When our meditation group member, T, heard these crystal bells for the first time [referring to the playing of crystal bells prior to the talk], he said, “I feel as though I’ve stumbled into a metaphysical energy supermarket!”

[Carla sings]

God is working His purpose out, as year succeeds to year. God is working His purpose out, and the time is drawing near. Nearer and nearer draws the time; the time that shall surely be When the earth shall be full of the glory of God, as the waters cover the sea.

All we can do is nothing worth, unless God blesses the deed. Vainly, we hope for the harvest tide till God gives life to the seed. Nearer and nearer draws the time, the time that shall surely be When the earth shall be filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea. 1

What is the Harvest? Those of Ra say in Session Six:

The sphere upon which you dwell—[thus, the Earth]—is third density in its beingness of mind-body-spirit complexes. [That means the people who live in the third density, like the third grade in school.]

The sphere on which we live, however, is in space/time continuum fourth density. They go on to say somewhat dryly, that this is causing a somewhat difficult harvest, because the thought forms of the people on the planet are not coherent. When things aren’t coherent, they can’t get it together, right? And, in this planet, we have a wide range of polarities. That’s the essence of third density: So everything is working properly, it just looks like chaos at the moment. And the other [speakers] on the team have talked a good deal about this harvest in terms of the mechanics of it; the ways that it has been recognized on the Earth until this time. But essentially what is the harvest?

I think that in trying to grasp our situation at this time, it’s very helpful to let go of any concerns about what is going to happen in third density. The harvest is of third density. The conditions that bring about harvest weren’t even important enough for those of Ra to answer Don’s question when he asked—and that’s the first thing he asked—“What’s going to happen?” and they said, [paraphrased] “Well, the conditions that bring about harvest are just boring, they just don’t matter.” So, it doesn’t help us a great deal metaphysically to focus upon the harvest’s more radical, ascension-type content, and you’ll see it everywhere; you’ll see it in fundamental Christianity; you’ll see it in fundamental Islam. There is a sense of fear and a sense of “Will I make it?” and that kind of thing.

You know what? What happens is, we decide. It’s like, in terms of what I think will happen, I see those of Ra describing it pretty clearly. They talk about the steps of light; walking up the steps, and each step is a little bit fuller of light, and when you get to the point where your physical vehicle, whatever that would be at that particular state, the vehicle that you’re experiencing in, when it can’t take the light, you get off the steps of light, and you stay at that level of light, because that’s where you’re comfortable. That’s all there is to it. You choose, and yet it’s not a test; it’s not a contest; it’s not anything but you loving yourself and wanting yourself to have the most comfortable and the most appropriate place. And, of course, as soon as you get out of this particular illusion and you’re in this process, you’re talking with your higher self, and you have the benefit of many other friends as well.

So, I think that, in terms of what’s going to happen on this Earth, and I will talk about that a little bit, it’s irrelevant, but in terms of spiritual work, what we need to remember for the harvest is that what we’re working on is the ability to love; to give and to receive love; that’s what the lessons are all about, here, if you analyze the lessons in your life. They are about giving and receiving love; sometimes without expectation of return.

The thing about the harvest that inspires me is that this is such an exciting time to be alive. This could well be our last incarnation in this density. What we’ve already done may be most of what we can do before the harvest occurs. This incarnation, therefore, is full of excitement, because this is our last shot at balancing all distortion; not getting rid of it, but allowing it to flow through us and out and just remain who we are beneath all the “sturm und drang.” 2

[Carla sings]

Oh day of peace that dimly shines through all our hopes and dreams, Guide us to justice, truth, and love, delivered from our selfish schemes. May swords of hate fall from our hands, our hearts from envy find release, Till by God’s grace our warring world shall see the promised reign of peace. 3

