Though the field of physics as it applies to the material realm (i.e., space/time) is a limited approach to understanding what Ra may mean by “Law,” the definition can begin there. Scientific laws are understood to be fundamental operations of the physical universe that are not human-designed but human-discovered. Among their characteristics, scientific laws are verifiably empirically true, simple, absolute, stable, constant, and universal. Everything in the universe must in some way comply with or conform to or operate within these laws.

Ra indicates that there is actually only one law: the Law of One. Other so-called laws are distortions of this law, though some of them being primal and incredibly significant for evolutionary progress. Ra nevertheless does use the word “Law” when referring to the law-like distortions of the Law of One, such as Law of Confusion, Law of Love, Law of Light, etc. Ra indicates that the term “law” is interchangeable with “way.”