Author of The Royal Road: A Study in the Egyptian Tarot: Key to Sacred Numbers and Symbols; student of John Dequer (Arrows of Light from the Egyptian Tarot) who used the Egyptian tarot to illustrate his view on symbology.

The group questioned Ra about the archetypes using C.C. Zain’s tarot deck, but because the copyright owner of that deck, the Brotherhood of Light, didn’t give permission to re-publish their deck, it was the images used in George Fathman’s The Royal Road that were printed in Book IV of the Law of One and Volume 2 of The Ra Contact for Arcana 8 – 22. (Arcana 1 – 7 were of the C.C. Zain deck but redrawn according to information about those images provided by Ra. The redrawn images were able to be included in the book.)