We can do a great deal to help this planet find its way to peace, because you know where peace starts; it starts with us. It doesn’t start in the nations of the world; it doesn’t start with governments; it starts with people, and what they do is sometimes almost seemingly an accident, and yet, because of who they are and the purity of their intentions, they’ve been given the opportunity to serve, and they get a tremendous amount of service [opportunities] simply because people start talking about them: Mother Theresa, Mother Seaton, you could name many entities that have entered public life for fifteen minutes or fifteen years and truly, because there was peace within their hearts and because that peace brought them into an outer service that drew attention, they became those who spoke to people’s hearts, and, if there’s one thing that I would love to do this evening—and T2 reminded me I said this last time, but it’s always true—it would just please me so much for you to feel for an instant; just feel the love that I have for each of you as a soul; as a being. I can’t tell you how precious you are; how beautiful you are. There’s a quality to consciousness that is ineffable, infinite, total, and I believe I see the Creator sparkling out of all your eyes. Each of you is a treasure, and the more that I talk to any one person, the more I see. Not just the flaws—that’s easy—but the beauty. I begin to get a feeling for the energy within that person, and I begin being able to share energy consciously, and everybody that I’ve ever met opens like a flower and has the most beautiful aroma and blossom.

[Carla sings]

Immortal, invisible, God only wise, In light inaccessible, hid from our eyes, Most blessed, most glorious, the Ancient of Days, Almighty, victorious, Thy great Name we praise.

To all life thou givest, to both great and small; In all life thou livest, the true life of all; We blossom and flourish like leaves on the tree, Then wither and perish, but naught changeth thee. 4

“Will we see more changes in our environment?” Don asked. And those of Ra answered:

The planetary sphere, itself, will electromagnetically realign its vortices of reception of the instreaming of cosmic forces expressing themselves in vibrational webs so that the earth thus be fourth-density magnetized.

That’s what they saw as happening with the harvest. This all has to do with the structure of the illusion, and we’re going from an illusion to an illusion; there’s nothing but illusion and the Creator. The Creator has to create the illusion, so He can find out about himself … itself … herself … all of those!

Now, what this means in terms of the planet itself is that, if the magnetic grid is realigning, the skin of the Earth may have to shift in order to follow the realignment, and that means there will be “inconveniences,” and those have begun, and they will continue for awhile. I count it as a great, great success, if you will; a very great manifestation of the work of wanderers before me and of my generation,, and after me, of your all’s generation, that we have not gotten completely “cataclysmed” by the earth changes in 1998. That was, I think, pretty much set in stone until work started on … among those who were seeing energetically or something was happening and began to work with the Earth’s grid, which really has gone on a lot longer than you’d think. Don, Jim, and I myself have been working with earth energies and [have been] familiar with the grid phenomenon since the early seventies.

So there are plenty of chances to help that are coming up, in terms of [the] physical [illusion]. I think what I pray, for myself, is that I’m able to serve as long as I’m alive. That’s it. I mean, it’s the same thing as my hopes in this time. Right now and forever; I just hope to be of service, and for now, it’s what would be needed if there were cataclysms.

I do know for sure that one thing that will be needed is something that we will have in the future: those people with open hearts and an eagerness to help, because every time you see people in strain and stress, you may hear of some difficulties with looting and so forth, but what you’ll hear if you really dig down and start asking people then you’ll have a story about how wonderful somebody was and how they were heroes, unsung, unknown, but they had turned back and gone back up the steps in the World Trade Center so that they could bring down a person that couldn’t get down by herself. You know, you’ve heard tons of those stories, and you will, about any event that is carefully looked into. People are knights in shining armor; we’re just looking for the chance to express our passion; looking for a chance to focus our passion.

So my response to all of this: the feeling of urgency, knowing that we have about ten more years left in this waning night of the end of this age and the dawning of the next; going from Pisces to Aquarius; my response, after a good deal of prayer, and it came to me one evening with a very strong intuition, [was] that the thing we needed to do was work on the earth grid, especially the places that needed tweaking, and David and I have been in correspondence about this in particular: how to respond to this intuition. I think David said that he had come to the conclusion, already, that we needed to investigate this further and see what the possibilities were, independent of myself. So we’d been in correspondence about it a bit, and I asked him a very pointed question one day in an email; “What I need to know is what’s appropriate here. Do we just need to be wherever we are around the globe and send energy to the whole grid; [or] do we need to form focus groups and go to certain places—portals—that need tweaking and be the focus group for people all over the globe sending energy through that focus group? And, if we do need actually, physically, to go anywhere on this Earth, what’s the timing and what’s the sequence?”

