I’m going to start out by talking about what our journey has been and then Jim’s going to talk about where some of the fruits of that journey are. It’s too bad that the third member of our group is no longer with us. He died last November. He was the one who started in the middles fifties, back in 1955 back when tape recorders were so heavy that you sprained your back getting them out of the trunk. He began being extremely interested, even though he was a college professor of physics, in the metaphysical, the paranormal. He started out by talking to people like J.B. Ryan and by doing past life regressions. He became convinced that there was a whole field of things that needed to be researched and in 1962 he decided to use some information that had been handed him by a friend that had just moved from Detroit. The fellow had been part of a meditation group there and they had been receiving messages from alleged UFO occupants. Within this material was instruction for how to form a contactee group without having to go through all the force and bother of being taken on board and examined and things like that, which is not all that much fun. So, being an engineering school professor, he chose what at that time were all men, twelve students of his. And all he said to them was, “Would you like to start meditating and see what happens?” I thought that that sounded fantastic because I was interested in meditation - I knew one of the twelve that he asked, so I became the thirteenth besides Don Elkins that started this group.

For about six months we sat around and meditated once a week and after about two months the room began to get noisy. A lot of the people in the group were getting something called conditioning, it sounds like anything from clicks and slurps to the sound of pulling the window shade all the way down and letting it go. My big problem was to keep from giggling throughout this period. And Don had lost all hope of having anything scientific occur when a member of the Detroit contactee group came and channeled for our group and said (Hatonn actually was saying this) “Why in the world aren’t you saying what we’re giving you? We know that you’re receiving it, but you’re not willing to give it out.” And so it started. People immediately began saying one word at a time. A five minute message might take forty-five minutes to receive because in those early days everyone was so paranoid about, “is it me or is it real?” that they demanded enough conditioning to move the mouth and make each word separately. This is like chewing tough rye bread for a long time. I never did learn how to channel that way. I didn’t want to learn how to channel - I wanted to listen.

In 1968, Don asked me if I would leave my job as a librarian and go work for him as a fellow researcher. By this time he had left his tenured position at the University of Louisville and had started on a new career as an airline pilot and he needed somebody full time to write up the things that he did when he was home for his job. I didn’t have any hesitation about saying yes. I was fascinated. And the first thing we did was write a book which we are hoping to publish sometime this year. We’re waiting for enough subscriptions for it to come in to publish it. The book was remarkable in that many of the things that have happened to our group since 1968 were predicted in that book. Just to give you an example, one of the characters was named Padeyevski in the book. When we met Andrija Puharich - which is pretty close, you know for a name, that’s pretty good, we went to his house and we visited with this fellow. And when I went to his house, this was the house that was in the book. Except that there were no peony bushes surrounding the circle driveway. So I asked him what had happened to them. He said well, he had them torn down three years before, this is 1971, so he that he could put a fence up. That’s how accurate the book was. It’s kind of spooky. Then we started to investigate different things, because we couldn’t seem to sell our book and it went into mothballs for a long time. We investigated ghosts, materialization phenomena, we investigated psychic surgery in the Philippines and in Mexico. Along the way we wrote something like seventeen scripts, five of which were made into movies or stolen from us and eventually into movies with the basic idea fictionalized.

And meanwhile, Don had set me down and 1974 and said, “Your free lunch is over – you’re going to have to learn how to channel now.” I thought, “No - I don’t want to do that.” But I was a good girl and I took my medicine and in about two months I finally got my first message. It was, “I am Hatonn. We are having trouble with this instrument.” From those modest beginnings came many things. So never be discouraged in your own spiritual search.

Since 1974 I’ve held meetings at least once a week in my home. And I could not figure out for the longest time why it was that after Don had me trained as a channel, every Sunday night when it came around time for meditation, he’d say, “Oh, you don’t want to have it tonight - let’s go somewhere.” He’d trained me, you know. Why didn’t he want me to hold the meetings? He told me much later that it was testing. He wanted to make absolutely sure that I had my own reasons, my own instincts for having the meditation group. I know you can attest to the fact that if you don’t have a calling for something like this, you don’t want to do it — because it’s too much trouble. You know, you have to tidy up afterwards and things like that, meet strangers. So we went through fairly uneventful times, with the exception of doing a few research things with Andrija Puharich.

And by 1978, I guess, I had become completely disabled by rheumatoid arthritis. I was very puzzled as to why this occurred and it was only because I had had a death experience that I was able to carry on. When I was thirteen, I almost died from kidney failure. That was in 1956. I had been in much pain and I was on the critical list, had been for two weeks. Back then, they didn’t have what they have now—there was no dialysis, there was no kidney transplant. You just lived or died.

And I left my bed of pain in the hospital and was instantaneously in a beautiful place, a park. I spoke to flowers and I spoke to animals and they knew me. And I saw a domed temple up over the hill and I knew that all my friends were waiting for me and I was happy as a lark. And then this big voice overcame and said, “Well, you could stay here if you want, but you haven’t finished what you came here for.” I thought, “Nuts, I can’t stand this—okay, I’ll go back.” And instantaneously I was back in my body looking up at all these faces that were around me, you know, worried about my heartbeat. So that gave me a lot of incentive to keep on doing whatever it was seemed to feel right so that I could be sure and finish whatever it was I was supposed to do before I left the planet.

By the end of 1980 I could not do any typing or anything. I wasn’t cooking, I wasn’t able to clean. My hands are very— like glass. And Jim McCarty, who had begun coming to the meditations regularly, driving a seventy mile journey both ways to make it, was invited by Don to come work with the group. And at first he wasn’t too sure that he should do that. He had been very interested in another group, Cosmic Awareness in Portland, Oregon. And so he went out to Portland, Oregon and after a couple of months there, he decided that he really belonged with Don and me. So he came back and said, “Here I am.” And so we bought him a new typewriter because he broke mine instantly because I had the lightest touch in the world and he was one of the heaviest. And we got him a ream of paper and he was all ready to do something.

And three weeks after he came to us, we begin the Ra contact. It was a very serendipitous event. There was absolutely no intention on my part of doing anything like this. About two months before this, a friend of mine whose wife had recently died said, “Would you do me a favor? Would you see if can channel my wife because she promised me she would leave adequate proof that she did survive.” I was not in much sympathy with this, but both of these people were very good friends of mine and so I said, “Okay.” And after I began meditating, I don’t remember very much. Don got it on tape—most of it on tape, some of the tape just didn’t work. That happens around me a lot, I’m warning any of you who are recording this. And when I listened to the tape, it sounded like Elaine. It didn’t sound like me. And that was my one and only experience with trance prior to the day that I had an advanced student who was learning to become an instrument and during the session with this student, I began to channel an entity called Ra. It’s in this book.

