then send love and light to that as well. And finally, send love and light to yourself and surround yourself with the same love and light.

We found that throughout the Ra contact that was the very best way to do it. It’s important to do it with a heartfelt desire, that you really want to give this entity love and light. Not to make them go away. The fact that it will make them go away is a nice benefit, but it can’t be the reason for why you are doing it.

Thank you. It feels like a merging too. You’re saying, “Hey, you are my other self, I’m willing to be with you. You’re in my lap, I’m gonna….

Right. You remove all fear. Fear is what they count upon as a big weapon. So, take the fear away as seeing them as yourself, and sending them love.

That’s so significant right now, there’s so much fear out in our world right now, fear is what draws them in, we have so much catalyst to work with.

Yeah. I’m sure they are feeding upon it.

I had another since no one else is jumping in, I just have a burning question—in the Law of One it says that we can very much create disease in our body when we are holding onto negative energies. But then there’s also what you said about Carla agreeing or choosing before coming in that she would have arthritis, she would have the disease of arthritis. I’m just wondering, if there’s always a choice, if Carla had ever decided, “Ok, I’m going to get rid of this arthritis. I’m going to totally dedicate myself.” Do you think that’s possible? Or do you think it was so solidified in her agreement of this incarnation that she would definitely have to experience that all the way through?

Well, I don’t think I could give you a definite answer. If she were ever wanting to get rid of the arthritis to the point where she never had anything like that again, I think she would have had to give up the Ra contact too. I think they went hand in hand.

All these plans were made so things could turn out the way they turned out. Now, for her, she could have improved, perhaps, her acceptance of her limitations and she wouldn’t have had to feel the pain. Ra said that a number of times. She still wanted to go out and do things in the world, even though it was hard for her to do it, and if she would have accepted the limitations, then there wouldn’t have had to be the pain to remind her of why she had arthritis.

I can’t really say it’s not possible. But preincarnated choices are really powerful. We make them for a reason, and they’re usually because what we have to learn by the choices are the next most important thing on our whole agenda, and that’s becoming the Creator once again. We’ve decided preincarnatively that this area is what I need to work on the most. And so if during the incarnation you decide not to do that. It mean it’s possible, but I don’t think it would work real well because they are so powerful.

However, what seems to be determinism before the incarnation meets the free will of the entity during the incarnation, sometimes preincarnated choices aren’t really noticed that much. If a person is not a conscious seeker of truth, and they go through the life and not really get the idea that they’ve hoped to get, not be pointed in the direction that they wanted to go. That’s usually for people who don’t wake up to why they are here. You know, we consider ourselves consciously seeking the truth because we discover there is a spiritual path to make, and to take, and there is a truth that we can seek. So, we have a better chance at discovering what those choices are. For most people, though, that’s not the case.

To piggyback off what we were just talking about. When you make a decision, is it more an intuitive thing or a rational thing? When you’re making a choice, “Should I continue with this Ra material or should I risk my body, my arthritis as a condition?” How do you intelligently make a choice like that? How do you tap into the knowing of your choices?

Well, intuition is a really good way of doing that. In your meditative state, try to imagine what each direction would bring you. If you made a choice in one way, how would that be, how would you feel, how would you respond, what would the result be? With the other way, the same questions. And then, be real aware of whatever image or thought or idea comes to your mind after you’ve made those two possibilities. Then you can get an idea of what your subconscious mind has in line for you. Because that’s the one that really has the effect. For Carla, herself, she, tended to evaluate every situation as to how could she be of most service.

So, that was the thing that really colored her life. And that was so strong that I don’t think that could be changed. Because she just so much wanted to serve people that whenever a chance to do something came up, she evaluated, “Well, how will this help me help others?”

At the expense of herself giving? Ok.

Yeah. And that, in a sense was a problem. In the Ra contact Ra mentioned that she had a tendency toward martyrdom. And Ra said that’s not a bad thing by itself—Jesus was a martyr. But when you martyr yourself and you’re successful, then you no longer have a chance to be of service in the density in which you just left.

So, you have to look to what is the deepest level of your service. And for Carla, it was something deeper than just what happened in this incarnation. So, for her it was a straight and narrow path. She knew what she needed to do. That was to serve every time she was asked.

Ok. Thank you.

All the disease that you were talking about earlier, didn’t Ra also say that anger or suppressed anger was a cause of cancer?

Right. In general, yes. In general. That wouldn’t be in every case, but just as a general description of the disease itself that has been in these last few decades as we enter the harvest period. That’s the way it’s used and it could be cured, if you could find out where the anger was pointed. Was it pointed at you, or a loved one, or whomever, or whatever. That, sometimes that’s the difficult part, is figuring out where it is and where it comes from. That’s where maybe working with dreams might help, or writing about it might help, just various tools we have to try to figure out what’s really going on in our minds. Because it’s a puzzle. And the reason it’s a puzzle is because when you have to put out an effort to find the answer, this is another way of describing the polarization process. You’re polarizing in consciousness the more you try to figure out what the puzzles in your life are and how you can solve them. This whole effort, even if you don’t solve them, the effort of trying to solve them is productive of the polarization in the positive sense.

Earlier you mentioned past life regression, do you consider that or something like it useful in terms of trying to uncover these preincarnative choices or other things about ourselves?

That has been more and more true, it seems, as time has gone on. If any of you are familiar with Life Between Lives section of Hypnotherapy and Dr. Michael Newton or Brian Weiss or Dolores Cannon—both Dolores Cannon and Michael Newton felt that towards the end of the cycle here, that who they called “the powers that be,” made it possible for people to discover more about previous incarnations, and to be able to contact their guides, and find out what the purpose of the life was so they could clarify their own thinking about it.

So, it might be possible that now is easier to do than it has been in the past. In the past, you didn’t hear about people having regressions. I mean, prior 1950 I don’t know if anyone was doing that. There had to be a few because Don started doing it in the 50s. So, he had to get an idea of that from somewhere.

So in other words, it sometimes feels like cheating? [Laughter] If we’re supposed to know then wouldn’t we remember? But then we can just go to a hypnotist and then we can find out, but maybe this is all part of the plan. If you find out about that then it’s available to you.

I believe that’s true, because not everybody is able to get to past lives and discover that—a lot of people are. A lot of people can find out what they are supposed to be doing in their life just by meditating on it, and paying attention to the intuition and flashes that come their way, or maybe their dreams will tell them. Or maybe they will run into a person or book that has just the information they need right then and there, and that will open up a whole new vista of searching for them. So, I think what is supposed to happen to you is going to happen to you if you’re open to it. Because you have planned it, we have made plans and we do want to seek this, we do want to find out what these plans are, we want to do the best we can, to seek the Creator, to serve, to love. I am absolutely sure that it will happen if you really want it. The thing is, being sincere about it. If you get passionate about your journey of seeking, if you determine what you really want to do, and you do it day after day, and you just give it everything you’ve got, I think that will bear fruit.

But isn’t it possible that we might have learned the lessons—Maybe if Carla had learned everything from the arthritis that she was meant to learn, couldn’t it then go away?

It’s possible to have feelings like that. Yeah.

Don regressed a young kid. That had intense allergies. He just could not go outside without coming down with something—sneezing, coughing, wheezing. So, he regressed him, and in a previous life he was a really rich owner of a large estate in England, and he loved his gardens. He went out and spent all his time in his gardens, but he didn’t associate with people and neighbors and friends. He didn’t really have many friends. He isolated himself and cut himself off so that all he did was gratify his own love of his gardens. So, he programed a lack of being able to do that in the next incarnation.

