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I channeled in trance only for those three years of my life, [1981 through 1984, for the Ra contact only]. I never knew how I did it. I would never try it again! But it was a blessed, blessed time for me. And I think it developed a unique body in channeling which is called The Law of One or The Ra Material. It is in five volumes. All of these channelings through the years are available on our website. Probably 1500 sessions of channeling are there. 2 They’re all free. The channeling site is www.llresearch.org. You’re very welcome to drop by and see if the material we have might be of help to you in your spiritual walk. We certainly hope it is.

L/L Research is the company that my partner, Don Elkins, my partner Jim McCarty, and I formed. Don and I formed it first in 1970 as a partnership. When Jim McCarty joined us in 1980, it became a non-profit corporation. We actually went legal and went through all the IRS paperwork, so we are now a public charity, I am happy to say.

We have public channeling meditations two Saturdays a month at 8:00, and the channelings are broadcast [on www.bbsradio.com]. You may go to BBS radio’s web site and join our listening audience if you wish to. We hope that you can do that. 3

From time to time, I will burst into song. I want to warn you all! Don’t be startled. I do this, as a person, all the time. I’m forever singing. And I find that it’s a really helpful technique for people, when they’re trying to grasp material that’s not particularly logical. Because you listen to the words in a linear fashion with your logical brain and yet, at the same time, there’s a lot of mystery in the things that I will talk about this evening. And so the singing takes you to the intuitive, insightful part of your brain. I think that it’s really helpful sometimes to unite or bridge between those two complementary parts of the human mind and help them to gang up on the concepts that I’ll be talking about this evening.

For the most part, the songs are hymns from the Episcopal Hymnal. I have changed a few words where the use of “Jesus Christ” or other very Christian words is a little bit intrusive into the basic meaning. The way I take the word, Christ, is as a term for unconditional love, Christ consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness. So, please, if you hear a word that feels very religious to you, substitute in your mind the term, “unconditional love.” Hopefully that will rebalance your thinking.

I’d like to start with the story of Shelley Yates. Some of you may have taken part in the Fire the Grid event on July 17, 2007, not quite a month ago now. 4 It was a fascinating experiment, and the story behind it is even more fascinating.

Shelley Yates is 40-something woman who lives in Nova Scotia. She was taking her young son home in her car, driving on a very wet and rainy night, and the car hydroplaned off the road, went down a bank and turned over completely, so the car entered the boggy marsh waters upside down. Shelley did not have one of those hammers her story makes us all feel perhaps we ought to go out and get and put in our front seat of the car in case something like this happen to us.

She saw the car filling with water. She tried to put her son up at the top of the car so that he could still breathe, and yet the car completely filled up with water. And her last thought was, “Well, maybe after the car fills with water, the pressure will equalize and I will be able to get out of the car.” That wasn’t so; she had no joy there. Both doors were still jammed.

Shelley couldn’t hold her breath any more. Her lungs were burning. She took a breath of water and then she took another breath of water and her panic was growing. And all of a sudden, beings of light were all around her, and they told her, “Do exactly what we say, and you will be safe. Do exactly what we say and your son will be safe.” They continued talking to her in this way while she thought to herself, “Oh great, not only do I have voices talking to me in my last moments but they’re sarcastic.”

However, she did exactly what they said because really she didn’t have anything else on her mind at the moment. She simply kept breathing the water and thinking thoughts of calm and peace and, “I am not afraid,” just as they were instructing her to do.

Fifteen minutes later, help arrived. Her car was pulled out of the swamp, and after seven minutes of people working on her, she was able to cough up the water in her lungs and come back alive.

She was fine. However, her first words were, “My baby, my baby! Get my son out of the car!” They got the son, but they could not resuscitate him at the scene. The voices were telling her the whole time, “Be calm, do exactly what we say. Your son is going to be fine.”

Of course, the doctors were telling her a different story. They were saying, “Your son’s organs are suffused with blood. He is brain-dead. We will continue to try to resuscitate him, but basically he’s a goner.”

However, the voices continued to say, “No, he’s going to be fine. Just keep doing what we say. Have faith. Remain calm. Think loving thoughts and know that all is well.” She did that. The voices told her to get as many loving people near her son as possible. So, of course she immediately got on the phone and called everybody she knew. Dozens of people started arriving at the hospital.

For 72 hours, once a half-hour, someone came in to offer their gift of love to this little boy. The voices explained to her that they needed to share the strength of their auras with this child. The reason that they shifted every half-hour was because each person could only give of himself for about 20 minutes before he began to run low on energy and therefore it would weaken the person if he kept on giving past that point. So every half-hour there would be a twenty-minute visit, a ten-minute rest period, and then a new person would come in.

This went on for 72 hours. At the end of 72 hours the little boy woke up and knew his mother. Within another 72 hours he was running up and down the halls of the hospital, feeling perfectly well. He is perfectly well today.

That’s how she started hearing the voices.

But the voices weren’t finished with her. They said that she had more to do. She needed to tell humankind that unless humans get together as a unit and see themselves as a unified population, they will never be able to save the planet. They will never be able to move with the planet into the next realm or density of experience, because the planet itself is moving into another density. If humankind wants to help the planet, and help themselves at the same time, what they need to do is what she calls “Fire the Grid.”

Now the voices told her that the Grid is a name for the source energy that connects all things. The Ra group would say that we are all one. Shelley’s voices called it being connected by source energy. It’s basically the same concept.

And they said that that we should get together on July 17 as a globe full of people and, all together, “Fire the Grid” by thinking loving thoughts towards the planet and towards each other, thoughts of peace, unity and harmony, so that we could energize this fourth-density grid, or this grid of the next experience that is awaiting us past the gates of 2012.

It was an amazing experience for me. I participated in it, I had a wonderful meditation for that hour, and later in the day, when I went to sleep that night, I also had an amazing night. I hadn’t been asleep for very long when I woke up. I didn’t just hear one voice or a half-dozen voices or even a dozen voices. I heard an innumerable number of voices. It was as if the biggest party in the world was going on in the next room. I couldn’t understand any of the voices. There were so many that this felt like there were millions and millions and millions of voices.

