About myself, I am an idiot. I am a person who has adored infinity as long as I can remember. I am a person whose secret childhood, life included Jesus, as well as animals that spoke and trees that talked to me. Jesus never said a word to me, He just looked at me and there was such love in his eyes that when I saw His eyes, I knew what love was. And I would hold his hand in my little kingdom where I would talk to the animals, and I would be completely at peace. It was the only really peaceful place in my life. That is the kind of Christian I am. I have no dogma. I have no desire to think that anybody else should be a Christian. I just am, because it is a first-hand experience. Jesus is very real to me. So please, if I talk about Jesus more than you are fond of, forgive me, but Jesus and unconditional love slip in and out of each other’s definitions. And what the Ra group speaks about so much is the Logos. The one great original Thought of unconditional love. I am here as a suburban housewife, as a prophet of the New Testament, as just a person. And what I would like to do more than anything in this world is share my heart with you, let you feel first hand what it is to love unconditionally, to have the greatest of joy and bliss in the tiniest thing, to see beauty everywhere, to see the wonder, the blessing it is to be alive, to be at this party. I get up in the morning and I think, “What am I going to wear to the party today!” I just can’t believe I get to wake up again. I have been told ever since I was born that I was going to die soon, and they stopped telling me that when I turned thirty. They gave up, “No, I don’t know why she is alive, but I guess she is going to live.” I had a series of childhood illnesses, rheumatic in nature. Before the kidney failure I had rheumatic fever. I was born with my eye turned into my head and I had brain damage, I have a bum memory to this day, but I am working on that. So that’s me.

A Wanderer’s Handbook

The other thing that I wanted to talk about before I got in to what Scott wants me to talk about, which is The Law of One, was that I have a new book out, and I am really pleased with it. It is too long, and I know that, to read through. I didn’t really intend it to be read through. That is why it is so long. Actually it was a longer book, it was almost twice as long as the abridged version, because I wanted so much to share the guidance I had received over the twenty-five year period that I have been channeling. I have found those voices powerful and strong in my life; tremendously helpful with my Christian walk, with other people’s Buddhist’s walks, Shinto walks … you name it, there are people that love the Law of One and do not find it at all disharmonious. I have done some Q’uo channeling with people of different paths of religion and I find that all positive information harmonizes very interestingly ?

I wrote the Wanderer’s Handbook because of receiving an ever-increasing amount of mail. When e-mail came in, Katie bar the door! It was amazing how much e-mail there started to be. I observed there was a very repetitive pattern as to what people were asking. It was a large pattern, about one hundred different subjects that people would ask about. The Law of One is a very large, dense piece of material. Not all of it is that easy to understand. (Some of it is almost impossible to understand in Book IV. I am fascinated with that unfinished story. There is much more to ask there, there is much more in the archetypical mind.) I felt that if I could write short essays about these various questions, it would give people a companion , so that when their spiritual spark plugs didn’t work, they could look it up. “What about spark plugs? What about meditation? What about diet? What about marriage? What about relationships? What about homosexuality? What about … you name it.”

The Law of One goes through quite a bit [of material] because of the excellence and the breadth and the depth of Don’s 1 questioning. There were very interesting questions asked [by readers] and I analyzed them. I went through every single letter I had gotten from a Wanderer and analyzed them. Then I went through the channeling that I had done for twenty-five years. It is a huge body of material. I searched the digital copy of our archives first, for quotes on those subjects, and used the best of the best. I also used some gems of thought from people that had written into me over the years. So there are a lot of those in my book. And my voice is certainly large among them. I blather on, endlessly, sharing the best I could of myself to the point where I would become transparent to the information that I wanted to offer. Because it is information that I find so valuable and I think it is really important that you can hear a really good voice that is definitely honest and I am very honest and open, always have been. So, hopefully I am transparent enough that the material can come through and is very helpful. You can use the book in three ways. You can use it as an I-Ching and just open it at random when you need guidance. You can look up the subject you want to use it for, like a handbook. Now a lot of people tell me they just have to read it through. That’s a job. [Laughter]

OK. Enough about Wanderer’s Handbook. I hope you do get it. I think that you will find on certain things especially, like the densities and polarity, where the explanation Ra gave was physics, actually, and New Age physics at that. the Larsonian reciprocal system of physics. That is what David 2 has later worked with. Larson was an old man. He died and didn’t get to go on and find out more. New things have happened since then. The direction of Don’s questioning was very technical and scientific and he was asking questions of a librarian 3 that had gotten through college without ever taking a course that wasn’t literature, philosophy or fine arts. So, Don and those of Ra were dealing with a problem. They had to go through me, and so their explanations in the book are somewhat veiled. Perhaps if I had been more aware of the vocabulary of science it would have been clearer. As it is, I thought the general reader sometimes would love help with some of the concepts, so I worked really hard with a good Larsonian physicist to get it all straight and put it out so I could understand it. So that is one good thing about that book, it is a good companion to The Law of One material.