So, Don said, “Ask your higher self now if you’ve learned this lesson.” And he asked his higher self and said the lesson had been learned. So, after the kid came out of the trance there were magnolia blossoms on the table. Don picked up some magnolia blossoms and blew them in the kid’s face. The kid said, “What are you doing? I’m going to have to go to the hospital now!” Don said, “Really? How do you feel?” The kid said, “I don’t know. I guess I’m ok.”

So, yeah, it could happen.

And maybe if you’re not hypnotizable then you’re not supposed to know?

I think that might be true. Yeah. A lot of people are. I know a couple of friends that weren’t able to be hypnotized. But then again, some of the hypnotists, like Dolores Cannon especially, said that what you really need then is just a deeper level of hypnosis, you need pre-induction. She would take as long as 1-2 hours to get a person into what she called the theta state, which is basically the dream state. And she said she had more success than she had before when she did not use that deeper induction.

I’ve had a powerful healing experience from a past life regression.

Oh, yeah?

So I think I learned the lesson, it was that same sort of thing, “Am I done with this?” and the physical condition went away. And what was amazing, is that it showed up the same time that the physical condition happened in a previous life. So, it showed up in this life in that same 2-3 years. And it’s been gone since that hypnosis regression.

And you were talking about sexual exchange of energy. Does that work between same-sex people?

It does. One of them has to have the male principle, and the other one has to have the female principle.

What do you mean about principle?

The male principle is that which reaches. Like the sun sends us energy each day, it gives us the light that gives life to Earth. The Earth receives. The female principle is receiving, awaits the receiving.

Have we exhausted all the questions? [laughter] Because we’ve exhausted all the people. [more laughter]

My question gets into the metaphysics, and I’m appreciating the relevance in human nature. I want to make space for other people to ask questions because I ask really geeky questions. [laughter]

So Ra says that they are committed to staying with the planet, with Planet Earth, for as long as it takes to assist in the balancing of the distortions that came out of their contact, previously in history, and I’m just curious to see if any of you have any perspective on what they are referring to when they say Earth?

So, if harvest takes place, and if there are souls that are still bound up in karma from that time, say it’s the priestly classes that maybe abused the power that came through the teachings of the Law of One? Or if there were individual souls that were impacted by that contact in the times of Egypt that haven’t yet worked that lesson out? Would they be considered part of the planet? For example, if harvest takes place and they go to a different planet. I’m just wondering when they say “the planet,” what are they referring to? Are they referring to all the souls that were on the planet at that time, are they referring to all humans? And in that case, what do we consider humans, since there are so many wandering souls on Planet Earth?

That’s a really good question. Who should we ask now? [laughter]

I can’t give you a definite answer, I can give you a feeling. That when they’re talking about Earth and its population, it’s everybody who’s ever been here. And especially those that are still here. I think that a lot of people who’ve been here and achieved graduation are now working on helping others to do the same thing. I’ve gotten that information from a friend who doesn’t like it to be known that he can communicate with folks who have passed on to the other, spirit world. But he did communicate with a couple and they said they are working with, what they called, portals of ascension.

Now, if you’re familiar with the grid network that goes around the planet, there are places where energy from the cosmos comes in. But energy also goes out, when souls are going through what we call the death process, they go through this portal to have their harvestability gauged. It’s done by the light—it might be the light that’s coming through, from our sun or from the cosmos, whatever. And as they make it through, then, they do the same thing. They work with other souls that are working to come through after they go through the death process. And as amazing as it is, Ra said he thought most of the population would have to go to another third-density planet. But the information that my friend got from the souls that he talked to, was the goal is for everybody to graduate. Everybody. And that’s what they’re pointed for.

Since they are karmically tied to Earth, but Earth is also changing into fourth density. Does that mean that their karma is then broken once Earth has transitioned into fourth density as well? That’s why the other people have to go to other planets, right?

Right. Yeah, you’re talking about the ones that wouldn’t make graduation. Would they have their karma broken?

Well, is that going to break the karma that they and Ra have on Earth? That they are tied karmically because of what they did unintentionally to the Earth. Once the Earth transitions into that fourth density, wouldn’t their karma then be finished? Or would it?

I don’t know. They could be. You guys have an idea?

[Are you asking] does the fourth-density graduate soul carry karma from third to fourth density? Or does the third-density repeater carry karma on another planet?

That’s what I was the impression I got, that a third density would go to a third-density planet and would continue their karma from here. Fourth-density would change with the Earth and they would stay with the Earth.

Ra indicates that our own present planetary population consists of various other planets that have come here to repeat third density, or to continue their own third-density experience. And correct me guys if I’m wrong, but I think Ra indicates, as well, that our own present experience is a result of those contributions. In other words, the karma generated on that other planet does carry over into our present historical experience in the planetary story. So, likewise, when continuing to be on this one.

I think the Maldekeans destroyed their planet, as well as the Martians who rendered their atmosphere unlivable, are here trying to work that out right now. And they were in Atlantis too.

So I was just wondering about the negative path. So early sixth density is when that ends? Is that correct?


So, my question is, what does the higher self of a negative complex, what is that? If that is eliminated…

The higher self is always there, willing and able to give guidance, or protection when asked. The first thing a negative entity bases its polarity on is separation. The first separation is separation of self from everything else including higher self. So a negative entity probably would not call upon the higher self for any kind of assistance.

But I just wonder what that experience for the higher self is like? I think it’s just very interesting.

The higher self can see how things are going to turn out. Ra mentioned that it was humorous. Don, in Session 67, was going to all kinds of trouble to try to figure out how to be of service to our negative entity better. And I never did quite understand why he did that, but Ra took a number of opportunities to try to see how he could explain to Don that this wasn’t going to be helpful, because what the negative entity sees as service, you don’t see as service. What you see as service, the negative entity does not see as service. So, you really have to realize that both entities have their own free will observed, and they can go their own way and not bother each other. And Ra said, when Don asked again, after all that explanation, was “We perceived we’ve not been clear [laughter] in our description. It is realized the humor in the situation in sixth density, when the negative entity must give up the negative polarity.”

So, I don’t think it bothers the higher self all that much, because the higher self knows what’s going to happen. It’s sort of like you look at your child, it’s out doing something that you know that’s going to cause him a problem, but he’s going to learn from it. And it’s ok. All is well. And all will be well.

In my experience with the text and in our group, I’ve been working to balance the linear ideas and the story, the mythology that this Law of One channeling is, with the actual feeling state of the One Infinite Creator. I’m lucky to have two friends, L and T there, who, in their work with clients, they’ll invite them to feel intelligent infinity and use that as a tool. And so, have you found in your journey over the years, or with people who’ve read the text any other ways—sometimes when I just feel the energy of the Infinite Creator, I feel as though whatever text that just came through is just a fingernail of the amount of truth that exists in the universe. So, how do you balance people getting too loyal to the word, versus actually having a direct experience of the feeling?

You guys talk to more folks in email. I haven’t really come across people who have that problem. Have you?

I think, and I’d like to hear from Austin too—I think that people can preclude their own actual experiential experience of the Creator by any number of mental roadblocks. One of which, being, hanging onto concepts and expectations about what should be; and then it negates their opening to what is—to the deeper, felt experience as you described. I haven’t, in my own experience, seen the Law of One, per se, become a stumbling block in that regard. And, there are a couple of moments in the Law of One where Ra says, one, that the Law of One can only be approximated by words. So, in other words, they’re downgrading some of the significance of their own words, trying not to make their message opaque to the felt experience of oneness. And, there was something else that they said. Dang! It was right along those lines, it was so good, and you would have liked it if I had said it. [laughter] I know it’s there.

Promises, promises.

[more laughter]

Well, think about it a while. Is it one of the tools, to looking up to the majesty of the Creator?

No, but that’s a good one too.