That day that David got my email, he also got a forward from a guy who was writing about the grid and how to help it out, and [at] what places and what times and so forth. It was a little much to see without realizing that there was a resonance there, and so we both continue to work on this. I’ve already started setting up a temporary site. My webmaster is working furiously, and, if there’s anyone that would like to help with this project, write me [through the e-mail link on our web site], and I’ll put you on the team. I see that as fourth-density road building. I am playing with names like I-324-D. 5

You heard David talk about DNA, and you realize that DNA is a very intelligent thing, but it needs direction. And where does it get direction? It gets direction from your perceptions. All the cells, you know, stick their little antennae out and look for something that needs doing, and, if it’s digestion, they get the digestion antenna, and, if it’s reproduction, then you can grab what’s there for reproduction, and they respond appropriately. And, if you find someone who, for instance, does not believe that his skin is being pierced by a needle or some instrument because he’s hypnotized, his skin will not bleed; there won’t be a hole; it won’t “happen.”

Perception and DNA are involved in this equation. I believe that another way to look at the harvest is to say we’ve got DNA for third density; we need DNA for fourth density. The way you get DNA for fourth density is to have a certain amount of energy of unconditional love moving through you which makes it possible for the DNA to start connecting more strands and running fourth-density DNA, which means that you are then vibrating fourth density, and you are on the line without doing anything, now, sending light into the earth grid. Because that’s what we do; we’re all radios; we’re all receiving, and we’re all sending, and, believe me, you can feel that. You can feel what their energy is like when someone comes into the room, and some people, you really want to be around, and other people seem to detract, and you don’t want to be around them. What’s going on there is the subtle energies, moving through; it’s the way people allow energy to go through. All of us are blocked or over-activated or distorted in each energy to some extent, so we’re all vibrating, we’re all receiving, and we get each other’s transmissions, and there’s not a lot we can do about it. It’s the crystal self expressing.

So everybody’s a different crystal; everybody’s a different gem, and everybody has his place in building, because, the more people that work together, the closer we can get to get to the kind of hundredth monkey effect, so-called, that could increase the harvest a lot.

[Carla sings]

Humbly I adore thee, Verity unseen, Who Thy glory hidest ’neath these shadows mean; Lo, to Thee surrendered, my whole heart is bowed, Tranced as it beholds Thee, hidden in a cloud.

Taste and touch and vision to discern Thee fail; Faith, that comes by hearing, pierces through the veil. Grant my spirit ever by Thy ways to live To my taste, thy sweetness never failing give. 6

So, how do you do this tweaking of the grid? According to the Law of One information, those of Ra greatly hoped that we would be working on this grid. Don asked those of Ra, “Can you tell me what the adept, after being able to hold the image for several minutes, does to affect planetary consciousness or affect positive polarity?” Don was working on this, and I can remember he and Andre Puharich sitting up late many nights [in the 1970s and ‘80s] talking about how to let the whole world know about this information, which was just love, light, all is one. Simple stuff, but of course the implications are quite subtle, and it goes on for awhile; it doesn’t stay simple long. But, if you stay with the bigness, it is extremely simple.

Those of Ra said:

When a positive adept touches intelligent infinity from within, this connection enables the green-ray true color [which is the heart] in time/space to manifest in your space/time. In green ray, thoughts are beings; in your illusion, it’s normally not so. The adept then becomes a living channel for the love and light and are able to channel this radiance directly into the planetary web of energy nexi.

So, each of you, the Ra group hopes, could become living channels for love and light.

