An aspect of consciousness and experience that could be described as the separation of the conscious and the unconscious mind, which also results in a veiling of our awareness from the true nature of the Creator. The veil exists as the result of an experiment of the early creations of the sub-Logoi. This is referred to “extending free will” and resulted in such a significant increase in free will that non-veiled entities were seen as not having free will. Prior to this implementation, non-veiled entities progressed along the path of spiritual evolution very slowly, the non-veiled condition being unconducive to polarization. The veiling was so effective at increasing polarization that it was adopted by all subsequent sub-Logoi. The conditions created by the veil resulted in what Ra refers to as the Choice, the central purpose of third-density experience.

The veil is semi-permeable, and while progressive lifting of the veil is third-density work, completely lifting the veil is not.