I would also like to say I do think that, although those of Ra are very special and the channeled material of trance is far more accurate, if you read other material that is on our site and that I offer quite a bit of throughout the book, you will find that it is sort of a “all of a piece”. It is kind of holographic. Certainly from the fifth-density point of view it is more wisdom oriented than unity oriented, in the sense that it is conscious channeling and it is through a fifth-density contact. But that fifth-density contact is actually part of a three-social-memory-complex Principle, as Jim explained before: fourth density Hatonn, hanging in their with the good ol’ love vibration, fifth density Latwii, my favorite channel before those of Ra, speaking … and those of Ra actually in the background, discussing things with the other two before Latwii speaks. Thusly, we are getting a sort of second hand [version] of what those of Ra said, because those of Ra are apparently the Latwii’s teacher also. So, it is a very close relationship and it is very typical of what kind of strange and wondrous cooperations were going on between inner planes and this density, , fourth density and inner and outer planes, fifth density and inner and outer planes, lots of families of people that are here in the flesh, lots of families of people that are here in the angelic realms, lots of groups that are here trying to help through instruments like me and several others that I know in this audience. Many of you could come up here and give just as good a talk as I could, so I know I am speaking with equals here.

PRINCIPLE ONE: Practice Unity Consciousness

The Law of One may be approximated by stating: that all things are one. There is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love. the infinite Creator.


To all, life Thou givest, to both great and small; In all life Thou livest, the true life of all;

Thy justice, like mountains, high soaring above Thy clouds, which are fountains of goodness and love. 4

What is love/light? What is light/love? What is the one original Thought? It is a very powerful thing to think about a love that can create the world’s that we know and the world’s that we don’t. It’s such a thing the Bible talks about. “In the beginning was the Word.” 5 It was written in Greek, by a fellow named John. The word for “word” in Greek is logos 6. That is exactly the word that those of Ra use. It is a thought, but it is such a powerful thought, it creates and it destroys. Creating and destroying are part of the same Logos. There is no disharmony, no imperfection. All is complete and whole and perfect. (I am quoting, in all of these things, from Book I of The Law of One.)

’Tis the gift to be simple, ’tis the gift to be free, ’Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be, And when we find ourselves in the place just right, ’Twill be in the valley of love and delight.

When true simplicity is gained, To bow and to bend we shan’t be ashamed. To turn, turn, will be our delight ’Till by turning, turning, we come round right. 7

We have all made many turns to be here this weekend. We have come through a lot of resistance. I certainly have. I lost the cord to my pants, that is why I was late. 8 Now, it is really funny, because I lost 75 pounds a couple of years ago and those pants would have hung on my hips if I had just been fatter.


Thank God, a gentlemen had given me a pen and I had put it in my purse, because it was a wonderful pen. It was so smooth. That pen had the tightest little clasp on it and I was able to get the string and scoot it through the little opening. I was only a little late and I did get to wear my costume, which I wore because I wanted you to feel that love that is in my heart. It is my best gift. My words are so poor, and I am sorry. You can feel my heart, I know you can. And if you can’t, your subconscious can and it will know all about it. Just so you know it is possible, it is there, it is you. I love Joel Goldsmith’s, “Christ is the I of me.” 9 When you get down to who you really are, what you are is the Logos. It just takes a while to let things fall away until you get into that place.

[The tape ends.]

I do want to talk a little bit about polarity. I would like to talk about two issues with polarity. We have heard a lot about polarity this weekend. Like magnetism as opposed to radiance, power as opposed to releasing, allowing or adapting, judgment as opposed to forgiveness. The two that I would like to feature …

[The next tape begins.]

He comes running over and says you’ve got to go around again. I said, “Thank you so much for your courtesy, I just really appreciate it. You really made my morning, thank you so much.” You should have seen the look on that guy’s face. 10


It is possible to be grateful for anything and everything. And that is, actually, a short cut to the right attitude. An attitude of gratitude is an absolute truth. That is so true.

Lord, make us servants of your peace: Where there is hate, may we sow love; Where there is hurt, may we forgive; Where there is strife, may we make one. [11]

Trust! How hard is it to trust! It is one of my lessons. I have a tendency to be fearful. I think to myself, “Oh gosh, I am going to be too cold, I am going to be too hot, I am going to need something that I don’t have.” I am thinking about the past, I am thinking about what I need in the future, and you know what? We are right here. And right here, we are fine. All is well. There is a gift to having trust in the plan, especially when the plan doesn’t look like it is going well at all. In hindsight, we can see that plan. We can go, “You know, I really enjoyed the benefits of all of these hassles that I have gone through. I look back on that and I can see, that is when I was learning the most, right there.” Well, you know, I am learning a lot right now, about the things that are catalysts in my life, that I didn’t know before, and I bet all of you are going through some stuff at this time too. I ask you to trust. Trust the plan. Trust the God-self.

Thy strong Word did cleave the darkness; At Thy speaking it was done. For created light we thank Thee, While Thine ordered seasons run. Alleluia, alleluia! Praise to Thee who light dost send! Alleluia, alleluia! Alleluia without end! 11

PRINCIPLE TWO: Love, Respect and Honor Yourself

Those of Ra said, “Gaze within a mirror, see the Creator.”

Come, O Thou Traveler unknown, Whom still I hold, but cannot see; My company before is gone, And I am left alone with Thee; With Thee all night I mean to stay, And wrestle till the break of day. 12

Look into the mirror, look past the face, into the eyes, start a journey. Look into the eyes. You will be amazed. There is infinity in those eyes. There is soul in those eyes. There is so much within you! One part within you is the future. That part, way in there, is ready to talk to you and tell you many stories. Things you hear from the outside become your personal truth because you recognize them. You may have heard them before but you weren’t ready to recognize them as your own. When something resonates, grab it and hold on to it. It is yours.