I don’t know how much you’ve thought about sainthood. I was talking to someone about sainthood recently, because he was being given catalyst in terms of being perceived as saintly, and my reaction was basically that that’s a good thing, because, once people do perceive you as a saint, you can bless people, and they’ll receive it more than if you’re just Joe Blow next door. Somebody says, “Well, this is Saint Carla,” you can really pay attention. Now, no one has ever accused me of sainthood, but there are those I know who have been. In fact, my husband has made me promise not to call him Saint James any more, and I don’t, but I share it with you, anyway. The thing of it is, every one of us is a saint; every one of us. We’re the least of the saints, but we’re saints. It’s what we are; it’s what we came here to do; it’s what we came here to be, beyond the grime, beyond the headache of suffering and living and making a living. We’re saints, and we came here to be angels on Earth—all of us, every one of us. And we’ve got the heart to do it, and the will to do it, and we’ve got the beauty within us to share. We’ve got so much to give.

[Carla sings]

I sing a song of the saints of God, patient and brave and true, Who toiled and fought and lived and died for the Lord they loved and knew, And one was a doctor and one was a queen and one was a shepherdess on the green. They were all of them saints of God, and I mean, God helping, to be one, too.

They loved their Lord so dear, so dear. There are hundreds of thousands still. The world is bright with the joyous saints who love the Creator’s will. You can meet them in school or in lanes or at sea, In church or in trains or in shops or at tea, For the saints of God are just folk like me, and I mean to be one, too. 7

Dave Matthews wrote, “We got love; don’t turn it down. We’ve got a long way to go, but you gotta start somewhere. Turn it loud; let it build. We’ve got a long way to go, but we gotta start somewhere.” How do we do it? We just be. We just are.

We already are, but you have to let it happen, and out of that comes the whole pattern,. The first thing that happens it that you decide that you want to be this part of yourself. Because we are universal [beings]; we have 360 degrees [of beingness]. So, we can, in our hearts, kill as quickly as we save. We can, in our hearts, steal as quickly as we give. We can, in our hearts, think any number of thoughts, and sometimes we act out even into the illusion, but the point is what’s happening in our hearts. The illusion remains the illusion. What’s happening in our hearts affects the core of our beings; of our spirit complex.

[Carla sings]

Lord, make us servants of your peace; Where there is hate, may we sow love; Where there is hurt, may we forgive; Where there is strife, may we make one.

May we not look for love’s return But seek to love unselfishly, For in our giving, we receive, And in forgiving are forgiven.

Dying, we live and are reborn Through death’s dark night to endless day. Lord, make us servants of your peace To wake at last in heaven’s light. 8

I think one of the most devastating things about being spiritually awake is that you begin to realize you don’t come from here, you don’t belong here, and you’re not going to be here for long, and you just wonder why you’re here. The more you wake up, the more alien you feel, and whether your particular feeling for truth leads you into the UFO myth of wanderer, being from another planet and coming here to help, or whether there’s another myth involved in the way you explain the difference from people, there’s no question that, whatever the mythic system is, you’ve changed, and you can’t go back. There’s a feeling of dissociation, of alienation and rejection. It’s difficult.

And it is precisely against this background that you organized your life. You wanted it this way; we all wanted it this way. We wanted a good, stout, sturdy illusion, [so we could] work out the best balance we could of love and wisdom right now, right here. A lot of us are coming back from a point of sixth density where we just about had it right as far as the balance between love and wisdom. We come back here, because we didn’t have light enough, and we wanted to try again to see if we could scoot that [point of balance]over a little. I think a lot of people come in[to life] in pairs to learn lessons from each other. One’s trying to open the heart; the other is trying to learn wisdom. Apparently, that was Don and me. You see a lot of patterns where two people are working out very balanced, very good, karmic dynamics, if you will, in their two lives, and sometimes they are at work on this for most of the incarnation.