This is the first of four books of the stuff we channeled. This even has a picture section and an index - much spiffier than our original one. Very quickly I became asleep, I guess, and when I woke up I could see that Don was visibly excited and talking about making a book. I knew something had happened. Unfortunately for me, until session twenty-three, Jim and Don would not tell me what had happened because they didn’t want me to damage the contact. Sowhen they became hungry, they would say, “Does your mind/body/spirit complex have a distortion towards eating/food?” And I was going, “Why are these people doing this to me?” And it was only after twenty-three sessions that I was able to read—they asked Ra if I could read it and Ra said, “Sure - she’s not anywhere near. No problem. Let her read the stuff.” So I discovered that Ra’s very original and accurate use of language was what was making them say very long sentences instead of, “Are you hungry?”

So Jim had something to type after all. And the sessions went on longer and longer times between each session as I begin to lose more and more weight and people were worried that the sessions were dragging me down. It was very exciting to me when the questioning moved into an area that none of the three of us knew anything about and that was the Tarot. Ra not only talked about the Tarot, he talks about the Egyptian Tarot. Not only the Egyptian Tarot, but the Tarot without what he called the Chaldean influence of astrology. But he was correcting a deck that we didn’t even know about until we went to Washington D.C. to the Library of Congress and searched it out.

The sessions end abruptly with Don’s illness. And it’s too bad. I don’t know if they’ll ever resume again. It’s doubtful because Don was such an incredible intuitive questioner. I have listened to some of the Ra tapes and they sound very machine-like and each word has the same speed as each other word; there are no phrases. So you hardly even tell where one sentence begins and the other ends. And it was spoken at pace that was exactly as fast as Jim could type. So it was slow, you know, slower than normal speaking voice. And I couldn’t even understand Ra’s answer, listening to it, already having read the books. How Don ever listened to each answer and was able to ask the next question, I don’t know. But it’s all there in the books.

Well, that tells you about the phenomena and I’ll be glad to answer questions about all the various things that we have delved into besides the Ra material. And now I gave you to our Ra scholar. Jim not only transcribed the original Ra tapes, he has continued to read them and study them and can almost tell you where in what session a certain question has been asked and answered. So, I bow before that because I can’t do that at all. I introduce you to Jim McCarty.

“R-a-w” scholar, by the way. First of all I’d like to thank you all for having us here this evening. It’s a great honor to be here and to be able to speak to you folks. I’d like to share with you some of the information, the heart of the information which we were privileged to gather from those of Ra. And afterward I would I would also be happy to take questions and would attempt to answer them if possible. The means by which we gathered the information is considered somewhat unusual by many people but I would imagine that those gathered here this evening wouldn’t consider it quite so unusual. The use of deep trance and using an instrument through which information may be transmitted was the technique that we were able to use. It was somewhat similar to that of Edgar Cayce in that the one serving as instrument was totally unaware of what was occurring while the sessions were going on. The phenomenon still puzzles us because none of us knows exactly how it was that Carla’s mind/body/spirit complex, as Ra would describe what we would call spirit, was able to leave her physical vehicle and then how Ra was able to use it, not by inhabiting it, but by using it, you might say, from a distance. I guess the best analogy would be similar to a telephone and if you and I were speaking over a telephone that would be similar to the type of precision which we are able to experience in the contact with those of Ra.

The contact, again, was a surprise to us. It’s not something we set out to do. It seemed, just like Carla’s ability, to be some kind of the gift and one which we felt very privileged to be a part of.

The heart —well I guess first I should tell you a little bit about who is Ra. In Earth’s history, Ra is most frequently associated with the Egyptians. The Egyptians defied those of Ra and made Ra the god of the Sun. The reason apparently why Ra was in contact with the Egyptians approximately 11,000 years ago was that at that time the mass mind and the seeking of those of Egypt was of a nature that sought what was called the Law of One or of unity, of the singleness of all of creation. Because the Egyptians were so unified in their seeking and their desire to gather this information and to put it into practice, Ra felt that it would be helpful if those of Ra, some, were to land and to walk among the Egyptians. This had apparently occurred and had been helpful to those of Ra when they were at the same level of evolution as the Egyptians were at that time 11,000 years ago.

When this occurred with those of Ra, this was a time which you would measure in many millions of years ago when they were apparently and inhabiting the planetary influence that we now call Venus. At that time there were entities that were aware of the seeking of those of Ra and landed, spoke to them of the Law of One and introduced them to certain shapes that were useful in the accelerating of the evolutionary process of the mind, body and spirit. The shapes are what we now call the pyramid. The pyramid then was also part of the information which Ra passed on to the Egyptians. The pyramid at that time had the use of initiation and healing. And the stay with the Egyptians was relatively short because it didn’t exactly go, I guess you’d say, as Ra had hoped it might. What occurred was that for every word Ra would speak, there were at least thirty interpretations or distortions so that the basic message of unity became somewhat distorted towards the use of the elite and for gaining power over others, rather than for the masses being able to utilize the information in service to others and in service to each other. Therefore the stay was somewhat abbreviated and though Ra left and no longer walks in person, Ra decided that it, they would remain within this Earth’s influence with the hope of at some future date, removing some of the distortions that they felt the honor and the responsibility for first placing within the Egyptian consideration.

Over the many thousands of years that have passed since that time, a number of means of communication with various groups and individuals upon this planet where undertaken by those of Ra. Most frequent would be a communication within the dream state, you might say, where vivid dreams and experiences of one nature and another might occur for either a group or an individual so that that group or individual might be inspired to pursue a certain path of learning or of service. There were also contacts and the trance state you might say. The eighteenth dynasty of the Egyptian Pharaohs which was at that time ruled by Akhenaten was contacted. Akhenaten was able, for a portion of time, to achieve a contact with those of Ra and at that time the Law of One was decreed as the official religion, you might say of Egypt. Prior to that time, a state of pantheism had been the official religion where many wondrous events and personages and gods were seen to rule the universe in a hierarchical order. The priests at that time gave lip service only to the directives of the Pharaoh, Akhenaten, and upon his death the priests rapidly returned to the previous state of pantheism and that region remained worshipping many gods and until the one known as Muhammad delivered it again to a monotheistic point of view.