Have you had any experience with folks writing into you saying that they’re…

I don’t know about writing in, but on the forums, the internet in particular, is conducive to battling communication I think. (Mind chatter) Yeah, so we have forums where people discuss the Law of One, and it sometimes can be frustrating for me to see people—I think it’s important to talk about Ra’s words and what they might mean, and it’s a good thing to do, but then some people will have sort of personal connections, personal identity with their own interpretation, and then they will hyper-focus and say, “Well, Ra said ‘of’ here and they also said it here, so you’re wrong”. Stuff like that.

So I do think it can be a problem. I don’t know if there’s any good solution to it, except maybe just, you can show them where Ra has said that what they’re doing is just a slant on certain information. They don’t have a monopoly on enlightenment. They also give the quote that Gary said, but there’s also the one where they talk about, I don’t know the exact words, but that these are just tools for the seeker upon their path. And never let them distract you from the full majesty of the Creator. Always look up from these techniques and tools. And, so if someone is hyper-focused on the words, you can say, “Well look at these words. They say you shouldn’t be hyper-focus on the words.” [laughter]

And the experience of love is not out of the cerebral activity. It’s letting go of that and getting into the heart, and that’s where the experience of love and service emanates from. And it’s so beautiful when you can look out and see no separation at all. I mean, you’ll be in tears when it happens, and there’s none of this, there’s none of that, you know, law, you know? None of that, it’s just all in here. And all the ascended masters say the same thing. Just get out of the mind and into the heart. In fact, they tell us it’s the only way we’re going to survive in the times moving forward, is to be able to be in the heart, to be in love.

Hear, Hear.

And did Ra also say, that there were truths throughout all teachings? That there were spots of truth in all teachings? So you can find it where ever you look.

Right. There’s a pure path everywhere.

And it’s kind of like you were saying about the subconscious mind, how from birth, we’re really, really, really conditioned to see things, to see ourselves so separately. So, we need to dive into the subconscious mind and really pull out those weeds and reform what our assumptions, our most base core assumptions about ourselves and about our place in the world are. I just really appreciated how you brought that in because I found that to be so true and just, and a spiritual path, and realizing the law of attraction teachings so to speak. How you can’t attract anything without these weeds in your mind being uprooted, and dichotomy between so many people, like the people in the New Age community saying “All is one but that guy is an a**hole”. [laughter] Deep in our self-acceptance, as you were saying, we are that a**hole. [laughter] On more than just an intellectual level.

Alright, forgive yourself.

Yeah, more questions?

Were you, or are you, or was Don or Carla into the Edgar Cayce material much?

We each looked into it somewhat, not deeply.

It’s amazing, because the first book I read about him was There is a River—just got into introduction, then the next book was the 2000 Plus readings all about Atlantis. And so many times he talks about these two feuding parties—the Children of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial—actually can turn into the destruction of Atlantis. It’s repeated over, over, and over. And those were done in 1938, 1939. It’s just amazing.

Yeah, yeah. It’s certainly appreciated.

And of course the readings he’s talking about, were 12,000 years ago.

Yeah, I’m not sure if all of them have been put in book form yet or not. There’s still so much to choose from.

This is a rambling non-question question. In relation to the video we looked at this morning with Austin, my question is about activism on the planet, and how to engage—and Aaron and I talk about this frequently also—with political differences and opinions, about what’s right. It feels so vital—the earth and humanity’s survival. I guess my question is how do you engage with activism and politics having familiarity with the Law of One, and also witnessing big oil and certain things that appear to be injustice. How do you choose to engage in that and do you have any guidance for others?

Well, each of us does whatever we can, where we are. And I try to support groups that I feel are really doing good work financially with their nations. And if I can spread word around friends, I do that. You know recently, Gary gave me a book that was written by Charles Eisenstein. And he talks about a whole new way of being, the interbeing, and I just have been appreciating that so much, because it’s the Law of One made real in life. And what he’s talking about is that not only can you help doing activism, like what you did when you went to Standing Rock. That helps, but anything you do with love helps everybody. Whatever it is, washing dishes, changing diapers, mowing the yard. So, I think the thing is, wanting to help and doing everything you can that’s available to you to help, but doing it with love. So, that’s about the best answer I can give.

Thank you, that’s great. Yeah, thanks Jim.

In my life, and I’m asking as someone who’s not dived into this ship, but it keeps crossing my path, but, in my life I’ve been trapped by certain patterns, which I feel are just ailments. I wonder what your suggestion would be on the benefits of past-life regression and addressing that. And maybe either overcoming it or providing a framework for why they exist.

Well, are you trying to anticipate that you are thinking maybe doing a past life?

Yeah, right.

If I were you, I would do it.


I would use every avenue I could find to try to find what was going on in my life. Cause that’s what we’re here for. Trying to learn those lessons and then to be able to share more love. Because usually whatever lesson we’re learning, there’s something related to love. And whatever lesson’s got a blockage that’s keeping love coming through the way that it could if we learned a lesson. So, yeah, I want to love all that I can. So, if there’s something like regression or any kind of therapy, or using dreams, intuition or meditation, anything, just keep going at it. And really keep persevering.

Cool. Thank you.

You said everybody dreams, but if you don’t remember ever dreaming, how do you overcome that? I mean, how do you start to know your dreams?

Well, what I did was to tell my subconscious mind each night before I went to bed that I really wanted to get a message. I really wanted to work with it and I knew it had information that would help me. And that I needed this information in order to live my life in the way that I wanted to live it. You know, try to live it to the highest values I could and eventually the dreams did begin coming. I also use, I guess you could say, meditative techniques in programing myself, try to go deeper into the dream state, before I would go to bed. So whatever I could think of. But then it didn’t take too long, dreams came to me. It sounds like you have more of a block.

I don’t dream.

Mugwort tea.

Mugwort tea?

Yeah, and HTTP and do a little detox in the pineal.

Calea Z is a good one for dreaming too.

Ok. Great.

I mean I don’t see a problem with not dreaming. I just don’t, and I don’t understand why I don’t dream. I wake up refreshed and I don’t have any issues that I know of, but…

Maybe you’re just not remembering.

Do you want to have dreams, though?


Ok, if you don’t want to have dreams, you probably won’t have as many.

You mentioned in your talk “neurodrama.” Did I get that term right? I was wondering if you could say something about where that comes from and also just some practical words about how you find others to do this with, or just the practice side of that.

In 1972 and 3, I went to what was called Adventure Trails Survival School outside of Blackhawk, Colorado. It was up at 10,000 feet in the Rockies. A guy had been there for a long time living off the grid. And he had come up with this process of using dreams, essaying, and neurodrama to therapize people so that the energy would flow forward in the frontal lobes—you’ll have a frontal lobes experience, and [in his thinking] be able to [work toward] help[ing to] save the planet. He saw the planet as suiciding. He suggested that we use these techniques, and I found that by doing them right there where he was, that they worked.

Once I was able to find [within myself] programming given to me that sex was bad, I could reenact that and tell my Mother, “You’re wrong,” and then things began to happen. But it came from him. He was an original thinker. He had been through WWII, and he fought with Patton’s troops at the end of the war when they were going up through Southern Italy, and then into Germany, liberating the concentration camps. And that was the end of the war where Hitler was calling up the old men and the young boys. There was an old man in a German uniform came around a barn one day, and the troops were marching through, the US troops, and Lingo bayoneted him in the gut. And then he and the old man sat on the porch for the next hour until he died. And the old man pulled out his billfold and showed Lingo pictures of his children and his grandchildren. So, Lingo came out of the war with the question, “Why did I have to kill my brother?”

And he engaged in a lifelong study then. He was at the University of Chicago, during the golden age, when they had everybody there—Mortimer Adler, David Reisman and Enrico Fermi just cracked the atom there in the football stadium. And one day, Fermi was talking to people outside of his class, just informally, and Lingo was out there listening and Fermi said “We have now split the physical atom and released the power of the atom. Someday, one of you will split the brain atom.” And he pointed at Lingo. So then Lingo was able to buy this mountain top in Colorado. And through his own experiences discovered this technique of using dreams and essaying and neurodrama. That’s where it came from.