Number one: I realized, this is wonderful! This is firing the grid! This is happening! These are the people that are participating all over the world—the event rolled around the world for 24 hours—and this is what is happening.

On the other hand, it was very uncomfortable. And so, I decided that, in the interest of preserving a calm and gentle spirit, I would move out of this energy now that I had experienced it. And so I began working with my breath. I would breathe in light and breathe out the voices. Breathe in light and breathe out the voices.

It took me about two hours to become single-minded again, so that I was the only one in my head. I think this was my first experience of a baby waking up in her crib in fourth density and being aware of everybody’s thoughts on the planet. And it was, as I said, both a wonderful experience and almost a terrifying experience. Yet this is only because I’m just a little baby in fourth density.

I think once you achieve fourth density, where the veil has lifted and all thoughts are known, we’re not alone. It’s not at all frightening, because you know your own thoughts, you know everybody else’s thoughts and you know that none of us is really in control of our thoughts at this point. We’re too young as developing souls to be in control of our thoughts. So, having compassion on that youth, you don’t worry about the fact that each person is struggling with various issues and stuff.

I don’t think that, when we incarnate into fourth density, we will find ourselves completely different people. I think we will still be people with confusion and mystery all around us. What will have changed is that the veil will have lifted and we will have chosen this experience for ourselves. We can begin choosing this experience right now.

The experience of a lot of people in these last few years, especially in about the last year and a half, has been one of an increasing awareness of the imminence of this fourth-density event of 2012. In reality, what we have gotten from the Q’uo group several times is the fact that it virtually is here now, that the planet is vibrating fourth density now, and that much of the difficulty that we are having stems from the fact that we are vibrating third density, for the most part, and certainly in a very confused way, so that there are people here that are very service-to-others oriented that are attempting to vibrate fourth density positive.

There are also very powerful entities here that really believe in service to themselves, which is when you express your love of the infinite Creator by loving yourself and by having other people to help you to love yourself by serving you. So you use people. You look at people as cannon-fodder units, or pawns in your game. And these people, some of them, will graduate to another fourth-density negative planet. Elsewhere. This planet is going fourth-density positive.

Now, there’s a large group of people who haven’t chosen either polarity, either service-to-others or service-to-self, at this time. They’re not vibrating either strongly polarized positive or strongly polarized negative. They’re still in third density. They’re still in the consensus-reality world where nothing is very important. You live, you die, what does it mean? Who knows. It doesn’t matter. And you turn on the television and veg out.

This is a perfectly reasonable thing. They tell us again and again in Confederation channelings not to worry about people who haven’t made that choice yet. It’s okay! It doesn’t matter. They’re not ripe yet. Their time for choosing has not come. They will go to another third-density planet where they can once again have a major cycle of third-density during which they can try to learn the lessons of love to the point where they make that choice for love in service to others, or for love in service to self.

So, if you want to have 75,000 plus more years of McDonald’s and CSI reruns, then you’re on the right planet, you’re doing the right thing, and there is no punishment for not progressing as rapidly as your classmates. All is well.

However, needless to say, these fourth-density waves of energy that are interpenetrating third density are somewhat uncomfortable for those that are still vibrating third-density. And a lot of people have felt this discomfort, some of those that are sensitive, very, very harshly. They are feeling that these are difficult times indeed. And it’s easy to have fear when you don’t really know what is happening; you’re feeling pressed; you’re feeling everything’s rushing and you can’t quite get your feet, metaphysically speaking. You just don’t know what’s happening! Meanwhile you’re being buffeted by these really powerful waves of emotions, feelings and sheer energy.

This is what the Q’uo had to say about these new energies.

We ask you to respond to these waves of intense energy that you are feeling, not with fear, but with faith. Take this opportunity to stand on your own two feet and remember who you are and why you are here. As you breathe in and as you breathe out, you are little lighthouses, able to take that breath and that energy of life and bless it with your firm intention to serve. The glow and the radiance of your beings shall be a beacon for many. You do not have to explain, discuss or do anything to be light workers at this time. You only have to be yourselves and know yourselves. So we would ask you to investigate and explore who you are and why you are here. 5

It is somewhat difficult to explore this on Planet Earth because this particular planet’s logos, the Sun, was a Thought of love that decided that it wished to know Itself in a different way than had ever been tried before. They tried a new combination. They tried giving the people of this third-density population complete free will and they also thickened the veil between our local world and the infinite creation of all that there is. So we had this split between the conscious mind, our everyday consensus reality, or as some call it, “The Matrix,” and the world of the infinite Creator, which is the infinite and eternal, so that we do not have any way to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we’re on the right track.

We have to choose our polarity; we have to choose our faith; we have to choose our intention totally by our own free will. This makes it a very clean and clear choice and helps people who are ready to make that choice to make that leap of faith.

It does not help those that are not ripe or ready to do that. And so with the thick veil allowing us to say, “Well, there’s no proof of that. I don’t even know if there’s a God,” etc., there’s every reason in the world for people not to step up to the plate and make that first, cornerstone choice.

However, one thing that has been very helpful in bridging the gap between the consensus-reality world and our great belief in the current priests, which are of course scientists, and that which is a mystery to us and is only known by faith, is the work of Masuru Emoto. 6 He has worked with water crystal clusters and was taking photos of these clusters at the atomic level or the level where there are just a cluster of molecules of water together. And he asked people to think various thoughts while they were looking at these containers of water. He had a camera trained on them to take these pictures.

The clusters that were sent thoughts of thankfulness, gratitude, love and were played classical music by Mozart or Bach created endlessly unique but always beautiful clusters of crystals, perfect and articulated and seemingly very complex, some of them, while the clusters that were sent thoughts of anger, jealously, the remembrance of a difficult time in your past, or even thinking about a negative entity like Hitler, would cause the crystal clusters to become deformed, almost shapeless, and very asymmetric.