That irritant is working to create the pearl that is you, coming through these lessons, and I think it helps, in doing this kind of re-seeing and revisiting of the experience of life and living, to know that we do have friends; that we’re not simply attempting to see with new eyes all by ourselves. Thought attracts like thought, and so your friends are those who have made decisions to be with you before this life on the inner planes and also those who are attracted to you because of your hopes, your dreams, your gem-like qualities. Most energetically active people, people that are working on themselves, working to be of more service, working to be more loving have a dozen or so folks around of all different kinds [from the inner planes], from little children that are around in the ethers, and find lost things for you, to angels, to guru types that express in that way from the inner planes. There’s a wide variety of Native Americans all over in this particular country, and, if you’re starting to tune in, you might get guidance from that energy which is in the earth around you which is Native American in terms of primeval energy. All of these energies are on the inner planes, and there is an enormous population on the inner planes, and it’s very, very much a part of the consciousness that we’re a part of. So, you have friends and helpers of various kinds.

[Carla sings]

Follow the drinkin’ gourd, Follow the drinkin’ gourd, For the old man is a-waitin’ for to carry you to freedom; Follow the drinkin’ gourd.

When the sun comes up and the first quail calls, Follow the drinkin’ gourd. There’s an old man a-waitin’ for to carry you to freedom; Follow the drinkin’ gourd.

The river bank’ll make a mighty good road. The dead trees will show you the way; Left foot, peg foot, traveling on; Follow the drinkin’ gourd.

Follow the drinkin’ gourd; Follow the drinkin’ gourd, For the old man is a-waitin’ for to carry you to freedom; Follow the drinkin’ gourd. 9

“The Drinkin’ Gourd” was a slave song, and the song was in code. There would be signs, [like a drinking gourd] that were hung in trees and so forth, and slaves escaping from the south to the north, in the unhappy time before slaves were freed in this country, went up an underground railroad, they called it. People would help people to be free, and they’d give them a bed and some food and send them on. They’d keep going north, following the signs. So this song is about searching for freedom.

And truly there are those that help in that way, that are on the inner planes and wait to give you sustenance and strength, not by physical food but by the food of hope and support and encouragement; those things that we never realize how much we need, until we get a good supply and realize that, for the first time, we’re feeling faithful and energized and ready for anything, just because we’re being in that energy. I often just pause for just a moment so that I can access that feeling of being really loved and cherished and nurtured and really held in loving arms, as we all are.

[Carla sings]

God, be in my head and in my understanding. God, be in mine eyes and in my looking. God, be in my mouth and in my speaking. God, be in my heart and in my thinking. God, be at my end and at my departing. 10

The measure of our selfhood, in terms of graduation, in terms of our signature outside of this illusion, is what the Ra called the violet-ray emanation, and, if you’ve ever seen a spectroscope, it’s just like that, a tapestry of the colors of you, the tones and the textures and the patterns. That’s something you can do consciously. It’s something that happens to you while you’re paying attention to other things, as the cliché goes, but it’s a very real, very sure process where you keep surprising yourself with who you are as you change and you learn about yourself, and, believe me, you never stop. It keeps cycling, and sometimes you’ll see that you’re doing the same thing again; having a relationship that has certain overtones or certain dynamics, or you’re in the job situation you had before, or you’re in a neighbor situation you had before or—all sorts of ways that you can spot where your lessons are, by looking and seeing what you’ve given yourself. What are you working on? This is very helpful in figuring out where the entry is into that ineffable essence that is yourself.

The thing of it is, you see, the question itself becomes, “Who is the Creator?” because, if all things are One, then each of us is the Creator. So, really, findings of the heart of self begin to look more and more like finding the Creator.

I don’t know if any of you have had experience with channeling groups. I’ve had a channeling group for a long time. There aren’t a whole lot of people who have had a channeling group for a long time, and the reason is that people are very eager, they ask for a certain amount of information, they get the information, they do not use or live the information, so the information repeats. And, at some point, people get tired of the repetition, but they’re not willing to live the lessons learned so far, to the extent that they’re ready for new ones. Now, I’m not saying that Jim and I have succeeded in working with our catalyst in terms of what we’ve received, but we’ve sure tried hard, and we read material every day that we consider helpful. We meditate, we sing, we pray, and we do it every day, and that is our personal commitment to living what we’ve been privileged to receive.