In January of 1981, as Carla mentioned, we were not expecting anything unusual when the contact with Ra occurred. And from that time until Don’s death in 1984 we were able to accumulate 106 sessions of about an hour’s length each which we publish in four books. I’d like to give you a little bit of the information. There’s a great deal of information there but the heart of information which was communicated by Ra concerns the nature of the lesson which each of us here pursues within our various incarnations upon this planet.

The lesson revolves around the basic concept that we would call love. It’s a very difficult concept to describe but some of its features or facets contain forgiveness of that which seems unforgivable, acceptance of that which seems unacceptable and feeling an unconditional type of compassion for all of the creation whether or not you have seen or touched or felt that creation. The concept of love, then, became the focal point of the contact. The format of the contact was a question and answer only. They were no lectures or sermonettes. The questions and answers were felt by those of Ra to be the most effective means of transmitting information without infringing upon free will. The concept of free will and each entity’s right to make a choice is considered most important by those of the positive polarity as they attempt to be of service to others. Therefore when we were questioning, we attempted to question along the lines of how one might accelerate this process of evolution, evolution of the mind, that evolution of the body and evolution of the spirit, how the lesson of love might be incorporated into this to accelerate the process.

Ra spoke of the means of polarizing consciousness. This suggests that there are two basic means by which any seeker of truth might polarize in consciousness and be graduated, shall we say, or harvested from this particular class that we inhabit here in on this third-density planet into the fourth density of love and understanding. Just as the creation which we inhabit is held together by the positive and the negative charges, the radiant and the magnetic, so with our two paths that Ra spoke of that may be traveled in order to achieve union with the One Creator: the positive or service-to-others path or the negative and service-to-self path. Just as your car battery cannot do work of a mechanical nature without a relative difference of charge between the positive and a negative poles, so cannot a consciousness do work of the metaphysical nature without a polarized difference between the positive and negative. When each of us, therefore, engage in our daily round of activities, we make choices with our own free will each day that are colored either one way or the other and we may or may not be aware of them. Either we are in our intentions and in our motivations seeking to be of service to others or we’re seeking to serve our self and to bend other’s wills to ourselves. Most people, until they become consciously aware of the evolutionary process, shall I say, mix their magic. They mix their polarity. And what this usually results in is a status quo, that there is little movement in one direction or the other until a choice has been freely made and followed as purely as is possible for the entity to follow.

To give you some idea of the nature of the process as Ra described it through the energy centers or the chakras of the human body, I will start then to make a basic description. Each energy center or chakra seems to differ to offer the seeker of truth an unique way to manifest love. Each energy center seems to transform or step up the potential for being of service to others or services to self.

The first energy center, the base energy center or the red ray, as Ra described it, receives the energy from the Creator. This energy is this described by many people in many different ways. In the East it’s called prana. The term that Ra used to describe it is intelligent energy. It is energy which enables and ennobles all of the creation; it is that material out of which all the creation is made. This energy then enters through the feet and the base chakra and through the red-ray energy center. The potentials within that center concern reproduction and survival. This energy energy center is basically of a constant nature, which is to say, there is very little conscious work done upon that energy center. It is basically a given as in a mathematical problem; it is what you begin with, it is the foundation upon which the rest of the experience of the entity is constructed.

The second energy center or the orange ray, then, concerns the individual in its relationship with one other individual. These are your primary relationships, the one-to-one use of power, your own essence, your necessary, whether it be used in service to others or in service to self. Within the second energy center, then, you have the ability to express either the choice to serve others or the choice to serve self as you are in a relationship with one other of your family or friends, of co-workers, of neighbors, whatever.

In the third energy center, the solar plexus, or the yellow ray, the shift focus then moves to the group where the individual is seen within social groups. The third density creatures that we are, we are social entities and the relationship between groups then is seen, again, either in the positive or negative sense, the service to others or the service to self. The choices that are made within these energy centers, the second and the third as you relate to one other or to groups, then determine an entity’s polarity you might say, how an entity has chosen to live the incarnational pattern. Each of us, before the incarnation, programs into these energy centers the lessons that we wish to learn and the services that we wish to offer. This white light or prana or intelligent energy, then, of the One Creator is channeled through the energy centers and as it is refracted or defracted by the programmed choices, we see that various distortions occur. I use the term, distortion, not in any negative sense, but in the sense that all the creation is a distortion of unity for it has stepped from unity and has become seemingly separate from it.

Thus the distortions that we program into our energy centers become our unique life patterns, the lessons we wish to learn, the services that we wish to offer. As we make choices along those lines of our preincarnative choices, then we polarize ourselves in consciousness. The choices carry a great deal of weight in our total consciousness. For before the incarnation, each of us is totally aware of the unity of all of creation, is totally aware of the love that binds us all. Yet, within that type of an environment it is no great trick to love. It is the natural way of being,and polarization in consciousness and evolution towards the eventual total unity with the creator is much slower.

When we enter into this third-density illusion and pass through the veil of forgetting, we enter into a seeming darkness in which the unity of all creation is not so apparent; in fact, it seems just the opposite. It seems that we are separate from each other. It seems that all of the creation is separate from itself. This allows us, therefore, to engage in the making of choices, and these choices carry a great deal more weight when we are able to love without condition in a situation in which it seems to be filled with darkness and that we are separate, one from another.

The choices that we make then, and the second and the third energy centers, determine the opening, the activation and the balancing of the heart chakra or that chakra that deals with love. The lesson that we are attempting now to learn is represented by the fourth energy center, green ray, heart chakra. Therefore, when an entity has been able to polarize in consciousness to a sufficient degree, the heart chakra begins to open and the experience of compassion, of love without condition and forgiveness, of acceptance and so forth occurs for the entity in an increasing fashion, again, as a result of the free will choices that have been made and are continually made. The work upon the succeeding energy centers is what you might call the work of the adept. It is work that is consciously done. As an entity proceeds through the Incarnation, it is possible to be harvested from this third density illusion without ever knowing consciously that there is an evolutionary process underway, that there is such a thing as consciousness that can polarize itself. An entity need not be consciously practicing any particular religion or philosophy. I’m sure each of you knows of a person or maybe a number of them who by their very existence and their very lives, their way of being, give love without concern for any return and live a life that glows with the radiance of being.