Thank you.

Some of his stuff is online T.D. Lingo, you have to dig for it though it’s not very available. T.D. are his initials and then Lingo. L.i.n.g.o.

It sounds really similar to shadow drama work.

I saw a hand over here.

You were talking about the mating relationship and, that’s always sort of a one-on-one thing, but it seems like the three of you were necessary to channel, and that the relationship between you and Carla was really key to the whole thing, which had a lot to do with Don’s death. And it just seems, pardon me for bringing up…

No, go ahead.

…this stuff. But it seems so confusing that, like in most peoples’ experience, the beginning of the mating relationship is the time of the most learning, and then rather than it deepening it actually gets more muddied as it goes on. I’ve just been really confused by that experience. If what we’re supposed to be learning from is this dyad, and yet we’re attracted to all these different people that we have these deep learnings from, and then at the same time we’re also programmed, whether by evolution or not, to be jealous, or triggered by that which led to this experience for Don, even though it seems like this was all meant to happen, it’s all so tragic. It’s just so confusing that if we’re supposed to be learning from this journey of two as the main experience, that it works out so poorly for most people. And yet there’s all these other attractions, and these threesomes that happen and all these experiences.

Well, Don and Carla were an unusual pair in that when they first got together, back in 1968, for about 6 months they had a very intense sexual attraction to each other. Just like you mentioned. But then Don had been celibate before that and he asked Carla if he could be celibate again, because he really didn’t enjoy the mess and bother of sexual relations.

So Carla decided that she was going to have to be celibate for a while too, since he wanted to be. But after a while, it just didn’t work out for her because she was a sexual being. This was before I met them. So, she said to Don, “Look, this isn’t working for me. I think I need to take a lover. And I’ll do it only when you’re out of town flying. When the relationship is over, I’ll let you know.” And so Don said, “Have a ball.” He had no jealousy at all.

So, Carla did that until I came along. And then when I came along, there was a natural attraction between us. It was almost like it was preincarnative. So, we had a very strong relationship and we learned a great deal. And Don was really happy to have somebody like me there to do what I could do, and to fulfill that need for Carla. And then, he and she would spend time together in the evenings, watching television, hanging out, and maybe not even saying a word. So, that was part of the harmony between the three of us. It was almost like we didn’t have to work at it. It was as though it was preincarnatively chosen. Ra did mention that we had been together a number of times before, so I have a hunch we brought the harmony with us.

So, for us there wasn’t a problem with jealousy. And I know that it’s not a normal situation. It’s not easy to explain to some folks. But that was the way it was. And Carla and I grew a great deal through the rest of our lives in every respect of a mated relationship. And the sexual energy exchange was certainly the most fun and the most obvious way of coming together. I didn’t mean to make that pun. [laughter] But there it is. [more laughter]

Before we met you all and started to get into some of the other material, because we’ve been focusing on the Law of One—learning what happened to Don and Carla. And this has happened with other, sort of big spiritual work, like Byron Katie’s going blind, there’s a story that if you’re spiritually advanced then your life will be like pretty and rosy and it will come to a good end.

Don’t you wish.

It seems as though you’re giving us a lot of information about the whole story. It feels that you’re still grieving and moving through all those pieces, and that was your best friend and you still live in that house. It’s so amazing that you’re at that house. I feel Carla so strongly. I feel like I should bump into her when I walk around the corner in that house because she’s just so there physically and energetically. You’re holding this lineage in all this work. Things don’t always look perfect, but we really came for catalyst, right?

You’ve had a lot of really big catalyst, all three of you, in your life. Especially you. We know this catalyst; we know your story; we know what you’ve gone through, and it creates this window of hope for me. Sometimes I think maybe I shouldn’t channel too much because these crazy things might happen to me. Or maybe I should figure out what my preincarnative issues are, and there are all these things that can start spiraling out from that. But this window starts to open for me as you’ve been speaking, and I think “Wow, everything’s really ok.” Things aren’t looking too hot right now in the world on several levels, but I can relate it to the story of L/L. “Oh, there was a big tragedy.” But that was all mixed in with amazing work that happened. I’m curious how that all sits with you now, in the big picture space of your heart, and your healing around all of that?

Well, I’ll tell ya. Of course, there is still pain and there’s still grieving—they deserve to be grieved. But I don’t think I can imagine anybody luckier on the face of the planet than me. I pray to the Creator every day. Sometimes multiple times, thanking Him or Her, for what has happened in my life. I can’t imagine how I could be luckier. I’m just absolutely amazed. I have no idea why I was part of the Ra contact. You know, I really don’t know why I was so fortunate. But I know that I got so many blessings in my life, that it’s just amazing. You know? I feel like I’m the most blessed person I’ve ever met. [laughter, aww] So, things do work out. Sometimes it just takes a while.

So, in my personal journey, it feels like I’m learning how to balance love and wisdom, and the place where I’m working is with boundaries—energetic and personal boundaries. I just wonder if you have things to say about that? What is your understanding of what it means to balance love and wisdom? And what you think about energetic boundaries? When I hear Carla [inaudible], and then I know there are people in the world like that, and I could be a person that serves to my own detriment? And so I just want to hear…

Well, I think what Ra recommended, was that you balance the manifestations that come from your love and your wisdom, as it happens in your daily life. For example, if you have so much love for people that you donate all the money you’ve got, and you have no money left, then you’ve got something that needs to be balanced, because you’re doing it at a point of almost martyrdom. If your love is reduced, and you fail to love somebody who, say, comes up to you on the street and says, “I don’t have any money and I need money to eat,” and you just walk by and you don’t give them anything. Then maybe you need to balance, to try to make the love more apparent. Because there was a manifestation that didn’t come out, maybe the way you want it to.

So, if you just feel yourself having love and wisdom, and you abstractly express it, you just have it and you know it’s there, I don’t think you need to balance that. It’s the manifestations that come from it that you need to balance. Maybe you’re really wise, and you think that you know a certain thing that another person has to do, and you maybe try to force your will on them because you’re pretty sure you know what they need to do, then you think, “Well, no, that wasn’t too good.” You know, I infringed on their free will, so I need to balance what I consider wisdom, and maybe put a little more love into it and consider their feelings. So, basically, it’s the manifestations that come from love and wisdom.

To watch? Or to monitor and adjust?

Yeah, yeah. At the end of the day, if you just take some time in your meditation, just see what it was that happened in your day, what came from it, and was there anything that was throwing you off your balance, that you’re feeling love for everyone and everything. And was there anything that took you away from that. Then, look at it and see what it was and see if maybe you could balance it so that it would be less likely to happen again.

And when you talked about that earlier, you named that as an exercise. I didn’t actually hear the words. So, could you re-clarify that? Did you say to play out the scenario that you played out, but make it even more…

Yeah. You blow it up ridiculously large.

And then create another…

You actually don’t create the opposite to balance. You image it for just a second, and then your mind seems to take it. And to make it bigger so it equals the other one. And then you see those as opportunities to know yourself better, and for the Creator to know itself better. Then you accept yourself for having both of those different ways of being.

She had a question about energetic boundaries. Could you speak to that at all, Jim? What’s your process with creating?

Now what do you mean by energetic boundaries?

Oh, I don’t know.

Is that even a thing that you think about? [laughter]

You have someone come up to you, in a way that makes you uncomfortable, you feel that intuitively, kind of thing.

And so I put up a barrier, some sort of boundary between us, so that I don’t have to feel what they’re putting out?