What is it to respect, love and honor yourself? It is the thing that most of us do the most poorly, actually. It is easier to love almost anybody, even a wicked person, than it is to love, forgive and accept yourself. For one thing, leaving mass murderers out of the general equation, it is easier to forgive people because you are not they. You are not burdened by having to be aware of their thoughts, of the feelings of their hearts. You only have to deal with what you see and what you feel from them, and usually everybody you meet has pretty good intentions. They really, really want to be good people and where they feel that they have come short of that, there is an everlasting judgment that is possible from the self to the self. We don’t see it, it is hidden from us, by the closeness of ourselves to ourselves. We forgive everybody before we forgive ourselves.

That is the journey’s beginning, is to look into those eyes and begin to see past your tap-dancing, rationalizing, error-prone self. We are all bozos in this place. We all are prone to error. It is the nature of being human. It is one of the glories of this time, in which we must live by faith alone because there will be no proof of anything that has to do with spiritual truth. There is only the inner resonance with which you receive the truth that is for you.

This is a very organic, growing thing. It is muscular and is in the very heart of you, and we need to listen to that very powerful, very strong inner self, because it is seeking too, on a very deep level, beyond words. As you come into received truth from outer sources, it will trigger your remembrance. Basically, learning is a process of remembering.

There are many different kinds of people. There isn’t one path from third density to fourth density to fifth density and so on. There isn’t even just a duality of paths. I think everybody in this room is probably a positively oriented person. But, each of you, just like having a blood type, has an occult blood type. Each of you has a certain character, a certain personality that is beyond the personality of careless choice and moves deeply into those things with which you came into incarnation, those ways that you have always been biased. Your Mom and Dad said, “ I don’t know, she came out of the womb that way. I don’t know what to do with this child, I scratch my head! I don’t know where this child got that, I didn’t teach the child that and look at this child go.“ And it’s that way from the very beginning. As a toddler you were completely different than probably your parents thought you really should be.

And “Sue me, that is the way I was, that is the way I am!” That is the way you need to think about it. You need to be very fearless about accepting yourself as you are. You are not going to be different. You can certainly behave differently. You can train your mind. You can purify your emotions. You can go through many disciplines. As Scott 13 said, there are lots of disciplines. What you are doing is refining a certain kind of gem. The way you refine that is not to change the color of it or to change the chemistry of the gem. You just need to let the ore knock around in this spiritual refinery that life is and knock the pieces off that aren’t that gem. And life will do it to you. It will feel like you are dying, but you are beginning to be real. That is the nature of suffering. You are beginning to expose the gem that you are.

I went through an interesting experience recently where I watched a video of Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams talking about the biology of perception and the psychology of change. I thought it was very helpful and I recommend its source and various places on the web you can find it. Bruce Lipton’s is www.BruceLipton.com, and Rob Williams’ is www.psych-k.com.

Anyway, I called Rob on the phone, or rather he called me after I wrote him an e-mail and said that he would be interested in writing something for my little book 14, but what he would like for me to do, actually, is write it myself, about my experience, so he would like to do testing on his wife and she’ll be your surrogate and we will find out just what kind of cat you are. So he called back after a little while and said that his wife and he had gone through this process of examining where I was weak, where my belief system was weak, and they gave me four affirmations. One was: “I release the past with joy and expect the best now and in the future.” Many of us have problems with releasing the past. Another one was: I am in control of my own life. Another one was: I learn from all my experiences, including the difficult and painful ones. We don’t really want to do that, do we?

That was a very difficult one for me. There are perhaps sixty different affirmations to choose from and those were the ones that I tested weak to. 15 Each one of you would test [weak] to a different set of them. So it is very helpful to begin to know yourself, and to begin to realize where you do need strengthening in your faith, in your life?

Self-healing comes under “love, respect and honor yourself,” because we all have a process of self-healing to go through. Those of Ra said that the body is the creature of the mind. So, when we are beginning to know ourselves and we have come to some realizations about ourselves, then we can begin to see where we are putting stress on ourselves, where we are putting demands on ourselves that aren’t balanced, where we are taking responsibility where we have no need to, where we are not taking responsibility when we do have need to. All of these choices that we make, when not completely true and honest within ourselves, lead to stress and imbalance which leads to illness. I feel sure, were I in perfect balance, I would not be experiencing the various varieties of rheumatic disease that I experience at this time.

Indeed, I have gone through a tremendous healing process. When Scott first met me I was on my way down to three years or so [of being] bed-ridden. From ‘89 through the beginning of ‘92 I was unable to sit-up. I couldn’t hold my head up because I had injured my neck. My neck and shoulders were incompetent. I am still having to ask for chairs with arms, so that I can rest my shoulders. It has been a process where the things that helped me were not diet, were not exercise, as much as changing the way I told my story to myself. I wasn’t giving myself credit for being a feminine principle. I wasn’t giving myself credit for being kind and loving and faithful, all of the things which are mine by nature. We all have gifts to give. My gifts that I brought in are the gift of faith and the gift of unending joy in the light in this business of living. When I was a little girl, I would run around and rejoice when the raindrops fell. I would take all my clothes off, I thought that is what you did when it rained because it felt so good. I would go and hug a tree. My mother had to teach me not to do that. I heard about that my whole life until Don passed on, and I guess it’s very true. I was just this little spirit that was very tactile and very sensual and saw the beauty everywhere.