However, if you choose to move further along the evolutionary path within this incarnation past the heart chakra or the green ray, this movement must be a result of your own free will and conscious choice. It is therefore called the work of the adept.

The blue-ray energy center, the throat chakra, then, is the first chakra in which there is an outpouring of the radiance of such a being. When the love of the One Creator has been felt and experienced within the being, then there is a time when the entity feels the great need to move in service to others and begins to speak in such a fashion and live in such a fashion that this love becomes apparent. Their work and their life then becomes a type of radiance. This is the work of the blue-ray energy center, the throat chakra, the freely given communication and inspiration. Another term that is used for that is the wisdom or light essence or character. The throat chakra is connected with wisdom as the heart chakra is connected with love.

As we move to the brow, the indigo-ray energycenter, we come to what is termed the work of the white magician, where changes in consciousness are achieved at will, according to the classic definition of ritual magic. This energy center has its place in will and in faith. The work that is done there, as Ra describes it, is the conscious use of the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is our connection with all of creation. As we move down through the roots of the tree of mind, looking at the branches as the conscious mind, the trunk as the intuition and the roots of the personal unconscious and moving then into the racial and collective and planetary unconscious and then to the archetypical mind of the Logos and the infinite mind of the Creator, we are connected to all of creation through our unconscious or subconscious mind. As we are consciously able to utilize the subconscious mind, we are then able to achieve what are called works in magic, that is, the changing of consciousness at will in order to be of service to others, seeking union with the Creator in order to serve others.

Then as we move to the seventh chakra or energy center, the crown chakra, the violet ray, we again find the chakra that is constant in nature, for it is the ESSENCE, the mark, the register, the very nature of the entity itself. It is the significant self which has been accumulated and which has gathered experiences all over the incarnations that you have ever lived. It is your very being. It informs, enables and ennobles each action that you undertake. It is what you might call the spiritual temperature.

The eighth energy center, located above the crown chakra, Ra described as the white light or intelligent infinity which is possible for one to contact when the indigo ray or the brow chakra has been activated and balanced and the entity, then, in the magical sense, reaches through the crown to intelligence infinity and the fully experienced presence of the One Infinite Creator is experienced. The choices then that we make in our lives as we live each mundane day are most important in that they are a representation of how we are traveling this journey of seeking and of service to others if that has been our choice, the positive polarity. As one seeks to be of service to others and seeks to do this in a more and more purified fashion, one reaches the point at which there is an increasing ability, shall I say, to realize the desire, to stand closer to light or, as you may describe it, to stand closer to truth. Many of you here I am aware of and many others across the planet are those who have sought to become servants of the humblest nature; shepherds, if you will.

As one seeks to be of service, whether it is as psychic medium, as healer, as a hypnotist, as any type of service to others, there is an increasing responsibility that balances the increasing honor that you have a standing close to light. In our research we have discovered this particular phenomenon—many of you are probably aware of it, but I would like to share a little bit about it concerning it with you.

As one attempts to continue along this path if one has chosen the positive polarity, there are increasing opportunities to be of service to others and there are increasing temptations, shall I say, to serve the self. For as you stand closer to light, there are opportunities of speaking to others and relating to others in whatever way you choose. There is the necessity to continually refine ones means of seeking and ones desire to be of service in order that the most purified desire possible be offered to the One Creator in this service.

There are, as I mentioned, some entities who choose to follow the negative path. There are not many who follow the darker path for it is one that must be followed consciously. You cannot unconsciously seek to control others and do it in such a polarized fashion as to be graduated, shall I say, from this particular illusion. However, there is a small percentage of entities throughout the creation who choose the negative path or the darker path to follow, the service-to-self path. They seek to realize the individual divinity that is within each entity, but they seek also to rule others in a hierarchical fashion. And one of the ways that entities of this nature, when they have graduated to succeeding densities, the fourth and the fifth, do their particular work is to offer temptations to those who seek to serve others, to groups and individuals who seek to serve as light bearers and light sources. The temptations to glorify the group, to gain money, to gain power, to gain prestige are many. When one is unaware that such a process is possible and that such temptation will come to one, it is easier, shall I say, to give in to them.

They may be viewed in two ways. They may be viewed as stumbling blocks within ones path and they may be also viewed as great opportunities to be of service to others. For as one is tested and as one sees heavier weights against which one may push, there is a greater spiritual strength that may result when one gathers such a temptation and such an entity within ones heart and sends love in unqualified fashion to this entity and to the temptation. As one continues to polarize in this fashion, there can be a greater revelation of light that is apparent within the life experience.

As one seeks to be even of more purified fashion—I speak now of those who seek to do either telepathic or trance type channelings, there is even a greater opportunity and responsibility that comes. For again there are those entities, the darker angels, shall I say, who are very happy to channel through whomever would like to channel them. Many very, very positive contacts have begun to and have ended somewhat shortly because the one serving as instruments or trance mediums or in the support groups have not been aware that there is a necessity for a great deal of tuning and the challenging of spirits before any type of transmission is undertaken. The tuning which you did tonight is a good example of the type of tuning that is necessary in order to refine the desire to be a service to others. The chanting, the om-ing, the singing, the praying, the visualizing of light, is the symbolic representation of the purifying of your desire to be of service so that there is not one shred of desire to serve the self left within your being as you enter into the trance or the telepathic state in order to receive information that might be helpful in illuminating another’s path.

The second portion of the process of being as sure as you can be that your service is that of a positive nature is the challenging of spirits with each contact that is experienced. The challenging may be again in whatever way has meaning to you, whether it be in the name of Jesus the Christ if you’re a Christian, in the name of Buddha if you are of a Buddhist persuasion, in the name of the Christ consciousness if you have no particular religious persuasion, in the name of service to others or positive polarity, whatever means has meaning to you is most helpful and is suggested. For there is the need on this planet at this time for as much life as possible and there are those entities who will provide the temptations for it is their means of service. All is the Creator and as they serve themselves, they do serve the Creator. They serve it in a polarized fashion. This type of service is a service which two or three quantum leaps in consciousness down the line shall once again in the sixth density rejoin the positive path in progress without polarity then is possible in consciousness.

For as we have begun our movement into the density of love, and realize that there, is beyond, that the density of light, or the lessons of wisdom, and beyond that the blending of the two into the density of unity. Within that sixth density illusion there is the necessity for each seeker to take within its being all the creation and to love it without differentiation. That is difficult enough for the negative polarity that it must drop its polarity or reverse it. So this particular phenomenon that aids in the experience of the Creator by itself is then given over.