It really makes you think! Because we, as people, are between 60 percent, if you’re a guy, and 70 percent, if you’re a woman, made of water. Our blood is water driven. Our lymph system is water driven. If we don’t get water to our minds or our hearts or our organs, they don’t persist. They will die.

And these bits of our water system are as easily magnetized as the water crystal clusters in those containers. We are containers of water ourselves. So imagine what our thoughts do to us when we are thinking toxic thoughts, about ourselves or about other people! Our very bodies become magnetized in a very distorted way. And then too, imagine what happens to us when we begin to have the awareness of our own thoughts to look at our thoughts as they arrive, and if we feel that they need tuning, to give them some help, so that they become thoughts of thankfulness.

I had an experience of that getting ready for this speech in that I had created the outline for this speech and then my computer lost the document or somehow it went blank. The document was completely blank. My entire day’s work was gone. And I realized, this is a really good psychic greeting!. This is really effective! I could get really upset, I could get scared, I could wonder how in the world can I make up the time. But you know what, I am an old experienced broad. I’m not going to do that. I am going to say thank you.

So, I thought how wonderful it was that the Beatitudes in the Bible were there to give me the way to go: “Blessed are the meek. Blessed are the pure in heart. Blessed those who are persecuted for love’s sake.” Well, I was being persecuted for love’s sake. And I thought, “All right, that’s me.” I began to get happy. I began to get joyful in knowing that all things were okay.

And when I went back to recreate my outline, within a half an hour, I’d not only recreated it, but I think I improved it—it flowed better, it was more logical, and so forth. So, it’s really important to watch your thoughts and to tune them.

Now, where is this going? The Confederation information says that we are crystals. Now, you can think of the crystal in a radio. It receives information, it transmits information, and in some cases it transduces or changes the information’s frequency before it sends it out.

The way we receive the love and the light that the infinite Creator, through our energy systems, we receive it with no effort whatsoever. It comes up from the ground itself. The ground has received it from the Logos, which is our Sun. Logos is Greek for love and it’s the local expression of the one infinite Creator. The Sun’s energy beams down to the womb of the center of the Earth, metaphysically speaking, and then comes back up and enters from the Earth through the souls of our feet and up into our energy body, which begins where our legs join our bodies. It rolls through the energy body as it rolls up through the seven chakras and out the top of the head. And our crystals can receive it, and if nothing happens to block that energy, it flows into the open heart and can be blessed by our loving intention and then let go.

It’s nothing to do with us really except when we realize and take responsibility for the fact that we are this place in space and time, where the Creator has given us that spark of life and consciousness and free choice, where we can choose the way we wish to live, the way we wish to think, and the way we wish to realize this energy that is flowing through us. The energy itself, as the Confederation says, is infinite. There is no end to it. We can never run out of it. It is a completely renewable resource because the Creator’s love is new every day, every hour and every instant and goes on forever.

But we can be muddy crystals or we can be clear crystals.

Now, let me talk a little bit about the energy body. I think perhaps many of you have heard about the seven chakras. Several of our Western systems and one of the Eastern systems as well is based on a seven-chakra system. There is the red-ray, at the joining of the legs, which energy has to do with sexuality and survival. There is the belly chakra, the orange-ray chakra that has to do with personal relationships, with our relationship with ourselves and our relationships with others. And if you think you can’t have a relationship with yourself, just talk to Mike, a fellow that I talked to a little bit earlier who is attending this conference. He’s working on forgiveness right now. Not forgiving others but forgiving himself. He’s able to forgive others, but it’s a little harder to forgive himself. Because we know what we’re thinking! We know our secret thoughts. We know that we’re bozos. All of our thoughts are not excellent. Some of our thoughts seem to us to be error-prone and even erroneous completely.

How can we love ourselves if we are in error? Well, we learn to do that. We learn to have compassion on ourselves because we are, after all, behind the veil, in a place where we don’t know all the mysteries that would open to us if we could know our own thoughts completely, or know other thoughts completely.

And so we begin to learn that precious, precious thing: compassion, compassion for our self. And once you learn compassion for yourself, it is the easiest thing in the world to have compassion for other people, because you have accepted the error-prone nature of humanity in yourself and when you see it in others it’s like falling off a log to say, “Well, that person has kind of a quirky personality, but at the soul level, he’s wonderful. He’s doing his part. He’s doing precisely what he came here to do and I praise him and bless him and support him with everything that I’m worth.”

The Q’uo says,

You cannot become a fourth-density entity within third density. However, you would be surprised how deep a change that you can make in the life of your body, as well as your mind and your spirit, by disciplining your thoughts. This instrument has talked many times about trying to live with fourth-density values, seeing what you can do, when you become aware of the thoughts that you are thinking, to examine them for what they may have to offer you. It is very helpful to see what you are thinking about and then to ask yourself if you could perhaps tune that instrument that you are to clearer and more productive thoughts.“ 7

Moving upwards through the energy body, we get to the yellow-ray chakra, which is the chakra at the solar plexus. This chakra has to do with those relationships that involve commitment. It’s not simply a personal relationship, it’s a legal relationship, a committed relationship. Your birth family is a yellow-ray energy. Your married family, or mated family, is yellow ray. Your work environment is yellow ray. Even when you root for your favorite team, that’s yellow-ray energy. Any group effort where people are trying to think as one or trying to cooperate as a group is a yellow-ray energy.

These first three chakras are the basic chakras which we most often work with in everyday life on the physical level, as we meet and greet people, do our work and our chores and deal with our feelings. It is very easy to be blocked in any of these three chakras, very easy. Bad feelings about yourself sexually, feelings of depression, wanting to commit suicide—that will shut your red-ray chakra down completely right away. Judging yourself or judging others in relationship will shut your orange-ray chakra down. Judging your husband, judging your work people, your boss, your co-workers: that will constrict, narrow and perhaps shut down the yellow-ray chakra.

