One of the preconditions for space/time existence is some form of body complex. Each body offers a vehicle for learning, movement, and experience in a particular environment. Including the present physical body, there are seven basic bodies.

Red Ray: The unconstructed material of the body, the elemental body without form, the chemical body. Not, however, the biological system of bone, tissue, organs, muscle, nerves, hormones, electrochemical impulses and so forth that is the human physical body. This basic unformed material body is important to understand for there are healings which may be carried out by the simple understanding of the elements present in the physical vehicle.

Orange Ray: This purely physical body complex formed without self-awareness, the body in the womb before the spirit/mind complex enters. This body may live without the inhabitation of the mind and spirit complexes. However, it seldom does so.

Yellow Ray: The body that is in activation within third-density incarnation; the physical vehicle as we now know it that is integrated with mind and spirit.

The following higher bodies—often referred to as subtle bodies—are available to the third-density entity, but there is skill and discipline needed in order to avail the self of the more advanced or lighter vehicles. They are not necessary for third-density work but are useful to the adept.

Green Ray: A lighter body packed more densely with life, called by some teachings the astral body. It is the body that will be activated and enjoyed by those in the fourth-density cycle of experience.

Blue Ray: A body of light which may also be called the devachanic body. There are many other names for this body, especially in the Indian Sutras as those of that culture have explored the regions available to the blue-ray body.

Indigo Ray: The etheric, or gateway, or form-maker body, described both as the “analog for intelligent energy” and “being intelligent energy.” In this body, form is substance; it would be perceptible to our eyes only as light, as it may mold itself as it desires.

This is the first body activated upon what we call death (the cessation of the yellow-ray body). The indigo body also plays a critical role in health and healing, adopting the desired configuration and manifesting it in the yellow-ray body.

Violet Ray: The violet-ray body may perhaps be understood as what we might call the Buddha body or that body which is complete. It is also the body activated during the anomalous moment of harvest in order to gauge the harvestability of the entity.