However, within our particular illusion it does exist and we would like in whatever way is possible to share our findings along that line in order that others might be made aware of it. When we were undertaking the contact with those of Ra, we meditated beforehand in order to bring our desires together as one being so that we were no longer three. We also, as we entered the room in which the working was to occur, performed the banishing ritual of the Lesser Pentagram, which is a ritual designed to prepare the place of working and to purify it as much as possible. Then as Carla would recline upon the bed and recite the prayer of St. Francis, Don and I would do a ritual which was given to us in the second session by Ra which was simply called walking the Circle of One, in which we reaffirmed our desire to serve the One Creator and that our desire to seek contact with Ra was only for the purpose of serving the Creator in a positive sense.

That’s basically the information that I want to share in a lecture format. I feel much more comfortable in attempting to answer questions or at least entertaining them. I can entertain them fairly well; I’m not sure if I can answer them. But at this time I’ll be glad to take some questions.

[At this point, the group takes a break then reconvenes]

Carla, I’d like to know, did your health improve after you stopped channeling?

My weight gained—I gain my weight back.

Do you think that there was a definite bearing in that connection?

I lost between one and three pounds at each session. [Murmur of group response] I know that sounds like a dieter’s dream, however, it wasn’t all that much fun. But it was worth it.

Did it affect you in any other ways physically?

It lightened my hair. I used to be a strawberry blond and now it’s all coming back.

Are there any particular changes in your body, in other words, any sensations [inaudible]?

The question was, did I as an instrument feel any changes in my body? The answer is no. After we did the banishing ritual and I lay down on the bed and got all covered and everything, cause I’m cold natured, I would start saying my favorite prayer which is, “Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace…” And at some point as far as I could tell, I fell asleep. And when I woke up I was very stiff and that was about it.

When you said in the beginning that there were things that happened bad to you such as the sound of pulling the window shade [inaudible]?

Oh. Well, all I know is what happened in my case and in my case, none of that happened. When I was talking about the sounds, I was talking about conscious channeling when you could, at your own free will at any point, turn it off. And usually when you’re doing that kind of channeling, you get some kind of a body reflex. In my case, I get a little clicking in my throat. Other people get feelings on top of their head or some kind of electrical disturbance. Just about anything that gives them the signal that there is an entity there, and then you ask who it is and what you—


The heating of the ears? I can’t remember right off, but I’ll say this, I’ve had people tell me that they have experienced things from head to toe. And no two people experience exactly the same kind of conditioning. But I would like to emphasize, any of you who want to try this kind of channeling, to take it very seriously and to approach it in the spirit of service and humility, knowing that you are not in any way, shape or form better than anybody else, that you’re just a bozo like I am, but that there are things that come through you if you open yourself up with enough care and purity of intention.

There’s another thing. Do you ever feel… What is this pain? [presumably pointing]

That’s a headache.


Well, it’s kind of a… I’ve heard a lot more people talk about that than I have about something in the ears. And that’s just mostly what I call the yarmulke effect. It just feels like there’s a hat sitting on your head, right?


And sometimes it can get pretty intense. Now what you do then is say, “Okay, I’m getting…” You say this mentally, “I’m getting enough conditioning. Please adjust the conditioning for my comfort.” You say that mentally and it will slowly adjust your comfort.

Are you talking about vocal channeling there?


Would you describe vocal channeling please?

What it seems like from the outside is, there are some people sitting around in a darkened room with eyes closed, the tuning has been done and tuning continues after the public tuning has been done. We always request that once the circle is complete, no one leaves it and each person continue channeling that tuning to himself over and over again whether it’s a mantra or whether it is white light or whatever. Anything that keeps you centered so that you are continuing to be a part of that higher vibration. At some point during this meditation you’ll hear somebody beginning to speak. That’s somebody channeling. It doesn’t sound particularly different, usually, than my talking to you. Usually the personal will channel in concepts so you’ll have a phrase. Then you’ll have another phrase. Then you’ll begin another sentence. And it sounds rather periodic like that. There are pauses between each concept that you get. There are people who get word-by-word channeling. I’m getting some of that now. That’s scary because you really don’t know what the heck’s going to come out of your mouth next, not even the concept itself. Does that describe channeling well enough?

You say you don’t know what’s going on? You weren’t aware of the first twenty some sessions of what was being said. Where were you mentally?

Let me differentiate between conscious channeling and tuned trance meditation. In conscious channeling, you’re right there and it’s your own free will. If you think that you’re starting to get some information that’s not so hot, you just stop talking; you’re totally under your own control.

I have no subjective knowledge of where I was. According to Ra, I had been displaced into that density. My mind/body/spirit complex, my spirit. And they used kind of an internal materialization to work on my mouth and say the words. Which is why I lost the weight. Hard work. [laughing] “Hard sleeping.”

You had what was called a psychic attack in your book. How did that come about? What kind of manifestation is psychic attack?

The phenomenon of “psychic greetings,” as we finally came to view them, is something that will occur with any group that attempts, especially in channeling to be of service to others. When you are channeling an entity, discarnate or extraterrestrial, whatever, that has more information than you do concerning that process of evolution, you are standing a bit closer to light and that light is being transmitted through your group. Negative entities of the type to which I spoke earlier see that light as a kind of power. They would like, if possible, to gather that power into their own use. If it is not possible to tempt the entities channeling away from pure service to others through being able to offer the temptations of money, of recognition, of success, of power, prestige or whatever, if the entities refuse all the temptations, then the negative entity will usually attempt to put out the light if they cannot control it.

There cannot be any block put in your way that you have not chosen of your own free will. That’s along the lines of what I was attempting to describe as the greater responsibility that balances the honor of standing close to light. One who seeks to channel or be part of a group that is channeling must reflect the light as purely as is possible for the entity. If you engage in disharmonious relationships with any other person and leave that hole in your love for another to move through, the negative entities can intensify the freely chosen disharmony. They cannot place in your way anything that you have not chosen. So the psychic attacks or greetings are simply the negative entity’s effort to remove you from serving others. You may use that type of greeting as a means of further accelerating your own evolution if you recognize your disharmony, patch the difference, and place love where there was disharmony. And that was the basic principle that we discovered, that there is the opposing force that presents itself as a balancing factor and you can view it in a number of ways. But the most efficient way we found was to welcome it with love.