So, a lot of the initial work in opening up your energy body is, again and again, daily, day after day, working to keep the three lower chakras completely open. What you’re trying to do by keeping them open is not to solve your problems, because you can graduate to fourth-density without ever having solved a single problem. You graduate because you have found love. You have found yourself able to love and be loved in a pure manner. And that is what helps you to graduate.

It isn’t whether you’ve solved your problems and your life is moving forward neatly or even if you think that you’re making progress. You may think that you are making no progress whatsoever. And yet if you keep the energy body open and you keep your intention firm, your energy is going to come up into an open heart and it just explodes through the upper chakras and out into the world. And then you’re like a lighthouse. You become a light worker, literally, because you are radiating. You’re beaming your little light.


This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

It’s such a wonderful energy, to feel that light pouring through from the infinite Creator and you blessing it with your open heart, saying “World, I love you! Self, I love you! People around me, I love you! I love the whole thing! I love this dance! I love this world!” You just grow and grow and grow with those energies! But of course, again and again you will cycle back into closing the lower energies. It’s inevitable. We can’t stay on the mountaintop. First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is.

A lot of our time is spent in the valley of the shadow. And you could say that that’s the shadow of death. I could certainly argue that. Because from the time we take our first breath we are under the sentence of death. That’s a rather gloomy way to looking at things! I’d rather look at this moment and say, “This is a moment of new life and new hope and new truth that’s coming into the world at this very moment.”

In keeping the higher energies going, the difficulty is really not too much in keeping your chakras open. It is in realizing that even though higher-chakra work is fun, is wonderful—it’s where you want to spend your life—you need always to be moving back down into the lower chakras and clearing them and then moving back up and doing your work. Cycling back down, clearing, moving up and doing your work. Not being impatient with yourself, because you vary in your tuning, but simply going back and collecting yourself again and opening up and coming back to the higher chakras.

Now, the higher chakras are where all the fun is for those of us who seek to enhance the rapidity with which we pursue spiritual evolution. The green-ray energy center is the center of healing and absolute, unconditional love: the love of parents for their children, the love of patriots for their country, and the love of all people who seek for the Creator and hope to serve the Creator. It is that feeling of devotion and joy and bliss that comes from a perfectly clear intention to serve to the best of our ability. The energy of that will continues to the highest realms if we can but keep ourselves balanced.

There is a danger, of course, for people who are progressing rapidly, especially as they first wake up. They haven’t yet become old and experienced, as I have after forty years in this metaphysical work. This danger is that they’re so in love with the feelings of the higher chakras—the green-ray chakra, which is unconditional love, the blue-ray chakra, which is open communication and compassion, wisdom in compassion, and the indigo ray which is the seat of faith and work-in-consciousness, becoming a magical entity, and doing the wonderful work of magicians and metaphysicians everywhere, which is tuning themselves into an ever more pure instrument of the Creator—is simply that they’ll spend too much time there, and they won’t want to attend to the first floor.

I like to think of the chakra system as a two-story house. You want to go up to the upper room. Of course you do! It’s where all of us want to be. And yet every day, maybe every hour—it just depends on how your day is going; it could be every five minutes—you want to go and do your housekeeping.

You’re going to want to check the bedroom of red-ray. You’re going to want to check the living room of orange-ray. You’re going to want to check the kitchen and the dining room and the work rooms of yellow-ray. You want to make sure that they’re tidy and clear and free of the dust of self-judgment, judgment of others, those things that constrict and close the energy body.

And you’re going to make sure that you’re not on a hobby-horse, determined to change the world with your wonderful information. That over-activates the lower chakras and just as surely closes out the energy with which you can open your heart.

I think that the balancing technique that was offered in the Ra Material first, and later the in the Q’uo channelings, is a very helpful thing. And that source suggested that daily, hopefully towards the end of the day, so that we have a whole day’s harvest of thoughts and feelings, we sit in a quiet place and recollect the thoughts of the day. What were we thinking today? How were we feeling today?

And when we find something that stopped us and triggered us and made us react in ways that we felt were toxic, or even when we found ourselves overly joyful, we go back and say, “What distorted me from just purely running love and light? What stopped me? What triggered me?”

And we find, as we do this work for a while, that we begin to see into the way our minds work. Back in our past—maybe in our childhoods, most likely in our childhoods, but sometimes as adults—we can get hurt to an extreme degree. We have felt pains that are so exquisite that we must bury them. We put them in a cocoon, and bury them, like gems that are surrounded by ore. We bury them in the ore of our personality because we simply cannot deal with them. And you know as children you’re not in control. You don’t know the story. No one is telling you the story, usually.

There are a lot of buried treasures that will trigger you. It’s the emotional equivalent of someone hitting a bruise, and you go, “Ow!” That’s the trigger. And that tells you that it’s time to dig for buried treasure. So, you go down into your memory and you think, “OK, what was happening the last time I felt like this?” And you usually can trace that feeling-set all the way back to your source after a while.

And when you get there you dig it up. You crack the cocoon. Here comes the gem! And you go, “Oh! Ah! That’s what that was! Isn’t that wonderful! I don’t have that anymore!” And never again will you be caught and triggered by that. Just out of habit, you might start to be triggered by it, but then you’ll laugh and say, “Ha ha! I know you, and I’m not going there.” And you move right along with your day.

The skill takes a while to acquire, but it’s one that really bears good results in a surprising amount of time. And of course, the operant word here is, once you have found it, redeem it. Forgive yourself. Forgive the situation. Forgive anyone else involved in the situation. Clear that trigger. Clear that ore and preserve the gem of experience that you have as a gift for the one infinite Creator. Because it was intense and it was beautiful, of its own kind. It is a gift that you will give at the end of your life when your soul is harvested and you give all of your experiences to the Creator and say, “Here, you wanted to know more about yourself? Well, here’s what I’ve figured out so far.” Then you’re perfectly ready to move on.