When you see the channeling groups begin, it’s almost always an explosion of very positive material. Sometimes, those received truths will harden into doctrine, and that is the death of that particular group, because truth does not harden. There may be a core of truth that remains precisely as it is, but the way truth looks to you, the way it feels, the way it’s expressed, the aura of it, will change for you and will change again, and you can’t hold on to it; you have to let resonance be resonance and let yourself tell yourself, by the resonance you feel, what your truth is, and don’t be afraid to let bits of it go and pick up new bits.

[Carla sings]

We limit not the truth of God to our poor reach of mind To notions of our day and place, crude, partial and confined. No, let a new and better hope within our hearts be stirred. Now, the Lord has yet more light and truth to break forth from His Word.

Who dares to bind to one’s own sense the oracles of heaven For all the nations, tongues and climes and all the ages given? That universe, how much unknown?; How much is unexplored? The Lord has yet more light and truth to break forth from His Word. 11

To pick up the thread of who we are and who the Creator is and how we directly apprehend that, I was talking to a client last week, who happens to be here this evening, and she said to me, “I want to be myself; I want to be more deeply myself. How do I do that? I mean, I can change my behavior; I can figure out what the right thing is to do, and I can do it; I can behave; I can do that, but is that being me? What if being me is selfish?” I thought it was a substantive question.

There is a sense of a lack of focus sometimes, because there’s no pattern; you have to make your own pattern, and, until you have worked out your own “salvation in fear and trembling,” until you have worked out your way, to your own satisfaction, of embracing the spiritual path; until you have created for yourself the serenity and the stability of a regular, daily practice, in some way of organizing your efforts towards your own evolution, it will be very difficult to do anything except walk up and down the aisles of the spiritual supermarket, shopping and trying out ideas. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with shopping; I love to shop! But the problem is, when you shop and shop and shop and shop and put things in your cart and put them back, you never get out of the store. Trying things out; you just keep shopping! “I think I’ll try this one next. No, no, I’ll try this one next.” They all have their merits. But it may be that your path is 10, 20 or 30 years in the making because of the fact that you find yourself so eclectic, and you’ve lived in enough different cultures and there are enough different patterns in your own mind that have been worked before and have been connected before, that you’re able to take things from several different religions and make them work for you.

However, the faster that you get there, as far as I’m concerned, the better, because, once you have settled into a way of working, there’s a flow that begins. Part of the flow is started by commitment; not necessarily to a religion, but commitment to your own process. Once you realize that the flow has begun, you can lean into it, and that flow gets faster and thicker and, instead of two things happening a day that are fantastic, you’ll have fifty. It can get ridiculous! One very pivotal time when Jim and I were driving out to Nebraska recently, and I was doing a tremendous amount of healing work with a fellow I call Papa, who lives in California and whom I’ve never met but who is my spiritual teacher at this time, I was working with his material, and, every time I looked up from working with it in the car, I saw a hawk. Now, a hawk is a symbol of those of Ra. It has been in the [Egyptian] mythical system that Ra was the “hawk-headed god,” a god of the sun.

That’s not the Ra that I know! The Ra that I know is a group of people who are humble messengers, and they just laugh at the idea that they could be a god. On the other hand, it’s what they seemed like to the people of Egypt, so it’s understandable how all this got started. “Hey, you look like my aunt; you must be my aunt!” and that is pretty much what happened, I think. They had a mythical system that Ra fit into in that way, and certainly there are resonances between the sun and those of Ra, there’s no question about it. But they would never characterize themselves that way.

At any rate, what I was leading towards was that, however you are able to do it, the more that you can open your own energies to passion and open-heartedness and over-the-top activism backing up those things that you feel you want to do, the more rapidly the process of change will occur. So, it’s very helpful to do the work to increase that passion and that focus and that intensity within yourself and encourage it when you see it. Most people are kind of afraid of intensity, but it’s really the intensification and the enhancement of consciousness where resources lie for us as far as becoming more aware of who we are; becoming more able to be who we are and not to put forth efforts to impress people, because that’s an empty thing. No matter how much we impress people on a Sunday, Monday will come, then enough Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and so forth, and we will slip and be ourselves. But once we realize that we are these incredibly powerful, strong, energetic beings, once we grasp this aspect of ourselves, it becomes possible to find something that has been called, by some, freedom. The worlds are free to those who have no fear. When you can strain the fear-based activities out of your expression of yourself and you’re just moving from instinct, impulse; when you’ve cleared the agenda that has no real basis in function, and you’ve gotten the form out of the way, and you’re just yourself, then wonderful things can happen.