At different times when you channel, have you noticed the terrible gripping pain in your stomach afterwards, after it was done?


Do you have any information to hand out on the names of your books and where to get them?

Yeah. Let me tell you. We have some— Well, we don’t have any more flyers, I don’t think. But we have a nice legal pad here with a few pages left and if you’ll put down your name and address and what you’d like to order from us, will send it to you and you can send us whatever donation you could afford. We don’t charge a set price for anything because we got it for free. Or you could send the book back after you’ve checked it out; you might not want it. And in that case, of course, you owe us nothing. But when I say “we,” I’m talking a charity which we have form beginning in 1978. Jim and I ourselves don’t make any money and we would feel very weird if anybody tried to give us money. The money that we get by speaking or any other means goes into the work. So if you want to order, just come up here and write down what you want and your name and address. Not forgetting the zip code please.

Did Ra give a reason for his [communicating with your group]?

The reasons were twofold. The general reason and most important reason was that apparently this cycle of evolution which I’ve described as the third density and the learning of the lesson of love is coming to a close up on this planet. And as the harvest approaches, there is a great calling by all those who seek either consciously or unconsciously for information that will aid their evolutionary process. And many besides Ra, many individuals and many groups of discarnate and extraterrestrial origin are attempting to make contact and are making contact on the planet at this time with the hope of aiding the evolution without infringing upon free will.

There is a second reason for the contact by Ra and that was that during the time of their walking among the Egyptians and the attempting to teach the Law of One in person, they saw that their efforts became distorted in that some of the information was reserved for the powerful and the royal and that the masses were not able to benefit. This is a distortion of the Law of One which they did not intend. They feel responsible and they also feel an honor to attempt to remove some of those distortions of power because one of the fundamental facts or foundation stones of unity is that there is compassion for all, not just for the elite. And those are the two reasons.

Did he give you any idea of what this transformation would be like and what the year might be that it would take place, in its climax?

Specific dates are very difficult for any group or an entity to try to give because the future, it seems, is not fixed. It’s a fluctuating factor that is a result of our own free will choices as individuals and as a collective group. The general time that has been alluded to and Ra also alluded to the time is somewhere shortly after the year 2000 although it was also mentioned that the total transformation into the fourth density of love and understanding would be gradual as those who remained with the planet in the positive polarity would take some time in order to adjust, shall we say, to the situation, and this time could be anywhere from what we called one hundred to seven hundred years. But the transition has apparently begun and began shortly after World War II, apparently there was a great influx of teachers of various natures that incarnated at that time and since then the—well, you’ve noticed that among many small children, there is the ability to reproduce what Uri Geller is able to do with his mind, and others are able to do as well and that is action at a distance, to will the bending and breaking of metal for example. As we move further and further into the fourth density, it becomes more and more clear that a thought is a thing and that we will be seeing more of these types of phenomena occurring. The basic change, though, has to do with the feeling of love and compassion that we have for each other and I think you can see that now as various disasters and hungers and starvations of the world are being brought to the center stage and there is action being taken to alleviate them.

I wanted to add that one of the most valuable things that Ra did give us as a practical matter was a way of debating or deciding the value of a channeled message. One of the great temptations of a channeling group is to begin to channel more specific information. The positively oriented person that begins with philosophy is often asked by the people around her or him what year is it going to be, the golden age, when’s the next earthquake going to occur and where and so forth. And this is a temptation. This is a very real temptation and every specific answer that is given, the polarity of the contact becomes less and less until finally, when you’re hearing about doom and “only the chosen will be saved” and things like that, you looking at the same kind of mixed polarity as poor old Moses had when he came down with the ten commandments and everybody immediately to know this and this and that and that about the last days and so forth.

One final addition there. The reason that it is not efficient and advisable to ask for that kind of information, specific information as to dates and safe places and how to survive is that that kind of information does not aid your evolution of mind, and body and spirit. It is not central to why you’re here. It really doesn’t have a lot to do with how to love better or to love more.

Would you explain a little bit about the banishing procedure used to purify yourself and the room before you started meditating?

That’s a rather specific type of a ritual that we utilized because as the contact proceeded and the negative entity, shall I say, that was monitoring our group and offering the various temptations and intensifying whatever disharmonies that we might have had, as this entity noted the sessions continuing, it sought for more different means to try to stop the sessions. One of those means was too intensify a difficulty Carla had in her ears. From childhood she had a problem with balance. And by intensifying that difficulty, she was rendered unconscious in our meditation which immediately preceded the contact with Ra. We were not sophisticated enough to know whether she was in trance or whether she was simply unconscious as one would be when suffering vertigo or fainting. So we had to have some means by which to alleviate that difficulty, to keep her from becoming unconscious. So what we did was research the various works upon white ritual magic by W. E. Butler and the means that we finally settled upon was the Banishing Ritual of the Lesser Pentagram because it has as its sole purpose the cleansing and purifying of the place of working. What that did was, as we understand it, was to construct a wall of light through which the negative entity could not pass. Just as if you or I tried to walk through that wall in our physical bodies, we simply couldn’t do it.

[End first tape]

[From here on, the transcription is taken from a tape recording which is very faint, hence the accuracy of the transcription is less than certain.]

The name of the book that we got that thing out of was The Magician: His Training and Work by William E. Butler. Of all the books that we read searching for the right material, this seemed to be the best author and the best ritual that was written down by that author.

And the reason that it seems… It worked for us and it seems to be effective, is that it is an established ritual that has been used over a great period of time so that there are various entities, in this case, the four archangels, that are called upon for assistance. And that is helpful to use a ritual that has been used for a long period of time because it has a certain power behind it by others having used it.

One last thing. Any of you who are Christian as I am may never have thought about this before, but the holy communion is probably the single most powerful white magic ritual (in the western world).

[Inaudible – regarding how Carla started channeling]

Well, Don was no mean taskmaster. He started having meetings six days a week and we would have maybe twelve people six days a week and all of us were attempting to learn how to channel because of the fact that everybody was coming home and they said, “Well, you’re in a convenient place, this is the rush hour, let’s stop in and meditate with Carla and Don.” So in the five months late in 1974 and early in 1975 I guess about a dozen new channels were trained and I was one of them.