When you are able to do this, when you are able to let go and let yourself be balanced and just enjoy that wonderful feeling of self-redemption and self-affection, so that you really, really do love yourself and, more than that, you like yourself, you heal yourself. You become self-healed, and self-forgiven and then instead of the King of Love being “out there” somewhere with a name like Jesus, or Buddha, or Kuan-yin, or the Guru, you simply know that the King of Love has stayed in your heart the whole time and you are now able to acknowledge the fact that that is a part of yourself.


The King of Love, my shepherd is Whose goodness faileth never. I nothing lack if I am his And he is mine forever.

Where streams of living water flow My ransomed soul he leadeth And where the verdant pastures grow, With food celestial feedeth.

And so, through all the length of days, Thy goodness faileth never. Good Shepherd, may I sing your praise Within my heart forever. 8

We can tune at other times to help ourselves. We can tune ourselves before we answer the phone. I sometimes just cross myself, because I am a mystical Christian. Obviously, most people can’t do this because they don’t buy the Christian thing. That’s fine. You need to find your own way to bring yourself into a state of remembrance of who you are and why you’re here. But in some way, remind yourself, or bring yourself to recall, that you’re beginning a transaction with the Creator.

Whoever’s on the other end of the line, even if it’s a salesman who’s trying to sell you something you don’t need, or one of your relatives or your friends that is a user and is trying to manipulate you: that person is the infinite Creator. That person is you. We are all One. And so you tune yourself to meet the angel-unawares; to meet the Christ on the road to Emmaus.

You can do the same thing when you enter the door, or before any kind of communication. You can just remember, before you start an email or a snail mail. Remember, before you start a conversation with your significant other or even your cat, or your sink or your toilet as you wash it. Because the universe is completely alive and what you give to the universe is given back to you. What goes around, comes around. You are always in a state of responsible interaction with a unified and very responsive world.

The Ra people had a wonderful four-part suggestion as to how to tune your crystal. Their first suggestion is not very hard. The first suggestion is to use what they call the Kingdom of the Father, which we would call the outside world—the Creation, the animals and the plants, the stars in their courses, the sunshine on the roses, and the rain in the meadow, and the wind, and the four elements of north, east, south, west and all the elements, the chemical elements. They’re all individuals of their own kind. They’re all completely alive and we have a relationship with them that we understand vaguely—“Oh it’s so beautiful! Oh I love the outside!” And yet we really haven’t remembered what Shelly Yates was talking about, that we’re part of an interactive, unified grid. The whole planet is one grid. What we’re trying to do is strengthen the fourth-density grid. We’re not trying to find peace in the Middle East, specifically; we’re not trying to go after details here. We’re trying to fire the entire grid.

And what is keeping us back more than anything is that thousands of years ago we, in connection with the guardians of this planet, decided that this third-density experience was going to have this complete cessation of automatic remembrance of our union with the grid. We weren’t going to be aware that our species, human beings, had one species grid so that we were all interactive.

Salmon know. Geese know. Every species in the creation on this planet knows that they’re part of one grid. And they communicate in that grid, perhaps you’d say as a hive mentality. So, all the salmon jump up the stream at the same time, and the V of geese fly past you in flawless coordination.

We don’t do that. We don’t have that grid connection with each other. Because we chose to put a veil between ourselves and that knowledge, so that we could only recover that knowledge by choosing to recover that knowledge, by having faith that it exists, by leaning into that grid with all of our hearts and all of our intentions.

We can learn from the infinite Creation in so many ways. I love most of all, I suppose, the most simple example of how the universe works together: we are breathing out carbon dioxide and we’re breathing in oxygen. The trees are breathing out oxygen and they are breathing in carbon dioxide. Peoples—trees—it works! It’s one complete union, where we’re helping them live and they’re helping us live. We don’t think about it and neither do they. It’s part of the dance. What we need to do more and more is become aware of the dance.

There’s a wonderful channeling George Hunt Williamson did, and we offer it on one of our recordings. 9 He was channeling a member of the elder race called Brother Phillip. Brother Phillip talked about the dance of all creation and how humankind was just sitting on the edge of the floor going, “Well, I can’t dance.”

But once you get that consciousness out of your head and realize that you’re part of the dance, then you’re already dancing.

It’s not a dance of arms and legs and coordination. It’s a dance of spirit. And there is only one spirit. And as enter in, as we realize that truth, then we begin to hear the voices of spirit in nature.

I think probably the American Indians have a wonderful lesson to teach us, as well as many other indigenous societies on this planet, because they have this concept of totems. You have an animal or a bird or some sort of energy, trees and various things, which is your totem. That is your power, or your wisdom, or your indication of yourself. You may have many different totems throughout your life, but that totem for you is very special.

In my own case I became aware that one of my totems was a hawk when we began seeing hawks as we began to have the Ra sessions. Now, the Ra is a group that is identified with the ancient Egyptians, and Ra, in that mythical system, which has nothing to do with the Ra group, but is part of the cultural myths of Egypt, was identified as a hawk-headed god, Horus. So, when we started getting Ra, we started getting hawks.

To this day, my husband and I will be driving down the road and we might say something, talking about our work with L/L Research and a hawk will just come. This most recently happened just last week. We were talking about the future of L/L Research and how we want to form a spiritual center and have a bio-dynamic farm and do all these wonderful things to create a fourth-density environment on third-density planet Earth. However, we realize that we don’t have the money to do that. And my husband said, “But we have to have faith. We can’t just count our money. We have to have faith that everything will fall into place.” And at that point a hawk flew up right next to where we feed the birds, little birds, not hawks, and sat right in the closest branch to that window.

And we went into meditation, and meditated for about twenty minutes, and he stayed throughout the meditation. When we came out of meditation, the hawk left.

So, once you become aware of the power of working with nature and being one with nature, nature will begin to speak to you. I think that’s probably the easiest of the four methods the Ra Group suggested, because nature is so beautiful. It’s very easy to see that the kingdom of the Creator is nature.


All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, “All things wise and wonderful, The Lord God made them all.

Each little flower that opens, Each little bird that sings, He made their glowing colors, He made their tiny wings.

