English occultist and ceremonial magician; claimed to have been contacted by a supernatural entity known as Aiwass who provided him with The Book of the Law, which declared that entities should “Do what thou wilt” and seek to align themselves with their True Will; proposed the idea that human beings each have their own True Will that they should discover and pursue, and that this exists in harmony with the Cosmic Will that pervades the universe; believed that magic (“magick”) was “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”

From the Ra Contact: A positive entity whose journey was difficult due to the inability to use, synthesize, and harmonize the understandings of the desires of self; became “overstimulated with the true nature of things,” somewhat overly impressed or caught up in the process of balancing various energy centers, and alienated from other-selves; after physical death, began a healing process within the inner planes due to its very unhealthy spirit complex.