In this fifth article about Dana Redfield’s life and work, we look at the inner and occult side of UFO phenomena. This area of UFO research is not nearly as well-known as the “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” type which constitutes the material for Steven Spielberg’s 1977 motion picture of the same name.

Spielberg wanted people to realize that we are not alone, so he focused on outer phenomena, like the dents in the ground made by physical UFOs and various electrical and magnetic phenomena associated with close encounters. Spielberg followed this movie in 2002 with a 10-part, fictionalized television series, “Taken,” which looked at the physical phenomena in great detail.

In “Close Encounters” Spielberg nodded in the direction of the inner UFO experience when he had his protagonist, played by Richard Dreyfuss, obsessively sculpt a miniature version of the Devil’s Tower out of mashed potatoes during his supper hour, under the fascinated and horrified gaze of his family. Dreyfuss’ character was activated to go there and ended the film’s action in Wyoming, at the real-life Devil’s Tower rock formation, where he and the gathered crowd of other activated human beings beheld a huge, jazzy UFO appear with its massive special effects and repeated musical mantra. There was nothing realistic about that.

In reality, when UFO abductions occur, they do so without the special effects and the music. They interrupt normal, everyday life with their appearances, abductions and experiences. They are here; then gone. Some of these events are experienced as physical. Many more happen only within the experiencers’ minds.

Dana had various outer and physical experiences related to UFOs, but the bulk of her extraterrestrial, UFO-related experiences were psychic or inner in nature. She received over 40 notebooks full of her ET sources’ telepathic communications.

As Linda Moulton Howe wrote after Dana’s death, “Dana feels that non-humans literally aroused her from normal, human, day-to-day routine and summoned her to write down their telepathic communications. She is not alone. Dozens of other people in what has come to be known as the ‘human abduction syndrome’ have also been provoked to write what each perceives to be ‘downloads of alien telepathic thought.’”

About these experiences Dana wrote, in an unpublished manuscript called “All My Days Are Shadows of Tomorrow”:

“My experiences are not spectacular. There are no proofs, no witnesses. Scars, photos, meticulous records and transmissions are not proof. They are scars, photos, meticulous records and transmissions.

“Proof is the thief who sneaks in and steals your silverware. Probably you cannot prove the silverware ever existed. All you have is a velvet-lined box. And a story.

“Mine is more than a story of contact and encounters. I was bombarded with information, most schooling personal to me. But some was meant to be shared. Some is controversial: history; wisdom; prophecy. Some is mixed in with my own text. Of some, the transmitters declare authorship. There is call for discernment. Everything that comes to me telepathically filters through the screen of my personal perceptions. Nothing is Gospel.

“What you believe about alien abduction or the history of humankind is your business. Call it what you will. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but this is my life. I live in the shade under the branches of the Tomorrow Tree, where the shadows are long.”

What is this Tomorrow Tree? Dana uses this figure often. In [link deleted], she talks about being a Wanderer, one who chooses to come to Earth for a lifetime of service. She says:

“Extraterrestrial soul in a human body … how does it feel? Skin doesn’t fit quite right; these arms, no flap power; these feet, tripping over things on a ground too far from eyes too small; this mouth, set with too many teeth — alien dentistry conspiracy? Surely a cosmic mistake — this body curvaceously created to give birth in an age of too many who cannot feed nor clothe nor heal themselves of diseases of body and mind gone crazy from too many lies in the spellbound hives weighing down the limbs and branches swaying in the arid winds of intellectual debate over what is real. Lightning strikes, splitting the old trunk, opening the way for a Light Tree rising up out of the mists of consciousness, crackling with creative potential.”

The Tomorrow Tree and the Light Tree are two names for one thing: a way to describe the force of living, inevitable and transformative change that is in the process of altering the face of the earth; changing us all if we will but wake up and cooperate with these energies.

Her main channeling source announced itself to her as “those of the fifth order of the star you know as Alcyone of the constellation you know as the Pleiades.” Her “fifth order” would be equivalent to L/L Research channeling’s fifth density, the density of wisdom, while the fourth density is the density of love and the third density is the density of choice. Planet Earth is at the culmination of its density of choice.