All things bright and beautiful All creatures great and small All things wise and wonderful The Lord God made them all. 10

The second way of working to become a more open crystal, a more beautiful crystal, is to work with other people. That’s significantly harder than working with the trees and the animals and the winds and stuff because other people can talk back to you. Other people can be difficult. Other people can be challenging. And yet the Ra group says, “The universe is one being. When a person views another person, see the Creator.” 11

When we see somebody else, we’re not just seeing gender, age, weight, attractiveness, status in life, the clothes they’re wearing, their speech, how they talk or any other details whatsoever. When we look at people, we look past the outside. We look at the soul. We don’t get caught with our personality judging their personality. We look right into their soul. And we say, “You are I, I am you and we are the Creator. We are all One.”


Love one another, love one another as I love you Care for each other, care for each other as I care for you. And bear each other’s burdens, and share each other’s joys. Love one another, love one another and bring each other home

The third way that you can work on your crystal, the crystal that is yourself, to brighten it up and to help it flow ever more freely, is much more difficult than number one and number two, and that is to use yourself, to work with yourself.

Now, the easiest way to work with yourself, the most patent or obvious way to work with yourself is, very literally, to look in the mirror. And I don’t mean to look at your face. I mean to get close to the mirror, close enough that you can see the black part of the eye, the part that’s receiving the light. It’s also sending out the soul. You want to look into the mirror and see your soul. Just look into the mirror for thirty seconds a day. And at the end of a week, see how you feel about yourself. See how your feelings about yourself have changed. That’s the suggestion that the Ra group gives: “Gaze within the mirror. See the Creator.” 12

You can think of this gazing in the mirror another way though, because when we look at anything, we’re looking with a binocular vision. We have one eye on one side of our nose and one eye on the other. Given that we are doing well in this life, we have that arrangement! You could say that one eye is looking at the outer world, and that the other eye is looking at the inner world.

But we have a third eye, the indigo ray, right in the middle of our forehead. Perhaps we can envision ourselves blending and unifying our inner world and our outer world as they meet in that place where faith and will and the magical way dwell, so that we unify our view of the world. We unify our view of ourselves. We begin to see ourselves as we truly are, as sons and daughters of love and co-heirs of that creatorship that makes us part of the Creator principle, citizens of eternity, and infinite in our nature.

I think that the most common technique of indigo-ray is meditation. One of the attendees was asking me earlier what I thought of meditation and I simply said, “Well, the key of meditation is the silence.” I don’t really care which technique that a seeker uses in order to turn the key to the door of the open heart. The key itself is silence. When you are able to stop the chatter of your inner self, then you have the capacity for the first time to hear the voice that lies beyond words. In the Bible it is called the “still, small voice.” 13 It is that silence that has the information that words cannot bear.

As a channel I find myself trying to explain to people what the process is like. The process is that I receive concepts. And when I get the concept, it’s round, like a ball. It might be a sentence-worth of roundness. It might be a paragraph. Or I might have to tell a whole story in order to exhaust the concept. So, the job of a channel in way is that of a translator. You’re taking concept and you’re translating it into words so that people can understand it with their linear minds.

But see, on the inner level, if you can achieve silence, then you do not any longer have to worry about the translation. You’ve got the translation licked. You don’t have to translate anything because your subconscious mind has never left the infinite Creator. It knows everything that you don’t know. It’s on the other side of the veil. And of course you have it available to you in shadowed forms, in dreams and visions. But in everyday life, you really don’t have access to the inner you.

But in meditation, when you achieve silence, you are able to let this informational flow start. That’s really the goal, whether you are viewing a candle, or following your breath, or doing zazen meditation, or taking a walk in the woods and watching and listening to the birds, or any way that you achieve inner silence, so that you are not gabbing at yourself, judging yourself, judging others, and all the things that we do, having conversations with yourself and so forth. That is the desired point of meditation.

There’s an old hymn which is not in the new Hymnal of the Episcopal Church; it is in the old one. The first verse of it goes like this:


Oh Jesus, thou art standing Outside the fast closed door, In lowly patience waiting To cross the threshold o’er. Shame on us, Christian brothers, Whose name and sign we bear! And shame, thrice shame, upon us Who keep him standing there. 14

It’s about Jesus waiting to be asked into our heart. But you know, I think that the model of that is backwards. I think Jesus is already in our hearts—I should say unconditional love is already in our hearts, Christ-consciousness is already there. It is the very nature of our open heart. We’re the ones that are outside, forgetting to knock on the door, to turn the key of silence, and enter. So, it really behooves us to turn that key, and to enter.

In the outer world, when we say, “I” this, “I” that too much, people say, “Well, then he’s an egotist.” Ego means I in Latin, and it’s the small “i.” It’s the personality shell as a construct. It’s sort of like a suitcase of stuff we pack to take to the incarnation. “Let’s see. I need this gift, and this gift, and this limitation and this inability to do that whatsoever, can’t do that.” Okay, we pack all these things, we pack our moms and our dads and all the relationships that we have.

We pack extras, too. We have redundant relationships, so if one doesn’t work out, another will pop up. We have endless supplies of these things because we’ve been incarnating on Earth for 75,000 years. We’ve got tons of relationships to draw on. So we make all these contingent plans. We can’t run out. Everything is all set up for us. We pack our bags and we go to incarnation.

Of course, we forget completely that this bag we pack is baggage. It’s details. It’s not us. We are bigger than that. We are spiritual beings that have taken human form. We are, as my friend Barbara Brodsky says, “Angels in Earth Suits.” 15 We forget that. We really need to collect ourselves, to remember that not only can we follow the Creator but we can be the Creator. We can realize the Creator part of ourselves, by being willing to do that.