[Carla sings]

Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, With all thy quickening power, Kindle a flame of sacred love In these cold hearts of ours. 12

Now, how do we do that? How do we find ourselves open and free? The [following] quotation here is from Q’uo rather than from those of Ra. Q’uo is the entity that I channel consciously now, and it’s made up partially of Ra but also a couple of other entities from the same Confederation of Planets of fifth density and fourth density, and this is the quote from those of Q’uo:

To the disciplined entity, all things are open and free. The discipline which opens the universes opens also the gateways to evolution. The difference is that of choosing wither to hitchhike to a place where beauty may be seen or to walk, step-by-step, independent and free in this independence to praise the strength to walk and the opportunity for the awareness of beauty. The hitchhiker sees the same beauty but has not prepared itself for the establishment in the roots of mind of the experience.

[It is] kind of a complex little thought cluster, but then that’s nothing new for you all if you’ve been reading those of Ra. Those of Q’uo are a whole lot easier to read—one level down in terms of density. I think fifth-density [channeling] is a lot easier [to comprehend quickly], a lot closer to our density.

This interested me, and I think it really has a lot to do with direct apprehension. You know how we are always looking for an edge, like the hitchhiker, he’s looking for a way to get there faster, so he bums a ride. Of course, now, the ride may take him out of his way, he may have to get out and hitch another ride, and what the Q’uo are saying here is that there’s a plus side to going more slowly; to walking every step of the way, grounding yourself that you are going where you’re going, step-by-step, you can account for every one. You’re not giving anything over to another’s direction, and I think this is a story, of the choices between walking and hitchhiking, that reflects back on the great struggle between religion and spirituality, because religion is like the ride that you’re getting, but your feet are now off the road, and you have to go where that car goes, and that’s a pretty difficult thing for a lot of people to do. It’s certainly the way to get to a lot of beautiful states of consciousness, and there’s not a religion around that I know of that does not help you transcend to moments of beauty and the opportunity for the most amazing realizations, but in and of itself, the religion is just a car. You’re the one that is putting the power source there, so if you are creating your own path, you are walking step-by-step, and there’s a virtue to that. The virtue of it is that people that deal with religion a lot of times are not loosing themselves or losing themselves; they’re not letting themselves go; they’re not leaving the self-consciousness behind and simply moving into states of consciousness that are of worship and devotion and purified emotions. People who participating in rites or group rites that are of the traditional religions may well be going through the form and not feeling anything, and of course the great heart of evolution in third density is feelings. Feelings are the important thing, and emotion, purified emotion, is love itself.

Any purified emotion, when you get to the level of purity with that emotion, is beautiful. I remember the first time that I felt grief in a pure way, and, instead of tearing at my heart, it was just so beautiful, I cried because of the beauty of it. I had that experience with the emotion of anger one time, a long time ago, and saw the beauty of that. Believe me, [with] all of the emotions, if you are able to process and let them all flow through and continue to flow through, you can filter and filter and filter and filter all the dregs and all the darkness, in terms of life, out until you’re feeling the living, flowing emotion that is the stuff of the Godhead. And I call that “practicing the presence of the infinite Creator.” I’ve seen that a lot in the channeling that is conscious, not in the channeling of those of Ra.

[Carla sings]

Out of the depths I call, To God I send my cry! Lord, hear my supplicating voice And graciously reply.

My longing eyes look out For Thy enlivening ray More duly than the morning watch Spy the dawning day. 13

I shall leave the last topic, which happened to be “wretchedness,” unaddressed, because I have run completely out of time, and so, let me just thank you so much. I love you all. God bless!

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