What gifts did you bring? I’ll bet you have wonderful gifts. And what you came here to share mostly, is that wonderful thing, yourself. The great discovery here is getting closer and closer to the heart of you and finding out who you are at a deeper and deeper level. The more that that happens, the more things simplify, the more irritants fall away, the more life becomes a magical place and the more everything starts telling you a story.

Come, my Joy, my Love, my Heart: Such a joy as none can move; Such a love as none can part; Such a heart as joys in love. 16

What I am asking you to do is to fall in love with yourself. That is the first step. Just get over yourself, all of the warts and the pimples, let that part go, we all have them. And start seeing the beauty of yourself. You each are absolutely incredibly gem-like entities. So much has gone into you before you came here. You came into this life and picked this and this and this to have trouble with, and this and this and this to arm yourself with to deal with it. You are well matched with the situations you are up against. The stranger those situations are and the less matched you feel, the more you’re in a journey to discover what it was that this is all about. What is this? What is this pattern? Have you seen this before? Is this the theme in your lifetime? Have you spiraled around to this again.

A lot of times the large lessons have to do with loving, loving yourself, loving others and accepting that they don’t love you, apparently,, and being ok with it. These are hard lessons but they come around again, and if you didn’t get it, they come around again, and if you didn’t get it they come around again. Not that we are on a fixed path, but just that you can make no mistakes, it is going to come around in one guise or another. We have made agreements with a ton of people. No matter which way we go, there are going to be agreements in place with the people around us because we have lived many lives and we have made many agreements. It is like, you can go to plan B, you can go to plan C. I like to talk about it like. Its like if you are going from Louisville to Chicago, you can go from Louisville to London and da-da-da and go around the world and get back to Chicago. That is one way. A lot of people seem to do that. Like Jim, who went all the way to the west coast and drove back to come 70 miles. But he made it, and no mistake. 17

I think this is something that is hard to grant ourselves, that there aren’t any mistakes, that we haven’t made any mistakes, that everything is fine.

Come down, O Love divine, Seek thou this soul of mine, And visit it with thine own ardor glowing; O Comforter, draw near, Within my heart appear, And kindle it, thy holy flame bestowing.

O let it freely burn, Till earthly passions turn To dust and ashes in its heat consuming; And let thy glorious light Shine ever on my sight, And clothe me round, the while my path illuming. 18

It is not selfish to focus on your faith. Being good to yourself needs to come first. People who try to give everything, giving it all through, but forgetting that they need to keep the physical vehicle going, need to retain just enough of that infinite love and light to keep the inner energy healthy and vibrant and vital. And when you don’t feel that you are strong, invite the infinite light and love of the one Creator, because it is flowing through the energy system constantly.

Now the green blade riseth from the buried grain, Wheat that in dark earth many days has lain; Love lives again, that with the dead hath been: Love is come again like wheat that springeth green.

When our hearts are wintry, grieving, or in pain, Thy touch can call us back to life again, Fields of our hearts that dead and bare have been: Love is come again like wheat that springeth green. 19

The green grass is always springing forth from our hearts. The dead grass is constantly being tossed away and dying and being dropped off. We are in a process of changing. Every cell in our body changes every seven years. We have heard that all of our lives, but it is true. Every cell in our soul is changing also. We change, we recreate ourselves, again and again. Sometimes new realizations can change the world in which we find ourselves and the stories that we tell to ourselves.

When you are working on your pain, when refining your pain, be fearless. Be not afraid! The Creator is with you.

PRINCIPLE THREE: Love, Respect and Honor Others as You do Yourself

Those of Ra say, “Look into the eyes of another; see the Creator.”

In another way, Ra says, “The universe is one being. When you view another person, see the Creator. This is an helpful exercise.

[Carla starts to sing, then stops.]

We won’t sing that one. I wrote all over the back of it, I can’t read it.


What you are, you see, is a mirror. Other people see themselves in you and you see yourself projected onto other people. If you are upset by what I am doing, you have got issues having to do with what I am doing over here. If you are upset with your mate, you have got issues because you are seeing yourself, and you don’t want to see it, you don’t like that view of yourself, but you know what? That is what you are seeing. Whatever you dislike, that is the shadow side of self. That is your 360-degree self, expressing itself to you. There isn’t anything wrong with you because you have a shadow. We are all 360-degree people. When you see a murderer, realize that is you, you are a murderer too, in your mind, in your heart. Hopefully you haven’t let it past your teeth, past your hand. Those feelings are there in all their primal glory and dignity. And you will, from time to time, be uncomfortably aware of them. Just sit with it. It is part of you. Accept it and draw it in. Love it, forgive it. This is your strength. The shadow is your strength.

It is very difficult to see the Creator in all people. I had an experience this last Wednesday while I was doing my housekeeping at church, which I do whenever I can. It is a great joy to me. In my church, there are tons of professional people, and tons of working people and all are working. If you have two people in a family, they are both working, I mean, that is the way we live now. Everybody has to work in order to afford what we think we need to live. It is what we are used to. We need the house, so we go out of the house to make the money so we can afford the house, therefore we don’t get to enjoy the house. It’s a strange little thing we do, it’s a dance. But, this is what we do, we are tag-teams. We go out and get the bread. We bring it home and we enjoy it briefly, before we get up and do it again.