I have an example. I have an understanding of the way my energetic system’s set up. Boundaries are just a thing that I have in my life. I have a tendency to feel invaded, but that on some level I’m allowing the invasion to happen, like I’m open to it. I was out last night, and there were some people, some men, that just kept touching me, not in a sexual way, but I barely knew them. And they were drunk and I wasn’t. I said, “Ok, dude. Ok, dude.” But there must be a way in which I’m available to have drunk guys come up and touch me. [laughter] I don’t know, I’m standing there thinking about it. “Ok, what’s going on with my energy? Because that’s what’s happening right now.” So that makes it a little more… [laughter]

That’s what drunk horny guys do. [laughter]

Well, if you examined it… Pardon?

I said, she looks good so she’s going to get it when she goes out the front door.

It doesn’t happen all the time, though. It’s really…

Where were you?

At a dance club.

Ok. You take your chances. [laughter]

How drunk were these guys?

I don’t feel like any of those details are relevant. [laughter]

Just look at it in your meditation, and see if there is anything in you that had any kind of attraction to being touched like that. And if you didn’t, then look at how you feel, and how you got there, and what you want to do about it. You know, what are you telling yourself when you’re in that situation? What do you want to tell yourself?

I would like you to comment on when Don passed, the communication between Carla and Don. When Carla spoke to Don about the other side. What was that communication like? And what was said? Because you had commented on it a little bit but I wasn’t really clear about what had happened.

Well, Carla and I had just finished making love. We were in front of the fireplace in the office, and then all of a sudden she just sort of looked away. And I didn’t know what was going on, I thought maybe she was just thinking about something. But, apparently, it was Don, and Don had just observed us making love. And he said, “That’s what I missed during my life.” So, he saw that and he made that comment, it was kind of a humorous comment, and then he mentioned to Carla that things had turned out the way that they needed to turn out, even though we would not ever understand them until we also went through death’s door.

That was the basic thing. He was trying to comfort her. Like deceased people usually do with their loved ones when there’s been a difficulty. They come back and somehow, they try to communicate. Well, because they were both so close in their relation, “As one since before time,” as Ra says, Carla was able to have this waking vision. So, Don was able to transmit exactly what he wanted to transmit. Then I wasn’t present for the next time, but there were two times, and the basic message was the same each time. That all is well, that even though it didn’t look well at all, all is well.

And that all the material that was channeled was consistent with everything that he was experiencing?


Can you say a little bit more about “One since the beginning of time?”

Yeah, well. I don’t know how I can do that. I’ve always wondered what Ra meant. As one, you know there’s a concept between the souls, whether they were twin souls at some point, and they split and became two entities? it’s a possibility. “Since before time,” suggests higher densities, suggests before these octaves even got started.

Period of timelessness.

Yeah. Back in the Logos when the Logos was figuring out the plan for the octave that would eventually come into being, and present to us all the things that have happened.

Of course, that applies to all of us.

Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. Yeah, so I don’t know how it would apply more to them. I can’t answer that. It’s just a puzzle.

It’s a complete mystery.

I’m just seeing multiple hands. Maybe we can hear from folks who haven’t yet asked a question.

Yeah, how about you?

You mentioned the negative friend in Don’s life, and then in these other questions you’ve mentioned Don says “All is well.” So, do you have a new perspective about this negative friend, and what Don should or shouldn’t have done in the midst of that?

Well, I have my opinion of what Don might have done better. But I think it’s kind of silly for me to try to imagine. I have the same opinion of the negative friend. That is, that that person/entity is our other self. And that we did well when we sent that entity love and light, and it should always be done. As for Don, I think it was sort of an unavoidable situation. Like I said, when he was 26 years old, he made the conscious choice that he was not going to feel emotions of any kind—positive or negative—because he saw that they made people make bad choices. So, he was just going to rely on his wisdom.

He did that for the rest of his life and he was extremely wise. He made really good choices. But towards the end of his life, when he was worried about Carla, worried about Eastern Air Lines, worried about himself, and being able to continue working, he worried to the point where he made an opening that he wasn’t able to close.

Now, I can’t say what he was going through because I wasn’t him. And I’m not him. And I know that he did amazing things in his life. I mean, who else could have asked those questions? Can you imagine? So, I don’t know if there’s anything I can tell that Don should have done. I mean, if I was in his place, I would hope, I would try to find reasons for giving praise and thanksgiving like Ra suggested. But it just wasn’t possible for him. It just didn’t seem like from that point on that he could do that at all. And, these things are just—there were mysteries all through the Ra contact. Some of which we were able to penetrate, others of which we were never able to penetrate. And this is one of them.

I don’t know if I have a good question formulated, but it’s about faith. I feel that so much of the seeker’s journey that is finding the faith, maintaining the faith, discovering the faith through experience—to continue on the path, knowing that all is well. Or telling yourself that all is well, because somewhere deep you kind of know that, yet the world can be a sh** show around you.

And even in your own world. What does that look like for you? That faith? Or have you had it, does it break? Do you sway outside of it, for the all is one, all is well, that everything is catalyst? You’ve been working with this material and the channeling in this energetic space for so long in your own seeking. Is there any wisdom you can give around that idea of faith and accepting things as they are in some sense, knowing they’re all tools for our path?

Well, I have been fortunate in my life, in that I feel like I have been guided by that still small voice that’s inside. It’s kind of like dumb luck, maybe because it’s always guided me. Whenever I’ve asked “What do I need to do?” I got an answer. It might not have been the answer I wanted to hear, but I always knew that I should go ahead and do that. So, I had the faith that that voice was going to guide me.

Now, not everybody has that voice to talk to them. And I was fortunate in that regard. But I think that you can—here I’m identifying faith with faith—you have to have faith and having faith is a good thing to do. [laughter, right] a lot of people in the regressions find that they’ve programmed situations where it is difficult to have faith or to be strong, in order to develop the ability to have faith and to be strong. That’s called “opposites programming” by Dr. Newton and [inaudible]… And that’s what we usually engage in.

In my life, I wanted to learn how to have more compassion, I wanted to have more ability to love. So, I programmed lack of compassion for myself. It wouldn’t be appropriate for a positive entity to program it for somebody else. So, I would get mad at myself, throughout my childhood, for making mistakes, sawing a line crookedly, bending the nails and hammering. You know, just goofy things, just continually getting mad at myself from one time to another, and I finally, a year ago August, I was able to have a breakthrough there. I broke my computer, because I was mad. It deserved it. [laughter] I went to bed that night—it happened just before I went to bed—and I was feeling really down in the pits. I said “Here I go once again. Same thing. I got mad at myself. What would happen if I could love myself right now in the pit of my despair?”

All of a sudden, my heart opened and my heart started beating with tears down my face and I loved myself. And it only took 68 years. [laughter, aah] And I kept trying. You know? And for most of the time, it was just a puzzle to me, I could not figure it out. And I said “I’m tired of this. Glue and duct tape are my best friends. I don’t want them as my best friends. I don’t want to keep breaking things. I want to break this habit, that’s what I want to break.” And it finally happened.

So, it led me to think maybe everything that we’re supposed to experience, we will experience if we just keep trying. We program it. When we finally reach some incredible saturation point, some threshold, that we finally cross, that we had no idea was there, then it will happen for us, and we’ll be magically surprised. And all of a sudden things will be different. And we’ll see a new universe around us.

I have a thought about that. It’s a very large but central topic. And if you’ve made it into Book IV, Ra describes the universe before the veil was implemented. According to Ra, the veil is somewhat of an experiment. Prior to the veil, entities within third density, which is our level, were aware constantly of the oneness of all of Creation. They lived in what we would probably consider Edenic conditions. There was nothing that was too troubling to them, there was no need to develop the will or to intend to grow, because Ra likened it to being connected to the umbilical cord. The security was total. All was taken care of, they were comfortable all the time.

