The One Great Logos (Primal Logos, Great Central Sun) that creates the octave (universe, creation) is the Logos. Ra also commonly uses the term “Logos” to refer to the galactic Logoi, thus using the term “sub-Logos” to refer to the solar Logoi (sun body) and “sub-sub-Logos” to refer to mind/body/spirit complexes. All levels of sub-Logoi, like the Logos, are possessed of free will. Within the guidelines or ways of the senior Logos, the junior sub-Logos may find various means of differentiating and refining experiences without removing or adding to these ways. Every entity that exists is a sub-Logos of some order down to the limits of any observation, for the entire creation is alive. Each is also a co-Creator which, in holographic style, contains the whole.

Ra may, at times, use the “sub” prefix inconsistently, though it is always used to indicate a hierarchical architecture of the Logoi. If the one Primal Logos of the octave is seen as the first or original tier in the Logos hierarchy, and if it is thereby used as the basis for the “sub” prefixes, then sub-Logos could refer to the next tier (galactic Logoi), sub-sub-Logos to solar Logoi, and sub-sub-sub-Logoi referring to mind/body/spirit complexes. (#92.22 may be an example of this nomenclature.)