OK. So I was at church for this precious time, I had a two-hour window of opportunity. The last half hour I storm upstairs. I am going to fix up the clothes closet. I have fixed up the kitchen and I have housekept the church, I have got the spoons back in the spoon drawer and everything put away in the kitchen and I know what supplies we need, so it is time for the clothes closet. We give away free clothes to the homeless people in our neighborhood. I go to a downtown church and the downtown locales are the poorest part [of the city]. We have people sleeping in the side yard of our church because they have no home and we give away a lot of clothes. We give them away for free. We have no limit, we have no rules.

Unfortunately, the person that had been there before I came to clean up, had trashed all my four storage boxes of out-of-season clothing, along with the shoes that were on top of these storage bins, [knocking them] behind the storage bins, which hold down the racks of clothes that are out for people. So, in greedily trying to get something that other people did not have access too, they dumped all of the shoes behind the rack. So instead of putting away the new clothes with tags and sizing them, and doing all of the little nice little lady-things that I like to do to make things look like a shop, so that people have their pride. I was lucky just to be able to clean up the shoes and put stuff back in the bins because people had just thrown things all over the place. So I was just folding, and I was realizing, these people have no respect, da-da-da.. Then [I realized] they’re the Creator and they just needed stuff, and they didn’t understand about how I had to go back and get all these shoes and put them back. So I played ‘pick up shoes’ and got a good back exercise and had some really shadow-self thoughts until I got myself dealt with, because I really wanted to serve, and was I serving, or was I just treading water here? Not mine to judge. I just do what I can and go home. You know, I don’t have to worry about this. But I did for a while, and we all do. So, let these experiences flow through you and see the shadow side and embrace it, and don’t judge yourself because you lost it in road rage. Maybe you didn’t give the guy the finger when he cut in front of you, but you felt bad in your heart. Well, I do it too. We all do it.

Before I leave loving, respecting and honoring others, I’d like to talk about the value of communication, briefly. Open communication is one of the hardest things to do. We all know what people want to hear. And usually, it is not precisely what we are thinking. To be honest with kindness is a very good challenge. It can be done. It can always be done. But it is not the first thing that comes to mind, almost ever. And when you are in a challenged situation, the desire to be defensive and to be justifying yourself is almost irresistible. You just want so badly to say, “This is why I am right.” Well, what difference does it make? What you are trying to do here is to create an atmosphere in which you can tell your truth and the other person can tell you his truth. Make that possible, tell your truth, listen to the other person. I can’t emphasize that enough. If we would communicate honestly, many walls would fall down.

And the last thing about respecting, loving and honoring others as you do yourself, When you are at work, when you are doing common chores, when you are cleaning the bathroom, when you are changing a diaper, when you are taking out garbage, when somebody at work is telling you one thing and doing another and making your life difficult, there is a place that, I think, is the best place to be, the most skillful place to be, and that is a place of respect and honesty. The sacredness of everything is intimately at the heart of things, pouring out of everything. There is no lack of holiness or sacredness in cleaning the bathroom or washing out a diaper. Well, nobody washes out a diaper anymore, that is a bad example. Throwing away a particularly juicy diaper! That too is the Creator.

I am on Principle Four of Seven and I have four minutes… I don’t think so! I will get as far as I can, and that will be Principle Four. We will come together tomorrow and I will tell you about the other three.

PRINCIPLE FOUR: Love, Respect and Honor Earth and All of Nature.

As of those of Ra said, “Gaze at the creation that lies all about” you. “See the Creator. {In another place, they say,] “Picture the activity within all that is created. The energy is, though finite, quite large. This energy is intelligent. It is hierarchical.” When one can speak to that intelligence, that which you desired has been carried out. 20 This happens due to the cooperation of the infinite understanding of the Creator, indwelling in all things of nature. This is the mechanism of action at a distance.

About 10 days before 9-11, I got a desperate e-mail from a very good friend of mine, whom I believe is a member of the Elder Race. (I’ll let that one lie there.) He has been here for a long time and he has a very close association with Mother Earth, and he was panicking. For the first time that I had ever seen, this very large, motorcycle type guy, who is also a physicist and a tech guy, brilliant with computers, he was trembling in his motorcycle boots. He could not find the Earth to talk to. All that the Earth would say to him was that she was going to give up on humanity, that there just wasn’t any way that she was going to continue to trust or to cherish humanity because humanity had basically indicated that it was not interested or loving towards her. It had gotten so bad that she needed, for her own good, to withdraw from humankind. It was really alarming because Bruce and Gaia are incredibly close. He couldn’t get [enough] in touch with Gaia to hear any more than that. We were in an emergency situation.

So, right at the beginning of September of last year, the day that I got that letter from Bruce, I said, “We have got to start meditating for Gaia and for peace, NOW! Every day.” We meditate in the morning already, at 9 o’clock. We added a meditation at 9 o’clock in the evening, specifically for Gaia and for the consciousness of peace. So, it was a wake-up call when 9-11 happened. But I can’t say that I was particularly surprised. We are in this together and we truly need to come more into a right relationship with our Mother. We need to learn how to cherish her instead of tearing her down. We need to learn how to feed back into her, instead of taking from her without finding ways to cherish her and to give to her and to be her children. We need to invite the nature spirits. We need to talk to the trees. We need to realize that there are fairies in the forest and that there are devas in every bush and tree and blade of grass that love to dance with you. They hope that you will notice them and come and play with them. The whole world is dancing with us, if we will just dance back. You know, if we will just join in! I mean, in a world where the trees are giving out oxygen and taking in our carbon dioxide, the dance is endless and its harmonious, and we are a part of it if we will allow ourselves to come into harmony and rhythm.