Here, O my Lord, I see thee face to face; Here would I touch and handle things unseen; Here grasp with firmer hand eternal grace, And all my weariness upon thee lean

I have no help but thine; nor do I need Another arm save thine to lean upon; It is enough, my Lord, enough indeed; My strength is in thy might, thy might alone. 16

It’s “thy might” to a person whose only concept of a Creator is to go to church and learn about it secondhand. It becomes “our might” when we claim creatorship for ourselves and interiorize this process that religion is trying to help us to grasp. Then we can become the consciousness that is the large “I,” the I AM THAT I AM. It’s a wonderful thing occasionally to rise to the mountaintop, that knowing, that gnosis, that “I AM THAT I AM.” Just that much. And the world is perfect, all is as it should be, and you look upon a harmonious and undivided world.

The fourth and final way that we attempt to know the Creator is to behold the moment. The Ra group says this:

The moment contains love. That is the lesson and goal of this illusion or density. The exercise is consciously to see that love in awareness and understanding distortions. The first attempt is the cornerstone. Upon this choosing rests the remainder of the life experience of an entity. The second seeking of love within the moment begins the addition. The third seeking empowers the second, the fourth powering or doubling the third. As with the previous type of empowerment, there will be some loss of power due to flaws within the seeking in the distortion of insincerity. However, the conscious statement of self to self of the desire to seek love, is so central in act of will that, as before, the loss of power due to this friction is inconsequential. 17

“Seeing the love in the moment.” I love that. “Where is the love in this moment?” I love that question. I ask myself that a lot. And I have found that a lot of times, when you are moved to ask that question, you’re not going to find it unless you decide to be the love in the moment. So, step up to the plate at those times and love what you’re seeing, not judging it, not trying to fix it. We didn’t come here for that.

We certainly came here to share our gifts with the world, and some of our outer gifts may involve working with the environment, working with politics, working with economics, working to change our society’s woes, changing the water in our ditch from bad water to good water, all of the things that the environmentalists are talking about, becoming responsible for the world around us, according to our outer gifts, this is a wonderful thing to do.

But this is not what I’m talking about. What I’m talking about is looking at the moment and seeing that we, by the way that relate to that moment, can either love it or judge it; can either love it or fear it. There’s a wonderful prayer by Saint Francis that bears on this point:

Lord make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love. Where there is injury, pardon. Where there is discord, union. Where there is doubt, faith. Where there is despair, hope. Where there is darkness, light. Where there is sadness, joy. O divine master, Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; To be understood as to understand; To be loved as to love; For it is giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

My husband and I decided in August of 2001 to begin offering to the Earth and the cause of peace that prayer, “Make me an instrument of thy peace,” daily at 9 o’clock at night, and you are welcome to join us. People do from all over the world. It’s one of a number of ways to join in global efforts to change the vibration of Planet Earth and to help it achieve an easier fourth-density birth.

There’s a theory or a description of the way things are that the Confederation channeling offers, that I think is especially helpful, and I touched on it earlier. It is the concept of polarity. Now, to understand polarity, you think about polarization in your sunglasses, for instance. It splits the light into light and dark and enables you to see in bright sunlight better. Polarity also has to do with magnetism, where you have a positive and negative end to a magnet and like ends repel and opposite ends attract. But it’s probably easier to understand how polarity works in our environment if you think about the way a car works. You’ve got cylinders resting at dead center and you need the power to kick them off dead center and to get the engine going, and so you have a spark plug that sparks and ignites and you kick that cylinder and the next and the next, the engine starts going and you ride off into the sunset to do your chores and to do your work. You’re empowered to do your work.

Well, what empowers polarity for us is that first choice that we make to be of service to others, or to be of service to ourselves. But I don’t think I am talking to people that want to polarize in service to themselves. I think I’m talking to people who want to polarize in service to others.

So, our first cornerstone choice is that moment when we know we have awakened. We’re never going to go back to sleep in this life. We can’t simply tell ourselves it doesn’t matter. We know it matters, we know that it’s time to be responsible citizens of eternity and to help bring forth fourth density, as we came here to do, as we intended to do before we were ever ready to go into incarnation, before we ever took the plunge into this valley of the shadow where we can’t remember why we came until we finally wake up.

After we’ve made that first choice, then we’ve got something going. We’ve started to kick the cylinder off of dead center. We’ve gotten out of the gravity well a little bit. And every time we repeat that choice, we increase our power, our polarity. And eventually, if we get to the point where more than half the time we’re of service to others in our thoughts, we’ve just achieved graduation.

It amounts to seeing somebody that’s hungry, tearing your peanut butter sandwich in half and giving him the bigger half. When we care about others more than ourselves more than half the time, that’s graduation. If you can do that, just that much—not being 90% service to others or saints—just 51% makes us a saint on Earth. With all our faults, with all the dirt on our faces and the stubbed toes, we are saints on Earth, if we can be of service to others 51% of the time.

In order to graduate service-to-self, you have to be of service to self 95% of the time, and of service to others no more than 5% of the time. So, it’s very difficult, you would think, to graduate in the negative sense, much easier to graduate in the positive sense. And yet, that is not true. Because it’s just as hard to help yourself clear up to the point where you’re thinking about others 51% of the time as it is to achieve a rating of 95% service-to-self.

In between the 5% and the 51% lies the gravity well of third-density. Those people will simply have to keep repeating third density until they learn the lessons of love. As John Lennon said, “No hell beneath us and no heaven above.” The hell and the heaven are in our mind and our minds are one with the Creator. Both are in us and we can always choose which place to dwell.

I sing a song of the saints of God Patient and brave and true, Who toiled and fought and loved and died For the Lord they loved and knew. And one was a doctor, and one was a queen, And one was a shepherdess on the green: They were all them saints of God—and I mean, God helping, to be one too.

They loved their Lord so dear, so dear And His love made them strong; And they followed right, for Jesus’ sake, The whole of their good life long. And one was a soldier, and one was a priest, And one was slain by a fierce wild beast: And there’s not any reason—no not the least— Why I shouldn’t be one too. 18

And as always, if you hear “Lord” or “Jesus” and prefer other terminology, substitute “unconditional love.”