So, the early, these Logoi, sun bodies, created the veil that would separate our conscious minds from our subconscious minds. And in so doing, create an illusion of separation, which is… I don’t need to describe it, because look around you, we’re living in a veiled condition in which we think we are separate from one another and the universe, and we’ve lost touch with ourselves and with our hearts. This planet is one great example of all the wonderful, and I put that in sarcastic quotes, things that can happen when the veil takes place.

So, prior to the veil, faith wasn’t needed, but Ra said one greatby-product of the veil was that entities within third density began to develop will and faith. In such conditions, entities who wanted to progress, probably as a result of the suffering which the veil helped precipitate, developed the desire to do so. And that will is ineffectual without some faith that exercising your will is possible. That there is an outcome that you can work towards—that there is a greater universe that your particular world view isn’t communicating to you.

If we did not have faith and just took everything the world told us as literal fact, whether it was a scientific paradigm, or a consumer paradigm, we would just be complete materialists for the most part. We would have no conception of something greater. But faith allows us to peek through the curtain and see the greater universe.

I’ll conclude my thought by saying the Confederation emphasizes that faith is a conscious act. Some people, like Carla, are born with it. She really didn’t have to work at it, it was very natural. But just like the will power, faith is a faculty that can be developed and initiated, just by simply choosing to be faithful. It came up often during the conscious channeling that faith happens by choosing to take the leap into midair without knowing that you’re going to be caught. They use the image of standing on the cliff side with a tiger behind you, and a chasm below, and you just chose to jump. And then you find in midair that you are supported, that all is well.

And then I think, and this really is my conclusion, I think that what faith does is that in faith, when you’re consciously practicing it and strengthening it and developing it, that you’re positioning yourself to relate to your life in the best possible way. Because if you’re in faith, then you’re not stuck in doubt, not stuck in judgement, you’re not stuck in hate or fear. Faith dissolves all those things and you’re clear. And the situation is less muddy and there’s still maybe a challenge, there still may be suffering, there still may be pain, but you, yourself are clear and able to see it from the largest possible perspective, and relate to it from a place of love. And paradoxically that helps you to also change the situation. But that’s my thoughts on that.

So, the self-efforting is important, but the other wing of the bird is grace.

Yeah, the surrender.

Right, and the self-efforting brings the grace, it brings the experience of total complete peace where there’s no judgement, there’s no condemnation. There’s just oneness and it may happen for five seconds, it may happen for five minutes, but when one of those anchor experiences land, then you know it’s real. Then you know that oneness is real. And that you don’t really need faith anymore, you just need vigilance, you need remembrance because you know. So, the efforting is important, but also really it’s just a vehicle by which grace can descend. And in that state of complete peacefulness, that still small voice, blossoms forth, divinity blossoms forth, in your words and in your actions. So, it’s a balance.

I was wondering if you could say more about your friend who had talked to some people on the other side that are opening, or maybe maintaining these portals, but that they say that they are actually going for 100% ascension now, which is very different than what Ra said 30 years ago. And I’m wondering if that means that there will be, approximating, 10% of people harvesting on the negative path and the rest of the 90% of people on Earth will be able to ascend on the positive path and create this fourth dimensional reality on the surface of the planet? Is that right?

Right. In Session 65, Ra was talking about the possibility that this could happen. They said “Could your planet polarize positively in one fine strong moment of inspiration? Yes, my friends, it is ever possible, but It’s not probable.” But to forget, to ignore the possibility is to ignore the infinite possibilities of the moment. So, they left a door open there.

I just have to share. I had a moment the other day. I was listening a lot to new thought everything and I see how it’s expanded exponentially everywhere all over the world. And it hit me like a train wreck—a beautiful one. It was that love has already won. It’s already won! It’s like the scale is already tipped! So, I wanted to share that in the room because if felt so strong and so bright in that moment, and confirming it.

Thank you for that. BJ?

I wanted to just ask if there’s anybody who hasn’t spoken and still has something to say?

Yeah. Good question. Ok. Over in this corner.

Every time I go into my internal space I get the message back—whenever I ask what my highest and greatest good I need to work with more, is plant medicine. Do you have any reflections or deeper wisdom to share with the group about plant medicine?

I don’t have any personal experience. I do have a good friend in Texas who’s been working with plants and various types of healing of that nature and she’s had great success. And I trust Beatrice implicitly. I can’t give you personal experience.

Anybody else who hasn’t spoken?

I’m curious. When you think about free will, it’s hard for me to separate that from divine will. But I have a sense, well I’m curious if you have explored the differences between personal will and divine will?

I think, well for me, I’ll give you my personal experience. I’m trying to make my personal will open to doing the will of the Father, the Mother, the Creator. I want to do the divine will. So, I’m using my will to focus on doing that, however I can, however it is imparted to me that this is the will of the Creator. The messages are mostly “Keep doing what you’re doing.” So until they change. That’s what I do with my will. I open it to give over to the will of the divine.

And then when suffering arises within that, do you then explore the nature of divine will and personal will?

I don’t necessarily associate my suffering with divine will. I associate my suffering with my experience. And I try to handle it on the balancing techniques and take responsibility for it. And it’s not something that’s been imposed upon me by any outside force.

So, I just had a question about when you were mentioning the other self that you knew you were supposed to love even though it was that sort of dark entity. So, if we’re looking at the many-worlds theory, and the parallel versions of yourself, is it like that other self? Is it like another version of yourself that’s coming and somehow wanting energy? Or do you mean that other self, that we are all one, in the other self?

Yeah. Every person on the planet is your other self. And every person on the planet can reflect to you, can mirror to you what’s happening in your life by how they behave and interact with you.

So you weren’t speaking of another offshoot of the same over soul?

Doppelganger. No. No, Ra used that term just to simplify our concept of how we are all one. Everybody is really one. They didn’t see a separation between us.

Have you heard of this community in Italy called Damanhur?

No I haven’t.

There’s a woman who was here as an ambassador of Damanhur. And they have something called the Temple of Humanity, and it’s pretty phenomenal. The founder is apparently from Atlantis and it’s a really extensive model of human society that’s developed there. They’re 40 years in. One of the things that they are doing in the temple, one of the purposes, was to help re-open the ley lines, the matrix around the planet. They said it had been blocked and they have spent 17 years with that as their practiced focus. And you referenced that as part of the grid.

The grid and the portals.

So, it was just more of a curiosity, if you are more familiar and if you saw those as the same grid?

I think that was probably the same thing. Ra spoke about that there were entities on Earth that were seeking to heal the Earth. And I think that type of situation is probably what’s happening there. Working with the ley lines is helping to heal the Earth because we’ve had disharmony for so long on the planet that we’ve interfered the way energy can enter the planet. And it hasn’t gotten the full energy that’s available to it. Now, there seems to be people doing that kind of work, that are making that energy available. So, that we have more possibilities for each of us to take advantage of that and to use it for further polarization in consciousness towards loving all about us.

Yeah. I’ve wondered if it also had to do with the quarantine. If re-opening that was almost like allowing more galactic contact. Or if that was sort of another whole other layer of…

I don’t really know, but I think it might be something different. The quarantine was put into place right at the beginning of third density because there was an infringement on the free will of those from Mars—Yahweh was a little too helpful trying to change their genetic coding so they would accept the Law of One more easily, and that was considered a little too much diddling with their beingness.

I have a question that is related to this. So, I’ve been doing group energy healing work and what ends up happening frequently is work with the energy grid of the planet. And, also the ley lines and the veins in the Earth and the water ways. On Thursday, there was a really clear… and I’ve worked with the energy grid of the planet a bunch, but this time it was like it opened and I saw the grid, the galactic grid, and we were connecting into this planet, like a multi-planetary grid. It’s always under the context of healing. It’s not a channeling. It’s a healing. So, I always just trust that the helper beings that are participating in the healing are allowing healing to happen. But I do wonder, starting to make that intergalactic contact, about opening up the potential for negative contact or negative energy to come in.