It was interesting, we asked quite a bit about 9-11 in one of the channelings we got after that. We found that, sure enough, there were some souls in the 9-11 disaster that had departed their bodies so quickly that they weren’t aware of where they were. They thought they were still alive and couldn’t find their way out. They were sitting around a campfire on one of the upper floors, huddled together and not knowing what to do. Actually, as those of Q’uo said, the people that rescued them were from the inner planes and they were the Native Americans who had sold the island for a few beads to those from Holland who had come to New York and had decided that they liked that island. But they have forgiven us for that and they came and they sat around the campfire with them, and spent some time with them and gently explained what the deal was and helped them to depart that building in the astral plane, to leave that location and to get on with the healing that takes place after physical death.

I have died, there is no break in physical consciousness, at least I didn’t have any. I was just in another world and there was no discontinuity whatsoever, it was a better world.

Jim does that everyday, Jim’s Lawn Service. He goes out and he cuts lawns. He doesn’t just cut lawns. He is behind a chariot and he is dancing with the devas in his little mower with the Velke 21 on the back and he is bobbing and weaving and going around the trees and having a good time. He is inviting the spirits. Every place that he gardens, looks better than the places around it because he does the dance with the devas, he doesn’t just go around. I am very proud of him. You have heard about Findhorn? The Native American way is Findhorn squared. It is just that realization that there is spirit everywhere and that if we talk to everything, everything will really want to harmonize with us and really want to give us the best and the most and more. The Creation is incredibly generous.

So we need to bring the harmony back between ourselves and the land, between ourselves and the air, between ourselves and the water, and between ourselves and each other. Because we, too, are second-density creatures. We, too, have a tremendous need to feel loved, a tremendous need to feel needed, to be asked to be ourselves and to be valued for ourselves. We can do that and see all the people and the environment as part of us. It will just change the nature of the world that we live in.

All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful, The Lord God made them all.

Each little flower that opens, Each little bird that sings, He made their glowing colors, And made their tiny wings. 22

That’s it.


PRINCIPLE FIVE: Practice Consciousness Expansion

[Those of Ra said,] “The moment contains love.” Consciously, see that love. That is the lesson of this illusion, or density. The first attempt is the cornerstone. Upon this choosing rests the remainder of the life experience of an entity. Consciously see that the moment contains love? I like to put it as a question: “Where is the love in this moment?” It is really obvious in this moment, everywhere. Some moments it is not so obvious and you really have to look, but there is always a place. There is always a place for love to stand, even if it is the place of a Beatitude, even if it is a place of blessing those who spitefully use you, of being poor in spirit, of being humble, of being a peacemaker, of being a person who mourns. These are blessings. They don’t have the barometer of the world’s popularity as blessings, but nevertheless, the Beatitude is the best blessing of all as far as I am concerned. It is where I try to live. I see myself as above all things an honorable and ethical person. Call it being a knight. I try to keep my armor polished. There are always chinks in the armor of light. I have many; I make many mistakes. I am so devastated when I find out about one of them. You know, silly me, why would I be upset because I made a mistake? It’s what we do here. I am hard on myself. I think we all are.

The Ra group says that before the body can be initiated, the mind must be initiated. How does the mind get initiated? The mind gets initiated into a mystery. The place of the unknown is what initiation is.

I know not where the road will lead, I follow day by day, Or where it ends. I only know I walk the king’s highway, I know not if the way is long, And no one else can say, But, rough or smooth, uphill or down, I walk the king’s highway.

An initiatory method is necessary to provide the mind, the body and the spirit for service in the Creator’s work. Why would that be necessary? You know how it is, we all want to get things done quickly. And in the spiritual life we are not on the world’s time, we are on God’s time. And in God’s time, as opposed to worldly spiritual things, there is no schedule. So there are lots of unscheduled moments of waiting.

And a lot of initiation, let’s put it this way, a lot of skill in going through initiation is to be able to sit with it and to wait, through the discomfort, through the sleeplessness, through all that your body is throwing up to you to explain to you that something important is happening. That is what waiting is. You can’t push it. You can’t rush it. You can’t slow it down. What you can do is cooperate with it. And a lot of times that means waiting and feeling like nothing is happening.

His purposes will ripen fast, unfolding every hour, The bud may have a bitter taste, but sweet will be the flower.

Trust the timing, trust the inconvenience that it seems like there is in your worldly life. Just get up, and go to bed, for a while, and when you look back you will discover, “Oh! I have now seeded that information. How nice! And now I am on another learning curve and I am much more comfortable.” And then you will get uncomfortable again, as it is an unending cycle.

The thing of it is, you have to live your belief system. The temptation is to walk the spiritual supermarket with a cart, putting stuff in your basket and putting it back on the shelf because it doesn’t engage you. Shopping some more and trying this and trying that, and then going back and shopping some more. And so you end up with a lot of groceries, but no food.

You have to search until you have these moments where you know what it is you know. And you can’t explain it, you can’t rush it, but there are these transcendent moments where you think, “I think I see where my feet are now. I think I see where the ground is beneath my feet. I think I could stand here.” And, at that point, it is a very helpful thing to move from the intellectual appreciation of the excellence of certain thoughts, to the nitty-gritty of trying to figure out how to live that.

And when you try to live absolute ethics in a profoundly relativistic consensus reality, it does bring you many an interesting challenge. And it enables you to do a lot of work in defining for yourself where the polarity lies, and then refining your response, until you feel that that is your true, honest response.