[Inaudible – about how to begin channeling]

Well, there were those in the group who already knew how to channel and usually it’s the experienced channel that’s the best teacher because the vibrations of each entity are pretty well known to an experienced channel and therefore there is more guidance with whom you’re dealing. And it’s a lot better to do it with people around you. I mentioned to one person not to try to do this kind of thing alone, but to have at least two people with you and hope that one of them is more experienced than you are.

[Inaudible – regarding status of rheumatoid arthritis]

I’m going in the hospital November 4th for my eighth hand surgery operation.


The way Venus came into the experience was that apparently Ra was [inaudible] in their experience of this particular lesson. They were visited by those of a higher density who were answering Ra’s call for service in order that they might further their understanding of the nature of the creation and their evolution through it. These entities landed there on Venus and spoke directly to Ra and also gave them the information concerning the pyramids for their use in accelerating the evolutionary process. Ra remained with the planetary influences of Venus through the fourth and the fifth density lessons, the lessons of love and of wisdom. Then at the sixth density level when love and wisdom are balanced into the experience of unity, the population of Ra decided to leave that planet’s influence and exist within the (outer?) sun body. That is one of the reasons that the Egyptians decided to deify Ra as the God of the Sun.


We have a Sunday Night meditations in which telepathic channeling is experienced. Anyone who has read any of our books is invited to go to them. We have them every week we publish the transcripts in a newsletter four times a year. We don’t have any more trance sessions because the type of protection for Carla and harmony that can support the contact with Ra is not possible without a third person to provide that. So there’s only the two of us at this time.

[Inaudible – did they question Ra regarding healing for Carla?]

We got a lot of information about the problems that Carla is undergoing and what to do about them. It was suggested that when a healer of any variety notices that the best of efforts do not work on certain distortions that an entity may have, it may be possible that the limitation was programed before the incarnation in order to focus the entities attention upon a certain need or necessity, that the illness or the disease or the limitation could have been preincarnatively chosen. In Carla’s case, she feels for her own work that that was necessary for her because she has, if any of you have read, Winnie the Pooh, the Tigger type of characteristic. She likes to do everything and that kind of spreading out of energy is not what was necessary in order to focus her energy to be able to serve as (she has).

[Inaudible – about the use of the word “distortion”]

We’re not talking about anything in the negative sense. If you look at what existed before there was any creation, there was only unity, there was no division. Nothing had stepped out of that unity, there was nothing separate, there was only [inaudible] . When the first division occurred, when the Creator decided that it would know itself throughout an infinite creation, each portion of the creation being a portion of itself to provide it with experience, then the first distortion of unity occurred. There’s no negative implication, but simply describing that unity in its widest sense. It became distorted; it was no longer totally unified. That creation, that distortion of unity then allows the Creator to know itself through each of the experiences that we gain throughout all our incarnations at every density level. When we eventually return in an unified state to the Creator, we will bring a harvest of experience that will provide it with what you might call a glorification, [inaudible] infinite means through which it might know itself in ways it would not have known itself had it not divided.

[Inaudible - long question]

Yes. There are as you mentioned, a variety of groups who all speak of the same general topic, the heart of that being that we are here for a certain lesson, the lessons of love, that we are all one, and that there is a cycle of evolution through which we are now passing. The fact that we are coming to the harvest. If you look at the creation as being a series of classes or courses, the one that we are in now attempts to learn the lesson of love. There is a portion of time, as we call it, that is given over in our particular reality to the learning of this lesson. Ra suggests that that time is about 75,000 years, three 25,000 year cycles. At the end of that time, the planet itself is a being and has evolved past the third density level and moves into the fourth density.

Now the population upon the planet, all of us, has the opportunity to make a choice. We can choose either the positive or the negative polarization in order that we might continue our evolution to the fourth grade, shall we say. Those who do not make the choice, remain between the polarities are given as many chances as is necessary to make the choice, but they’ll go to another third density planet that’s just beginning its cycle of evolution in the third density and they’ll have as long as they need to make that choice. Those who have made the choice in the positive sense will apparently remain with this particular planet. Those who have made the choice in the negative sense will go to another planet with a negative polarization. All will continue their evolutionary process at the location of their choosing by their own free will.

Would you clarify what might be seen as an apparent contradiction between the concept of service to self being a negative aspect of evolution and the appropriate attention to the evolution of…

[A page is missing from the transcript]

…make choices, one after another, an infinite number of choices. If we are consciously seeking to learn to love, we color all those choices. If we have the desire to love and to serve others, we look at every situation that comes your way with a single question. The test asks one question, “Do you see love here?” No matter what you are doing, whether sorrow, sickness, suffering, joy, exhilaration, anything that you see, if you penetrate the outer illusion, at the heart there is love. That doesn’t mean that you say, “Well, I see all the people suffering and have no compassion for starvation. I see that there is indeed a knowing of self, but I don’t have to do anything.” You can choose also to give money or to give food, to give time, to give ideas, whatever, but you can also see to the heart of the situation and you can see love there. You can do that with every one of your activities, in every portion of your life. As you do that in the positive sense, and attempt to learn to love and serve others, you polarize in consciousness.

That’s another way of saying that you begin to open this heart chakra so that you can begin to love without condition, that you have so biased your intention and your actions that it becomes almost a natural thing to want. First you work with it but most of us work unconsciously at first and then we become aware that there is something going on, there is a purpose to our lives, there is a greater claim and as we grow more and more conscious of this work, we open this chakra by degrees. And by opening that to sufficient degree, then you pass to another class, and you have perfected that lesson.

[Inaudible – about working with the higher chakras]

You can. As I mentioned before, to go beyond the heart chakra is the work of one who is consciously pursuing this path and one who has dedicated their life more or less purely toward this choice. As I mentioned though, within this particular grade or this class, it is not necessary to pass within the heart chakra, it is not necessary to consciously be aware at all of what I’m talking to you about. You know that there are some people who do not know a thing about what we’re talking about, but yet they live their lives in giving love to others without concern for return. These beings also can be graduated from this class. It might be a bigger surprise to them, but they can do it.

We asked Ra as time grew on and we began to hear more and more about the energy centers, exactly what you were asking. Do you work on each one in turn, which one’s most important and so forth. And Ra’s answer basically was, each person has his or her own balance, you know. That balance may be (after you go from the green ray) any one of a number of balances. The only thing that you hope that you have done is that you have opened the lower centers before you attempt to go on to the green ray. Because if you attempt to open yourself to all-giving love without having worked on your relationships so that energy can move upwards to that chakra, you’re putting yourself in a kind of schizy-schizhoid situation. But each person has his own way of balance so there is no right way.

