In the final article of this series about the work of Dana Redfield, we look at the legacy of this prophet of the Tomorrow Tree. Dana experienced a kind of activation late in her life. She felt that her mental skills had been enhanced in order that she might become a better, more accurate messenger of spirit. Once she had been activated, she found that she had been embedded or encoded with triggers. She might hear just one word or phrase which would trigger a large amount of information which would then pour through her.

She filled over 100 notebooks with her channeling during the last 15 years of her life. As she wrote the messages down, she felt as though her consciousness was expanding. On Page 83 of her unpublished manuscript, “All My Days Are Shadows of Tomorrow,” she wrote:

“The paradox of accelerated consciousness is that one is aware of how much one does not know. I suppose if I were truly humble, I would keep silent. But if I were that humble, I would fail in my function as one of many messengers. The net result of all our stories and messages is an impact on consciousness meant to inform the prevailing hive mind, so that the human community can make choices based more on reality and less on illusions.”

Many times she asked herself, “Why me?” Her life was turned upside down in order that she might spend her days following the requirements of her activated mind. Why was she chosen? On Page 8 of “Tomorrow” she speculated:

“It makes sense that changes in our physical, mental, emotional or spiritual environment would be first noticed by individuals less influenced by a hive mind. In ancient times messengers were often shepherds, removed from the hustle-bustle of the marketplace. Today’s messengers of change are reporting from fields and hills of a more complex civilization. The shepherd’s hill today might simply be the house of someone who lives quietly, separate from the hubbub of hive-minded activities. It is not the location that is important but where, and on what, our attention is focused.”

Dana did indeed live quietly. Allergic to the media, she never knew the news of the day. She worked as an artist and writer, living as a recluse. By “hive mind,” Dana meant the mainstream buzz in which we tend to live, day to day. It is compounded of what we have just seen on television, what our favorite celebrities are reported as doing, how our favorite teams are faring and what songs our favorite musicians are singing. When we humans gather, after talking about the weather we choose these topics for our conversation, finding it comfortable to spend time sharing these familiar, common subjects.

This absorption in the hive mind begins early, as children ingest the information from advertisements as to what items are the newest and best, along with their cartoons and morning cereal. Grade-school children are full of knowledge of what clothes and toys to buy. Their parents cooperate, for the most part, and chime in with their own desires for the latest gadgets, clothes, cars and travel destinations which the mass media have convinced us we need.

We all toddle merrily down the primrose path of distraction and sleep — or we would, except for the voices of prophets like Dana Redfield, which call us toward the activation of our latent faculties of will. On Page 183 of “Tomorrow” she channels:

“Each human being is endowed with a mystery you call will. Each is commissioned to learn to act independently while interacting with others of your kind in community. This is what distinguishes you from the animals, who possess no such capacities. But if you fail your commission or refuse to develop it, you fall back on a hive-mind system that lacks the components for independent action.

“Did you forget your commission? Did you exercise your wills to reject this gift for potential mastery of this highly sophisticated mental system given you? What is the legacy for humankind, if not to develop beyond the animal mentality? And yet here you sit before machines created to lull you into mental atrophy, with promises of increased stimulation of circuitry that has developed the equivalent of rust from lack of active use.”

Many of us, like Dana, have been awakened and activated as messengers of change. Her sources channel very clear instructions for what to do, once we have become activated; once we know that change is upon us; once we want to share that call to activation with others. On Page 202 of “Tomorrow” she channeled these instructions:

“What of those who know, or remember, or sense that there is more going on than is revealed to the physical eyes? Pick a spot, build a campfire and beckon souls who know, remember or sense to join you.

“Every day give thanks, in whatever manner you have been taught to express gratitude, for the opportunity to participate in this environment among others who also have come to explore, learn, develop and create.

“Do not be afraid but embrace the mystery.

“Help anyone you can. But do not try to force anyone to ‘see the light.’ That is a violation of will. All who see even a glimmer will move towards your light as moths to flame.

“Your campfire is not for everyone, though you would gladly heap on more wood, to ‘save’ one more.

“Know that you are children of God, each loved with power and passion, unconditionally. It matters not your perception of God, or Spirit or Soul. Perceptions are as diverse as insects in a rain forest, as different as stone and lamb’s wool.

“All that matters is how you behave towards one another, and all living things. And how you behave depends on a host of factors too complex for any human being to comprehend. For that is the point: that life here is a matter of faith and discovery, test and expression, chance and triumph over seemingly impossible obstacles. So do not judge.

“All who enter the fire and do not burn; all who stand in the light and do not disintegrate but glow; all shall transform.

“Together you discover and express love. Together you become the souls your hearts desire. Together you rejoice in diversity and individuality. Together you join to design and create new worlds.

“It is written: no one crosses alone. So build your fires high and invite in the pauper, the lonely, the despairing; all who can sit in the light; all who will. Soon the light from all the campfires will expand and merge. Soon there will be only light.”

The image of the campfires set by many light workers seems to me to be resonant of the truth. As a channel, I correspond with many other channels and prophets. I am at least a bit aware of just how enormous is the explosion of information from people all over the planet who have been activated and who are sometimes quite desperate to fulfill their mission of sharing new light and truth.

And as a channel in her 60s, one who has acted as a beacon for decades, I would suggest that each light worker is a portable home for strangers in a strange land, which is just how people feel when they awaken. Suddenly, the hive mind is not home. They feel isolated. Many have written to tell me that I bring them welcome news of home.

So I would add to Dana’s advice this: Know that you are serving well when you have begun to speak your truth, even if you make mistakes. It is far better to act, even if in some error, than to remain silent at this time.

For we are living homes. Our love is a campfire. If we have formed organizations around our work, those organizations, too, hold the energy of home. As Dana said on Page 271 of “The ET-Human Link; We Are the Message”: “Light workers do not seek escape from home. We are home.”

This sounds a bit abstract, yet to those who awaken and find one of us or our groups, it is quite real. As a recent visitor to L/L Research said of her experience here, “It felt so much like finally being home. Seldom in this lifetime have I felt safe enough to drop the automatic self-censorship which is my constant burden, and express myself so openly and freely, without fear of appearing different or odd.”

When souls feel safe, they can expand into who they really are. So if you are one who has awakened and become a light worker, feed your fire. Let it blaze high. And welcome all who are drawn to it. When they have received all the truth from you which they can, they shall move on. Bless them on their way. Continue to let your life be true, and allow your truth to shine.

And if some do not feel your message is valid, spend no time defending your truth. As El, Dana’s Confederation contact, said through her on Page 62 of “Link”:

“Remember we are preparing all, taking into consideration a multitude of levels of awareness, while you can see only in part. So what is helpful to one group is foolishness to another. Each writer or presenter has a specific audience, and the wise one does not criticize those who don’t get it but understands that they will get it a different way, as you can only get it in a particular way, in accordance with your level of development.”

The work of a prophet is to instruct the heart, not the mind. Dana’s work helped to do just that. She brought forward ancient teachings, such as her work on sacred sound and language. She ceaselessly urged us to open our hearts and learn compassion. She fueled fires of love in us and urged us to make choices according to the principles of spirit.

Most of all, she called us to behold the formation of a new Earth, one where the Tomorrow Tree blooms for us and our children. She urged us to nurture each other during this preparatory stage of rebuilding the world according to our conscious understanding of balance and harmony.

What challenges she left with us! What a fire she built for us! What a clear and kindly voice was hers as she called for us to become keepers of the fires of our own truths and embracers of those souls who join us.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. May we follow our own truths and build our own campfires, letting love and light shine through us to help shift the consciousness of this world toward unconditional love, unity, harmony and peace.