The important thing is not to be a “goody goody” at all. If you see yourself going there, do yourself a favor and go have fun for awhile. Just have a ball and get your light touch back and lift up and lighten up. Because really, ‘lighten up’ does mean, invite the light and open the self and don’t be stiff about anything. Because this is a very fluid reality. Spirit is like water. The things that you do, other people will know about half-way around the world. I don’t know how that happens, but we all create these endless ripples, and you just have to trust that.

The function of the spirit, says those of Ra, is to integrate the up-reaching yearnings of the mind and body, with the down pouring and in streaming of infinite guidance.

Let me work with this picture a little bit, because I had trouble myself, trying to envision what this is. But it is a shortcut if you have looked at the kundalini model at all – in which you are inviting the spirit down into the energy body, and where your own body energy meets it is what makes that kundalini rise. So the kundalini is a child of your desire and your will to focus, and then your asking, you know, “seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given unto you. Knock and the door shall be opened.” Look out what you ask for, you will get it!

Humbly I adore thee, verity unseen Who thy glory hidest ’neath these shadows mean Lo, to thee surrendered, my whole heart is bowed. Taste and touch and vision to discern thee fail. Faith, that comes by hearing, pierces through the veil. I believe whatever the light of God hath told; What the truth hath spoken, that for truth I hold.

“The prerequisite of mental work is the ability to retain silence of self at a steady state when required by the self. The mind must be opened like a door, the key is silence.” (p. 87, The Law of One, Book I)

The value of silence in my life cannot be overestimated. I yearned for it. I longed for it, and I sought it as a child. I was very solitary and took myself on rambling walks. I found Don Elkins, because I was seeking more silence than my church practice offered me. The Episcopal Church is not huge on having silent retreats, and I was just really looking for a group to meditate with silently. That is why I didn’t channel until Don put it to me as, you know, as a personal favor to me, “Would you please learn to channel?”

I didn’t want to, I just wanted to listen to the silence or to the channeling. I am not one to go, “Oh, I can do that!” When it comes to something like that I have always been, and still am, a reluctant one to channel, in that I don’t look forward to it. It is a matter of it being an honor/duty for which I do a great deal of preparation. I would say that if you are just starting out with a silent practice, don’t do too much of it, since it is powerful stuff. And expect your body to revolt. Expect whatever hurts to hurt. Expect yourself to develop headaches, stomachaches, visions, anything to distract you.

Think of how we live. How many times do we sit and not process, not do something, not multi-task even? How many times do we just sit and have zero function? For me, I have to make that time. It doesn’t come to me. I don’t get to sit in my chair and go, “Isn’t this nice! Let’s see what shall I do? I am so bored!” It doesn’t happen, I have so much good work to do that there are never enough hours in the day.

Getting back to a theme. Taming the wolf. What is psychic greeting, what is the being of the self? I love Caroline Casey’s solstice talk that she gave last winter. I heard a tape of it a friend of mine sent me from California. She is on the radio there as an astrologer, but it is astrology, political-savvy, guests from the whole spectrum of activism. And she invites everybody, she invites people on the right, she invites people on the left. She is trying to get at the truth. And she has this wonderful way of saying, “Did you know that …?” and telling you something wonderful. She was talking about the wolf within in a very special way. She said that the story of Scheherazade, which is a story she wanted to share with everyone…

[The microphone slips. Carla: “It could be said I have a leaning towards the left!” (Laughter)]

Her thesis basically is that this is the hour of the salvation of the world, and that that salvation will come through welcoming, inviting and becoming the feminine principle. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, but of course it helps to have the outer form of a female in terms of identifying yourself with that feminine principle.

This is why I have started wearing costumes that are very beautiful, and that move beyond the western paradigm of physical beauty in the United States today. This [business garb] is the working outfit for many, many people. And it has its own beauty. But what we women have released, in order to be more functional, is that utterly useless beauty of the embroidery and the decoration and the embellishment; that energy just to be beautiful. What we need in this world is love, beauty, intimacy, emotional safety. We need to listen to the story of Scheherazade because she tamed the male principle.

What is the story of Scheherazade? In brief, it is that there was this oriental king that felt that women were utterly beautiful, but utterly debased in terms of their ability to withstand temptation. They had no ability to withstand temptation. Only their virginity kept them from being sluts. You may be familiar with this [bias] in other forms, we have it in this culture also. There was this virgin/slut thing going on, so he wouldn’t even let his partners for the night live the next day. At the dawning, he had despoiled them, they were no longer virgins, so he killed them, because then they could not be faithless. He didn’t want the pain of them being faithless. He removed them.

Scheherazade was in line for this glorious tasking. The dawn was coming, and she decided that maybe she would tell him a story. So she started telling him a story and charming him and delighting him and wooing him with soft images and sweetness. And he let her live so he could hear the end of the story. And, of course, she finished that one in the middle of the night, and started another story and she went through a thousand and one stories. By this time they had three children, and he decided to let her live.

This is what we need to do. We need to tell our wolf our stories. We need to tell the murderer within our stories. We need to share with all of the shadow self, all of that 360 degrees, 180 of them are in the darkness. Right? Face it. We too are negative entities because the light and the dark together make us up. The darkness is like the strength, the grip, the will. When it is tamed, when you have wooed it and asked it to become your knight in shining armor and give you its strength, it will give you a tremendous amount of strength.