I don’t think I would worry about that.

Yeah. Ok. Thanks. I mostly have been feeling that way, but I just wanted to see.

I think you would feel an infringement. Probably.

When we do those meditations, should we start call in protective energy for the space?

There’s something about calling in protection that doesn’t feel right to me. We are light, and we emanate peace, love and healing.

It’s old paradigm, yeah.


Persecution and protection.


Which is valid but your attention to the negative actually draws it in. The new paradigm is to turn up the light and let everything re-train to that.

Right. So that relates to my question about personal boundaries and balancing love and wisdom earlier. Anyway, thank you.

Jim, the Ra material was channeled about 35 years ago. Are you aware of any aspect of it that has become outdated by further developments since that happened, or do you think it’s all still valid as far as you know?

As far as I know, it’s still valid. They said they were a narrow band contact. Which meant that they had the desire to share principles of evolution of mind, body, and spirit that were eternal. It would be good now and ten million years from now and further. So, whenever we asked about things that were transient, they let us know that that was detuning the contact. So they meant to give us information that would be lasting. As far as I know, it’s all still good.

Thank you.

I was curious, if you’ve done, at L/L Research, much to corroborate other channeling work? Or do you primarily focus on what you’ve done yourselves?

I don’t know, you guys probably get more information than I do about this. Whenever we find out that somebody has got something that correlates, we just say “Yay.”

Ok. Cool. [laughter]

Yeah. There’s, there’s nothing on an organizational level that we’re doing to proactively attempt to do that. But, we’re always delighted, because there are lots of connection points.

Right. Ok.


This is a little bit related to that. I have a very dear friend here in town who tunes into the Corey Goode stuff and the Gaia TV stuff and all that. And he’s heard of the Law of One and I’ve heard of that stuff. And so it’s like we’re talking about the same thing from different angles. I’m just wondering how you relate to some of this current ET stuff?

Yeah. I watch that show all the time, I’ve watched the whole thing. And Corey Goode actually goes up with Raw-Teir-Eir, who’s part of the Ra, well you know, group soul, and he was told he and his family are wanderers from the Ra incarnation. I guess maybe David Wilcock is as well, and they have this show together where they talk about the Law of One a lot, and I was curious if you had any insight about how true to the teachings, or just in your perspective, how true David Wilcock’s explanations are?

Well, first of all, we’re very appreciative to David for all the people he’s sent our way. There’s nobody who’s sent more people to Law of One than David Wilcock. So, we’re very grateful. I don’t—we never comment about other people’s channeling because we feel like somebody else might find it valuable, and if you say something that might disparage somebody for something they’ve said, it’s probably not a good idea.

So, Carla was on a plane once and the lady sitting next to her was reading a book from from another channeled source. And Carla’s personal opinion about that source was, “Well, that’s kind of questionable”. And the lady said “You know this book has been a real eye opener for me. It’s changed my life completely.” So, that changed Carla’s idea about commenting on other channels and other groups’ works.

Let people that are familiar with that work make their own their own decisions. And they can read both and decide which one they want to follow. You know. It’s no big deal. You know, this isn’t material for everybody and everybody’s got their own material that is going to be helpful to them. So, make your own choices.

How should we look at balancing the “doing” with the “wanting”? The Law of One says we shouldn’t restrict ourselves from doing anything because everything is a lesson. But yet, we know certain things like smoking is bad for us, or certain things are dangerous. But if we’re inclined to do that, say smoking for instance, or drinking even. You want to do that even though you know it’s not necessarily good for me, how do you balance that in your own headlight. “Ok, I need to stop this, but I don’t want to stop this.” “So, if I stop this even though I’m still wanting to, then that’s not right either.”

So, how do you balance, even being vegan or anything like that. Because I know that Ra did tell Carla to eat meat, when he was giving her advice there. So, you have all these different ideas of perimeters, how do you know which way is the right way, or is it just up to us to determine individually?

Yeah, I’m afraid it’s individual determination. If I were in that situation, I would probably ask myself why am I addicted to this? I’m dealing with addiction. Why do I have to have this in my life? What purpose does it serve for me? Is that something I want to continue? And then, once you can answer those questions, then maybe you can have a basis upon which you can do some balancing exercises. But first you’ve got to figure out what it is you’re balancing. And you have to figure out what the smoking or any other addiction means to you. Why is it necessary?

What if it’s not even an addiction? Just say somebody that just likes sex and they want to go out and have sex with a bunch of people. And that’s what they want to do, but that’s not necessarily a good idea nor is it safe, and then you can have all these relationship issues, and this drama that’s going to be created. So, you stop yourself from doing that, but yet you’re still wanting to do that. You know what I’m saying? How do you restrict that wanting from, take that away I guess?

Yeah. But you still have to look at your own motivations. Why are you wanting to do this or that and what do you think about that. And just get to the bottom of your feelings the best you can. The bottom of why you’re choosing to do, or what you’re not choosing. You have to figure out what has meaning for you, and is that something that you want to keep, and balance whatever it is you feel difficult about. Any kind of manifestation of the desire. It really does take a lot of self-reflection. I mean, it’s not an easy thing to do. A lot of these situations are puzzles for us for most of our lives. Unless you—

So, there’s really no wrong or right?


It’s like for instance, being vegan or not being vegan. Or being vegetarian or not being vegetarian. There is no right answer, there’s just whatever you decide for yourself.

That’s true. Ra mentioned, there’s no right or wrong. But there are a lot of distortions we go through that we call right and wrong and those distortions are judgments that we probably need to balance. Because we need to be able accept everything and everyone as part of our self. I’m sorry I can’t give you a better answer.

That’s ok.

Personal work is just…

That’s hard.

…is just in the trenches, out there doing it everyday.

Like I want to be vegan, I just can’t.

People ask why New Year’s resolutions don’t work. “Why don’t they work?” It’s because you’re not getting at whatever it is you want to stop, how it’s serving you. And that’s basically what I’m hearing from you. You have to figure out how that behavior is serving you. And if you understand how it’s serving you then you make whatever choices around it. But if you don’t really understand what it’s fulfilling, it’s hard to just redirect it because there’s that wanting and that desire and you’re just denying it because you’re not getting at…

BJ has her hand in the air.

She’s so polite.

I just want to mention the time, and it’s coming close to the meditation time, I think. Also, I question for Austin.


I just wondered if there’s anything that’s percolating or present for you that you’d like to share?

Because I haven’t said much, you’re giving me space?

Well, because you’re so wise and you’re a scholar of the work.

Getting put on the spot normally shuts me down. [laughter] So, I can’t, not without a directed subject, yeah. Just appreciating the space, I really like the atmosphere, the consideration that goes on here. It’s very inspiring to be here.

I have a question for you, Austin.


We’ll see if this resonates or not. I’m always so interested in the personal. How has diving into this work impacted your life and how you live? And I know it’s impacted your work life, and shapes your 9-5 or more than that, I know you work a lot of hours with L/L. But just how has that impacted your spirit and your journey?

In a lot of ways I’m a completely different person from before I found the Law of One, because before that I did not have the tools to understand that knowing myself was even a thing that was possible. To understand that there were reasons for motivations. And emotions weren’t just something that happened to me, and circumstances weren’t just things that just happened to me, that I have sort of a center of will and power in my life to change my perspective, and be an active creator within my reality instead of a victim of life.

I was on a path of depression before I found the Law of One. So, finding the Law of One, I think the most powerful concept, especially initially for me, was the idea of catalyst. And how things that happen are catalysts—and just meditation itself, and self-examination.