It is obvious why she identified the channeled material of our group, L/L Research, as stemming from the same Confederation source as her own. Our group has received material from the fourth, fifth and sixth densities (the sixth density being the density of unity), those densities immediately following the present third-density Earth experience. When she read The Law of One material channeled through our group in 1985, she was struck by the similarity of archaic usage and the farewell signature of “Adonai, Adonai.” She was subjectively sure we were of the same influx of “wanderers” as was she. And she felt that she and I had both chosen lives here on Earth for the express purpose of serving as conduits for this information.

So do I. And I gladly give every breath of my life to this song of becoming which the Confederation entities help me to sing.

Why is this information needed now? In the “Tomorrow” manuscript, she said,

“Where there is smoke, there is fire, someone wise pointed out, probably a wiry little man kneeling atop a hill, fanning flames with a blanket. Though communications are more sophisticated these days, the principle sustains. We can ignore the smoke or we can gather around our respective campfires and discuss what the signals might mean.

“Perhaps the sender is merely lonely, or perhaps he is trying to warn of something he can see coming down a valley beyond our sight. Maybe he means to baffle or entertain. Whatever the meaning of the smoke signals curling in the air, they are invitation for all who can, or will, to consider. For as long as the winds cooperate.”

And what do they invite us to consider? They suggest a time of enormous shift in the consciousness of the entire planet, a shift which is upon us and for which we are not ready. She scolded her ET sources for not talking more openly, but their response was that they could not. In “The ET-Human Link: We Are the Message,” Page 12, they told her,

“The true mysteries will remain veiled until such time that you create new structures to receive this data. In the meantime, we can point and describe and express, reminding you of the drama unfolding, so people will more smoothly transit in preparation to transform aspects of this dimension, pushing through the gates, so to speak, in preparation for a new journey in a strange land. As you know, all new lands are strange at first.”

Dana asked, “Does this dimension cease to be?” They responded:

“No! It is uplifted! Transformed! A dimension being a word to describe a particular experience that you have ‘mapped’ and therefore came to believe was an actual place/space, whereas no place/space is fixed. All is undulating. And from time to time some very big waves rise, causing quite a commotion.”

Welcome to the present metaphysical tsunami! I think we all have caught on, that something is afoot. We have experienced the speeding-up of time. We have been hit by wave after wave of energy; energy which may make us uncomfortable as we seek to cope with the unfamiliar and new vibrations. The ET sources of both Dana and our group say that we become uncomfortable because we are being forced, by the very nature of these new vibrations, to become very honest with ourselves, especially about those belief systems that hold us in this “reality”; by our shadow side.

We are being encouraged to embrace these vibrations of clearer truth and new life. As Dana puts it in “Tomorrow,” “If we are truly to become a unified community; if that is the message in the haunting music playing in the winds of change, then the burden of truth is for all hearts and souls to determine, in communion, to the extent our minds are ready to allow or accept.”

What are we ready to accept? Are we ready to become accountable for our reality? If we do not appreciate our present reality, do we have the singleness of heart to live in such a way as to demonstrate the viability of living another reality, another paradigm? For, these sources say, we have the ability to create whatever reality we wish.

And we cannot fail. I find that last bit heartening, and it is repeated over and over again in our channeling, Dana’s channeling and many other sources as well. We cannot fail.

It will be apparent to the reader by now that this examination of the inner UFO phenomena is not complete. The material defies any attempts to exhaust it. Yet this much is sufficient to launch your own investigation, if you are interested. Look further, by all means. Dana’s non-fiction books “Summoned” and “The ET-Human Link: We Are the Message” are still in print. Soon we will have her “Alphabet Mosaics” in print, either up on our website or in book form or both. Follow the extensive bibliographies in those books, and you will be well launched in gathering your own intelligence in this fascinating field.

Dana’s ET contact, Alcyone, leaves us with this advice:

“Keep praying, keep seeking guidance within, test all things, consider all things and be true to what moves you in the deepest waters of your heart.

“We are those of the fifth order of the star you know as Alcyone of the constellation you know as the Pleiades. Adonai, Adonai, we are servants of Love/Light, the Creator of All.”

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. Today let us also be “servants of Love/Light, the Creator of All.” Let us find those deep waters of our hearts and set sail for the Tomorrow Tree!