Lord of all kindliness, Lord of all grace, Your hands swift to welcome, Your arms to embrace, Be there at our homing, and give us, we pray, Your love in our hearts Lord, at the eve of the day. Lord of all gentleness, Lord of all calm, Whose voice is contentment, whose presence is balm, Be there at out sleeping, and give us, we pray, Your peace in our hearts Lord, at the end of the day.

PRINCIPLE SIX: Investigate and Develop Methods of Service to Others

There is not a whole lot you can do in one day to alter the vibration of your being. There is not a lot you can do in a decade or even in a lifetime, but you can change it a bit. You can keep nudging at it, and working at that, and identifying places where you feel your energy is blocked. Gradually, begin to come more into an awareness of your own being, and the power and the magic of that being, because each one of us is a spark of the divine flame. Each one of us is that holographic picture thrown out by the one infinite Creator that remains one infinite Creator, plus all of our distortions, all of our colors.

And we are all wonderfully colored beings with wonderfully complex energies that we offer to each other. And people don’t exactly get what it is about somebody that they like, or that they don’t like. You can’t put your finger on it. It’s the colors. There are some people that whose colors really enhance the aura. There are some people that seem to infringe. See what you can do to become an aura enhancer, by just appreciating your own self, and being easy with yourself, and being comfortable within your own skin. I think that is the thing that you need to do before you can get to the outer gifts and then using them.

Then, of course, it is wonderful to use the outer gifts, but don’t expect life to give you a ministry according to your outer gifts. Matter of fact, I almost think the definition of spiritual work is being given things that you can’t do and being told, “Well, you do it with those gifts. Let’s see what you can do to apply your gifts to this situation.” There is a connection, trust it or it wouldn’t be in your life. See what you can do to offer the gifts that life is asking of you.“

Oh God of love, to thee we bow, And pray for these before thee now That closely knit in holy vow, They may in thee be One.

Those of Ra say, in the case of only one individual acting, that that individual must be purified of all flaws to move a mountain. But in the case of a mass understanding of unity, each individual may contain an acceptable amount of distortion, and yet the mass mind could move the mountain. We in this circle can change the story that the Earth tells to those that come after us. Today, just a little, just a nudge, but its spreads you see. It is the start of a ripple.

So, as you sit here in this circle, you can imagine energy moving clockwise around the circle. And each time that you visualize that, add to it. Visualize that, add to it, spin the energy, give it your own shot and get the thing really going. You’d be surprised, there is a column of light, I have seen it sometimes in visions, a column that extends way up into the heavens. And the angels are thick around us, clustering and praising that beautiful light that is being generated by those of us within the veil. Because we do it by faith alone, we have no reason to believe it is working. Except that wonderful, very subjective process of coming into an awareness of [the fact that] it is not just working, it is working big time. It is working in my life, constantly, unceasingly.

PRINCIPLE SEVEN: Become a Responsible Co-Creator

It is calling us to work. To work for the good, to work for what we believe in, to work for what we think is good. To share the best we know how. It is time to work, while we have life, while we have breath, while we have being. We need to find out what it is we have to say, and we need to say it. We need to be ministers. We need to realize our priesthood, that we are a sacred and holy people.

Come labor on. Away with gloomy doubts and faithless fear, No one so weak but may do service here: By feeblest agents may our God fulfill His righteous will.

  1. Don Elkins, original member of the L/L Research team and Questioner for the Law of One sessions. 

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  8. This is why the last half-hour of the speech was delivered Sunday. Carla had lost 30 minutes of time. It is to be noted that Scott Mandelker’s off-the-cuff comments, made to the gathering while waiting for Carla, were most illuminating! 

  9. There are many Goldsmith books and tapes from which to quote, but this quote from Practicing The Presence (London, Fowler, no date given, page 121) is representative: “As we study, as we read, as we meditate, we are developing a state of consciousness which recognizes the Father within as the only actor and the only activity, and we are paving the way for an actual God experience. The moment one has the God experience, he no longer lives his life: it is God, living his life for him; it is the Christ living his life for him or through him. He has nothing to do but be very peaceful and quiet. It is like looking over our shoulder, watching God unfold. We become beholders of God and God’s activity.” 

  10. The missing part of the story: Carla attempted to pick up an L/L Research visitor from the airport, but parked in the wrong spot and tried to back up to the proper door. The policeman would not allow her to do so. She had to drive around the long airport loop and try again. This time, she was in the wrong lane, meant for cabs only, and again the officer sent her around. The third time was a charm, Carla having located at last the correct lane and the correct airline’s door. 

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  20. The actual quotation, since the rendering in the speech is not exact, is as follows:

    “You must picture the activity within all that is created. The energy is, though finite, quite large compared to the understanding/distortion by your peoples. This is an obvious point well known to your people, but little considered.

    “This energy is intelligent. It is hierarchical. Much as your mind/body/spirit complex dwells within a hierarchy of vehicles and retains, therefore, the shell or shape or field, and the intelligence of each ascendingly intelligent or balanced body, so does each atom of such a material as rock. When one can speak to that intelligence, the finite energy of the physical, or chemical rock/body is put into contact with that infinite power which is resident in the more well-tuned bodies, be they human or rock.” 

  21. A Velke is a little sulky that attaches to a big mower so that the driver can hitch a stand-up ride on the back. 

  22. Nineteenth century poem by Cecil F. Alexander, put to music by Martin F. Shaw in the 20th century.