That is what I have to say today, and I’ve left a little time for questions and answers before we go off the air. Does anybody have a question?

When you said to look in the mirror, was that thirty seconds you said, or thirty minutes?

Actually, that’s a very powerful practice and it would not be good to do it for more than 30 seconds to begin with. Now, you can expand the moment that you use, you can go up to a minute and gradually up to two minutes, three minutes, four minutes, and so forth because it is a powerful practice and it’s a good way to recover your former incarnations. As you look into the mirror and into your soul, you actually can sometimes see your face begin to change shape. Now, this doesn’t usually happen right away. It takes a little practice to get past the self-consciousness of, “Well, I’m looking in the mirror, and this is pretty silly,” and you know, you’re sitting in the bathroom and it doesn’t feel very magical. But you have to be able to let go and just really get into that focus and you begin to realize yourself in a whole different way. It’s really a very helpful exercise.

I have a question about joy in the moment. When you are holding your lecture now, it’s a warmth, it’s an insight, but it’s not the concrete joy, it’s more of an abstract joy in a way. So, if you find joy to being with Jesus, to be in joy is some concrete thing. Yet when you look around you see lots of things that go from bad to worse. Can you comment on what you mean?

That’s a very interesting question because, of course, we are facing difficult times. I’ve had a conversation with this particular attendee. She has a long history of political activism. She feels that all people should be equally gifted with the fruit of their labors and to share the wealth and the resources of the world in complete equality. It was a wonderful, inspired notion of Jesus the Christ, that became a Marxist desire, to open up the wealth of the world to what he called the working man, or what people ages past might have called peons or serfs or slaves, or the poor that Jesus said that we have always with us. And how in the world do you feel joy when you know that there’s injustice and poverty and hunger and disease and war and all of these things in the world?

And she also said that while I seem to find joy in Jesus, she’s not a Christian. So, how can she find some concrete source of joy? And in actuality, I do find joy, certainly, in my contemplation of the divine amount of focus that this man was able to give to love, so that even on the cross when he was being terribly used he said, “Father, forgive them, for that they know not what they do.” 19

Well, people who are involved in wars and killings and injustice and taking and using, know not what they do. If they knew what they were doing they would be shocked. Because what they think they are doing, what all people of power think they are doing, is managing things for the good of everybody. “People out there don’t realize how difficult it is. We have diminishing resources and we must make sure that our people have these resources. This is for their own good and this will keep people safe.” And so they continue making their own laws and breaking their own laws and going about despoiling and ravaging the poor of the world and even killing them, as if they were nothing.

How can you find joy, especially a concrete joy, and not simply a joy of the mind or a joy of the unknown, in life? I think that what you have to do is get below the radar of politics, society, religion and all the details of our everyday life. You have to focus down until you get into your daily life. You have to look at the person who is washing the dishes. I was washing the dishes one time and I had this amazing experience where something about the way the light was glinting off the dish and the smell of the soap and just my own state of mind at the time led me into a kind of realization or satori where the dish was shining. The dish was singing to me. It was saying, “You really did me! You really washed me so clean! I feel so good!” And it was going on and on about how good it felt because I was washing it with love. The joy of that action communicated itself with me in a very concrete way.

I’ve had that experience cleaning the bathroom. I’ve had that experience gardening. As I’m weeding the plantings are saying, “Oh, I just couldn’t breathe! All those weeds were in there! And now it feels so good!”

It’s the tiniest things in life that bring joy. What’s that book? It’s Chop Wood, Carry Water. 20 It’s within the basics of life where you have the most access to joy and bliss because, in doing these very simple things, you do them with all of your consciousness open. You’re totally awake. You’re aware and you’re conscious. And in that consciousness, there is space for information because that feeling of consciousness has so much light to it. It’s really fourth-density light.

So, you lift yourself up by your bootstraps by entering into life, by becoming totally incarnate, by accepting the dirt of life, by accepting the silliness of life, the ridiculousness of life, when you see it, and knowing that beneath all of the emptiness and the vanity and the vainglory lies the love and light of the infinite Creator.

It is like focusing in and in on the non-sublime until you get past your judgment of the simple things and begin to be aware of the dance. And I think that dance is that wonderful place that we can go and become one with the soldiers and the saints and the silly people and the stupid people.

I think so much of Walt Whitman as a poet, and one of the things he felt as a poet was that he was trying to tell people how to get to that place of joy. I can’t quote the whole thing, but basically he said, “Keep your promises, be true to your word, be kind to the crazy and the stupid, in all things follow your heart, and you shall be a living poem.” 21

Getting to yourself, becoming able to let your light shine, is a matter of getting out of your own way and refraining, for that moment where you wish to come into touch with your true and deep self, from looking at the world around you.

I myself am often appalled by things that are occurring in the world. Nobody wants to see people killed or maimed, especially innocents and especially innocent children. And we know that this is happening again and again and again. So we want to allow ourselves to become larger than what is coming at us from the outside, because what is coming at us from the outside will continue, until we stick our spoon in the wall 22 and move on.

And yet, the process of graduation has to do with what happens in our inner selves. We can realize that we have the ability and even the responsibility to let up from our social selves, our married selves, our roles in life as workers, or mothers and fathers or sons and daughters or whatever groups we’re a part of, and this includes our armies and war. In whatever circumstances we find ourselves, we can realize that whatever happens to us is not to be judged but to be gazed at with love and affection.

If appalling horror is in there, we gently allow it to fall away, so that we can stay conscious and we can decide how we want to shape our response. It’s not just our outer response we’re trying to shape. One of the very first sessions we had with Ra, Ra began asking, “What are your thoughts this day?” That is the arena in which our knighthood shall be won, in which we may go forth and offer our love for the world and beau geste of love and light.

I believe it is time for us to wind things up. So, I want to thank Bob, the producer of this wonderful weekend, and all of the people that are here, and all the people on BBS Radio. I want to thank Don Newsom for arranging for this to occur and for all of those involved broadcasting this. Many thanks to all of you. And from us, good night.

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