[Inaudible – about evil]

In our cultures in the world we have usually described the positive in the negative polarities in terms of good and evil. It seems to be, as I mentioned before, that there are two paths to the One Creator, that those entities who seek to serve themselves first and to bend the wills of others to their own will, to gain that power that others have and use it for their devices, can also proceed along the path of evolution. They travel a more difficult path. It is a path, however, that is the experience of the One Creator. This requires upon our part the widening of our point of view to see that indeed all is one. Even though we don’t understand the real nature of most of what occurs to us of such entities, most of us in our lives will never come upon such entities. They are very few because, in this illusion, as I mentioned, we pass through a veil of forgetting when we come into this incarnation. We are not really aware of the unity of all creation by observing the experience about us. It is a mystery we must penetrate by our own efforts. That is challenge enough.

To try to understand and negative polarity in this particular illusion is fairly difficult. But there are those throughout history who have pursued that path in a conscious fashion. We just got a couple of names as example. If you’re familiar with the entity called Rasputin, the entity called Genghis Khan, the entity called Adolf Hitler. There are those who seek to create an elite and to put the rest of the population under the rule of the elite to use the fruits of the labors and work of the masses for their own gain. They are pursuing a negative path. Yet that is a path that will eventually rejoin the positive path a couple of quantum leaps down the line. It is interesting to note that that path provides a great deal of experience for the Creator that we would never think of offering. And in our inscription, our way of looking at positive service to others, we would not wish to offer that kind of service because for us it would not represent our choice. Yet for these entities it is a viable path. And as I mentioned, at a later point, it will rejoin the positive path for all must eventually be seen as the Creator and loved as the Creator.

[Inaudible – regarding the probable number of reincarnations experienced by an individual]

You mean, in general that an entity will go through? It was mentioned that when this third density grade or cycle of evolution is utilized to the fullest with the most possible karma that in 75,000 years of experience would be experience in incarnations that would last between 900 and 1000 years, that if you read in the bible, there are descriptions of entities living 700 and 800 years. Apparently this is not mythology. Apparently in a more harmonious environment, that length of lifetime was normal. We are undergoing shorter lifetimes now.

They have progressively become shorter because it seems that this planet is one to which many other planets have contributed entities who are repeating third-density cycles since they were unable to make the choice on their original third density planet. We upon this planet have populations that have had some difficulty learning that lesson and have reproduced that disharmony upon this particular planet. That disharmony has made it necessary for incarnations to be shorter in order that they may be more quickly reviewed in between incarnations. Thus we have much shorter incarnations and many more incarnations on this planet.

[Inaudible – was the Ra contact with an individual entity from the Ra population?]

It was our understanding that we communicated with the same individualized portion of what Ra called a social memory complex. A social memory complex is analogous to Carl Jung’s collective unconscious. If you can imagine everybody on this planet being aware of what everybody else had ever experienced in any incarnation, you would have an idea of the nature of a social memory complex. Apparently when we do make our graduation to the fourth density, that will be one of the characteristics, that the total memory library of every individual will be available to every other individual and the thoughts will become transparent and that communication of this kind will become somewhat obsolete, that we will communicate in telepathic concepts. We will have at our disposal the total experience of every entity, that is apparently what Ra is. But we were communicating with one individualized portion.


Yes. We’re talking about individualized entities, but in Ra’s particular case, the individualized entity we were talking about was able to call upon the total resources of all of those of Ra which numbered in the millions.

[Inaudible – what is Ra's density level?]

Those of Ra as we understand it, are from the sixth density level which is the density of unity and their cycle in the sixth density is approximately 75 million years long and they are now coming to the last two and a half million years of it. So they’re almost through with the sixth density. It’s kind of hard to describe to you exactly what it means to be placed within the various densities.

If you look at the first density is being earth, wind and fire and water as being the foundation for what is to come, the foundation for life, the second density being the plants and animals, having movement and growth. The third density which is what we experience being individualized self consciousness that seeks to learn love. The fourth density then, being the experience of that love and the seeking towards wisdom or the light. The fifth density being the experience of light and the seeking towards unity. The sixth density then being the experience of unity, the balance of love and wisdom. Those of Ra, now being at the end of the end of the sixth density are moving towards the seventh which is called the density of completion or the gateway density where there is no longer any looking back, that there is a total movement towards the One Creator which occurs in what we would call the eighth density, the octave, just as do-re-mi- fa-so-la-ti-do ends with the “do”, the eighth density of octave of evolution becomes the first of the next. It is what the physicists call the black hole. All is drawn into full unity, all, including light, so that there is a harvesting of all of the experiences that all of the entities have had throughout the octave of experience. These are given over to the One Creator which then uses them as the foundation for the next creation on a spiraling level which seems to be infinite in nature.


Fourth density—well, here in our illusion we’re attempting to learn how to love. In the fourth density that is perfected. The one the group called Jesus the Christ gave us what is apparently a model for that love. The total giving of the self in service to others is the path of the martyr. The fourth density, then, seeks.


Right, you can be of the negative polarity and graduate to the fourth density.


That’s one of the two paths. Apparently about ninety percent of the third density entities throughout the creation that Ra is aware of.

[Inaudible – regarding continuing of reincarnation process]

No. It is also experienced within the fourth and fifth and sixth densities.


Yes. Each reincarnation may be seen as a course in the general [inaudible].

[Inaudible – Is the earth experience the only place where reincarnations are experienced?]

The third density is the density of leaning the lessons of love, the fourth density attempts to learn the lessons of wisdom and also utilizes reincarnation.


The lessons are a little too large to learn in one shot. Sometimes we don’t learn as well as we planned. Sometimes we need to review a class we’ve taken and see if we can learn a bit better something that was not well done before. So we have the opportunity to incarnate as many times as is necessary for us to learn according to our own discrimination. We, along with our higher selves, and various guides and friends and teachers between the incarnations assess the needs of the next incarnation.

[Inaudible – what is meant by ‘the law of one?”]

The Law of One simply says that all things are one. That the creator exists in whole in each portion of the creation. If you’re familiar with the holographic pictures that are now available, that if you have a negative, any portion of the negative can reproduce the whole, just by having that portion. Each of us is a holograph for the creation; each portion of the creation is.

[No more questions]

Thanks to everybody for coming.