Before I found the Law of One I found that I was very manipulative and controlling in my relationships because I would get jealous, and I would just act on that jealousy without really evaluating where it was coming from. Why was I feeling jealous, and things like that. So, it’s affected me in a lot of ways, where I would say it gave me tools of self-knowledge. And, it’s still the most fruitful material I’ve found as far as having that thing for self-knowledge available.

So, I’m a completely different person from when I first found it, I think. It was my stepping stone into spirituality. Before the Law of One, I had taken an anti-spiritual path. Like anti-spirituality was my religion. [laughter] And, it broke down a lot of barriers for me.

How did you encounter it?

It was a little bit longer story. [laughter] I can try to sum it up as fast as possible, but actually, when I was very young, 7 or 8, my Mom was into New Age stuff and she actually had the books at that time, and she would tell us things, me and my brother, but she wouldn’t impose beliefs on us. The one thing that has stuck with me through my whole life from what she said, was “beings talking through people”. And that idea, from when I was young, I didn’t know how to ask about it, but it just fascinated me. And then she mentioned specifically Ra and Seth.

So, I had for my entire life those two things stuck in my mind, but I didn’t have the relationship with my Mom where I would just go practically ask her about these things. And I didn’t know how to look it up otherwise. I would look up Ra, every once in a while, trying to figure out what she was talking about then. But then, obviously, I would get the Egyptian Sun God. [laughter]

So I would go through this period of anti-spirituality. I had moved from New Mexico to North Carolina and the Christians in school didn’t take very kindly to the fact that I didn’t attend church. And I was made an outcast because of religion. And so I took a path of anti-religion, and sort of lumped all of spirituality in with that hard-core atheist, materialist thought that spiritualty was all sort of trickery, and taking advantage of insecurities, all that nonsense.

So, at a certain point, I came to a point in my life where I was able to have a lot of free space and sort of a cushy job and a lot of free time. And, a lot of time to stare at the stars. And I think staring at stars got wheels turning in my head. Just that act. I would feel a depth, an equal depth, inside of me that I saw outside. So, I didn’t realize at that point that this was a spiritual turning. I didn’t know—I was anti-spiritual, so this couldn’t be spiritual, this was an intellectual thing.

So, I started looking for things. And eventually, at that same time, somebody came into my life that showed me a lot of things that broke down walls. The first one was the idea of UFO’s, which was sort of necessary to get to the Law of One. I thought UFO’s were silly at that point in time. I thought it was something that people just didn’t know what they were seeing, a government craft maybe, or stuff like that. So, the only thing that would convince me at that time was probably if a NASA astronaut told me they were real. So, a video this guy showed me was a NASA astronaut telling me that UFO’s were real. [laughter]

So, thanks to that sort of authority figure I was able to break through that barrier and then just one thing after another. I found a video that said “Ra and the Law of One” and when those words came up there was a massive gong inside of my inner being that I just knew that this path that I was on right now, and those two things were integral.

And I had to go home and ask my Mom about this. So, I go home and I ask her. She takes me into the garage where they’ve put away all their books. And there’s just boxes and boxes of books, and I think “We’re going to be looking at night long for these books.” The first box that we take down off the shelf, right on top were the Law of One books 1-4. I was still anti-spiritual, but I could not put them down. They spoke to me so strongly that just reading them dissolved all those barriers, and one thing led to another, and now I’m here.

I have what I’ve been wanting to ask. Very recently Aaron re-posted something from L/L’s Facebook page. It was a quote from Q’uo which I really appreciated. And, I wrote a question under it that basically said, “Can somebody please tell me about Q’uo? I know some things about Ra’s origins and density and all of that, who’s Q’uo?” And somebody, not in our local group, responded and basically said “Q’uo’s the group that Ra has joined and so this is why people who say they are channeling Ra now are not telling the truth. Because Ra isn’t Ra anymore.” That really stuck in my mind. And, so I was just wonder if you could… I did hear you say that Q’uo is a principle with three different groups.

What was the phrase you used. Ra is a what?

Ra is not Ra anymore.

Oh. [chuckle]

In other words, they are not available as that social memory complex anymore. And I wondered if that squares up with what you know? And I ask that to all three of you.

Let me overlay—Q’uo postdates the Ra material? Is that true? Ok.

Q’uo is blending of Ra, Latwii and Hatton, and saying that Ra is not Ra anymore would be like saying Jim’s not Jim anymore.

I mean, as far as our perspective goes, that wouldn’t really be like a progression that Ra would make. So, whether or not that means the other people who are channeling Ra are lying because of that—whether or not those are true is a different question. But I do feel like we would all agree that Ra would still be Ra. And if there were circumstances that Ra could channel through somebody they could channel as Ra.

Maybe they were trying to get across a point. Because, like he said, Ra is beyond time and space as we know it, I believe, personally.

Maybe he was trying to give an analogy.

In the books they say they are about to go into the seventh density?

Only 2.5 million years away. [laughter]

Yeah, but their density is 75 million years long

Yeah, right. So it’s all perspective.

But they didn’t become Q’uo. Q’uo is just them with other people.

It’s like if we were a singing group here, you know.

It’s like L/L and the actual study group.

BJ and I are two humans on this planet at this time space…

Beautiful humans.

…in our memory spirit complex. [laughter] And we noticed there was this box. And when we got closer to the box…

It was ticking? [chuckles]

…our whole vibration changed. And now, in this special place close to the box…

You see? You see what I’m talking about?

We personally have been very benefitted by what the L/L group has done. And they take a dispassionate approach to sharing their work and to receiving support and we just wanted to make a mention that there is a box, and if there is something that has been beneficial to you today there might be a box in your experience. [laughter]

Let the box come to me.

Oh, and the other thing I wanted to say too, is that they run mostly on donations, this group. So, it’s really exciting to be able to say, “Oh, I’m supporting this group.” It feels really good.

And also, we run on those oatmeal raisin cookies in there. If you want to put any of those in there. [laughter]

And we talked about a closing, that we think you all knew.

Yeah, I think it’s time to close. We had in the schedule to do a meditation, but, it just felt in flow to keep more space open for the dialog, which I think we all enjoyed. So, it is almost four and I want to respect the time so we have 3 minutes. Any ideas? Aside from meditating?

I definitely want to do our standard. Because it’s our standard.

Yeah, we should do our standard.

A moment of silence.

Oh, we’re not doing meditation?

I was going to do an extended meditation half an hour ago. [laughter] It felt, because we got a late start, and it really did feel more valuable to spend time getting to mind the infinite experience and wisdom of these dear ones in front of us here. So, what do you think, a moment of silence? Yeah. Let’s take a minute together just to let that all sink in and to integrate. Vibe with the vibes. [laughter]

[A period of silence.]

Let’s all unify our breath for three breaths. Take a deep breath in.

I want to share a closing comment that just came to me in the stillness. There’s a concept from the Ra Material where the physics of Dewey Larson came up in discussion. And there was a question, “Well is this information coming in for this density or is it, in fact, coming in to sort of seed, to be a seed of knowledge, for future work in fourth density?” That was, in fact, correct. And it occurs to me that the Law of One feels relevant for all densities up, at least through sixth, all the way back to the completion of the octave. And so our studying it coming together in this configuration, feels like it’s seeding benefit for countless eons beyond where we are right now.

And so, I just feel this deep well of gratitude inside of me for all of you being here, and showing up to share in this energy and this teaching, and the heart of this work. And it feels to me to be profoundly beneficial in ways that we can’t even imagine. And so I just really thank each and every one of you for being here and co-creating this.

Thank you, thank you.

Thank you all.

…multiple universes.

Ok, we’ve got our little hu-mandala configuration.

[Group hug]

[Chatter and laughter]